Skeletons in the Closet

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Muraki and Tsuzuki

Open Closets

Part Two

To put the life of a helpless human in the palms of your own hands. To know that if you make one vital mistake you can damage, even destroy a family's life forever. To know that you and you alone are playing the role of god and that there is a human trusting you with their very existence. That is power. That is patience. That is precision. That is fear.
For years I've waited for the day to finally see my father. Not that I thought I ever would. I dreamed of having a family that was complete. To see my mother finally happy. Okay and maybe I also envied him being a doctor. I had always been a child curious towards that certain profession. Going through my grandfather's files had always intrigued me. That is how I came to find you which stoked my curiosity even further.

To a boy's most loveliest dreams you had become one. To see my father was another. To know from his long absence we would have great conversations on his daily experiences within the hospital. You see, being that I never even seen my father I could only wonder what he would be like and as a child I had only a picture in my mind of what I would expect.

So, of course, I never blamed my father for not coming to see me. He was a very busy man. Doctors usually are. That was the excuse I used to verify his absence and I just waited, hoping that the day would come. That at least one of my dreams would be fulfilled.

But sometimes a child's dream is only its worst nightmare.

"Kazu, Kazu! Where are you? There is somebody here who would like to see you."

"Oh, angel, he's here!"

The young boy throws the picture back under his pillow after giving it a quick kiss.


"Yes! Yes, Mother, here I come!"

Tsuzuki watches as a much older Muraki appeared from out of the room.

The guardian was aware of how beauty was plagued on certain people. Hisoka was one. A very pretty boy, his features feminine and delicate.

But Muraki...this child was simply breathtaking. Even as he grew older, his flawless beauty seemed to bloom even more, if that were possible. He had to be about the same age as Hisoka which was fifteen maybe sixteen.

Tsuzuki has seen some beautiful people in his life but not a single one with fair skin like Muraki. Not even the Snow Queen of Beatrix Kingdom skin could compare to his. Pale skin contrasting the black outfit he wore, fitting perfectly to his tall and slender frame with hair the same pale shade. Eyes of steel grey so intense, you couldn't help but be mesmerized. Wait. Not steel grey.
Grey with a hint of blue almost like the gem hematite. No wonder his mother treasured him so. He was a vibrant soul with so much life and energy. This side of Muraki, Tsuzuki only seen in the child guide. This Muraki was the Muraki before he became that horrendous killer he is now. A Muraki that was still naive from a world of torture and hate. This Muraki was everything good and pure. The thought made the shinigami shiver in his skin. A bright smile lit his face. The Muraki he wished to have known.

The guardian turned to look at the younger Muraki holding the doll close to his chest. The boy's eyes sad as they wander over his older self.

Forever my world changes before me

Unknowing my eyes become tainted and blind

The innocence once held within this body no longer exist.

I am now a product of what I am to become in the future. Your future.

The child-like guide walked down the stairs staring in the direction of his older self. Tsuzuki's smile fades as he follows, wondering why the angel-like child's face has suddenly turned sad.

Proper in his stance yet overwhelmed with shock, Muraki stared at the man before him. A tall man with honey blonde hair properly cut and kept. Fine toned muscles shaped his face giving him a dominating look of masculinity Truly a very strong and frightening looking man. As even in his blue eyes he demanded respect. Features nothing like Muraki's whatsoever. Even his nose was strongly built like an aristocrat and voice a low baritone that would cause any man to fall into the shadows and hide.

"Hello Kazutaka. I am Shinakio Muraki, your father."


Muraki runs to hug him. The man smiles pulling him back.

"Yes. Well, you certainly have grown into a nice young man now, haven't you?"

The man clears his throat.

"Kazutaka, I have another guest here for whom I think you should meet."

An older looking boy, this one very similar to Hisoka in features except the vibrant green eyes. This young boy sported eye of ice blue and was a bit taller then Muraki.

"This here is Saki Shindou, your half brother."

Muraki subconsciously pulls away from the large hands of his father.

Confusion sweeps over the boy as he steps back.

"I don't understand, my half brother? But how? He looks older than me."

He looks back at his father for an explanation in which the man blandly replies.

"Actually, Kazutaka, he is about two weeks older than you."

The man goes to touch him but he recoils back in shock.

"But is that possible?"

Frantic, the young angel puts enough distance between him and his father, allowing the man to realize his discomfort.

"You were conceived after your brother." He simple said.

Tsuzuki looked over at the child-like guide walking back up the stairs. His facial expression emotionless as he walked the long staircase. He quickly followed.

My dreams had been shattered in less then a few minutes. It was like staring into a hidden lie. The truth had been spilled. I was not the first and only son. Father had been living his days with another child all these years. It was not because of his duties as a doctor that he never came to see me. It was because he had taken up house with another family. He had abandoned us. The irony of it was that he came only because the woman he impregnated fell ill and died. So I guess I could say my dream to see my father did come true. Just not the way I wanted it to. Seeing someone that my father found more important then me was a heartache in itself. I wanted to scream. I wanted to hit him and hurt him and tell him just how I felt, but I didn't.

Being that I was brought up properly from my mother my only choice was to hold my tongue from what I really wanted to say. But I knew that it would have made no difference. Not for me or for him but for my mother.

She didn't want me to see it, though. The sadness she really carried. But I knew. She didn't hide it too well under the mask. They would fight and then pretend like nothing happened making our family seem like the perfect display of true family values. Obviously it wasn't.

The little angel opened a door and walks into a very dark room, where the only light entering was from the streams of moonlight through the cracks of the oversized drapes hung high but still tracing a line of fabric laying lazily on the floor. Then Tsuzuki notices a boy's figure against a wall his ear pressed hard to it. The guardian listened carefully himself.

"He doesn't even look like me. How do I know he is even my son."

There was an echo of a slapping sound followed by a female's voice.

"How dare you! How could you even say those words to me it was you who left and fell in love with that woman! I had waited for you! Me and your son. Don't you understand, he loves you!

"They're at it again, huh?"

The boy was startled pushing himself away from the wall to see his so-called half-brother in the doorway. Kazutaka wanted to be angry with Saki. Tell him to get out. But he didn't. He just tilted his head down.


Saki walked into the room and touched the wall in which Kazutaka was just at. He slides his finger down making small invisible patterns against it.

Kazutaka moves to his bed throwing himself down onto it. He reaches over to turn on the light, but is soon caught by his brother's hand.

"No leave it off. I do want anyone to think we are awake."

Kazutaka tenses up. He looks at his brother fully for the first time. He didn't seem as bad as he had thought. He was a normal boy just like him. He probably was just as confused as he was at this whole ordeal. He relaxes and makes a deep sigh.

"You seem to be interested in what they are arguing about. Doesn't it bother you the least bit?"

Kazutaka looks at him angrily and turns over.


"Why would you put your ear to the wall then?"

The younger boy lets out a choked sob. Remembering what it was he did hear, what his father had said.

"I don't know. I mean why would he say such a thing though?"

" Don't worry little brother. He had said the same thing about me."

"He did?" the pale boy sobbed, rubbing his nose.

"Yes. But don't let it get to you. Don't let that man make you sad, Kazu. I am still here for you. Even though we had just met. I am still your big brother and I promise to not let anything ever happen to you or anybody to ever hurt you."

The boy felt warm hands run through his hair and it relaxed him. Not even mother was this gentle with him. He closed his eyes and curled into a ball.

"Do you promise?"

" I promise."

Those last words he heard as he slowly drifted to sleep.

Just maybe things won't be so bad after all.

Tsuzuki touched the little boy's hand as he seen him crying. The boy looked back up at him and smiled grabbing tighter to the guardian's hand and pulled him out of the room

"Come, Angel."

They walked down the hall when Tsuzuki suddenly heard a crunching sound. He could tell it was coming from below his feet and curiously looked down. Small broken pieces of glass painted pale and cream colors. Some even had trances of blood on it.

He stopped the child abruptly and picked up a piece, rubbing it against his fingers. Porcelain. It was porcelain. He then looked up to see the whole hallway filled with broken dolls. Most shattered while others left with half faces and no legs, arms, or even bodies. They were painted in red and the faces looked like they were so sad and in so much pain

Much like that of a human massacre.

"What is this?" he pulled the child roughly toward him.

"It's the next chapter in my life, Angel. Don't you want to see it?"

Next Chapter: Open Closets Part Three

The next chapter will contiune from where this chapter left off and describe more of Muraki's past.

I have left these damaged jewels for you.

amoung them I lay shattered to pieces.

you could cure them with glue

but I will still remain broken

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