Skeletons in the Closet

BY : Violent Rose
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2: Most Trusted

A young women, about in her mid-twenties, answered the door. Her hair was bright red, flowing freely in her face. Eyes of a similar color blinking wide and full. Her clothes where all askew as though she just in the middle of dressing. She fumbled madly for the door handle.
"May I help you?" She closed her robe tighter around herself.

Tatsumi turned his eyes away, respecting her modesty, however this being a brothel he assumed that they would be that concerned with that particular virture. But he was a gentleman.

Mildly, he responded. "Um, yes. Madam, we are here to see Oriya."

She shifted her eyes slightly at him then smiled seeing the other three Shinigami behind him.

"Oh! You must be the gentlemen he is expecting. Please, do come in."

She lead them to the front room. Waving a hand towards them, she said, "If you gentlemen could please so kindly wait right here. I will go get Mr. Oriya for you," she walked out hurridly leaving the four men.

Tatsumi could see the tenseness in Tsuzukiís slender frame. He could always tell when the brunette felt a bit of uneasy, especially in the way Tsuzuki fiddled with the watch strap on his wrist.

Actually, it was not comfortable for any of the Shinigami. But as Chief Kanoe had said, if Muraki was indeed possessed by this demon, Humatri, then they were in for a serious fight.

"Ah, what a surprise. All four shinigami to accompany my home tonight"
Oriya approached them from the rice paper door, calmly puffing from his long pipe.
"Oriya," Tatsumi glared, narrowing his eyes.

Unperturbed, the brothel owner just smiled. Placing a hand to his chest, he replied, "Who would have thought we would meet again under such circumstances such as this, but if I truly did not need your help I would not of called."

"We are here. So what now?" Watari walked next to the secretary.

"As I have explained on the phone, Tatsumi, Muraki is possessed by a demon," A look of concerned passed Oriya's features.

"And how do you know it is demon that has possessed him?" Tsuzuki lashed out. He already felt a bad vibe from this guy.

He was Muraki's friend after all. I wouldnít put it past him for being a murderer himself, Tsuzuki thought.

Oriya frowned at the brunette.

"Well, well. If it isnít the Shinigami that stole my Katzuakaís heart. And his life," he bit out scornfully.

"You have some nerve!" Tsuzuki spat out.

"I have some nerve!? It is because of you that he is where he is now!" Oriya shouted back.

"Enough! We will get nowhere like this. With all due respect, Oriya, I would like to get to it. Now, where is he?" Tatsumi quickly wanted to get to the task at hand.

Oriya nodded and gave a heated glare toward the purple-eyed Shinigami.

Oriya proceeded to take them to a dark room within the back of the house. It was one of the larger rooms with an open patio to the gardens and a small bed up in the corner. A figure covered in white sheets laid across it.

One by one the Shinigami entered the room. There were no words to express the sorrow sketched upon Oriya face as he looked over toward the bed.

"He's been like this since I found him at my doorstep. The sight of it..." He stopped taking a deep breath.

"His last words before he fell unconscious were, 'It has won.' At first I thought he was talking about one of you, but then as I seen the wound on his side, that is when I knew," Oriya said sadly.

The Shinigami looked at Oriya.

"It glowed. His wound is etched with a symbol of a four pointed star. From my experience of demons, what I do know was that when a demon possesses a body, it leaves its mark on whomever it has claimed as itís host."

Tsuzuki flinched remembering the time he was possesssed by Saagantanasu and the deep mark tattooed on his shoulder. He wondered if Muraki felt that same uncontrollable realization he did when that demon took over his body.

The swordsman focused on Tatsumi.

"He has always told me that he would be consumed by a demon. Just waiting for its turn to have him. I thought he was just stating the obvious. I never knew that there was actually one that wanted his soul."

"But Muraki has always been a man with a firm resolve. Perhaps that is why this particular demon wanted to penetrate him. To break him," Watari chimed in.

Watari pulled out his laptop and placed it on his lap as he sat on the floor.

"What do you mean?" Hisoka sat next to him watching the blonde tap away at the keys.

"According to this, the demon, Humatri, is a master demon, which would rank him as a lord. That would explain why he can penetrate both humans and immortals, but only if the host is in a weakened state, causing a symbol of a four-pointed star to appear on the body. It represents the four emotions of life. Love, hate, sadness, and happiness," the blonde explained.

Oriya nodded. "That would explain the glowing symbol I saw on him. Peering down Watari he asked, "How much power are we looking at with this demon?"

Watari tapped some more at the black keys. The screen popped up with symbols and crypted writing. With a quick flash of his hand, Watari was able to open the script to Japanese and read it.

"His possession is a rarity, being that he is very particular on choosing a host. Wow! He must be very fond of Muraki, then. Anyway, it plays its host with emotions to break them down. All kinds of emotions ranging from recent events to memories of the past. Once the demon reaches that fear, the soul of the person will succumb to him forever. The soul will live in that fear repeatedly, allowing the demon to take over the body completely and all of that person's abilities.

"Why hasnít the demon taken over yet?" Hisoka questioned.

"Because Muraki is fighting it."

Tsuzuki walked over toward the still figure of the pale man. The doctor barely looked alive since his breathing was shallow.

"He looks so helpless," Tsuzuki thought. He could hardly believe that the prone, weakened figure lying there was the same man who had fought them so fiercly in battle, who was so charismatic in his taunts, who held him so possesively in trying to seduce him.

His heart sank as he heard Watari explain what this demon would eventually do to Muraki's soul. Of course, he despised this man for what he had done, but it was this wound that caused the demon to enter into Murakiís body. This wound that he had inflicted on him. Was he truly any better then this man?

Tatsumi looked over to Tsuzuki. He could see the expression on the brunetteís face. One of concern and guilt. How dare him think this is his fault! If anybody should be blamed, it was Muraki!

"Muraki is also a very powerful being. Already evil in his ways, it would be a blessing for a demon to possess such cruelty. Unfortunately, if the demon where to get ahold of him completely it would be chaos. So, it is agreed. We will diminish this demon and then send Muraki to Meifu to be sentenced for his crimes"
Tatsumi coldly stated.

Oriya stared at the Shinigami, outraged. He knew where it came from. Jealously, pure and simple.

"Did you find that Muraki has always been a evil man, Tsuzuki?" The long-haired man turned to look at the young Shinigami. "Since you have had the chance to know him better than the rest, did you find Muraki to be evil?"

Tsuzuki didnít know how to answer that question. Of course, he was, his mind reasoned.
But why was it that his heart told him it was the wrong answer? He looked down at the pale doctor, so angelic lying there.

"No," he stated softly.

Oriya put his pipe down looking back at Tatsumi. "Then, please, if you are able to stop this demon,
allow Muraki a peaceful rest in his death."

Tsuzuki looked at Oriya. "What do you mean, if we release him? He will be okay, right?" He looked at Watari.


Oriya answered for him.

"Despite what you people think Muraki is, there is still a great part of him that is human. The demon has already entered his body. His body has had enough stress from that alone. What more do you think a human can take?"

He looked evenly at them.

"Muraki is dying."


Chapter 3: The Fairest of them All

Next Chapter into the mind of Muraki...

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