Skeletons in the Closet

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The Fairest Of Them All

Part Two

Tsuzuki gasped as he opened his eyes. His body still tingling from what happened. Brightness all around. He rubbed his eyes adjusting them to the light. When they finally come into focus he could see he was in a garden.
The pungent smell of roses invading his nostrils. A warm breeze blowing across his face.

The shinigami lifted himself up only to be surrounded by scents of roses in every color of red. He rubbed his head still trying to focus everything in. It was a rose garden mesmerizing in its sight. Statues of strange creatures scattered the grounds and a small bench sat in the middle, looking into what seemed to be a small pond. The time must have been fall. There were rose petals falling onto the ground and decorating the pond with many soft petals floating within it. Not too far away was a towering mansion, old in its time, but breathtaking, nonetheless.
Tsuzuki could only visualize something like this from out of a fairy tale. It was just to perfect to be anything else and part of him felt like a prince as his eyes scouted the large maze of roses and old Victorian house.

"Youíve come."

Tsuzuki startled, turned around swiftly. He sees a young boy no older than six. Stunned, he froze in place unable to say anything. The boy was beautiful, almost angelic in complexion. His hair was a platinum blonde. Soft silk strands glowing a bright golden hew from the sun and eyes that of a warm gray, also shinning so bright you would believe they were pure silver orbs. His voice was soft and calming, soothing him. The child seemed to be just as unreal as the house and garden, all mixed into a great big fairytale.

"Out of everybody I was hoping it was you who would come, Asato Tsuzuki."

The shinigami came out of his trance on the boy, narrowing his eyes.

"How do you know my name?"

The little boy laughed, skipping over toward the brunette.

"Because you are my guardian angel."

Tsuzuki looked at him more closely. There was something familiar about the boy to him, but he couldnít quite place it. Instead of trying to guess what it was he just responded.

"Guardian angel, huh? Well, then could I ask you your name?"

The boy stood tall, proudly announcing his name.

"I am Katzuaka Muraki."

Purple eyes widened.

"Of course," Tsuzuki understood. "You are Muraki as a child. Then this must be your home."

The guardian was interrupted from the soft sound of the young boy.

"Are you coming?"


"Suzu, you donít mind if I call you that do you?" He now sees him as a little angel, because to him that is what the boy looked like. A tiny little angel. He was picking a rose from off the bush. Young Muraki handed it to Tsuzuki. "Do you?"

The brunette gladly accepted the rose, smiling at the young child. He leans down to meet eye to eye with young Muraki.

"No, of course not. Where are we going?"

Young Muraki smiles back pleased that his guardian accepted the rose from him.

"I am to be your guide."

"Guide?Ē Tsuzuki asked confused.

"Yes, you want to know, donít you? You want to know about me?" He questioned the shinigami.

"Yes. Of course I do."

The child grabbed Tsuzuki's hand as the shinigami lifted himself up.

"Well Suzu, Iím going to show you then."

A door appeared before them. A pure white door, suspended in air right in front of them.

Young Muraki pulled his hand toward the door.

"You must open it, Suzu."

Hesitating, Tsuzuki pulled back. "Wait."

Young Muraki turned toward him with questioning eyes.

"Do you have a mother, Suzu?"

Why was he asking him this question? What did he mean by it. It really was none of the kid's business. But somehow he felt he had to answer him. Besides, what was Murakiís motive in all this? Why was he talking to a younger Muraki, a child Muraki? He had to know. He had too many unanswered questions and he knew this was probably the only way he was going to find some of them, into what he believed was Murakiís past.

He turned away from the child. Not wanting him to see his hurt at the question he was asked.

"I used to have a mother but she -- she died."

The angel turned the guardian's head back to him.

"Iím sorry. It must be sad not to have one."

Tsuzuki nods at the sincerity of the boy giving a faint smile then twisted the knob on the door. Once opened it revealed only white.

"Yeah, it is." he said in barely a whisper.

The young boy chuckled pulling Tsuzuki with him

"Come, Suzu. DonĎt be sad. I would like you to meet my mother."

They walked in.

A Light enveloped them causing Tsuzuki to feel a little dizzy then it slowly faded to black, focusing a picture into sight. The room was dark only lit by a small table lamp on either side of the room. Surrounding every wall was selves of porcelain dolls. Some encased in glass, while others decorated tables and the floor. A little boy was opening one of the glass shelves. His features so flawless Tsuzuki could hardly tell if he was real or one of the dolls himself. The young boy gently pulled out one of the delicate dolls. The doll's hair was blonde and in tight curls hanging from out of her bonette, which was the same color as her dress. A velvet navy blue.


The little boy dropped the doll on the floor in surprise as he turned shamefully toward the woman entering the door.

"Now, what have I told you about being in this room, Kazu?"

The woman looked to be no older then in her late twenties. She had hair the color of raven, wrapped up into a bun. The complexion of her skin was of pale cream and eyes of a dark blue. She was quite attractive. Fitting perfectly in a long gown of forest green suede. Tight around the waist and loosely flowing at the bottom. From her demeanor she seemed to come from high society, so she was definitely not a babysitter or maid of some sort. That only led Tsuzuki to one other conclusion. Murakiís mother.

"I -- Iím sorry. Itís just -- " The little boy hurried and grabbed the doll from the floor, as he watched the woman place her hands against her hips.

"Iím sorry, Mother. He threw his head down.

The young lady walked over to him, kneeling down and raised the boy's chin up to face her.

"Mother, she is not broken. I swore I didnít break her!"

His silver eyes welded up with tears causing them to shine slightly from the lamps' light.

The woman just smiled, rubbing her hand through the blonde strands of hair on the boyĎs head. "You admire these dolls, donít you?"

The boy nodded.

"But donít you understand, Kazu? You are more perfect, more beautiful than any of them. My little perfect Kazu. Like a gift from the gods."

She grabbed the doll from out of his hands.

"You seem to like this one the most. Why is that?"

The young boy looked down at the doll in his mother's hand admiring the crack along her face.

"Because she is broken and I can see that she is flawed. I can fix her and still she will be as beautiful as the day she was made."

The woman rubbed her finger down the crack on the doll's face.

"This doll has seen many homes. She was given to me by your grandmother."

She pulled her son's chin up to meet her eyes

"Kazu, I am giving it to you. Her name is Veronica. Please do take good care of her. Take care of her as though she were a jewel."

"She is beautiful. Even with her flaws she is."

She kissed him on the forehead.

"Just as you are my son, so beautiful. Just like these jewels before you, Kazu. You are beyond them. You are my most prized treasure. A jewel that could never compare."

She paused before getting serious.

"Kazu." She looked back at him. "Do not ever let yourself be broken like some of these dolls are. Understand? Your eyes might be different from others, but they are yours. The most beautiful eyes anyone could lay sight to."

She rubbed her hand through his hair.

"I -- I won't,Mother. I promise."

Young Muraki looked over toward Tsuzuki as the shinigami viewed the scene before him.

"Mother used to collect these dolls and display them in this room. I was always fond of them because she would always say I was like them in many ways." He goes over touching one of the dolls on a cherry wood finished table.

"There very fragile."

One of the dolls falls down braking into pieces onto the floor, her face completely shattered. One single eye rolls in front of Tsuzuki's foot. The color of grey. He picks it up looking at the glass ball. He hears the echoing sound of young Murakiís voice.

"You and I we are the same."

The room turns complete black, fading into a long hallway filled with doors. He noticed he was standing back turned against a similar white door. The door from before. He felt a nugde on his side and looked down. Young Muraki walked passed him only to turn around smiling. He was holding the doll his mother gave him in his hand.

Tsuzuki couldnít understand. The boy in the room was a younger Muraki than the one he seen at the garden. The same one he is seeing now. Well, the child did say he was his guide. Was this Muraki taking him through his past and what was that about we are the same? What does it mean? The shinigami started getting a headache. Nothing made sense. What was the point of showing him that part of his past?

Tsuzuki was shortly interrupted.

"Soon, Suzu, you will have your answers. It is always confusing in the beginning."

"What -- how did you know"
The blonde-haired child walked up to Tsuzuki.

"You have such amazing eyes. Unlike anyone else's. They are very beautiful, you know. But so they are beautiful they also are very tainted."

Tsuzuki looks sadly upon him. Yes, they were very tainted and he had dreadful memories to prove it.

The little boy rubbed his hand over one of Tsuzuki's eyelids causing the guardian to close his eyes.

"Muraki's eyes were also tainted. But as you ran he stood his ground. He very much believed what his mother said about being a very special gift from God. But words can be deceiving."

Tsuzuki quickly opened his eyes seeing Muraki up against another door resting only a few feet away to his right.

Muraki, with a child-like innocence, held out his hand for Tsuzuki to grab.

"Shall we continue?"

Tsuzuki got up, still a bit confused. He didnít know if he was being led into a trap or what. But something kept telling him to move forward. If indeed this child-like Muraki was a guide for him into Murakiís past, he was interested in learning more.

He grabbed the childís hand placing the glass eye in his pocket.

Chapter Four: Bully Me Part Two

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