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Bully Me

Part One


Tatsumi stared at the two figures. One lying peacefully like Snow White waiting to be awoken and the other slumped down to the ground with his head lazily against the snow white man's chest. The scene was undoubtedly alluring as they looked like two lovers at the hand of death's canvas, Romeo and Juliet. Tatsumi sees Tsuzuki's hand entwined with the white angel's. Yes, like Romeo and Juilet. That’s what made it disturbing.

Tatsumi wanted to move Tsuzuki to a better position, away from Muraki but Hisoka said it might disturb the connection between them and that it was best if they were left alone. Tatsumi began to regret his decision. He had asked Hisoka before if Tsuzuki was all right. Hisoka was questioning that himself. As he had stated he had never done this before. Then he could feel Tsuzuki's presence within his mind. Proof to Hisoka that Tsuzuki was indeed okay and that it had worked. All of them were relieved. Except Tatsumi, of course, he still didn’t trust the situation.

"How will we know if Tsuzuki finds this demon or even if he might need our help, Hisoka?" A worried Tatsumi paced the room.

"I really can’t answer that, Tatsumi-san. I can only feel his life essence but I can’t get into either his or Muraki’s mind."

"What do you mean? If Tsuzuki is in trouble there is no way we would know?!" Tatsumi stopped dead in his tracks looking over to the younger shinigami.

"I’m sure Tsuzuki knows what he is doing Tatsumi, he is one of the most powerful shinigam," Watari reassures Tatsumi.

"Besides if I feel a change in his life essence, I will break the contact. Tatsumi, I don‘t want to see Tsuzuki hurt any more then you do. He is my partner. I would soon enough see Muraki dead if that were the case but it isn’t so this is our only option," Hisoka stated calmly, adding his two cents.

Encouraging words from the kid no doubt. Hisoka was also the one to break Tatsumi bearer in Kyoto. Something the secretary had questioned about in saving Tsuzuki's life. The kid jumped at it. That is what he admired about Hisoka. His pure emotional heart for his partner. His selfish desire to keep Tsuzuki around. But Tatsumi was not selfish. Well, not selfish with anything besides money. He was always a man that had given Tsuzuki his choice. Even as partners in the past, Tatsumi could not have been that anchor in which Tsuzuki needed. Tatsumi hated himself for that and quit being the violet-eyed man's partner because of it.

Even though on certain days Tsuzuki still runs to his shoulder to cry on, Tatsumi couldn't help but be caring. But nothing more. No doubt in Tatsumi's mind he wanted more. He knew he loved Tsuzuki, there was no denying that, but Tsuzuki was too naive to notice. Or maybe he does see it and just doesn’t act upon it. Either way he regrets not acting on it sooner in telling the brunette his true feelings. But wouldn’t that make him look like the weak one? Maybe it is best if he didn’t know. It would save on heartache later on.

"Man, am I hungry," the blonde scientist peeked up from his computer.

"Me, too," Hisoka rubbed his stomach for emphasis.

"There is some food in the dining area. Just tell them I had sent you down. Get whatever you wish," Oriya sat down in one of the chairs outside on the balcony.

"You sure are being nice," Watari stood up fixing his hair back into a red ribbon.

"I am a only accommodating my guests. After all, you are helping me and I can’t have you working on an empty stomach now, can I?" Oriya gave a slight smile towards the blonde.

"Watari blushed flinging his hair back. "Of course not. Thank you."

He and Hisoka both walked out the door.

Tatsumi walked outside sitting next to Oriya, breathing in the night air

"You look worried, Shinigami."

"Why would you say that?" Tatsumi looked over towards the man, still looking at the clouded sky.

"I can see it in your face, your tone, your body language. It not easily hidden," Oriya retorted. "You feel something for that freak, don’t you?" Oyira turned his face toward a shocked Tatsumi.

"He is not a freak!" Tatsumi gritted out, although, he wanted to tell Oyira yes. Wanted to say something besides that.

Oriya smirked. "We both are in the same boat, Tatsumi-san."

Oriya sighs.” Muraki once asked me. Would you cry for me just once if I died. Would you?” The swordsman then takes a puff of smoke.

“ I didn’t say anything. My heart wouldn’t let me. Oddly as it sounds I believed he knew I wouldn’t either.
You know Tatsumi if I didn’t feel the way I do about him. I would of never helped him when he caused all those murders. If I didn’t love him I would of never gave your friend that key card. To be honest I was jealous of that freak and it made me hate Muraki for it .though my heart could never come to hating him like my mind did. So to answer his question……I did weep for him. I still do.”

Tatsumi was taken aback by Oyira confession .” so you love him.”

Oriya smiled at the thought.“ Ofcourse. Just as you love Tsuzuki.I understand that your hate for Muraki isn’t only because of what he has done and caused to that violet eyed freak. But because I think you just might see that in that freak there is a part that might have feelings for Muraki aswell.”.

Chapter Four : Bully Me part Two

Next part more Tsuzuki and young Muraki...

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