Skeletons in the Closet

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Petals in Blood

Part One

Back in KouKakuRou

Even in a prone body the unconscious mind still generates an inner world within your imagination. Most of the time these are called dreams. A stepping stone to a surreal world that only your own creative mind can make possible. Then at other times they can become reflections of your life. A revisitation to your childhood recreating the world that was set for you in your years of growing up.

Minutes seemed like hours to the secretary as he paced the floor endlessly. There had been no response to either of the men lying on the bed. Neither of them showed any sighs of movement and Hisoka had no indications of change in his partners psychic connection to him.

"What could possibly be going on? You say that you have not had any type of disturbance whatsoever?"

"Not a single glitch since he went under, but IÖI can feel him so he is not in any harm as far as I know. Tsuzuki is just in suspended animation." It was becoming unnerving in the secretary's eyes.

"It has been almost four hours."

What was happening?

Tatsumi bit at his lip trying to hold in any anxiety that might have shown. To look weak would mean that he was showing his colleagues bad leadership on his part and most of the time he was very good at hiding his emotion and keeping it at bay. Tatsumi was a very composed, stern man. It was all part of his job having taken the role as a leader to begin with, he practically ran JuOhCho.

Making good judgment meant always being in control of your own selfish emotions, something that at times he regrets in his earlier life with Tsuzuki. He had let his emotions slip when he had told Tsuzuki that he no longer wanted him as his partner. All because he could not handle the emotional baggage Tsuzuki had carried on his shoulder and now he was teetering on the edge of a complete breakdown again.

The one man to notice was the last person he wanted to see him weak. Tatsumi could barely compose his anger when the swordsman told him that Tsuzuki might just have feelings for Muraki. He had to walk away something he would have never done especially in a confrontation of his own integrity. Oriya had read him like an open book. Tatsumi never made it obvious to his co-workers on his feelings regarding Tsuzuki at least not of a sexual nature. It was always displayed more along the lines of a comforting parent then a man wanting to give more then a simple hug, pat on the back or encouraging words. It was kind of ironic if you thought about it. Two men in love with their friend and nether of them having the guts to make it known or even allow it to be acknowledged. Though something told Tatsumi that Oriya had hinted his feelings towards Muraki before, but he would not have been surprised to see the doctor not even concede it for what it was worth. In fact, he second guessed the whole idea of Oriya still hiding his feelings from his best friend, he was so opened to tell him about it after all. But maybe that was because the man had held it in for so long that what better person to tell it to then a complete stranger and possible enemy.

Quickly Tatsumi regained his self composure as he reminded himself that he had a job to do and that was to find out what this demon was capable of and how to disdain it.

"Watari have you found anything else about this demon Humatri?"

Watari continued to type at the computer only glancing at the secretary.

"Nothing, his characters are amazingly extensive but it says nothing of any past possessions or summoning for that matter. This demon has quite literally kept to himself or just was waiting for the right host to conquer."

"But why would he pick Muraki as his chosen host?" The secretary questioned.

"Perhaps it is the nature of the beast. We all know that Muraki certainly is not running for Kindest Man of the Year. Perhaps he had planned to have the demon posses him to gain more power."

Oriya rose from his chair slapping the palms of his hands against the wall in anger. It made him feel as if his presence here was irrelevant towards the fact that his best friend and secret love interest was unconscious and about to be possessed by a demon. He certainly didnít appreciate these people regardless of inviting them into his home continue to degrade his friend. They all looked over to him with shock.

"That is just plain ridiculous! His only crime was revenge and sorrow, never power. And even if the demon could insist on helping him with his revenge, Muraki is a man who likes to be in control of his own situations and allowing a lowlife demon to spawn within his own body is far removed from the arrogant bastards standards! Besides I already told you people that Muraki had been avoiding this demon for years!"

"Well what do you suggest then?" The secretary interjected.

Oriya just stood there pressing his palm harder against the wall making the knuckles completely white. It was all he could do at the time without lashing out anymore on the shinigamiís. He keep reminding himself that he was the one that had called on them to help and if it was not for that damned freak on the bed Muraki might have all ready been possessed.. But what good was it going to do now. Muraki was dying regardless . Even if that freak were to save Muraki from the demon, Murakiís physical form was in severe jeopardy, either way Oryia was going to lose him. It was a catch twenty two your either damned if you do or your damned if you donít. Oriya sighed at the though and slid back down in his chair.

" That demon wants something from Muraki . I donít know what but apparently something important to have been waiting so long for the opportunity to finally posses him. You did say that you found no recollection of the demon having possessed anyone before?"

Watari looked over toward Oriya noticing his face grim. Suddenly he felt regretful for what he had said about Muraki it really did have an effect on the swordsman. Not only that but he could only imagine what Oriya was going through realizing his best friend is on the verge of death, it must be taking a lot out of him. The man was exhausted. The scientist could tell Oriya had not been sleeping for some days now. Black circles could clearly be seen underneath his eyes. But that expression on his face was not only from fatigue but the swordsman was worried about his friend. That same expression that Tsuzuki had giving towards the doctor's prone body as he heard Oriya say that Muraki was dying.

Watari quickly looked away tapping more at the keys looking for the answer to Oriyaís question. Finally after a few taps on the back button a familiar screen came up.

"Yes, in fact in summoning him you would have to go to quit the extensive ritual to even invoke him, itís practically suicide. That is why with these kind of demons they come to you instead possessing the body in the form of a poltergeist, but these are the weaker of this demon, like pawns in a chest set. Humatri is a lord, the creator."

"But of all things why would it want Muraki?"

"I donít know. I canít seem to find a valid reason as to why ?"

"Perhaps he is just using Muraki as bait for something bigger."

Watari couldnít feel any more guilty then he was feelings right now. Not only did he hit a soft spot on the swordsman but he was also lying to Tatsumi. He bit his lip. Not to long ago him and Hisoka had a very similar discussion. He wanted to tell Tatsumi what Hisoka had said, but he already knew what Tatsumi would do and he didnít want to risk Tsuzukiís life on account of his paranoia. Plus he had made a promise with Hisoka that as long as nothing weird was going to happen he would keep quite just until Hisoka could find a way to communicate with his partner. And then perhaps have Tsuzuki break the contact himself. It was the safest way without harming him or giving Tsuzuki and Muraki permanent brain damage.

"Why didnít we just kill Muraki?" Hisoka broke through the silence. Carelessly he looked over toward the bed. "It would have made things more easy donít you think?" he looked over at Tatsumi but it was Watari who responded

"Because it is in every human's right to have a fair trial, no matter how sadistic and evil they may be. It is our job as shinigamis to bring in the souls of those in which have caused a crack in the line of extinction."

The scientist said casually glancing up at Oriya. The swordsman gave him a slight smile as to say thank you for defending him.

"It would be injustice to kill a man when they are not aware of it themselves; it is more of a traditional honor to face your enemy before combat." Oryia continued.

"It didnít occur to me that Muraki seen it that way."

The secretary refused to believe Muraki was innocent in all this. Despite the emotional atmosphere lingering within the room.

"He was a man lost in his own hatred of betrayal. Donít think for a second that Muraki was always this way. He too was a man with principle, but a person can only take so much before the darkness engulfs their very soul." Oriya retorted.

Tatsumi was about to say something in his defense, but then a faint knock is heard from the rice paper door. Oriya walks over opening it half way as one of his geisha softly whisper.

"Sir, you have a visitor here to see you."

"Tell them I am busy," he proceeds to close the door but she puts her finger up to stop it.

"I have but she refused to leave. She only wishes to have an audience with you. I think you better."

She gives him a look that if he did not go to see this person that they would cause great havoc throughout the establishment without a hint of care.. Besides that he knew that his geishaís would never interrupt him unless it was of an extreme urgency.

"Excuse me, gentlemen."

Oriya walks up to the front expecting to see some government officials wife that probably found out about the place on accident and came to confront him about it, it has happened before in the past. It took much convincing and money to keep her quit. Well it was either that or the option of Muraki, of course. But what he discovered was far worse than that.

"Where is he, Oriya? "


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Why are dolls so fragile.

They are easily broken and so hard to put back together.

They never come out looking the same either.

Completely flawed.

There will always be cracks that can never be mended.

Cracks that would make it ugly and frowned upon when displayed.

No one would want it then

It would become lonely and in need of love, desperate to be wanted

It would be then in it's most shattered form that I would hold for it

Because only then I would be able to have it truly to myself.


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