Skeletons in the Closet

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: The Perfect Picture

Part Two


It is never a fair choice when it comes to making decisions.

But I believe the decision I made was one I would hold to my heart forever.

Tsuzuki looked at the young child as he walked to a small closed door. Within a large corridor decorated with draped windows and paintings on each wall dividing the doors, there was at least six doors along the stretch of Victorian-rugged pathway. But the blonde angel seemed to choose this particular one.

The door swung open and Tsuzuki fell into shock. Everything in the room was foreign to him but one thing. The one thing that stood out most in the small living space. The window. It was no doubt the same window he looked out of in those terrible eight years of his life. There was no longer a bed in the room but a large oak wood desk and lots of bookselves filling the walls with books.

Tsuzuki mouth went dry. This was the actual room he died in. He didn’t want to enter. Fearfully, he thought he might just end up back in that spot of his life. Lost of most his memory of that time but the overwhelming pain to just die. No one, he thought, would understand the urge more then he did. Except perhaps Muraki. In a split second in Toudra's flames, he could see that urge in the doctor. The glint in the man's eye when the blade went through his skin. The smile upon his face as he touched my cheek that one last time before he fell to the ground. What did it mean? Did he want to die? He called me his guardian then.

The brunette's thoughts were shortly broken as he felt his hand being touched and a small body brush pass him.

"You don’t have to be afraid. It is just my grandfather's office," the little angel then went and sat in the chair by the desk.

"Mother said our house was once a hospital for the sick. Grandfather would take people in from time to time and tend their wounds. He used to tell me the stories of people coming in for a cure to thier sickness. Even when they had the spread of a deadly disease my grandfather would take the sick in."

"But there was one person in particular that my grandfather had talked about that caught my interest. He said the man reminded him of me. That he had such captivating purple eyes. He would tell me how the man was very special, but he wouldn’t tell me anything further than that. I felt a deep emptiness," Muraki twined his fingers together looking down sadly at the ground.

"I wanted to know but he only told me that it didn’t matter anyway. That the man had been dead for years," The child-like Muraki looked back up at Tsuzuki still standing wordlessly in the door way.

"Those words shattered my heart. For some reason, I felt close to this man. He told me about just to tell me he was no longer around. That was the last time grandfather mentioned him."

The child got up from the chair and walked over toward the stilled Shinigami. Still not paying much heed to the Guardian's tense gaze toward the room and stiff posture.

"My grandfather died not long after that. I forgot about the stories, but that one in particular couldn’t leave my mind. I wanted to see if my grandfather was telling me the truth about the man with the purple eyes. If, indeed, the man was as beautiful as grandfather had said."

Muraki pulled Tsuzuki out of his stiffness, looking up at the Shinigami then hugged him.

"I’m sorry, Suzu. I know this room makes you a bit uneasy. But as it once was a place of sorrow it also was a place of discovery."

The child let go of the guardian and headed back to the desk opening up the drawer. He pulled out a small envelope and contuined his story.

"Mother said I was born in my grandfather's hospital before it was changed into the guest rooms, but when I looked through the files there was nothing on me. Grandfather seemed to have it pretty organized. Files of every patient, but none of my birth which was silly if you think about it. I guess to wonder about things like that wasn‘t very important. Besides, I wasn't in his files looking for information on that."

He opened the envelope pulling out a picture.

"In this room I came across a locked box very thin in weight. The lock on it seemed to be broken and I easily removed it. A folder in parchment paper, which I realized from the date 1927, it was pretty old. I opened the folder. It was what I saw in that folder, Suzu, that changed my life."

The white angel turned the picture around toward Tsuzuki. Like looking into a mirror image of himself. The guardian gasped.

You captivated my soul Bewitched my every thought Took me into your world

"The most beautiful human. No, wait. Let me correct that. Not human. No human could compare to what I was looking at. What I was looking at was an angel. He was just too pretty to be anything else. In fact, this angel was the most stunning I had ever seen. I was just drawn to him especially to those eyes."

"You were..."

Muraki turned the picture back towards him. Rubbing the paper-thin image with his finger.

"I called you my guardian angel because I understood what my grandfather meant when he told me that I reminded him of you. Like me, you were different. Your eyes were an unnatural color. And it made my heart skip at the sight.“

The child never left his eyes off the picture as he continued to talk to the shinigami.

"I had truly fallen. But sadly I could see pain in those eyes as well the hurt. They treated you bad and made you do that harmful thing to your eyes."

The silver angel looks up sincerely at the older man.

"Why? Why would you hurt yourself? What has brought you to this point? You are so beautiful and just looking at made me feel complete. My guardian angel."

Fragile like a rose…..

Tsuzuki walked past the little child towards the window. He touched the glass. The cool surface at his fingertips.

Muraki I am no guardian angel. I couldn’t even save myself."

You were...

Muraki touched his hand .

"No, Suzu. You and me we are very much alike. When I see your face I could feel in those beautiful eyes of yours the sadness. Was it because you were hurt so bad? The color of your eyes is what caused those people to hurt you, wasn’t it? Suzu, they could never understand true beauty. You are my angel. I have never thought of anything less."

A worried look etched the young boy's face.

So sad...

Tsuzuki hands clenched against the window. This child was so like Muraki. His words and manner. But with so much innocence. He just wanted to shake the boy silly. No. That’s not what he wanted to do to the boy really. The tiny angel confused him. This isn‘t Muraki, but it is. It made Tsuzuki angry. A wrecking ball in the pit of his stomach. How could such a sweet, innocent child turn so cold-hearted? What caused your change Muraki? What has made you mad with death when you speak so hopeful about life here and now?

"How can you feel so confident about your words, Muraki?"

So angry...

"Because that is all I can do. I promised myself that day I would see you again. Even if only in my dreams. You would soon enough save me from myself, Suzu. Because you were truly the only one that I believed would understand.”

So lost...

"While you try to hide your differences I fought to accept it. Because I am who I am. But from all the weaknesses I seen I also see strength. Your face in that picture became more precious to me then the doll my mother had given to me. And in all honestly, Suzu you had become my first love."

So beautiful...

Tsuzuki blushed at the comment. Scanning the rose garden he had seen when he first entered into Muraki’s mind. The guardians sighed.

"It is only an obsession."


The child responded back calmly.

"Yes. Love is an obsession. But it is an honest and pure obsession. The most deadly obsession known."

Again with that child-like innocence! So much like Muraki response! Tsuzuki's anger finally got the best of him as he spat out.

"Muraki is not capable of love! His only obsession with me was to play with my mind and use me for his little game. Why?"

You will tell me it’s okay

Just by looking into your eyes

I will give in to my fears

And tear away the lies

“You are still very naive, Suzu. But soon you will see it for yourself.”

The guardian noticed the young angel walking out the door.

Tsuzuki stopped the child abruptly kneeling down to his level.

"See what?!"

The small child just smiled touching the Shinigami's cheek .

"The truth."

But somehow You were still to late...


Chapter Six: Open Closets Part One

Little muraki is so cute and sweet. I just want to hug him and squeeze him to death.. ok maybe not to death but at least until he can't breath...maybe.

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