Skeletons in the Closet

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The Perfect Picture

Part One


Most of the dining area was empty but for the small young woman caring out two trays filled with traditional Japanese food. She bowed at the young gentlemen and placed a tray before each of them.
The tray was filled with dishes of ramen and bean curd sauce, also a seaweed veggie roll dipped in wasabe sauce. Both shinigamis' mouths watered at the a delightful dishes.

Watari, thinking how Tsuzuki would have enjoyed this, knowing the brunetteís cravings for food. He tasted a bit of the seaweed roll and sighed. It was worth the tormenting walk to this destination.

Watari could only cover his ears tightly as he walked the explicit sounding halls. Each room with its own distinctive sound that made the man's hair stand on end. But what do you expect from a restaurant-turned-whorehouse during these hours of the night?

The scientist noticed Hisoka just playing in his food.

"Such a quick change. At first he was all tempting and drooling like me over this food, but now he picks at it," the blonde noticed the green-eyed shinigami with one of his hands resting sluggishly on his cheek. Something was bothering him.

"Hisoka, why the long face?" The scientist still chewing as he shoveled more food into his mouth.

"I donít know, Watari. It's has been bothering me and I didnít want to say anything before especially with Tatsumi there. But when I was connecting Tsuzuki with my empathy to Muraki I felt something strange. It happened before I released Tsuzuki's hand."

He moved his hand from his cheek looking down now into the food before him.

ďWhat do you mean?Ē The blonde asked as noodles hung from his mouth.

"Thatís just it, Watari. I donít know I mean. I tried to enter my body into Murakiís mind with Tsuzuki," The boy abruptly stopped talking looking over at the older shinigami. His eyes wide as the words slipped his mouth.

Watari looked at him with confusion etched his face.

"Why would you do that? After all, that was said and you being so uncomfortable with it.Ē

Hisoka looked away from Watari playing with his food again. Feeling the staring eyes on him uncomfortable.

"Because I felt something. Something even more darker then Muraki in the mist of that transfer. And it laughed. But not no ordinary laugh. This laugh was deep and dark. It made my heart drop."

Again the young shinigami looked into the amber eyes across from him staring with concern.

"Watari, had I just put Tsuzuki into a trap?" He looked for an answer but finds himself talking more.

"I wanted to stay knowing now that whatever this was or whatever Tsuzuki is going to face," Hisoka chokes out his words. "He would not be able to face it alone. If Muraki dose become completely possessed, Tsuzuki will be in his world and...and I think the demon knows this. Tsuzuki won't have a chance. He canít call on his shikigami."

The empathy words were cut short.

"But the force of that transfer made you fall back, Hisoka. Naturally, it caused your body to react and to get away. The same way a burning fire would cause someone to recoil back. That was probably the darkness you felt. It was your first try," Watari reassured him.

ďNo! Watari, it wasnít that! I fell back to get away from the contact. I was pushed. Now I canĎt even get into Tsuzukiís mind, neither one of them."

Watari's eyes widened at this new information.

"What are you trying to say, Bon?"

"That the demon wants Tsuzuki."

Now Watari starts to play with his food. Tapping lightly at the noodles with his chopstick.

"But, why, when it is after Muraki? Oriya said this demon had wanted Muraki for a long time. It was just the demon couldnít get to him. Muraki was to strong."

Hisoka placed a hand to his forehead trying to stop a headache from coming.

"Muraki is still fighting this demon even in his weakened state. The demon still canít get to him fully.Ē

Watari threw his chopsticks down.

"Unless the demon uses something against Muraki. Something very important to him. Something to cause the doctor to give in."

"Tsuzuki!" They both look at each other.

Watari smirked in spite of their seriousness.

"That canít be. Tsuzuki canít be that important to Muraki. He was just a pawn in Murakiís plan. I think we are overreacting a little here. I mean, come on! Tsuzuki is the most powerful shinigami in all Meifu! Whatís to say he canít handle a mere demon?"

"But you said it yourself, Watari. This demon was pretty powerful."

"True, true. But I still think we are overreacting Hisoka. Besides you said you could pull them apart if things got bad, right?Ē

Hisoka looked down shamefully.

"Not really. I only said that to calm Tatsumi. I mean, I didnít want to worry him."

"What!?" Watari was taken aback.

Hisoka sighed.

"If Tatsumi knew any of this he would pull Tsuzuki out of the trance and it could not only break the connection but could quite possibly destroy both Murakiís and Tsuzukiís mind."

Hisoka could now see panic in the scientist's eyes.

Chapter five: Perfect Picture Part Two

Sorry to anyone who thought this chapter was boring, but I had to get a little more information out there. This chapter had to fit into the story and I'm glad it is over with. Now for more Tsuzuki and Muraki...

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