Skeletons in the Closet

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Tatsumi and Oryia

Open Closets

Part One

Oriya's relief to leave the intense conversation him and Tatsumi had was far from a breath of fresh air.
Confessing his love to the shadow master about Muraki was something he surely didn’t want the man to know. He could still visualize his best friend's weakness as he opened that door. The look in Muraki’s eyes was enough to push him over the edge with fear. But the thing that hurt more than that was the fact that he couldn’t do anything to help him. No. He couldn’t even be the one to enter his mind.

Why should that freak get to? he thought. I know more about Muraki than any of them. Sadly, he bent his head down sighing.

"But he doesn’t have those feelings for me like I do for him. His heart belongs to someone else. Damn him for being so determined! That freak doesn’t even feel anything for him, let alone ever will. Why would you allow this to happen, Muraki? You let your...oh, it doesn’t even matter. You have always acted on whatever it was you wanted, death was never an exception for you. Not even then.”

I remember when you had first came to me about that demon. You were scared out of your wits. Though knowing you didn’t show it I still could see it in your eyes. I asked you what happened you told me the demon wanted to make a deal with you. And you refused him. Impatient on an answer I asked, Well, what happened!?

His response nothing. I’ve known Muraki to dabble in the art of black magic but never to have a demon want to possess him. What was it that Muraki had that that demon wanted?

"Well, you got him, you bastard! What now?"

Shallowly breathing, Tatsumi waved a hand near Muraki’s mouth barely feeling the air shift from his nostrils. The urge to just snuff that man's life away was a thought. Tatsumi quickly left it behind. Bringing his attention to the younger man. Even in his position on Muraki's chest the man still looked so innocent, so beautiful. The shadow master raised a hand, pulling some of the brunette's hair out of his face being careful not to touch his skin on remembering what Hisoka said about breaking the contact. It made the secretary even more tense at the fact that the slightest thing could go wrong and he could lose Tsuzuki in the process.
"If I see anything any disturbance I’m pulling you out."

"Brave words, Shinigami."

Tatsumi knew Oriya had been watching him for some time. Though the swordsman was skilled in the art of stealth. The secretary could sense movements of shadows which clearly told him that there was someone else in the room with him.

“Would you not do the same?” the Shinigami simply asked.

"Yes. I would give my life for Muraki if it came down to it.“

“Why...why do you trust him so? After all that he has done?”

Tatsumi turned his head over toward the swordsman who was leaning against the doorway. His posture making him somewhat more feminine looking.

"Tell me, Tatsumi-san. Do you know how it is to love someone and watch them get hurt in front of your eyes? To not know why you can’t do anything to help them as they tear their life up and you just stand there doing nothing? For you to love that someone and see them go completely insane and lose all sense of themselves? To be uncontrolled by their own actions because of a hidden pain inside? Tell me, Tatsumi-san. Do you have any idea what had happened to Muraki? What that man had really went through in life? You to judge him. We all have our reasons even you. Just as that freak has his and why he took it under his own decision to be the one to enter Muraki's mind even at the risk."

Tatsumi was on pins and needles to think that anybody would give Muraki an excuse was beyond him.

“Muraki has done more then his share of wrong. What reason would I have to think him as anything else but what he is, a murderer. For what its worth, Muraki deserved this.”

‘Because he, too, had a life?. A childhood.? He who judges also should be judged themselves.”

Oryia couldn’t have shown Tatsumi anymore realistic as it was and he thought then maybe Tatsumi got it. That the pompous secretary finally understood. He seen the Shinigami lower his head looking back at his companion.

Feeling a defeat come over him. No. He didn’t know what had happened in Muraki's past. Why the man became a cold-blooded murderer. But he did know how it felt to be helpless and do nothing while he watched Tsuzuki almost take his own life. It was this man here that had caused his ex-partner to try and kill himself. No matter what terrible thing Muraki might have experienced in life, it could never change the hatred he had for the man.

“This is not how it should have been. It shouldn’t have been Tsuzuki going. Not after all that has happened in Kyoto. All that Muraki has done to him. It's disturbing to see this. To see Tsuzuki chance his life for this so called devil spawn."

Oryia was now next to him looking at the two as well.

“I find this image just as disturbing as you, if not more. Do you think I want that freak inside my friend's mind? But I came to realize that he may be the only one to save Muraki and somewhere deep down in you I think you know this as well. Believe it or not, Tatsumi-san these two lying on this bed no matter how hard we want to deny it, have the strongest connection to each other. Perhaps they're not that much different, but I don’t know that freak's past just as you don’t know Muraki's. What I do know is that I believe that Tsuzuki is the only one who can get to Muraki and stop this demon. And in spite of having to break the demon barrier you also have to get passed Muraki’s. Tsuzuki is the only one who holds that key to Muraki's heart, curse him for it, too. That ungrateful little prick! In my opinion, he doesn’t deserve it and Muraki is a fool for allowing himself to fall for the man. On the contrary though, it seems to me that the freak just might have a soft spot for Muraki as well. If he does then I have no doubt that Tsuzuki won't help him. In fact, I’m banking on it.”

Tatsumi questioned him. Not wanting to find any truth in what Oriya was saying.

“What are you trying to say? That Muraki actually has a heart to begin with? The man tried to killed Tsuzuki! Use him! There is no way that something like that is capable of caring and if it is possible that Tsuzuki would never let what Muraki did to his partner to him be forgiven. The only reason Tsuzuki took up this assignment was because he felt guilty for stabbing him.”

“Is that what you really think? You seen it as much as I did. The face that freak gave when I said Muraki was dying. It didn’t look like guilt to me.”

Still finding reasons more for himself than anyone, Tatsumi denied Oryia's words.

“Tsuzuki just has a kind heart. He feels pity. That is all.”

Oryia shook his head hopelessly at the secretary.

"Are you that naive? Possibly even afraid that just a slight chance I’m right about your friend? That perhaps there is some form of feeling there for Muraki? Why are you afraid that he might actually care?”

The secretary had enough. He didn’t want to think that on an off chance what Oriya was saying just might be true. Even though a part of him believed it himself. He mind refused to except such things. Tsuzuki would never fall for someone like Muraki. A contradiction. A complete opposite. A murderer.

“I don’t have to hear this. I’m going back out.”

He watched the secretary depart outside and then turned his head back at the two prone bodies rendered on the bed. The view was perplexing, resembling two lovers in their final scene of death. Oriya's eyes narrowed.

To even think that made him feel somewhat disturbed. That the man laying still on top of his friend was the person that Muraki had chosen to be his lover. And all that he had done for the sadistic bastard!

But nothing could have been greater then the revenge on his half- brother. Not even this freak could win on that one. Oryia second guessed his thought. Muraki has always been a man who knew exactly what he was getting into and was always one step ahead of the game. Something never sat right for me with the outcome of that night in Kyoto.

"What really happened to you Muraki?" I better not lose you to this. Why do you have to be so anal? Tsuzuki, please, don’t fail him. Don’t let that bastard get ahold of him. Bring my Kazutaka back.”

Open Closets Part 2 Tsuzuki and Muraki
Next back into the mind of Muraki as we go deeper into his mermories.

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