Skeletons in the Closet

BY : Violent Rose
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Chapter 3 : The Fairest of them All

part one.

The room seemed to have an eerie silence, as the four Shinigami looked over toward Oriya.

Tsuzuki knew he was to blame for this. He couldn‘t help but shrug. Looking back down at the blonde man, his thoughts raced through his head, trying to deny the obvious.

"Why would Muraki be dying?" He had seen this man before him survive countless feats of death. What could a mere demon do?

"What is it we must do to stop this demon, Watari?" Tsuzuki, without thinking,
touched the pale man's face, brushing aside a strand of hair.

"Well, Tsuzuki, it is a demon of fear which consists of involving emotions. So, without a doubt we would have to enter Muraki’s mind subconsciously. That is where the demon is feeding from."

The scientist could see that Tsuzuki wasn’t paying him much heed. Noticing the brunette's face sadly looking at the man on the bed.

Trying to reassure Tsuzuki, the scientist stated. "Perhaps it is not too late. But we need to act fast."

“So, then that means one of us has to enter into Muraki's mind. Won't that be dangerous?" Hisoka asked the scientist.

"Of course it will, but what other choice do we really have?" Watari pulled off his glasses. "Now we just need a volunteer."

"I’ll do it. I am after all, Muraki’s best friend. He would trust me to enter his mind." Oriya responded.

Watari shook his head in disapproval.

"No. It is too risky with you. Oriya, you are a human. That demon would sense that and would simply destroy you."

The scientist looked around the room. His eyes caught onto the young Shinigami next to him.

"Bon, I believe that because of your powerful empathy and the connection you and Muraki had, you should go."

“I-I can’t. It just is too uncomfortable.” He looked down from the scientist.

Tatsumi encouraged him. "But you are our only hope. You seem to be the only one that is connected to him. You would be able to enter his mind with ease. It has to be done, Hisoka."

Hisoka looked at the secretary in disbelief. He knew why the older Shinigami was so blunt, but it was Muraki he just couldn‘t come to terms with those memories resurfacing again. "Tatsumi, it is not that simple," he argued.

Tsuzuki didn’t want his partner to go. He knew better than any of them that Hisoka would not be able to cope with it. He couldn’t lose his only partner.
Hisoka already suffered enough from this madman.

He knew he would regret it. Though deep down he knew he wanted to do it. There was just something that lingered in his mind about Muraki. That he just needed to be answered.

"I’ll go."

Tatsumi looked at Tsuzuki. His face became contorted in anger. "No. Absolutely not. You are the last person that should go."

“Why?" The violet-eyed man asked.

“Because you are a prime candidate for Muraki and this demon. That’s why.” His anger rose a bit more on reasons of why Tsuzuki would question him. Could he be that dumb not to see it?

But Tsuzuki was still determined. “Which is why I should go. From what happened in Kyoto I am closer. I am more connected to Muraki than any of you." Even though he hated mentioning it, they all knew it was the truth.

"I vouche for that. Even I couldn't convice Muraki to change his mind about this purple-eyed freak," Oriya knew that Tsuzuki was not a freak. He was actually quite beautiful which made the swordsman hate him that much more.

Tatsumi lashed out. "Shut up, Oriya! No one asked you your opinion."

Tatsumi felt like he did when they were back on that unforgettable night. Seeing his ex-partner summon Touda. He knew then Tsuzuki wanted to die. It broke his heart at the sight. He didn’t know what to do. What to say. But here, here he was not going to let him go that easily. He was not going to make that mistake again.

“I can’t endanger you like this, Tsuzuki.”

“But you could Hisoka?" he challenged.

Tatsumi couldn’t find a response to this. As much as it pained him, Tsuzuki was right. He could only look away.

“Please, Tatsumi. It is the only way. We have to get to that demon before it is too late. You can plainly see I am probably the only one that can handle that demon. Let me go."

"I don‘t want to see you hurt anymore." he clenched his fists.

Tsuzuki walks over to him, touching the blue-eyed man on the cheek, shocking the secretary.

The brunette looked into worried eyed and smiled. "Trust me.’

Tatsumi sighed turning toward Hisoka. "Get him prepared.”

Hisoka walked over to them, worried himself. Tatsumi touched his shoulder.

"You know how to do this, right?"

Hisoka nods. "I have never physically channeled it through a another person, but it the same.”

The young shinigami nervously grabbed ahold of Tsuzuki's hand as Tsuzuki grabbed onto Muraki’s. They both knelt down by the bed were Muraki lay.

Hisoka looks over to his partner. "Tsuzuki, be careful."

Tsuzuki just smiled at him graciously.

Hisoka responds. "Close your eyes, Tsuzuki, and listen to what I say.”

The violet-eyed Shinigami nodded closing his eyes.

Nervously, the other two shinigami watch as Hisoka chants slowly.

"Your vision is dark. Nothing Your mind blank. Erase everything you're thinking and think only this. Muraki his mind and your mind. One mind together."

Tsuzuki faded into a feeling of light headedness. His breath becomes short and he wheezes. Scared he grabbed tighter to Hisoka which in turn was still saying words he couldn’t barely hear anymore. Tsuzuki's body became numb and yet he felt like something was baring a heavy weight upon his chest. He wanted to scream, but nothing came out. Suddenl,y his breath stopped and a flash of white light emitted through the black.

Hisoka pulled away quickly from Tsuzuki's grasp. Falling to the ground, the young shinigami tries to catch his breath. Tatsumi grabbed him. Holding him up for support.

"I had never done that before.” He could see Tsuzuki’s body go limp and fall onto Muraki’s chest. Hisoka becomes worried. "I hope this works."

Chapter 3 The Fairest of them All: Part two


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