Nameless Exception

BY : Jeichan
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Nameless Exception

Chapter 1: Divergence

The sky overhead held sparse stars that glittered, the moon full and silver gray; it seemed dusk had finally set, the city slipping into sleep. The perfect eve to Kira’s plan to eliminate L; the perfect evening to begin the harrowing of justice.

The cold air settling into gusts brought the first droplets of tomorrow’s storm. The sharp caws of crows echoing above a gray and black skyscraper, followed by the low call of a pepper-hued owl soaring pass the windows.

“I wonder…should I wait until Kira falls or challenge Kira now?” The whisper blended into the rushing air, its owner a heavily shadowed figure standing on a balcony. Under the moonlight the figure held out a pale hand, slender fingers opening a stark black notebook. “Heavy rains are coming, Laskla.” The figure turned to face the balcony door: on the threshold stood the Shinigami.

Slightly less monstrous than other Shinigami, Laskla stared up at the sky, the moonlight throwing the scars all over his face and body into sharp relief from heavy shadows, making them more grotesque. The heavily shadowed human paused, then exhaled watching Laskla step onto the balcony; the Shinigami met the shadowed human’s eyes -- the pale blue pupils glistened surrounded by heavily shadowed death mask skin.

“You sense it.” Laskla said, voice monotonous as the wind killed its journey past the shadow-thronged human’s ears; still, the strong color of the Shinigami’s eyes illuminated the interest his voice didn’t.

“If I make my move, the other Shinigami will find you: The Exiled Shinigami from 1000 years ago.”

“There’s no consequence, I can’t be killed…hence my exile.”

“You have yet to tell me why you can’t die even by means that can kill other Shinigami.” The human waited a minute before breathing in and exhaling, Laskla remained silent as the human’s pale blue eyes averted to the black notebook. “Can’t complain, I guess…you answered all my other questions, kept me company for years….”

“Five years ago I gave you that Death-Note, and only now do you think about using it more than sparingly. Kira is good for something if he triggers you to action….”

“You know I’m a misanthrope and budding anarchist, Laskla, you taught me well.” The human glared down below, the city streets tiny with streetlights glowing. “I’ll challenge Kira’s sense of ‘justice.’ His ‘killing only criminals’ mindset annoys me. All are criminals at heart, all deserve to die. Otherwise death itself wouldn’t exist.”

Droplets of rain grew thicker as the wind cascaded through the city, whipping the jagged strands of hair issuing from the unnamed human’s head; its glistening red tint shined beneath the silver moon’s glow.


L sat in his peculiar way on the wheeled cushioned chair, the computer monitors in front of him glowing bright; his eyes closed and breathing quiet he napped, mind still buzzing with deductions about Kira. His early deductions all pointed to Light Yagami, and they still did if he took recent happenings as all being part of ‘Light as Kira’s’ plan: he just didn’t have tangible proof. Not yet.

Watari’s voice issuing from the monitor woke him, his black-pupil eyes shot open and glanced over the screen; his thumb brought to his lips. He paused, eyes widening as he listened to Watari and then switched the screen to the news. His pale skin grew paler as he watched, the heavy shadows under his eyes grown darker with the contrast; black pupils engrossed by the headline.

L bit down on his thumbnail, almost drawing blood as Watari uploaded live footage from the hospital to the computer screen; the panic chaotic as 10 more patients were pronounced dead -- all of heart failure.

‘This isn’t Kira, but it is his power….’ L leaned toward the console and microphone, his thumb red where he bit it. “Watari, inform…call the investigation team all back to headquarters, including Light Yagami and Misa Amane…but have her wait in one of the other rooms.”

L returned to crouching on the chair, attention focused on the unfolding news; his eyes widened, thumb slipped over his bottom lip while behind him the door slid open and shut. He heard the approaching footsteps stop, but he didn’t catch the sharp inhale that followed. The detective glanced behind him, unsurprised that Light had arrived first.

Light’s eyes widened as he watched the screen, he blinked and stepped closer, mind whirling with the meaning of what he saw.

‘There’s another Death-Note out there…another Shinigami…’

“Yagami-kun --” The detective’s words cut off as the new headline flashed across the screen, black eyes engrossed as he chewed on his thumb, his other hand squeezing his leg.

The newscaster announced as the screen background changed to a gray one with the fancy-font words to Kira blacking the center. Almost immediately a machine-altered voice began speaking.

-Kira, your reign has lasted long enough…playing judge, jury, and executioner with lives is not an act of god or a savior or whatever you have blinded yourself into thinking you are.-

Light’s eyes gleamed scarlet, his expression the stone etching of anger as he listened and struggled to keep it concealed from L; the detective glanced at Light at each pause, his expressionless eyes trying to catch Light’s thoughts through the younger man’s facial responses.

-Do not mistake me, I am not justice. Such fantasy does not exist, Kira. But I digress… philosophy bantering is not my intention.…I issue a challenge: reveal yourself to me, to the world…if you are a god why be a coward hiding in shadow? Reveal yourself Kira and I will not kill you. Hide and I will slaughter the lambs you so righteously protect.-

The message ended, leaving only silence until the newscaster reappeared whose shaky voice continued in the background as L turned and faced the taskforce members that had slipped in during the message. The threat hung heavy on the air.

“This…this is….” Soichiro Yagami stammered, his eyes glued to the screen as the last words in the message echoed in his ears. The other investigators looked at each other and then at L, reverting back to the screen now silently playing the news.

L chewed on his thumbnail before turning back to the screen and speaking into the microphone.

“Watari, how many death’s were there so far tonight?”

“As of now: 45, Ryuzaki. All heart failure, and none were criminals or suspects.”

“Innocent people? This guy is worse than Kira…” Matsuda shook his head as he spoke, glancing at the others. Each investigator’s expression held horror and fear.

“Watari, find out all you can about the victims. We’ll need to look at the hospital security tapes too.” L relaxed back into his peculiar way of sitting, both hands now clenching his legs and shaking; his hair hid his eyes from view. He glared sharply at Light standing next to him, though the younger man didn’t notice; instead Light stared at the now blank screen his expression shock.

“…this…we need to stop this guy….” Light closed his eyes and then opened them to stare at the console. ‘This bastard has ruined my plans…L will focus on finding him rather than suspecting Misa…keeping her safe so Rem won’t….’ Light bit his inner cheek to settle himself -- he was in the same room as L, he couldn’t lose composure and give L any more reason to suspect him.

“Our first priority is to find out how this Anti-Kira found the names and faces of his victims. It’s one thing killing a criminal whose face and name were broadcast through the media, but killing hospital patients whose identities are kept confidential is another.” L brought his thumb back to his lips before turning back to the investigation team, hair no longer blocking his eyes from view. “Until this Anti-Kira is caught, the investigation on Kira I and Kira II is on hold.”

‘Damn…’ Light glanced back where Rem watched in the corner, sensing the relief from the Shinigami as Misa’s life was no longer in immediate danger. He quieted his agitation with another bite to his inner cheek. ‘This is only a setback…once Anti-Kira is caught L will continue his Kira investigation on Misa, and Rem will have to write his name in her Death-Note.’


“How was it, Laskla? Kira’s probably thinking of ways to stay hidden or find me before I do him.” The red-tinted, dark hair of the human obscured the white face from view, the pale eyes glistening in the television light.

“Interesting.” Laskla gazed out the window, at the clouds quickly dispersing in the night-darkened sky. “The storm has passed.”

“Hm?” The human followed Laskla’s stare, eyebrows raised as the violet tapestry of night showed clearer each passing second. “It passed before it begun…odd. Could it be one of those ‘storms of fate’ you mentioned in the past? The ones that signify those drastic turning points that change history?”

‘More than human history will change with this…the first sign of chaos: a sure storm that halts its path.’ Laskla faced the human, watching the pale blue eyes narrow with a sharp glint and the thin lips twist into a smirk.

‘Revenge will come, you mean? Laskla? The upheaval you desired?’ The human stared the Shinigami in the eye, strange warping shadows outlining the androgynous body; shadows that also veiled Laskla. Unnatural silence entombed the room as neither Shinigami nor human spoke, the warping shadows conversing for them.

‘What we desired, Desu. The end of all. Humans, Shinigami…the true justice that called me to you.’

“Maybe…I can’t wait to see Kira’s first move against me…or what he’d do once he realizes the current Death-Note’s drawback.” The human grinned and sat on the couch, TV screen glowing until a pale finger pressed the off button, leaving the room fully shadowed.

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