Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 3: Converging

L sipped the sweetened tea, eyes reading over the blog, the website itself split into two parts -- two links: Death Mercy and Kira Mercy. Crouched in his usual way, one bare foot scratching the other, L finished the tea and placed the cup down; choosing another cake slice from the tray Watari had brought. As his lips closed down on the first forkful, an information box popped up on another monitor screen; he bit down on the fork as he fixated on the message.

‘An incoming call on Yagami-kun’s cell-phone….’ L shoveled another forkful of cake into his mouth, the sugary confection melting on his tongue. ‘From Amane-san….’

Placing his fork on the plate, he pressed a few buttons on the keyboard until a recording message appeared on the monitor screen. Minimizing the Death-Mercy/Kira-Mercy website, he crouched in his chair and listened as the conversation started.


Light gazed at the caller display on his cell-phone, eyes widened a sliver at Misa’s number displayed on the screen. ‘Could she have…?’ He felt adrenaline entering his veins and he smirked, the next moment shaking his head. ‘I’m getting ahead of myself…no way Misa found Anti-Kira yet, not without any new clues.’

Flipping open the cell-phone and placing it against his ear, Light sat in the cushioned chair by the balcony window, his calm demeanor belying the worry that Misa might slip up while talking on the phone. ‘I’m sure L has both our cell-phones tapped….’

“Moshi-Moshi Misa-chan.” Light said calmly, listening with lukewarm interest to the other ends greeting.


“Hello, Light-kun!”

Misa’s eyes widened as Anti-Kira boldly spoke into the cell-phone, mimicking her voice flawlessly, though Anti-Kira made no attempt to show the appropriate facial expressions. One strong, pale arm holding her against Anti-Kira’s chest, Misa opened her mouth to scream after her initial shock faded, but Anti-Kira covered her mouth and dragged the blonde into the shade behind a shed half eclipsed by trees.

“No…No, everything’s fine, I’m just tired from work….” Anti-Kira glared down at Misa, pale blue eyes narrowed as she spoke, her Misa impersonation perfect even as her lips twisted into a Kira-worthy sneer. Misa struggled, eardrums pained as she listened to Anti-Kira leading Light into a discussion about dates.

‘I need to stop her…I need her name….’ Misa brought her hands to Anti-Kira’s arm, digging her nails into the unflinching skin, her legs kicking back against Anti-Kira’s shins, stomping on her feet with no response. Throughout it all, Anti-Kira’s eyes glared sharply at the youthful face surrounded by blonde hair, growing annoyance etched into the corners of her lips; she ended the conversation after another minute.

“Light Yagami sounds like a gentleman…or a good actor….Light, Kira, um?” Anti-Kira released Misa, but pocketed the cell-phone, glancing disinterestedly at the blonde as Misa’s eyes glowed red; Anti-Kira smirked, a bit of white teeth showing. Her eyebrows rose in feigned surprise as Misa backed away in shock, shaking her head, eyes widened. “Something wrong, Misa-chan?”



Shutting his cell-phone, Light glared at the contraption, ears ringing with Misa’s voice while the queasy bubble of suspicion gnawed inside him. He turned back to the balcony window, watching the bright sun hugging the city with its light.

‘That was Misa’s voice…and everything I’d expect her to talk about, even the date part….of course that’s impossible now that I can’t leave the building without Rem following…L already….’

Light’s eyes widened, mouth slightly agape as he drew in breath; the burning suspicion in his gut rising to his chest; adrenaline crashed through his torso and limbs, igniting his thoughts.

“That’s what….”

‘The ‘Misa’ I just talked to made no reference to L, no reference to knowing why I can’t leave…no whining about me not dating her….’

“Why didn’t she…unless…yet if….” Light swallowed as he glared once more at the cell-phone, his insides shaking. ‘Minus the voice similarity…that conversation could’ve been done by anyone who knew Misa’s character and the basic facts about our relationship. But not about L, the taskforce…about how close….’ Light bit the inside of his cheek, hair covering his eyes until he glared at the far horizon outside the balcony window. His usually calm eyes narrowed in anger, the brown glinting red as he mouthed Anti-Kira, lips twisted into a smirk the next second.

‘Anti-Kira made a bold move…if he has Misa or killed her….’ Light closed his eyes as he thought, blood boiling inside him as he struggled against the adrenaline in his veins. ‘He must have the Shinigami eyes, otherwise Misa would’ve found him first….this ability to mimic Misa’s voice probably means Anti-Kira is female, though….’ He opened his eyes, lips pursed as another thought crossed his mind. ‘L most likely tapped my phone and listened to the conversation, maybe even recorded it….he might realize it wasn’t Misa as well….’


Listening to the playback, thumb against his upper lip, L closed his eyes for a second, opening them when people entered the room; he glanced back briefly to see the investigation officers hesitate as the recording playback fell onto their ears. Saying nothing, L turned back to the monitor, the screen displaying a voice analysis of the recording.

“Interesting….” L rubbed his thumb against his lip as his black eyes took in the results.

“Ryuzaki, what’s the meaning of this recording?” Soichiro approached the detective, the other officers behind him staring at detective. “You tapped their phones…and recorded…that’s….how long are you going to suspect….”

L stopped the playback and turned around to face the investigation team, the seriousness reflected in his eyes halting the officers objections.

“Without this recording our biggest lead to Anti-Kira and Kira would’ve remained undiscovered.” L motioned the officers closer, and moved so they could see the voice analysis. “Two charts -- the top one an analysis of Amane-san’s voice and the bottom an analysis of the playback caller’s voice….”

“But wasn’t that playback of Misa-san’s voice?” Matsuda glanced at the chart and then at L, eyes widening as his question went ignored.

“….both analysis charts appear identical, except for certain points. Here.” L highlighted certain areas on the charts, pausing until each officer fixed his eyes on the charts before continuing. “These points are essential….”

“You’re not suggesting….”

“But they only deviate a fraction, how is that significant?”

“With only the analysis chart it’s not, but matching it with the words actually said…the words that correlate with the deviations are Yagami-kun’s name and the times the caller whined or complained….this suggests either a change of heart for Amane-san about Yagami-kun and the current situation or someone mimicking her who doesn’t know her feelings about either.” L paused at the collective intake of breath among the team, the doubt among them shrinking with each explanation.

“But…how could someone mimic a voice enough to fool a computer….” Matsuda glanced again at the charts, noting that the analysis gave the caller’s voice a high percentage of matching Misa’s. “She could just be tired, or….”

“Listen to the recording.” L started the playback again, from the caller’s first word. “Listen carefully to how this ‘Misa’ says Yagami-kun’s name. Light, pronounced smoothly in one syllable like the English word rather than the Japanese pronunciation….” The detective continued a few more seconds before growing quiet as each man listened to the recording.

“This….” Matsuda began after the conversation ended as L turned his chair to face the investigation team. “If this isn’t Misa-san, then who is it?” He glanced at each officer before turning back to L.

“Anti-Kira, most likely.” L bit down on his thumbnail, lips a tiny bit curved into a smile. ‘If Anti-Kira found Misa Amane to be Kira II…catching Anti-Kira could help in proving Light is Kira I….’

‘Misa….’ Rem stared at the group from a darkened corner after taking in the conversation, insides burning with worry. Unnoticed by any of the team, she passed through the wall, determination in her eyes.


Misa gasped, backing into a tree, her face the perfect etching of terror. “Your name…how is it no name….it can’t be the Shinigami eyes…..” Misa glanced terrified at Ryuk, her heart thumping in her chest, blood running cold as she paled.

“Nothing’s wrong with those pretty little eyes of yours, Misa-chan. You’re just facing a rarity.” Anti-Kira fiddled with her crimson and black bangs, bemusement carved into her smirk as her pale blue eyes glared hungrily at Misa. “A nameless exception….”

“That…that can’t be….all humans have names…all….” Misa paled as Anti-Kira approached and placed a hand above her head on the tree trunk. Their faces an inch apart, Misa trembled as Anti-Kira traced a finger over her paled cheek.

“By ages 2 ½ to 3, people usually do have set names…but a name itself is powerless without an identity bonded to it.”

“But….someone your age had to have bonded an identity with a name, as you put it. Even if you were adopted or orphaned or….”

“Kept locked up in a cellar until age 13?” Anti-Kira smirked studying Misa’s widening eyes, the bitterness buried in the corners of her lips and the sudden dulling of pale blue eyes. “Locked up with nothing but a Shinigami for company? By parents who conceived a child they never wanted?”

“That….you were….” Misa felt her throat close, her gut twisting now with horror and disgust as she processed Anti-Kira’s words. The truth etched with the hatred and bitterness of Anti-Kira’s expression. “That’s horrible…but why….why are you against Kira then? If you can’t find avenge yourself, he can….or I can….I….”

“Those who locked me up, I already killed. With my own hands and not the Death-Note.” Anti-Kira pulled back from Misa, watching as the terrified and horrified blonde slid to the ground, eyes still focused on the one above them. “I’ve lived only five years outside that cellar, and while inside that cellar Laskla, the Shinigami who gave me the Death-Note, practically raised me himself.”

‘So Laskla’s made himself a Demi-Shi.’ Ryuk gazed over Anti-Kira, noting the shadow aura surrounding the human and connecting to Laskla. ‘Seems the connection isn’t complete yet though…whatever the outcome, this should be interesting…’

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