Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 9: Dusk

The teen school girl brushed her hair loose from the hair-tie, each stroke slow and meticulous. Almost painfully so. Her cheeks hidden by the locks wet and glistening in the slivers of light from her window; her eyes shining from the tears still waiting to be shed. On her desk the sheets she’d received lay deliberately spread out, one sheet already filled with names.

She worried her bottom lip before her final stroke through her hair, then set down the brush in her top desk drawer. Her class had a test coming up, but her eyes blurred just looking at the textbooks. Downstairs she heard her mother bustling around, cooking dinner, doing laundry -- the everyday things that seemed worthless now.

She felt nauseous. Her stomach gurgling and doing flip-flops, she leaned back in her chair, eyes studying a corner of her ceiling. The emptiness was excruciating. Her noiseless room, the still curtains pulled tightly shut at her window -- it was all so far away.

“Why…what have I done….” Sayu hugged herself, searching for comfort but her body remained cold, her insides numb. Steadily she inhaled and exhaled, freezing the tears in her eyes with icy resolve -- the words from earlier came rushing back.

‘“Your brother Light Yagami, is a suspect in the Kira case.”’

“Lies. He can’t. He wouldn’t.” She clenched her teeth and glared at the sheets arrayed over the surface of her desk. Five sheets, five days worth. The first already filled. Fighting an inner tremor, she picked out the instruction sheet the person in the schoolboy uniform had given her. The email account address and password written out at the top, followed by a web address. Beneath it a bulleted list of instructions glared in typed black ink.

* Fill one sheet with names per day.

* Burn each filled sheet completely after done.

* Vary the times of death to be carried out the next day

* Do not mention anything about the sheets or writing down names.

* Do not allow anyone else to touch the sheets.

* Use only the names and photos provided by the email account.

* Under no circumstances write your own, or those close to you, name on the sheets.

Sayu picked up the sheet filled with names as she placed the new instruction sheet in her bottom drawer. On top of the first sheet she’d received in the mail two days ago. That sheet held the ‘how to use’ instructions of the sheets of paper -- sheets from something called the death note.

“I wish it was fake. I wish Light or dad would come home….” She tore the sheet in her hand to tiny bits, trying to block out the myriad of names scribbled on them from her thoughts. Once her mom went to sleep she’d toss them in the fireplace and watch the evidence burn to ash.


Rem stared down at Misa’s sleeping form, she felt the pull from the death note at headquarters, but she ignored it. Instead she watched the blonde that seemed much more delicate, much more gentle than before.

“I swear I’ll kill this Anti-Kira, and make Laskla regret ever making a demi-shi. Misa….”

The Shinigami knelt by the bed, gazing at the sleeping face -- a face that seemed peaceful despite the amnesia. She reached one of her claws to touch Misa’s cheek, but paused when she heard the door click shut. Silence descended on the room, broken only by the clock and the solid beep from the heart monitor.

“Shi…Shi….” Matsuda swallowed as Rem turned toward him, the shock displayed on his face. He’d come to check up on the model-pop star, the only taskforce member to think it worth it until Misa’s memory returned. Since L put the Kira II investigation on hold to focus on investigating Anti-Kira, no one thought anything worthwhile could come from checking on Misa. Matsuda suddenly had the feeling he proved them wrong.

He’d heard Rem’s vow. The angry tone…the familiar address of Misa’s name, and the name of what he’d assumed was another Shinigami. He couldn’t hear anything more except the blood rushing in his ears, his heartbeat jumping.

“What are you doing here, Shinigami-san?” Matsuda tried to smile, willing himself to play the bumbling fool -- somehow he’d stumbled on something dangerous, something he should’ve have, and he shivered. The words ‘I’m dead’ on endless repeat in his thoughts as he felt Rem’s glare. “I came here to read to Misa-chan, but looks like she’s asleep….”

“….” Rem spread her wings and flew from the hospital building, ignoring the weakest threat against Misa as she returned to headquarters. ‘Just Matsuda, he’d probably didn’t overhear anything…anyway, if he died now it’d be Misa who’d be in danger….’

After Rem flew away, Matsuda counted to 40 before breathing in a relaxing gulp of air. The expression on his face fearful and relieved, just as confusion furrowed his brows. What did Rem’s visit to Misa mean? He sank into the chair beside the bed before his knees gave out.


Laskla sat on a wooden floor while he watched the black haired college student writing names in the death note. The wildness in the man’s eyes, their sharp glint and the repetition of ‘delete’ with each name written brought forth nostalgia in the Shinigami. He smirked, watching the new ‘Kira’ as he recalled Anti-Kira’s plan.


‘ “We must provide doubt to the taskforce as to my involvement, therefore a new Kira and Anti-Kira must be created. Laskla, take the death note you gave me and give it to someone to kill as Kira. I’ll find someone to kill as Anti-Kira.” Anti-Kira tore a handful of sheets from the death note before handing it to Laskla, her pale eyes telling him to hurry away. “Ryuk, once the cameras are switched on, you must stay out of their range…there’s a crawl space above the ceiling, stay there while I’m in the apartment.”

“That doesn’t sound like fun….”

“I’ll reward you with apples…five each day…ten per day you have to stay in that crawl space….if it’s a deal, go there now.”

“All right! Apples!” Ryuk hurried through the ceiling, and Laskla glanced once more at Anti-Kira before phasing through the apartment wall, and into the chilly air.’


“Shinigami, you seem to be in deep thought.” The dark haired law student lay his pen down and closed the death note. The intense eyes focused on Laskla while the Shinigami flexed his wings and rose to standing.

“You remind me of a human I knew…a long, long time ago. 1000 years in fact….” Laskla folded back his wings, drinking in the student’s black hair and intense gaze with appraising red eyes. The lifespan above the human’s head burned into his vision.

“Oh? Is that why you chose me to receive the death note? To cleanse the world for Kira….do god’s bidding….” The intense eyes grew wild, a twist of pride and devotion. The eyes of a worshipper and fanatic.

“….” Laskla smirked as he watched Mikami return to the death note, his eyes straying to the sky, darkened by gray clouds. ‘You remind me of him, but he would not do anyone’s bidding….’


“Ryuk.” Anti-Kira reclined on the hotel room bed, listening to ambulance sirens fading in the distance. Her heart pounded as she pictured the direction it headed towards, closer to her neighborhood. “Why was Laskla exiled? He never said….”

“Oh, he led a rebellion that nearly destroyed the Shinigami world. Those were interesting times….” Ryuk picked up a second apple from the bowl on the table while he finished chewing and swallowing the first one. “These apples are more delicious than the ones Light gave me….”

“Those are top quality…since you did what I asked so well I thought you deserved them.” She pillowed her head with her arms as she gazed at the ceiling, her pale eyes closed as Ryuk’s words sunk into her brain. “If his rebellion caused that much damage, why didn’t the Shinigami King just kill him? Laskla mentioned that there are ways to kill a Shinigami….”

“Who knows? I’ve never found a Shinigami who knew why and would talk….” Ryuk paused and glanced from the apples to Anti-Kira’s shadowed face. “That’s the truth, so…can I have more of these same apples tomorrow? I’ll tell you some of the rumors I heard from other Shinigami about Laskla….”

“You’re such an addict, Ryuk-kun.” Anti-Kira sat up on the bed, back against the headboard, face toward the Shinigami. Ryuk finished his fourth apple while she studied him. “There’s just one more thing….why did Laskla rebel in the first place?”

“Ha! Every Shinigami knows that. The Shinigami King killed the human Laskla loved. Wrote his name in the death note.” Ryuk polished off his fifth apple and licked his claws before turning toward Anti-Kira. He laughed as he recalled the threat Laskla made against the Shinigami King, the vow to make the King suffer and regret.

Anti-Kira tilted her head, index finger at her lips as her eyes narrowed.

“That just leaves new questions to be answered…and I’ve had enough thinking for one day.”


L chewed on the tines of the fork at his lips, the taskforce behind him debating theories of how Anti-Kira escaped - or as Light spitefully brought up, how L could've been mistaken on Anti-Kira's identity. The detective bristled at his suspect's words, his insides rumbling though he remained stoic.

"Someone should call Matsuda back, he mentioned something about visiting Amane." Aizawa brought up as he noticed the young officer's absence, his words cutting through the heating debate.

"Leave it to him to do something useless at such a time. We need to start from scratch looking for Anti-Kira, and Kira as well since it's clear Misa's no longer Kira, if she ever was." Mogi searched the others faces before briefly watching L. The detective sat crouched on his chair, back facing the Taskforce, his pale fingers holding the fork nimbly.

"Ryuzaki, it seems you were wrong in your deductions. That woman obviously wasn't Anti-Kira but just a pawn. We've wasted five days surveillance when we could've been out tracking Anti-Kira down." Light crossed his arms, his brown eyes reflecting a shade of fake annoyance and a tinge of laughter. The room grew silent as L continued to stare at the monitor, the only sound the click of his teeth biting on the fork.

Heavy silence drowned the taskforce, and the room began to fill with the soft coughs of irritation. L remained still, ignoring the noises as he reached at an idea, the thread tangled in his thoughts. It slowly began to unravel into a plan.

"Ryuzaki-san! You can't just ignore us! We need to restart investigating Anti-Kira! Start from scratch." Souichiro approached the mum detective first, slamming his fist on the table when L delayed responding. "Ryuzaki!"

The detective wordlessly removed the fork from his mouth and placed it on the plate, the strawberry cake still half-uneaten. Next he lowered his head so his hair covered his eyes and turned half toward the Taskforce as he spoke:

"I apologize everyone. This case . . . I must drop out of the investigation."

A/N: End Chapter, please review. Cliffhanger, I know (I'm evil like that), but L dropping out of the investigation . . . I can't believe what direction my muse is going toward.

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