Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 12: Detection

Daybreak spread over the city, illuminating the windows of the taskforce
headquarters, though deep below in the underground levels none of the officers
noticed. Two days had passed since Sayu and Matsuda fell from that overpass, the
former's physical injuries recovering well, though the emotional scars ran deep.
While the latter…had yet to regain consciousness, his condition declining
steadily each day.

"Damn it!" Aizawa cursed and slammed his fist against the table, upsetting his
newly filled cup of coffee; the brown liquid spread over the tabletop and toward
the stacks of papers he'd been searching through. He cursed again as the hot
liquid dripped off the table edge and onto his leg. The next second storming out
of his seat and knocking the stacks of papers over with his arm.

"Aizawa, get a hold of yourself!"

"This is…what does that detective think he's doing?! Leaving us to deal with
this mess on our own, while he…."

"Just calm down, Aizawa-san. Getting upset will not help anyone. There must be a
reason why…."

"Reason? What reason could there be to ditch the current investigation and go
off on his own?! Leaving the only means to communicate to us through a frigging
phone number! Meanwhile, Matsuda is at death's door and chief's daughter Sayu…."

He choked back his words, pale-faced as he glanced at Souichiro sitting at the
computers, then at Light sitting a few seats away from his father. Aizawa
swallowed as he noticed both pause, his eyes focused more on the police chief -
it surprised him when Light stood up, pushed his chair away and stalked toward
the door.

"Light…." Souichiro half-stood as his eyes followed his son's progress to the
door, sitting back down with a sigh as the door shut behind the college student.
His eyes blurred as he stared at the computer screen, the silence surrounding
him heavy. 'Sayu….'


"Damn it!" Light punched the corridor wall once he was out of audible range, his
hand sore from the impact after the second strike. He glared at his fist, the
pain feeding more fuel to the rage simmering inside him. Tendrils of fear
threatened to choke him from within - his carefully devised plans lay shattered
by Anti-Kira's actions, and L's decision to leave the taskforce and to grant
Misa amnesty.

Light wrestled the truth out of Rem yesterday, after the Shinigami refused to
follow any more of his plans. L had figured out the connection between Rem and
Misa, and circumvented Light's plan to kill him by compromising with the

' "I stay out of any plan of yours and Misa will not be charged." Rem glared at
Light as she repeated L's offer, the deal she agreed with. Immediately leaving
the room and the pale college student behind.'

"Damn it! L….if Anti-Kira never showed up then….even if L did figure out my
plan, Rem wouldn't side with him….she….it's because Misa no longer remembers me
that…." Light closed his eyes and inhaled, holding the thought for a moment
before he exhaled and opened his eyes. "I need Misa to regain her memory….once
she remembers she loves me, Rem will be forced to follow my plans…."

'Tsk, Rem probably will write my name in the death note the moment I take a step
towards Misa…so I can't visit her….oh well, if I can't use Misa, I need to get
rid of her…but first I need to get rid of Rem….' Light stepped into one of the
many unused rooms along the corridor, eyes the cold solidity of reason instead
of the red of enflamed megalomania. 'I have a contingency plan thought out
already, I'll just need time and opportunity to set it up….that'll take care of

"Now, Anti-Kira….what is her plan? I have a suspicion as to L's plan….I cannot
prove it, but…." Light glanced at his right pants pocket which housed his
cell-phone, his thoughts wrapping around the time Anti-Kira mimicked Misa's
voice on the phone and the phone call he'd made to L two days ago. Unlike the
first time where he figured out quickly that a fake Misa had called him, he
didn't detect any verbal clues to suggest it was Anti-Kira and not L he spoke
with. 'There's still the possibility that it wasn't L who answered that
call….Anti-Kira can mimic voices after all, and I'm certain L and Anti-Kira are
working together against me….the motive would be to keep Anti-Kira informed of
the taskforce movements without L needing to contact her….to keep the chance of
discovery low, L probably will monitor every call to that number and butt in
himself if need be….'

'L…you can never out wit me, our thought processes are too much alike….but
Anti-Kira is a different matter. What is her point in using Sayu to….' Light
blinked as a conversation he'd had with Rem prior to the Shinigami siding with L
returned to him. 'Wait, demi-shi lose their free will, and Anti-Kira is nearly
turned into one….is it really Anti-Kira's plan, using Sayu, or is it the
Shinigami Laskla's…?'

"It doesn't matter which really, only that if Laskla is controlling, or
influencing Anti-Kira, I can't allow any plan to be leaked to either of them….it
also means I only have to get the Shinigami on my side in order to thwart L."
Light grinned, crimson glint to his brown eyes. "So, I just need to find
Laskla….which might be simple depending on if those death note sheets Sayu had
came from Anti-Kira's own death note or the one Misa had."

He forced his laughter to remain low as he steadied himself against the wall,
the next moment leaving the unused room and heading back toward the
investigation room.


"It's been a while since I dealt with the investigation of a case so directly."
L mused as he stood outside a convenience store, head tilted up at the overhead
sign. His brain infused with waves of information he'd collected over the pass
two days, most relevant only by proving that they weren't relevant to his
investigation. His eyes zeroed in on the store's surveillance camera tucked
neatly into the back corner closest to the cashier as he stepped through the

Nonchalantly he strolled down the aisle beside the windows, black eyes
memorizing the vantage point provided for the street outside. Magazines and
manga anthologies were lined along the storefront window, allowing for browsers
to enjoy the tomes in comfortable lighting. It also provided a semi-blind spot
from the camera overlooking the store.

'Around the time Kira first became active, there was a freak accident just
outside this store involving the death of someone who had been harassing a young
woman just moments before….assuming Kira's only means of killing was heart
failure at the time I dismissed it as irrelevant, but now….' L shifted his gaze
to the grocery items filling each aisle, expression unchanging as he entered the
candy and sweets aisle. 'It was erroneous of me to not investigate harder for
more experimental activity by Kira during the immediately preceding days of his
murder spree. Anyone with Kira's intelligence would need first hand proof of
their power, preferably proof they can witness up close….'

He glanced back at the storefront window, then at the camera in the back corner,
his fingers lingering absently over the many packages of candies. The digits
paused over a chocolate bar as he sensed someone approaching him, and he slipped
his freehand into his pocket. Then he felt a tingling along his spine, and he
glanced behind him.

"You're not planning on receiving a five-finger discount, are you?" One of the
store's cashiers glared down at the detective, who now held a chocolate bar
between his forefinger and thumb. Heavily shadowed black eyes silently shifted
from the employee's face to the chocolate bar then back to the employee - the
thin lips remaining expressionless.

"That is not a question to ask in order to receive an appropriate response." L
replied calmly, forefinger and thumb still holding the chocolate bar even as the
cashier grabbed his arm. The employee's eyes charged with anger at L's vague
reply - something further enflamed when the employee's eyes noticed L's brief

"Trying to be smart, huh? Think you'll get away with shoplifting?"

"It seems you've fallen under a false assumption that…." L began, his sentence
cut off as the cashier dragged him to the backroom of the store.


Mikami glanced up at the hospital's 5th floor windows, his penetrating, normally
stoic eyes covered by box frame glasses. Beside him Laskla hovered, the
Shinigami's words from two days ago echoing in his ears.

'Kira is…could be….this Shinigami's favorite human reincarnated….yet that
means…Kira dies 6 years from now? God dying? No….there has to be a way to
prevent that….'

"Shinigami, is there a way to prevent Kira from dying 6 years from now? To
prolong his life?" Mikami asked, eyes still focused on the hospital thus he
missed the peculiar expression that flashed across Laskla's face. At the failure
of the Shinigami to answer him right away, he turned toward Laskla. "Well?"

"There are ways for Shinigami to prolong human life. But only if the human's
death is not due to an illness. Still humans cannot live forever."

"But…still, would you not extend your favorite human's life if you could? Would
you not protect Kira…."

"I'm not 100 percent certain that Kira is my favorite human reincarnated. I
won't be certain until he touches my death note." Laskla patted the slim
notebook hidden by a light cloth at his side, nothing in his expression
betraying his thoughts - the contours of his face stoic as the human gazed at
him. Once Mikami turned away however, Laskla gave the human a calculating look,
eyes narrowing to slits. 'I'll have to get rid of this human if Desu doesn't….'

"That officer's death will happen sometime today….um, it was interesting to
figure out that one can use the death note to cause a person to save another,
even if it can't be used to kill….it might be interesting to experiment on how
much the rules can be stretched, if there's a way to get around the no killing
rule…." Mikami strolled along the sidewalk across the street from the hospital,
observing the building out of the corner of his eye.


"Ah. So you have a surveillance system set up." L glanced at the monitor in the
backroom recording the happenings in the store, while the cashier and security
employee rewound the security tape. He forced himself to sit more like a normal
person on the chair behind them as he scanned the shelf archiving the store's
past security tapes - he needed their attention away from him.

'Where…ah, there it is….the security tape for that day….' L slipped his hand
into his pocket and pressed the send button, the text message he'd composed
secretly before being dragged to the security room sent silently.

"Have you not yet discovered I did not snatch anything from the shelves?" L
inquired, his black eyes boring into the backs of the two re-watching the tape.
He noticed the hesitance in both employee's body language as they turned around
- expressions of embarrassed regret on their faces.

"It seems I was mistaken….I apologize." The cashier bowed to the bemused
detective while the security employee bowed just his head, reproachful eyes
targeted on the cashier. Seconds later sounds of a commotion in the store
filtered through the door and L watched as the two employees glanced at the
monitor then rushed to quiet the disturbance.

Finding himself alone, L snatched one of the blank tapes in the box beside the
monitor, wrote a date on it, and then switched it and the security tape of the
day of the accident. Glancing once more around the room and at the monitor, he
walked through the door and proceeded to exit the store with only a brief glance
at the cashier and security employee chasing out a group of middle school


Rem glanced down at Misa sleeping on the hospital bed, the idol seemed so
fragile, gentle and calm with her eyes shut. Unlike those moments when she was
awake and her pretty face darkened with pain as the amnesiac tried to recall
something about herself - those moments hurt Rem when the Shinigami saw the
pain, and at times the tears. The human she loved was hurting and she couldn't
do anything about it.

She glared at the demi-shi mark placed on Misa, it glinted a sharp yellow above
the blonde's head, obscuring the lifespan and name.

"I swear I will kill Anti-Kira and make Laskla pay….I will not let you be turned
into a full demi-shi….to lose your freewill…." Her eyes narrowed as the demi-shi
mark glowed bright red, and she flexed her wings - within a second she flew
through the hospital wall and searched around. "That glow…he's nearby….I visited
Misa everyday on the chance that Laskla would appear near her….he's nearby."

Wings fully spread, she flew above the hospital and surrounding area -
remembering only a brief moment later that Laskla would be shielding himself
from detection by other Shinigami. She would not see him even if he was an inch
in front of her. He however could she her.

'Damn Laskla, why is he here? For Misa? Or….that officer and Light's younger
sister are in this hospital as well. Could that be the reason? Laskla shouldn't
need more than one demi-shi at a time, unless he wanted to start a war against
the Shinigami King….'



The tape held delicately between finger and thumb, L glanced over at Watari as
the older man entered the hotel room wheeling in a television and VCR. Since
leaving the taskforce headquarters the detective returned to the bare rooms he'd
used before revealing himself as L to the taskforce. Bare wooden floors on which
nothing but a computer rested and a separate room used as a makeshift kitchen -
L felt a tinge of disappointment the first step back into this apartment.

'I couldn't tell the taskforce to leave the building I constructed for the
investigation, but…it seems a bit of a waste to be back here before the case has
been closed….' The detective chewed on his thumbnail as he waited for Watari to
set up the TV and VCR, his black eyes glancing over the nearly empty room.
Frowning slightly he removed his thumb from his teeth and instead brought it to
his pocket - his pale fingers delving inside for something as Watari switched on
the TV and VCR.

"It's ready, Ryuzaki." Watari turned around and paused, eyebrows raised as L
took a chocolate candy bar from his pocket. He quietly took the videotape from
the detective, who then proceeded to open the candy bar once both hands were
free. "Ryuzaki, you did not have any money on you or a credit card - where did
you get that chocolate bar?"

"I had to make the salesclerk suspicious…is it really my fault if they didn't
realize the truth from watching the security playback?" L replied after taking a
bite of the candy, lips curved slightly until he noticed Watari's disbelieving
expression. He then frowned and tilted his head, still nibbling at the candy
bar. "It was necessary to get the chance to get that tape. Now, if you would
kindly play it…."

Watari sighed and inserted the tape into the VCR, backing away from the TV once
the auto play started.

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