Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 11: Haze

Beep. Beep. Beep. The monotonous sound dragged on, footsteps, people talking -
everything blurred into a continuous din, synthesized into pain. It dimmed, then
rose, then dimmed again after someone hovered above her. Sayu opened her eyes,
the lights above her head mesmerizing - they hurt her eyes yet she felt numb.

"Sayu!" The sharp sound of a chair knocked over, along with the sound of another
one being dragged closer cut through her ears before she comprehended the
exclamation. She blinked twice prying her eyes off of the sharp lights and onto
the people beside her bed.

"Sayu, thank god you're awake."

"Father?" Her voice low, her eyes questioned his presence there, her memory for
the moment placing her back at home. The sharp beeps of the machines registered
to her consciousness slowly, along with the dimmed down pain of her left arm and
right ankle. "The hospital…what…."

"Sayu…." Light stood stoic two feet from the foot of Sayu's hospital bed, his
face pale and his palms sweaty. Placed by his feet on the floor, his sister's
bag intruded on his carefully planned thoughts, wearing at his concentration - 3
hours after his sister's admittance into the hospital and he was the only one to
peek into the bag.

He swallowed, his chest burning as his insides shook - inside the bag rested a
binder with sheets of paper inscribed with names. 'Death note sheets' his mind
shouted before he truly comprehended what he'd seen - he wished to say
'impossible,' but the names and times written were the same as those who had
died lately.

For the first time in his life his mind was slow to grasp the meaning of

Why did Sayu have sheets from a death note? Why did she jump from that overpass?
Why were the names in Sayu's handwriting….

Sayu's handwriting….Light's stomach knotted, acid bubbling as understanding
exploded from a simmer into a boil. Sayu had been writing names on sheets of
death note paper, she had been given sheets of death note paper….and she'd tried
to commit suicide.

'Anti-Kira, you're dead the moment I find you. Using my sister….using Sayu….I
could understand taking her hostage or even killing her as an attack on me….but
using her to….'

Sayu's sharp cry, accompanied by heavy sobs after robbed Light of his thought
process and pulled his attention to his sister. His chest chilled when he
noticed her give the bag beside his feet a frightened glance, her pale face and
tears speaking more than words.

Guilt. Pain. Fear. Light read the emotions, his heart pounding faster and faster
- suddenly flashbacks of the time he'd proved without doubt that the death note
was authentic illuminated his consciousness. That singular time when he'd felt
guilt and horror for what he'd done came crashing into his thoughts. He felt
sick. Felt nauseous like that time as he watched the same expressions occur on
his sister's face.

Only, they didn't vanish from his sister's face.

'Do I have a conscience?' Light's eyelid's lowered halfway down his eyes,
softening his expression, as he watched the tears on his sister's face. 'What?
Wait, why am I thinking about this? Of course I have a conscience! I wouldn't be
worthy to pass judgment if I didn't know right from wrong!'

'But, is that all a conscience is? Knowing right from wrong? Knowing something
will hurt will not stop someone from attaining it if it brings pleasure with

Light swallowed and pursed his lips, his hair shadowing his eyes as he locked
the thought away, his arms folded across his chest. He focused on Sayu's mumbled
words - apologies and pleads to get rid of the bag. Her whispers revealing
enough to cause their father to pale and glance at the bag.

Souichiro locked eyes with his son, his heart nearly jumping out of his chest as
Light nodded. The question asked and answered.

'Are there death note sheets in that bag?'

'Yes, there are.'

Beaded sweat on his forehead, Souichiro struggled to remain composed as he
reassured his daughter that he loved her and that she just had to rest; as she
closed her eyes he motioned Light to go out into the hall with him and to take
the bag. Outside Souichiro sighed and clenched his fist, righting himself a
second later before his son could ask if he was all right.

"Let's check on Matsuda."

Light nodded at his father's suggestion, hand gripping the handle of Sayu's bag
firmly - something within rebelled against delving anymore on his sister having
a connection to the death note, though his intelligence screamed that he had to
investigate. Its urgency pressed upon him, causing his chest to feel heavy, yet
he followed his father wordlessly towards Matsuda's hospital room.

Through the door he stepped and scanned the faces of the Taskforce officers
standing and sitting around Matsuda's bed. The young officer remained
unconscious, body heavily bandaged and sedated with numerous machines hooked up
to it. Light stepped toward the corner, clenching his sister's bag until his
knuckles turned white as his father dealt with the other officer's inquiries.

"It seems too incredible that this would happen in the middle of the Kira and
Anti-Kira investigation….more so that Matsuda would just happen to be there
to…." Aizawa fell silent, eyes scanning the unconscious Matsuda as fear filled
his insides. "If Matsuda hadn't been there…."

Light swallowed, the police and paramedics words in regards to the incident
echoing in his ears. The heavy rain had caused both Matsuda and Sayu to slip
over the overpass's rail when the former tried to stop the latter from jumping.
It ended up a miracle of probability that Matsuda landed first, and that Sayu
landed on top of him - resulting in Sayu's injuries being less severe.

'Miracle…was it a miracle or did Anti-Kira…?' Light glanced at Matsuda and then
at the bag he held, his eyes widened at the paleness of his knuckles - he barely
realized he'd gripped the bag so tightly. 'I've never tried it, but technically
the rules don't forbid controlling someone's actions to protect another….wait,
what am I thinking? Why would Anti-Kira protect Sayu's life if Anti-Kira
believes I'm Kira? It's pure chance….a miracle of probability….'

'Though there is a new Kira out there…perhaps he….but that would mean he knows
who I….'

"We should call L and inform him of everything that's happened. It might stop
his idea of investigating separately." Aizawa's words broke through Light's
thought train, necessitating him to paying closer attention to the group
conversation. "Who remembers the number L left? Things happened so quickly that
I don't."

"I do." Light spoke after a brief embarrassed silence welcomed Aizawa's words.
The call informing them about Sayu came not long after L left the investigation
to them, while they were in the midst of contemplating how to investigate
without the detective. 'I'm certain L knows something happened to Sayu and
Matsuda already, he has all calls monitored at headquarters…but it won't hurt to
call and yell at him…I'm still sure he knows Anti-Kira's identity even if he
didn't talk to her….'

Light exited the hospital room, Sayu's bag still in his hand, and headed toward
the green hospital phone down the hallway.


Watari swallowed, umbrella held over his head to protect it from the light
drizzle that fell upon the city. Police tape and a patrol car still marked the
spot on the overpass where Sayu had jumped and Matsuda had fallen trying to stop
her. He surveyed the streets and surroundings while he waited for L to complete
his primary search of the buildings overlooking the scene.

'L…if Ice-chan had a hand in this, if Sayu attempted…because Ice-chan….'
Watari's facial expression grew impassive as he thought, his breath calm even as
his worry for the detective swam inside him.

Throughout the genius orphan's career as a detective situations arose that
caused L to be perceived with distrust among many people - due solely to other's
envy and L's eccentricity. Generally L's detective genius outweighed most
misgivings and jealousies when necessity arose for such genius - not that L
would stop working on a case he found interesting just because those in
authority positions refused to cooperate.

But throughout L's career, the detective never formed an alliance with a
criminal that led to an innocent's death - or near death in Sayu's case. L's
innate ability to calculate a person's trustworthiness guaranteed the detective
seldom chose a false ally.

If Ice-chan had any connection to Sayu jumping from the overpass, and the
Yagami's learned L could've captured Ice-chan beforehand….Watari struggled not
to imagine the damage that would do to L's detective career. Instead he sighed,
glancing at the current building L was investigating. The detective chewed at
his thumb and glanced upwards, dark eyes drinking in the expanse of windows of
the skyscraper. A soft 'ah' sound from L's lips spoke to Watari that the
detective found something - the old man approached the younger a second later.


"This building is the only one with windows that offer a clear view of the
overpass. If Anti-Kira had a direct hand in this…or perhaps if the new Kira had
a hand in this, this building would be their lookout point."

"Ryuzaki? If this had something to do with either, they wouldn't need to be
nearby…just have to use the death note…."

"No…." L rubbed his thumb over his lip, eyes glued to the skyscraper. "It
appears more than certain that if Anti-Kira or the new Kira had a hand in this,
neither wrote Sayu's name in a death note. She would not have escaped with such
light injuries if they had. It may be chance, but….there was an anonymous call
shortly beforehand reporting the incident. That I find peculiar."

"But if Sayu's name wasn't written…if it wasn't to harm her then what…." Watari
blinked a few times, holding tightly to the umbrella shaft as a gust of wind
passed. His mind catching onto one possibility. "This…this wasn't to protect

"If Anti-Kira or the new Kira had a hand in this, then I'd have to say it was to
protect Sayu. Which means Sayu's suicide attempt was her choice as well as that
the one who protected her is more likely to be the new Kira than Anti-Kira." L
placed his hands in his pockets, back hunched over, and walked toward the
automobile Watari had driven to this place. "It also means the taskforce will be
short an officer soon…."


"Shinigami, are you sure that girl is related to Kira?" Mikami asked Laskla as
he stepped out of his apartment. His voice low as he passed by the neighboring
apartment doors and stepped into the elevator - once inside he kept his lips
shut and carefully watched those who'd already were in the elevator. Laskla
floated beside him.

"Yes. She is his sister." Laskla watched as the floor numbers decreased, not
saying anything more while other humans were in the elevator. Instead he drifted
into his thoughts, trying to fathom Anti-Kira's plan from the rest of her
instructions to him.

'"Keep an eye out for Kira's sister Sayu Yagami, make sure no harm comes to her
- I plan to use her to….well, make sure she isn't harmed while remaining unseen
by her. If need be, tell the new Kira about her connection to the first Kira…."'

'I wonder what Desu did to get Kira's sister to try committing suicide…could it
have been giving her those death note sheets? That….how will that get Desu
closer to spying on Kira?' Laskla scratched behind his ears, eyes locked on the
illuminated elevator floor number - currently on the 5th floor. 'She should just
write Kira's name in the death note, solve everything easily…though….'

He thought a moment as the elevator beeped and the door slid open, allowing 3
more people to enter and 2 others to leave. Beside him Mikami opened up a book
on law and opened to his bookmarked page. Discreetly he glanced down at his
human, his concentration elsewhere even as he disinterestedly read the page
Mikami was reading.

'Light Yagami - Kira, has the same death year as that detective….6 years from
now….' He brushed by that thought as he concentrated on the lifespan he'd seen
over the brunette's head at the hospital. The elevator door beeped and opened
again, this time on the 2nd floor and Mikami bookmarked his new page and placed
the miniature book into his suit pocket. The Shinigami silenced his thoughts as
Mikami exited the elevator, the move unexpected though he followed the human
without protest.

The floor led to a relatively empty corridor, which housed the room Mikami
rented for extra storage and work space - over the passed few days using it as
the room in which to use the death note. Laskla tilted his head as the black
haired human headed toward the room - today wasn't planned as a killing day.

"Shinigami, why did you not tell me earlier that you knew Kira's identity?"
Mikami rounded on Laskla the moment the door to his storage room closed. His
eyes gleamed maddeningly at the Shinigami, unafraid and angry. "It'd help to
directly talk to him, to know his exact plans, would it not?"

"Haa…." Laskla's eyes widened a sliver before he improvised an answer. "Kira is
in trouble of being found out, and thus anyone who contacts him will also be
viewed as suspicious. To protect Kira's identity and plans, it's best just to
follow the current plan of killing as Kira would."

"Um…that sounds viable….but why have you been spying on his sister, dragging me
with you, when it's best to stay away?"

"…Many Shinigami like watching humans, some have favorites…." Laskla replied,
his thoughts reflecting a brief regret of choosing this human as a proxy Kira.

"Oh? Is she your favorite? I thought for a moment the human you said I remind
you of was your favorite…but I guess he'd be dead if he lived a 1000 years

Laskla thought a moment, hovering in the air as he gazed at the desk in the
midst of boxes and file cabinets; his eyes gleaming as memories of the past
flashed before him. Those centuries he'd spent in exile, after the Shinigami
King killed the human he cared the most for - he'd spent biding his time until
the day he'd get his deepest wish. If everything in his plan went correctly,
he'd achieve his goal in six more years - but if things went wrong….

"This is something I haven't spoke a word about for a 1000 years, something even
the King of the Shinigami doesn't know." The Shinigami stopped hovering and
folded in his wings, the feel of standing on his legs preferable after living so
long exiled in the human world. "The human you remind me of…the one that was my
favorite…was reincarnated and is alive today. And I know the year of his death
is 6 years from now."

"Oh?" Mikami studied the Shinigami, the eyes behind his glasses slightly
narrowed in disinterest. Learning about Shinigami's feelings for humans wasn't
on his top list of interests, but he listened in case the Shinigami gave
significant information that could help the god Kira. "Is this relevant to Kira?
Otherwise there is no point…."

"Well, heh, heh, I do not know exactly how he looks like in this life, but….Kira
- Light Yagami - is one of the candidates as his death year is 6 years from

Mikami's eyes widened as the Shinigami grinned. The human's face illuminated
with wonder and bewilderment.


Anti-Kira's pale, blue eyes shot open as the sound of the ringing cell phone
breached her ears; the sky outside lighter now that the storm had passed, the
air cooled by a lingering drizzle. She felt cold liquid on her cheeks and wiped
it with her sleeve - her back pressed against the frame of the open window
filled with soreness as she moved. Her ears picked up the phone's ringing while
she realized half of her body was drenched - sometime during the storm she'd
fallen asleep propped against the frame of the window.

"…." She stood slowly, eyes glancing around the apartment. It took a split
second longer to realized it was the cell phone in her pocket that rang so
persistently. L's words from when he handed her the cell phone reverberated
through her thoughts and she fished the contraption from her pocket.

Nimbly she flipped open the cell-phone and pressed it against her ear, her lips
forming the greeting as Ryuk entered the room. The Shinigami's eyes widened as
he listened to the human, his mouth forming a large grin as the surprise wore

"Moshi moshi." Anti-Kira spoke in a perfect rendition of L's voice, her free
hand motioning the Shinigami to stay quiet and leave the room. "Ah,

Chapter End

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