Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 7: Brainstorm

L mulled over the words he said to Ice-chan; Mulled over the idea he hadn’t expected to bring up so soon upon meeting with her -- having his suspicion of her being Anti-Kira confirmed so suddenly by the entrance of the Shinigami had brought it forth. ‘I was 80% certain that Ice-chan had a connection to Anti-Kira after seeing her at that scene outside the hospital…but that she was Anti-Kira was only 60% likely….’

‘Taking chances sometimes brings unexpected results….Though chances are low for Light not figuring out my plan. However, I’m one of the few Ice-chan ever trusted….’

L bit on his thumb nail, wincing a little as he reopened the wound and looked up at the car’s ceiling. ‘Though it’s probable if I died, that Ice-chan will just kill Light….’


Laskla stared through the window as the detective and old man drove off, his eyes glinting dangerously though he stilled himself against making unneeded moves. He recalled the lifespan he’d seen over the detective’s head and calculated it into human time. ‘Won’t live past age 31, that human, barring any interference from Shinigami.’

“Ryuk, you ate all of those apples? Have you never heard of self-control?” Anti-Kira glared at the Shinigami hovering above her, slicing through his request for more apples. “No more apples for you. What was in the tree should’ve lasted at least a week.”

“I’ll go find Light then. He’ll give me plenty of apples.”

“No you won’t Ryuk. By now the Shinigami King must’ve been alerted to Demi-Shi being created. And you’re cloaked from his radar….with your history of flaunting the rules yourself…he might believe you sided with me.” Laskla smirked at the more inhuman looking Shinigami. “That’ll mean death.”

“Wha….Laskla, you….” Ryuk glared at Laskla, raising his clawed hand as though to strike his fellow Shinigami. Instead he flew through the wall and into a neighboring room -- the apartment’s bedroom.

“And recall that you almost joined one of my previous rebellions.” Laskla called after Ryuk’s retreating form, the taunt noticeable in his tone -- the taunt also a threat. ‘I’ll make sure you’re no longer trusted if you do anything to jeopardize my plan, Ryuk. You don’t have to participate, but you can’t betray me.’

Anti-Kira watched the scene as she sat down on the couch. Her pale eyes hidden by her bangs with her head tilted back, she shifted her gaze to the gray-white ceiling and recalled L’s words. ‘He want’s me to spy on Kira? That’s not possible…not if Kira becomes certain I’m Anti-Kira.’

She closed her eyes, lips twitching as she listened to the silence and the thoughts in her head. She sensed Laskla hovering above her, but she barred his telepathy as she exhaled and allowed inspiration to come to her.

‘It’s said that to fool one’s enemy, one must fool their friends first….but by myself I’m no match for either….’

Her eyes shot open. “That’s it.”


--“Ice-chan, please do not follow me.” L sighed as he watched the fragile looking 13 year old approach. He observed her eyes trailing from right to left and then back as she listened, her way of concentrating on spoken word. “Go back to the playroom.”

“…please do not follow…” Ice-chan repeated, gaze aimed at the floor though she focused on the words. L’s eyes widened a sliver as he too listened to her words, his focus on her voice more than the repetition. One week had passed since the ice-cream incident.

‘She’s not just mimicking the words…that sounds like my voice.’ The corner of his mouth curved upwards, his thumb rubbing over his bottom lip. ‘A compensation in order to learn faster? Thirteen’s awfully late to learn a first language after all.’

“Please do follow.” Her own voice sounded hollow, the words unornamented with feeling or intonation; the gentleness of her pale blue eyes asked the true question.

L sighed and wished Watari would appear and lead the girl back to the playroom of the orphanage, he didn’t have patience to baby-sit and teach someone without a full grasp of any language. ‘Why couldn’t there be a case where’d it be necessary to leave the orphanage?’

“Please do follow.”

“Ice-chan, the proper way to ask is ‘Please let me’ or ‘may I.’” L returned to walking down the hall, expecting the girl to continue following him without another word.

“Please let me follow.” Her voice reached his ears, the tone crisp yet seeming vulnerable. L turned around and locked widened eyes on her form -- she hadn’t taken a step since he resumed walking.

“Ice-chan…” L swallowed and then sighed once more. “No. Do not follow me.” He waited before walking away, glancing back twice to make sure she didn’t follow; the possibility of her staying there slipping his mind. --


‘I caught hell for that from Watari…’ L frowned, staring into his cup of sweetened tea as he remembered the result of his oversight. ‘Ice-chan remained in that hall the rest of the day and all night, even after Watari found her she refused to budge….Watari refused to buy me sweets for an entire week.’

“Ryuzaki….” Watari glanced back at L from the driver‘s seat, the frown and motionless silence alarming to the old man as he tried to surmise the detective’s thoughts. “What reason will you give the Taskforce for our sudden disappearances? We’ve been gone too long for something trivial….”

“The truth…that I recognized a suspect for Anti-Kira and decided to investigate immediately, also that I required your help placing cameras and bugs in the suspect’s apartment since I didn’t wish to wait for approval.”

“Ryuzaki! That will make the Taskforce’s opinion….”

“Irrelevant. Ice-chan allowed it, it’s perfectly legal compared to what else I’ve done during this investigation. The Taskforce and Light-kun just won’t know it. Well…” L sipped his tea and placed it back in the specialized cup holder in the vehicle. “Light-kun might figure it out…we both have the same cards, but what matters is who has the wild-card.”

“But can we trust Ice-chan? She connected to you five years ago, but now….”

“It’s too late to change things, Watari.” L gazed at the old man with silent relief and appreciation.

--“It’s too dangerous to confront her yourself, Ryuzaki. You’re still needed to convict Kira. Allow me to confront her first, that way if she’s Anti-Kira and anything happens you’re still alive.”--

“You risked your life confronting Ice-chan first. Thank you.”


‘Damn Laskla, what is your plan?’ Ryuk lied down on the mattress, trying to think of ways to contact Light or Rem as well as why Laskla would suddenly make such open moves. ‘Still angry about that human’s death? You never had pride as a Shinigami.’

Ryuk turned over, head propped up by his arm as he narrowed his eyes in thought, the next second giving a sneering laugh. Laskla’s most recent features radiating a human quality.

‘By making Demi-Shi, Shinigami absorb the humanness from their creations while the Demi-Shi absorb the Shinigami-qualities of their creators.’ Ryuk flexed his wings and gazed at them proudly, his lips curving into a wide smirk. ‘How many Demi-Shi did you make over the years to become so human Laskla? And why did you keep none of them?’

Anti-Kira leaned against the doorframe of her bedroom, eyes locked on the Shinigami as she waited. Laskla knew her bedroom was off-limits, and thus he would wait outside -- his expectation that she’ll yell at Ryuk for trespassing. Her lips slid into a smile and head tilted as Ryuk noticed her presence, his eyes glowing angrily as he glanced behind her.

“Laskla knows he’s not allowed in this room…neither are you as I told you the moment we arrived.” Anti-Kira approached Ryuk before the Shinigami could respond, his glare losing some anger as he observed her. “That’s besides the point, however, I have a new plan to make things interesting….”

“Are you going to spy on Light like L wants you to?”

“Heh. All you need to know is if you follow my plan, I’ll provide you with 5 apples per day. And the opportunity to escape Laskla’s watch….”

Ryuk glanced over Anti-Kira’s form and noticed that the shadows connecting her and Laskla had weakened since L’s visit. The shadows were lighter, and the Demi-Shi mark slightly faded, though the space above Anti-Kira head remained blank. There was not hint of a name among the fading darkness above her head.

‘Did this human ever have a name? Does she even know what Laskla’s trying to do?’

“If it’s interesting, and I get apples, I’ll do it.”


“Inexcusable Ryuzaki! Installing listening devices and cameras without passing it by us, without regard to privacy-laws or protections….or even safety precautions!” Soichiro confronted the slouching detective after listening to his disappearance excuse. The room had grown tense with every word L said, the relief each of them felt seeing L return swallowed by the disbelief of the detective’s blatant disregard for privacy rights.

“I didn’t wish to waste time arguing about something I’d do anyway.” L picked a piece of cheesecake from the tray by his chair, strawberry topping drizzled over the creamy confection. He lifted a forkful into his mouth while listening to the giving in sighs of the taskforce members.

“You could have least informed us and gotten someone else to install them. We thought….” Soichiro glanced at the other taskforce members, reading the relief in each expression where fear had lived only minutes before.

“I apologize for worrying each of you.” L placed his fork beside his plate and turned his chair to face them, noticing that Light alone remained calm and composed. His suspect stood off to the side, those brown eyes closely watching the detective, betraying nothing but a cool reserve. “But I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. Installing cameras myself guarantees the suspect won’t be alerted to our investigation.”

The room froze, filling with silence as the stunned officers glanced from L to Light.

“Ryuzaki, you suspect my son somehow knew about the cameras and bugs at the start of the investigation? That he knew….”

“The moment he was so quickly cleared those first few days of the cameras being installed, I suspected he might have known. Now that I think about it, slipping a paper in a door to tell if someone had been inside is useless. Something easily deceived can only catch the unsuspecting off guard.”

Light gritted his teeth against L’s words, not surprised that L suspected, or that L brought it up; still L’s words riled his nerves.

‘Knowing that mistake won’t help you, L. I already know you suspect me and there’s no proof to put suspicion back on me….’

L rotated his chair back to facing the monitors, black pupil eyes glancing over the cheesecake while picking up the fork between his forefinger and thumb. He dug into the confection eagerly as he read over the opened files on the center monitor, licking the sweet dessert from the utensil before biting on the tines in thought.


Anti-Kira stepped onto the balcony as it started drizzling, the cool moisture wetting her black hair, making it darker and cling to her cheeks. She closed her eyes as the wind breezed past, lifting up the ends of her hair softly before disappearing into the distance. The dabbed with gray clouds blocked her view of the night sky, yet she imagined it as deep purple and black as it had been two years prior. Exactly two years.

The day she got revenge on her father, who’d escaped from the serial killer and authorities, for locking her in that cellar.


“…disgusting and hideous your existence was…” Her step-mother stood next to the wall, wringing her hands and looking anywhere other than at her; bloodshot eyes that glanced at her father -- her mother’s son -- for a second before glaring at the walls, sink, garbage.

“Something about you was wrong…you needed….it’d been a mistake….” Her father, brown hair tangled from fingers running through it, and pale skin stood closest to her, yet he kept fidgeting. His pale eyes glinted unreadable-ly.

Suddenly she saw herself reach for her death note, the rage whelming inside as she wrote the names and sentence down on the dooming page. Her hand scribbled the words she hadn’t thought to write, yet knew would make her feel empowered.

--….die from pain inflicted by stab wounds and cuts sliced all over by another party….the pain lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, intensifying until the brain shuts down….--

She flipped shut the death note and opened her switchblade. Thunder and lightning sliced through the air as she approached.


“Desu? Those cameras are all over the apartment…how will you….”

“I’ll win against Kira, I’ll push the Death Note to its limits, beyond them if possible….hell.” Anti-Kira glared down at the city streets, her pale blue eyes narrowed and gleamed scarlet. “Kira doesn’t know what it’s like directly killing someone, to be the one to write the death and pull the trigger --or stab the knife through the heart. If Kira’s only means to kill is the Death Note, I will win.”


“…it may not be possible to cause a Death Note victim to murder, but causing them to be murdered is a cinch….” She glanced at the Shinigami now standing beside her, her lips a straight line with just the hint of a curve. “Laskla, bring me the Death Note Misa gave me….those cameras will be switched on soon. As well as those listening devices.”

“But Desu….”

“Don’t worry, I’ll use the same trick I used to sneak out of the orphanage 5 years ago. To disappear from their radar. But now Ryuk needs to…we need a new ‘active’ Kira.”

“You should just kill Kira now! Write his name in your Death Note and….”

“No…he’ll be stripped of all his power and pride before I deliver the coup-de-grace.
His resemblance to the bastard who made my life hell curses him from just escaping into death. Besides, it’d be fun toying with him….”


A/N: Some things to clear up:

1: Anti-Kira/Ice-chan is the child of a incestuous union between mother and son.

2: (I forgot my exact reason for L discovering Ice-chan is Anti-Kira so quickly, but he recognized Ice-chan the moment he saw her. If his deduction seemed too fast, well he could have gotten some info from the Death-Mercy/Kira-Mercy sites…I forgot a lot of what I originally planned.)

3: I’m planning on finishing a few chapters of this fic before updating the next chapter, that way all I’ll need to do is type and post the story.

4: I have no idea what to title chapter 6. (or this chapter for that matter.)

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