Nameless Exception

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note that honor goes to its creator, this is an fanwritten, not for profit work of fiction.

A/N: There’s a long memory sequence in this chapter though I planned it to be much shorter.

Nameless Exception

Chapter 5:

L stood alone on the roof at headquarters, eyes hidden by strands of his hair; quietly he gazed down at his thumb, the wound bandaged by Watari, yet he still felt the grip of cold hands around his throat as his eyes focused on it. He never believed before that he might lose -- he had preparations for it, had often considered the possibility -- but he never actually believed it would happen.

That all changed the moment he saw Light’s expression in that hospital corridor. He’d unwittingly seen Kira’s true face, its coldness and lack of conscience beyond anything he’d imagined -- he couldn’t describe it except to relate it to the effect Mr. Hyde’s face had on those who met him in Stevenson’s novella.

“Light Yagami….” L gazed up at the overbearing sun, his pale face illuminated by its falling rays; he watched as the sparse clouds gently inched along the vast blue space. “….Kira, you’ll do anything to achieve your ends, yet I….” His uninjured thumb unconsciously made it to his lips; the taboo idea he’d buried deep in his subconscious the fear freezing his chest now exhumed. It struggled to breathe, but it did breathe.

The Death Note was back at Headquarters….

“What am I thinking? That’ll make me the same as Kira.” L mumbled, chewing his thumbnail -- the instinctive fear of death suffocating as he struggled to rebury the thought. “I’d prefer to avoid death…but bringing Kira to the justice of the law is what I seek….”

His cell phone’s ring pulled him from his current thought trail and bringing him to another -- 30 minutes after the hospital accident he’d had Watari research some information about a case 5 years ago.

The Cellar Murder Case, he’d classified it under, known also as the Cellar Child Incident, where the attack of a serial murderer on a suburban American family had revealed the intentional imprisonment of the family’s 13 year old child in the home’s cellar. The irony of it being that the serial murderer had been the one to alert the authorities after finding the child chained in the cellar.

L remembered the disgust and mystification he’d experienced when the case unfolded in the media -- disgust at the extreme of the abuse and the reason it had been done, and mystification over how it’d been discovered. Someone who had killed over 30 people in cold blood had enough qualms to bring the abused child to the attention of the police and face arrest when he’d could’ve just left or killed the child and evaded detection.

Phone to his ear, held by his forefinger and thumb, L thought of the case as he listened to Watari -- the older man confirming the suspicions he’d had since he saw his suspected Anti-Kira run from the crowd.

“It most likely is her. Pick her up and bring her to headquarters, but don’t let her be seen. Especially not by Yagami-kun, if he knows Anti-Kira has already been found….” L listened as Watari agreed, not needing to be told more before ending the call.

‘Kira, I wonder how you’ll respond to the chance I’m taking…Anti-Kira could view me as a threat and kill me….’

L gazed once more at the sky, the sun hidden by thin clouds that quietly drifted away; the fear gripping his throat lessened a degree as the corner of his lips twitched.

‘The first time I saw her was at the orphanage….’


Anti-Kira lied on the balcony’s threshold, arm pulled over her eyes, hiding the pale orbs from view; her brain teeming with memories swirling into blurs as something echoed in the back of her mind. It pushed forth one particular memory:

‘Children screeched and hollered around her, sounds she drowned out by slapping her hands over her ears -- not cupping them but actually striking the sides of her head; she didn’t feel the pain as she sat by the wall, pale blue eyes taking in their surroundings without a blink.

She flinched when hands grabbed her arms, stopping them from beating against her ears -- immediately she stilled, her body going limp instinctively waiting for the expected blows. When they didn’t come she peeked up at who held her arms, surprised at how bright her surroundings were -- it took a few seconds to remember she wasn’t in the cellar.

“It’s not good for you to hurt yourself, you’re safe here.”

She simply stared at the face above her, unaccustomed to seeing other people -- the shadows of the cellar had always blocked her family’s faces. The words went mostly unnoticed by her though her body cringed at the word hurt; all the others were foreign spoken aloud.

“Let’s go to a quieter room, shall we?” The face above her smiled while she remained seated, instead turning to her right.

‘He wants to bring you to a room without the noise.’ Laskla sat beside her, explaining the words spoken by the man above her. His words he conveyed telepathically through the shadows twisting around his and the girl’s bodies.

‘Where is this again, Laskla?’ She asked the Shinigami, her meaning clear to him even with the incorrect grammar. She watched his scarred face as he looked at the ceiling than back at her. His next words corrected her sentence: Where am I? or What is this place?

He waited until she corrected her question before he answered it.

‘What is this place?’

‘A place called an orphanage.’ Laskla stretched out his wings and hovered above her until she stood up, noting how the human who’d spoken to the girl now stared at her curiously. ‘It’d be better if you didn’t look at me so much while around other humans…you’re the only one that can see me.’

She averted her eyes back to the human still holding her arms, her pale blue eyes intense as they stared unblinkingly at the man’s face, taking in the wrinkles and gray hair silently. Soon she followed along as the man brought her to another room -- one more quiet and subdued.

“Ah.” She uttered, her eyes quickly taking in her surroundings; across from the door were two book shelves stuffed with books, their bindings a myriad of colors and shades. Ripping her hand away from the man she ran toward them, already telepathically begging Laskla to read to her.

‘Well, you’re out of that cellar so you can read them yourself…after you learn how to….’
Laskla glanced behind him at the man who’d brought the girl to the room -- the man had turned to a much younger man staring at a computer screen and eating ice cream. He started a conversation the next moment.

The Shinigami noted the younger man’s peculiar sitting position -- crouching with knees level to the chest -- and the paleness of his skin. Laskla tilted his head as he listened to the conversation between the men, his interest on the younger as the man licked at his ice cream cone between every few words.

‘I wonder if Desu will like that…she never had much variety of food while locked up….’ Laskla glanced back at the girl, eyes widening at not finding her by the book shelves; he quickly looked around and gaped when he saw her standing beside the two men, staring intently at the younger man’s ice cream.

It took only a few seconds for the two men to notice the girl, and only a second more for the girl to grab the ice cream cone from the younger man’s hand.

“My ice cream…” L lost his footing on the chair, not expecting the girl’s strong grip as she wrestled the cone from his hand. He steadied himself before he fell face-first on the floor, his black-pupil eyes staring despondently as the girl devoured the ice cream, finishing half of it before he even stepped forward. “My ice cream….”

“Ah, little Miss.” Watari reached the girl before L, though the ice cream was pretty much devoured by the time his initial shock wore off. “Don’t take things without asking.” He glanced at L, his eyebrows raised as he saw the detective’s expression -- even though it hadn’t changed much from L’s normal countenance, it still gave off the sense of despondency equivalent to a five year old losing his favorite treat.

“Seems I will require another ice cream…and this girl another room to play in.”

The sharp knock on the apartment door broke her reverie, crashing violently on her ears; she cringed unnoticeably and bit her lip while sitting up, her pale eyes narrowed at the door. Beside her, eyeing the outside yard as Ryuk made use of the apple tree hidden behind the apartment complex, Laskla stiffened and turned toward the apartment door; his ears focused on the sounds coming from behind it. Before Anti-Kira moved he already hovered to the door and poked his head through the door to see the visitor.

“It’s that old man from that orphanage five years ago….” Laskla retreated back to Anti-Kira’s side, his Shinigami eyes glimmering with suspicion. He recalled the brief stay at the orphanage, the four months there were a necessity -- after escaping that cellar Anti-Kira’s younger self needed connections to others humans, connections that would increase her language skills. Particularly her writing skills -- otherwise giving her a Death Note would’ve been useless.

“….so that guy in that group was….” Anti-Kira brought her finger to her teeth but froze before she bit down; her narrowed pale blue eyes stared at her finger and her lips grimaced as she remembered her finger biting habit had been known at the orphanage. Actually, she had started it at the orphanage. It was an enduring habit resulting from her mimicking other humans to learn during those first four months outside that cellar. ‘But if he is that detective…what was L doing near Kira? If he’s so near to Kira why not arrest him? Doesn’t he have proof…?’

Anti-Kira wiped off her finger and reached for the doorknob; she opened the door a crack even as Laskla protested behind her.

“What do you want?” She watched Watari, something within her prodding her to allow the old man entrance, a soft vibration like a voice telling her to trust him. Her fingers flexed then relaxed, and she chewed on her tongue slightly before she opened the door wider and backed away.

‘Desu! Why are you just letting that man in? He’s most likely Kira’s enemy and your enemy!’ Laskla glared at the old man, the impulse to take out his Death Note strong though he stilled it. He watched as Anti-Kira stood in the middle of the room, expression anti-social and hands in her pockets, elbows arched outwardly; her pale blue eyes stared unblinkingly as Watari shut the door behind him and faced her.

“What do you want?” She asked bluntly again, her insides shaking and the small something within her that prodded her to trust returned to its silence.

“L wishes to speak to you.” Watari held out a cell phone after pressing the speed dial button and answering it; he pressed the speaker button when Anti-Kira failed to reach for it. Stillness fell onto the room as L’s voice spoke from the cell-phone’s speaker.

“Ice-chan, it is 90 percent certain that you are Anti-Kira. Consider yourself under house arrest until such a time that I can question you. Watari has opted to watch you until then.”

End of Chapter

A/N: I just had to put in that scene of L’s ice cream getting stolen by Anti-Kira’s younger self; every time I imagined that scene I had to laugh, just think about L’s expression if someone did that, especially a L five years younger, five years less mature.

Anti-Kira doesn’t have a set name though Laskla calls her Desu (there’s significance to this that I will reveal later) and L calls her Ice (as a reference to the ice cream theft when they first met).

Mr. Hyde is a reference to The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, in the novella Mr. Hyde‘s appearance, while bearing no physical blemish or flaw, instills disgust and horror in those he meets, like they can sense the evil inside him.

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