Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 8: Familiar

Five days later:

L swirled his tea, holding the spoon delicately as the massive amount of sugar melted into the steamy confection. He gazed absently at the white furls rising from the liquid, the Taskforce members resting, recuperating from bouts of sleepless nights watching Anti-Kira on the monitors.

Amazingly Anti-Kira didn’t slip up, not a single suspicious movement did the cameras catch; and no sign of the Death Note.

‘How is she still killing? Somewhere outside the apartment…or perhaps she has someone else…’

L bit on his thumb nail as he scratched his right foot with his left, his body sitting crouched on the roller chair. Chin resting on his knees pressed against his chest, he drunk a sip of tea and then gazed into the reflective liquid. ‘Kira’ had started killing again, though he knew that was impossible -- Light didn’t have access to the Death Note and Misa was still out of commission.

‘Ice-chan must have given Misa’s death note to someone else, or started playing Kira’s role as well….not quite what I wanted, but if it convinces Light I haven’t sided with her….’

L switched on the News, the night’s headline about an explosion at a pharmaceutical company that had caused injuries, but no fatalities. Unrelated to the Death Note…except a couple Death Note victims from before the hospital incident and after had visited the company. The last one just the day before the explosion.

Unsolved murder cases, unrelated as well, yet with suspects that seemly vanished prior to committing the crimes. Murders without suspects….

‘The death note can’t cause a victim to kill another…not directly….yet that pharmaceutical company…and a murder case where a 12 year old just decided to push his parent off a balcony…an ex-con….’

“If it’s possible to cause someone whose name is written in the Death Note to be murdered….”

‘Yet if Ice-chan is using the death note, when is she writing in it? Or where? Outside of the apartment? Yet the taskforce are taking turns following her….sometimes even into the apartment complex….’
L’s eyes widened as he checked the monitors again, this time zooming in on Ice-chan’s face -- and cursed himself silently. The resemblance was near perfect, enough to convince the taskforce and himself that it was their suspect, but on closer inspection, L noticed the small things. Literally. Ice-chan’s face and neck had bore tiny white scars, too imperceptible to notice unless one knew they were there. Signs of self-abuse usually hidden by her hair and clothing.

‘I’ve been too focused on what Light thought and planned to pay close enough attention on Ice-chan for the past few days….I’d have noticed this person doesn’t have the distant, weary look in her eyes I always sensed from Ice-chan.’

“But when…and where….did she switch? How….” L chewed on his forefinger as he switched to the recordings from the previous days, re-watching them closely. His search not for the physical scars, since those could be covered, but for that distant gaze in Ice-chan’s eyes -- the weariness he’d always seen inside those pale orbs.


Anti-Kira leaned back on her chair as she watched the crowds of people pass by, behind her a store’s TV sets played the News about the explosion at the pharmaceutical company. The News highlighted that the person suspected had broken no prior laws, and that as a defense claimed that he was told to connect the wires as a repair job. He hadn’t known doing so would trigger a bomb.

‘Of course he’s innocent….but without any other living suspects, and the Death Note’s being unable to cause people to kill…the new Kira will probably…’

Anti-Kira smirked as she brought her soda-can to her lips, the News switching to an update detailing the suspect’s death by heart attack. Sipping her soda, Anti-Kira stood up as the Newscaster continued on the TV, and picked up a cloth bag holding a black binder. Her black hair covered by a baseball cap, and her body sporting a boy’s school uniform.

“What’s your plan? Why kill indirectly when you can kill whoever….” Ryuk hovered behind her as she continued down the street, wondering where she’d stay at today since letting the look-a-like stay at her apartment. “Using multiple people to set up an explosion was very interesting though….I wonder why Light never thought of it.”

“Because he lacks imagination…thinking logically kills creativity. Especially when one is purpose driven, narrow-minded.” Anti-Kira lowered the brim of her baseball cap over her eyes as she walked past the windows of a corner café. She side-glanced at the group of school-girls inside buying lunch, her eyes locking on one.

“Imagine how enraged the public will be when it comes out that ‘Kira’ caused some of the crimes he executed criminals for….how suspicious they’ll be, how unsure that he didn’t manipulate everything just to play God.”

“But you’re the one….”

“Once the suspicion is in their minds, it will never vanish….and I plan on showing how impossible Kira’s ambition is….how dangerous….” Anti-Kira stood outside the café window until one of the school-girls noticed her. She jerked her head in a ‘come here’ gesture after the girl’s eyes met hers and then waited. Barely five minutes passed as the girl waved goodbye to her friends and left the café, the gentle eyes scarcely glanced at Anti-Kira before following alongside her.

“So, Sayu-chan, how was your day?”


‘Yesterday….she switched yesterday…yet that’s after ‘Kira’ and ‘Anti-Kira’ started up again, did she give Misa’s Death Note to a new Kira? That’s plausible….but who’s killing as Anti-Kira?’

“Ryuzaki?” Light paused as he entered the room and noticed L sitting in front of the monitors, the detective’s stillness reflecting how deep in thought he was. Light hid his smirk as he approached L and sat down in the unoccupied computer chair. ‘Things not going like you planned, L? Rem noticed yesterday that Anti-Kira switched out.’

“Did you have a good rest, Light-kun? A call came in on your father’s cell not too long ago….are things all right at home?” L trailed his thumb over his bottom lip, side glancing at Light while the teen focused on the monitor screen.

“Things are fine…one of Sayu’s friends was at the explosion yesterday and got injured, but Sayu’s fine…just shaken up according to my mother. Anyway, this case takes priority….”

“Perhaps you should take a break and visit your family, Light-kun? You haven’t left here since Misa was checked into the hospital.”

“It’s okay, if it was anything serious my mother would tell both me and my father…it’s not like Sayu was injured….”

“But if Anti-Kira is against Kira, then Light-kun’s family could become targets since Light-kun is Kira.” The words rolled from L’s mouth as the detective reached for the teacup on the table, his ears expecting Light’s denial as a related thought jolted through his brain.

“I am not Kira, Ryuzaki. Besides, the focus of the investigation has been changed to Anti-Kira…and the likelihood of harm coming to my family is low….” ‘I considered that possibility already, but as none of them have been harmed yet…and with the likelihood of Anti-Kira working with you….it’s really a low possibility.’

“So Light-kun doesn’t worry about his family? That would be like Kira….” L sensed Light’s glare, the baiting words second nature now after such a long investigation. Though the idea headlining his thoughts focused on another possibility. ‘I’m certain that Ice-chan gave Misa’s death note to someone else…the chance that that person could be related to Light is not zero….’

L paused and withdrew his hand from the teacup, his eyes holding a distant look as he thought. He bit on his thumbnail as he juggled and weighed the possibilities, first looking at the commonsense choice and then at what choice would best fit Ice-chan’s personality. The skin around his eyes whitened a shade, though the paleness of his skin made it hard to notice.

Light moved his lips to retort against L’s habitual jab at him being Kira, but the words died as he noticed L pale.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me, there’s a chance…? But L wouldn’t plan something underhanded like that…even more unlikely is the chance he’d side with someone who wouldn’t follow his plans….it’s impossible…yet this sudden change in demeanor…could it be possible that L didn’t meet with Anti-Kira? That’s more absurd…though he genuinely seemed surprised when ‘Kira’ started killing again along with ‘Anti-Kira.’ Could that have been unexpected? Probably just the ‘Kira’ part, though L doesn’t seem to have seen through the suspect’s switcheroo…and the killings started again before the suspect switched…’

Light focused his attention from L back to the monitors, his brown eyes searching through the images to find something he’d missed. Their suspect and the one she switched with looked so identical that it’d taken Rem to notice the difference in life-spans and warn him. Neither had seen Ryuk on any of the footage, nor had Rem seen any other Shinigami.

-- ‘It could be that neither have to be around her anymore, Demi-Shi keep their eyes and memories regardless of death note ownership since they have a direct connection with a Shinigami…or it could be that Laskla has Ryuk and himself cloaked. Though that wouldn’t prevent you from seeing Ryuk….just other Shinigami.’ Rem had confided after the second day, telling Light that she‘d go after Laskla the moment she saw him.--

Light drew himself back to the present, sitting back in his chair as the brown strands of his hair covered his eyes.

‘Either L’s plan is backfiring, or there’s no plan…Anti-Kira could be a loose cannon, but L wouldn’t side with someone like that….yet…yet….’

L sensed Light’s silence, the absence of the expected retort nagging him as his thought trail produced a theory and a percentage he disliked.

‘Ice-chan doesn’t think like most people, her logic is different….if someone like Light or myself decided to give someone else the death note to throw suspicion off of our selves, it wouldn’t be to someone already connected in someway to us. But Ice-chan….might consider it.’ L brought his teacup to his lip and sipped some of the syrupy-sweet liquid. ‘Actually, it could be a very smart move at this point…as the probability of Light or I suspecting it is low, under most circumstances…but I know that no possibility is off the table with Ice-chan….’

“Ryuzaki! On the monitor! The suspect…!” Light leaned forward in his chair, sitting on the edge as the female on the screen -- the substitute of their suspect -- grabbed her chest and fell to the floor


“What do you want now?” Sayu shivered as Anti-Kira placed an arm around her shoulders and they strolled down the sidewalk. Sayu struggled to keep the fear from rising to her face, her eyes unable to meet the person walking alongside her. She felt nauseous.

“You already know what…and you’ve done a splendid job the pass two days.” Anti-Kira whispered in Sayu’s ear, and held out a cloth shopping bag for the school-girl with her free hand. “It’s to protect your family….your brother….”

“I know….” Sayu trembled as she took the bag from Anti-Kira, her eyes watering at the sheets of paper peeking out from within a black binder.

“I set up a private email for us. I included it in this bag along with the other information you need.”

“…please…I can’t….” Sayu’s voice barely carried beyond her lips, though Anti-Kira caught the plead and pain in the whisper.

“You must.” Anti-Kira felt Sayu shudder under her harsh tone, and saw the glossy tears threatening to drop from those gentle eyes. She pursed her lips and glanced at a overhead streetlamp; their walk had brought them closer to Sayu’s school, the lunch period ticking by with neither having eaten.

Anti-Kira led Sayu to a bench a short walk from the school, her eyes glazed in thought, burned as she fiddled with what she could say. Her pale eyes glanced at the bag in Sayu’s hands, then to the younger girl’s face; her eyes roaming over those soft features. With a sigh, Anti-Kira dropped her arm from Sayu’s shoulders. “Look I’m only the messenger….”

“…please, I don’t want any part in this….”

“I didn’t plan to say this, but….your brother Light Yagami, is a suspect in the Kira investigation….”

Sayu felt her chest grow cold, her features frozen as the words reached her eardrums and then her brain. She trembled, clenching the bag’s handle tighter as she shook her head.


“Then prove it…lure the real Kira out, prove your brother’s innocence….”

“If I tell….”

“That’ll just further endanger your brother, your entire family….you know Kira’s killing method now….” Anti-Kira nodded her head to the bag holding sheets from the death note. “So unless you think there’s a chance your brother is guilty….”

“No! My brother follows the law, agrees with it….he would never….”

“Then you must infiltrate ‘Kira’s’ inner circle, find who’s really behind this…and to do that you must do as I say.”

Sayu merely nodded in ascension, face still pasty though her eyes burned with determination.


Ryuk hovered silently above as Anti-Kira left Sayu’s side, unseen by the schoolgirl since Anti-Kira had given sheets from the death note she’d received from Laskla. He sniggered as he followed Anti-Kira, glancing back to watch Sayu heading toward her school.

“Light is sure going to flip when he finds out you’ve manipulated his sister….giving her pages of death note to write down names on….why not give her the death note?”

“Then I’ll be without one. Laskla has already given his to the other puppet in this game. Besides, those two dubious rules that L asked me about….I neither confirmed nor denied them. Laskla told me the rules directly, so my death note doesn’t have them written down.”

“If you want L to win, then why hide information from him? Your words can end Light’s plans….”

“Words alone can’t, there needs to be physical proof tying Light to the death note…and besides, L would never let the case go unless he finds proof. And a witness account of a murderer against a murderer will never stand in court. Mercy killing is illegal.”

“Ah…things are getting real interesting again…by the way, when can I get my five apples today? It’s after noon, and besides you’ve escaped their surveillance since yesterday….”

“Only until the death note takes effect and kills my replacement, though L most likely discovered the switch already. However, depending on whether or not he mentioned meeting me before, he might not reveal the switch himself.”

“Light probably will find out from Rem though that….” Ryuk rambled on until he saw Anti-Kira halt, her pale eyes locked on his. ‘Uh…oh, I forgot to mention Rem before…’

“Rem?” Anti-Kira tilted her head and watched Ryuk for a moment before resuming her stroll. A thin smile twitched on her lips. “That must be the Shinigami whose death note the taskforce has now. Since there were two Kira’s before I showed up, there had to be two Shinigami….”

‘Um…Rem is the other Shinigami’s name….Kira’s…no, Ryuk’s words have pretty much revealed that his human was originally Light, otherwise his conversation would be centered around Misa…so Rem…is…was Misa’s Shinigami? But why switch Shinigami?’

“That’s right….” Ryuk chuckled when Anti-Kira’s showed no signs of anger, and continued floating behind her. ‘Man…I thought she’d say ‘no apples’ because I failed to tell her about Rem before….’

“Um, I guess we can get you your apples now…I’m hungry myself.”

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