Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 10: Empty Fort

"I apologize everyone. This case . . . I must drop out of the investigation." L’s words echoed in the silence, the hallmark for the pin-drop cliché. His dark eyes skimmed each of the officers’ faces, drinking in their astonished countenances - the widened eyes, slightly parted lips. He counted to thirty before anyone moved, and he allowed his eyes to finally glance at Light, before shifting them 2 seconds later back to the officers.

“Ryuzaki….what…? Why….what…?”

“This…Ryuzaki-san….What do you mean drop out of the investigation?”

“Ryuzaki….” Light studied L closely, his mind yelling that this was some trick, some part of a plan to prove he was Kira. Those rich brown eyes of his struggled to meet L’s dark ones, to try to read some thought or idea in the detective’s black hole eyes. Yet that 2 second glance seemed to be all L was willing to provide him, too short to draw any conclusion from them. ‘L…is avoiding studying me….is he afraid it will backfire and I’ll call his bluff? There’s no way he’ll leave the investigation….why would he…unless it’s to cause me to trip up by feeling too safe….’

“Yagami-san, it will be up to you to lead the investigation from now on. You may continue using this building as headquarters, and all the information connected to the investigation so far is yours to use.” L stood up and began walking pass the officers, his words still keeping most of them dumbstruck, the near inaudible sounds of his footsteps the only thing marring the silence. He counted the seconds, lip twitching at the corner as he approached the door off-limits to the Task Force - his gait calculated to allow the others time to protest.

“Ryuzaki, stop joking, there’s no way you’ll leave the investigation.” Light crossed his arms over his chest, brown eyes locked on L’s back - glaring at the pristine white shirt like an artist envisioning an artwork on a blank canvas. The detective paused as Light’s words reached across the room, allowing the officers’ shocked faces a hint of relief. “You’re so close to solving things that to drop out now would be a waste.”

“Ah, am I that close? I missed the switch out of Anti-Kira with the decoy, I failed to find evidence to apprehend Kira, and the suspect for Kira II that I found evidence to implicate is unable to be charged at this time.” L tilted his head, the gesture allowing him to glimpse Light as well as conveying an expression of self-disappointment. His coal eyes drunk in his suspect’s suspicious glare as well as self-satisfied as. “It seems I haven’t been leading the investigation well enough lately.”

“…eh? You’re depressed again, Ryuzaki? Is that what brought this on?”

“Ryuzaki-san, you’ve been essential to this investigation….”

“Um…but it was Light-kun that discovered the connection between the Yotsuba group and Kira.” L kept his head tilted, eyes darting forward to the wall and door ahead of him; hands in his pockets, his body hunched forward as per normal. “My stubbornness kept me from investigating thoroughly as I should’ve….Light is Kira, perhaps I should reevaluate that, but…I’m a sore loser. Um….”

Light blinked and dropped his crossed arms, the unexpected words bouncing around in his head, along with disbelief - L admitting he should reconsider his suspicion of Light being Kira? Impossible. A trap or a trick - either way L was playing a game with Light, trying to manipulate things to gain the advantage.

“Ryuzaki-san, are you saying that….”

“But I personally can’t accept the idea that Light is not Kira. It seems my stubbornness will only hinder any progress if Light is not Kira…if I stay in charge of the investigation there’s a chance Kira may remain uncaught.”

‘Haa? You know that’s not true, we both know that…’ Light’s widened eyes narrowed, lips pursed before he closed his eyes and exhaled. ‘That’s what you’re doing, manipulating the Task Force so that they’ll investigate other avenues, leaving you free to continue your own investigation. An investigation I won’t be able to track…too bad it’ll be only a temporary setback, L, once Anti-Kira is caught and you reinvestigate Misa, Rem will kill you.’

“Ryuzaki, are you saying it will be best if the Task Force investigates other avenues to find out Kira and Anti-Kira’s identities?” Light questioned, arms back across his chest, head tilted away though his eyes remained on the detective.

“You are correct, Light-kun. You and the Task Force investigating should increase the chance of success.” L resumed walking toward the off-limits door, lips budging only to speak though his eyes glinted. He turned toward the Task Force briefly before he pressed the button to open the door. “If there is any reason to contact me, you may reach me through the contact number on the monitor screen. It is untraceable and will reach me directly.”

While the Task Force turned to the monitor, reading the number, L passed through the door and sealed it shut with a special code.


Anti-Kira sat on the open window’s sill, left leg stretched out along it’s length, right one bent towards the floor. She exhaled, the sound of Ryuk munching on apples and laughing at the TV down the hall audible with her acute hearing. Her pale fingers slipped into her pocket, touching the smooth plastic of a cell phone as her lips curved, hair obscuring her eyes.

-- “Carry this with you at all times, you may inspect it, but it doesn’t have any tracking devices on it. It does have a listening device activated by incoming calls that is deactivated by ending the call.” L held out the cell phone, secured daintly in his grip between forefinger and thumb. His eyes barely strayed from her face, though they observed every centimeter of their surroundings, and he approached her swiftly after she took the phone. His lips right next to her ear, he whispered his next words.

Anti-Kira’s pale eyes glistened, her heartbeat increasing as each word reverberated on her eardrums she brought the cell to her lips to hide her smile, backing away from L as she felt Laskla hovering closer - she glared in his direction, pocketing the cell.

“Following your plan…seems risky. Of course I must act on my own for some parts…the choices I have….”

“You have no choice, Ice-chan, if you refuse my plan, I must bring you into custody.”

“A lousy choice, but a choice still…even between life and death, there is always a choice…I’ll follow your plan to spy on Kira, but I must add my own mark per se, you’ll agree if it seems too much like you planned it, Kira will know.”

“That is true…Ice-chan, I’m amazed the progress you made in speech in five years, children like you usually don’t grasp language fully….” L rubbed his bottom lip as he studied Anti-Kira clearly, his eyes and mind rebelling against each other. This female looked like Ice-chan, had the same mannerisms, but the wealth of her communication was only 5% possible. His eyes widened slightly as he noted Anti-Kira’s smirk and brief head jerk towards where he guessed the Shinigami was. “Ah. Just that gifted, perhaps.” --

Anti-Kira glanced up at the moonlit sky, pale eyes reflecting the silver of the giant orb in the black shroud sky. The cool air brushing against her face, neck, and hands chilled her. The sensation comfortable as she breathed in the fresh oxygen. Her lips parted, her back pressed fully against the inner window frame, she listened to the resting city outside and the Shinigami rummaging in the other room.

“I never learned a human language until 13, but the Shinigami language…I mastered when I was around 4.…thanks to Laskla.”


“Watari, it is as I suspected…the Shinigami has a connection to Misa….” L stood, slouched forward and eyes glued to the monitor screen, hands in his pockets as he half-smiled. Installing a hidden camera in Misa’ hospital room had paid off, 5 times since her hospitalization had Rem visited the model/pop idol while him or Watari monitored the room. ‘Too bad the tape doesn’t seem to be able to record the Shinigami…we can watch through the live-feed, but not if we watch the playback of the video….though….it might be a good thing I can’t show such a recording to Light….’

L removed his right hand from his pocket and brought the thumb to his lips, mind filling in the unknowns and mysteries left in his detection. His first suspicion of Rem having a connection to Misa struck him when he’d studied the Shinigami’s reaction to seeing Misa in the hospital, he’d sensed anger and…pain from the Shinigami that day. Though his fear of Kira and then excitement over finding Anti-Kira quickly overrode his suspicion until he had thought carefully later.

‘There had to be a connection between the Shinigami and Misa, so I had a hidden camera set up. But what I and Watari have seen since…this connection seems based more on feeling from the Shinigami….if that’s the case….putting Misa in danger might have been Light’s plan all along, and if it was…if the Shinigami cared enough, then it would kill those who threatened Misa….’

“I see….That was Light’s plan. And it also explains why he didn’t just get rid of Misa….he must’ve been threatened….” L mused, full smile on his lips now that he knew something Light didn’t want him to know. He could envision Light being brought to justice more clearly now than before, he had the threads to ensnare Kira in his hands - and knew what mistakes not to make. Light must not find out how much he knew, thus the camera in Misa’ hospital room must be dismantled, and he must investigate outside of the taskforce.

“L, Matsuda-san witnessed the Shinigami visiting Misa’s hospital room this time and he spoke to the Shinigami, that means we have proof to show the Taskforce that….” Watari trailed off as he noticed L shake his head, the detective then pausing to think clearer.

“If we reveal what we found out, we’ll be dead and Kira will win. Kira wants me to suspect Misa so that the Shinigami will kill me to save her. The Shinigami may also kill you for the same reason." L leaned forward and picked a sugar cube on the tray beside Watari's teacup, his tongue savoring the sweetness as his eyes glinted like a smile. "I must speak with the Shinigami directly. If I get her on my side, I will have the upper hand against Kira. That will be something Light will not suspect."

"How will you get the Shinigami on your side? If it cares for Misa . . . then . . . "

"I will grant Misa amnesty, as her capture will simply hinder my capturing Light, not to mention she cannot be convicted as she is. That . . . " L paused as he caught the movement of something behind them reflected on the dark parts of the screen. He glanced back, coal eyes drinking in the appearance of Rem, calculating how much she'd overheard by the surprise in her eyes.

"Shinigami!" Watari paled, his eyes darting from the supernatural creature back to L - his paleness lessening as he noticed L's slightly upturned lips.


Matsuda hurried down the sidewalk, his pulse racing as the screen of his cell phone flashed signifying a message from the Task Force. The message only held two words - hurry back.

“What happened? Damn it, why did I have to be the one not at headquarters when something happened? Maybe a new lead, I hope it’s not someone’s death…damn…I….” Matsuda shuddered as he remembered the Shinigami’s glare, the words he’d overheard that seemed to imply a connection to Misa. “I’m just glad I’m alive, please don’t let it be any bad news….”

The sky filled with heavy gray clouds, the temperature dropping while the air echoed with far off thunder. He lifted his eyes and sighed just as lightning flashed above - it illuminated the road and the buildings ahead. The blinding light zapped his vision, made it difficult to see once it passed and ushered more darkness in. Yet he saw a shadow on the nearby overpass - it chilled him as another lightning flash filled his vision.

“What….” He watched the figure step on the guardrail, climbing on and over it while his skin chilled. He ignored his now ringing phone and rushed to the suicide attempter, face pale, heart racing as he prayed for the rain to hold off just a few more minutes. He recognized the figure holding on the guardrail, preparing her hands to let go.


A/N: God! Another cliff hanger, and it’s quite….evil, I guess. I wonder what will happen when Light and Souichiro find out….I don’t think this entered into Anti-Kira’s calculations…if she even calculated any part of her plans.

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