Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 6: Rendezvous

Light slammed his fist on the table, the impact upsetting the pile of papers and stacks of books on the smooth surface. His outburst drew the attention of the task force members, and sensing their stares he bit his inner cheek; the pain gave him something more to focus on rather than the frustration burning inside him.

The frustration and fear shuddering inside….

The event at the hospital had been a trap, Anti-Kira needed his face to kill him and any one of those onlookers could’ve been Anti-Kira. Any moment Anti-Kira could write his name in his or her Death Note, any moment he could die from a heart attack or an accident or whatever means Anti-Kira chose. At any time.

‘Anti-Kira, your mistake will be not writing my name in your Death Note the moment you knew my face…to not make that moment my death….I won’t delude myself into thinking I escaped detection.’ Light leaned his forehead against his folded hands, arms propped on the table, his face now obscured from view. ‘…that you forced Misa to surrender ownership of the Death Note, and put what Rem called the Demi-Shi mark on her….you’ve ruined my plans, Rem will kill you instead of L to save Misa’s life….’ Light closed his eyes, remembering Rem’s words after she inspected Misa’s condition more carefully after the Anti-Kira decoy’s death.

-- ‘…the Demi-Shi mark on Misa isn’t a normal one made by a Shinigami….it may have been made by Anti-Kira himself….’

‘Human’s can make Demi-Shi?’

‘No, not normal humans….only those who’ve been marked as Demi-Shi themselves….’ --

Light removed his hands from his forehead, instead placing them over his lips. ‘Anti-Kira, I’ll hunt you down with the task force and L’s assistance, and….’ He sharply inhaled, brown eyes widening as they searched the room -- their focus driven to the wheeled seat by the computers and the sweet laden tray beside it. Both untouched. ‘L…he hasn’t returned….it couldn’t be….’ He quickly glanced at his watch, heart jumping as the 45th minute since L left the room passed. ‘Could Anti-Kira have…? Or did L….?’

Light glared at the table, though he focused on nothing around him, his vision blurring as thought swam through him. ‘Wait, L isn’t so direct that he’d confront Anti-Kira himself, he’d at least make it known to the task force…it’s not as though he has a guarantee Anti-Kira won’t kill him….’

Light broke from his thought as his ears picked up the task force members voices, their concerns over L’s absence spoken with increasing worry and suspicions.


Anti-Kira closed her eyes and tilted her head, hands still in her pockets. The dark hue of her jeans and shirt absorbed the light leaking in from the windows; she flinched as Watari switched on the lamp beside the room entrance -- the sudden sound not as unendurable as the brightness greeting her eyes when they fluttered open. Half-lidded while they adjusted themselves, her eyes locked on Watari who spoke to L on the cell-phone, the tension still within the room.

Laskla hissed beside her, his monstrous Shinigami eyes glaring at the old man, every molecule of his form bristled and ready to strike or flee.

“You’ve grown a lot, Ice-chan.” Watari noted as he pressed the end button on the cell-phone, his eyes softening almost unnoticeably as he studied her, recalling her four month stint at Wammy’s House.

Five years ago, the young girl seemed much younger than her 13 years and yet exuded a presence that belied her age. Almost autistic during that first month, Ice-chan had quickly resorted to mimicking the other children, developing language skills with the rapidness of a two year old and the intelligence of an young adult.

It’d been almost eerie. He’d often wondered if some angel had watched over her during those four months, one that whispered in her ear and taught her the skills she needed.

Seeing her now, and knowing L’s suspicions of her being Anti-Kira, he realized she’d probably did have something hovering around her back then. It just hadn’t been an angel.

“L will be here within an hour, until he comes I must insist that you stay within my sight and not make any hasty movements. Perhaps we could sit?” He nodded toward a table and chairs to the left of them, waiting until she responded by walking to the farthest one and sitting on the wooden seat. Her legs dangled loosely off the floor and her body slouched slightly forward, she averted her eyes from his face as he sat down on the other chair. ‘Almost like….’

Watari shook his head before he finished the thought, the gesture catching Anti-Kira’s attention. He felt his heart jump as her pale blue eyes roamed over his face; eyes lined red that avoided staring too long at him and that squinted slightly. He almost questioned her about it until he realized -- the lamp was behind him.

“You’re still sensitive to light, aren’t you? Even after five years.” Watari sighed at his forgetfulness and placed himself so he blocked most of the direct lamp-light. The next second his eyebrow raised as he heard Anti-Kira’s chuckle.

Anti-Kira mouthed the word ‘light’, the corners of her lips partly upturned as she chuckled in her thoughts. ‘Light’s my enemy in more ways than one now….’

‘Desu, now is not the time to make jokes,” Laskla braced himself in the shadows to her right, red orbs locked on the old man to their left. ‘This man is working with the detective sworn to stop Kira…he’s Kira’s enemy…your enemy.’

‘ Yet doesn’t that saying go ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend?’ Laskla?’ Anti-Kira grinned at the Shinigami’s groan, forefinger unconsciously at her lips as she snuck a glance at Laskla. She heard something like a stifled cough from Watari before her apartment door opened, drawing both of their attentions.


Light cursed. He and the Taskforce had scoured the building searching for L, yet the detective hadn't turned up. There had been signs of him having been on the roof, but he’d left without notifying them or leaving any other clue. Except….

“It can’t be a coincidence that he leaves now after what happened at the hospital….the only question is….” Light entered an unused room, the Taskforce members returning to the main investigation room in case L contacted them there; Light’s fist clenched as he struggled against the outburst bubbling inside. “Whether Anti-Kira did something or if L discovered Anti-Kira’s identity….”

‘Since Anti-Kira has made moves against me, it’s less likely that he wants to kill L…at least not until I’m gone…and more likely that he’ll want to join L. Or perhaps neither.’ Light bit down on his lip, his brown eyes narrowed at the far wall and hair matted to his forehead from sweat. ‘It’s possible that L discovered something I overlooked…possible that he somehow discovered Anti-Kira’s identity and decided to confront him. No.’

Light shook his head, eyes glinting dangerously as the meaning of such a meeting occurred to him. Red alarms flashed in his thoughts -- L would know for certain that those rules he added to the Death Note were fake if the detective confronted Anti-Kira.

‘Foolish, L. Confronting someone like Anti-Kira will more than likely bring your death. What could you possibly be thinking? True, Anti-Kira’s help can convict me…or at least connect me to Misa being Kira II, but this Death Note user killed innocent people! Ill people! Unless you know he won’t kill you….’

“It’s not like Anti-Kira is someone he knows…an aquaintence or something….” Light mumbled, his stomach clenching before he finished his sentence, his thoughts drifted back to earlier at the hospital. There had been someone who’d seemed strange. Someone who’d left the scene soon after their arrival -- Light gulped before his lip half-turned upwards, the laugh within him struggling to escape his throat.

‘If Anti-Kira was there, it has to be the person who took off soon after noticing L…the one with the reddish-black hair who’d been at the front of the crowd.’ Light breathed deeply through his nose as his memory came back clearer without the baggage of fear. He could regain control and kill (or use) Anti-Kira. ‘Now that I think about it….that one individual focused on me and the Taskforce solely, rather than on the victim…I was too worried about being killed to notice at the time, but…I know Anti-Kira’s face now.’

“And so does L.” Light smirked, eyes hidden behind brown strands of hair resting against his forehead. “I see his plan…confront Anti-Kira in private and use their alliance to trap me….too bad I know now, too bad Anti-Kira’s testimony against me won’t be enough -- who’d believe someone who killed terminally-ill people? Even L….”

‘Wait, L wouldn’t side with someone worse than Kira, even if he knew the person…he’s the type who’d put someone he calls a friend behind bars or worse….why….’

“Idiot.” Light cursed and massaged his right temple, derisive curve to his lips as the words ‘terminally-ill’ filled his thoughts once more. “The one common factor between the victims are that they were ill, most terminally. The possibility that these were mercy-killings…perhaps requested by the victims….damn.”

“Light.” Rem phased through the wall next to the teen, noticing his surprise through the slight widening of eyes and drawing in of breath. The next moment these were replaced by anger and brooding. “I discovered the Shinigami that’s most likely with Anti-Kira.”

Light’s lips twitched. His eyes once more hidden behind his hair. ‘Perfect.’

“This Shinigami was exiled 1000 years ago by the Shinigami King and his name is Laskla. Trouble is he doesn’t follow any rules he can break, and he’s completely un-killable.” Rem materialized a sheet of paper that was a strange shade of white and imprinted with an alien language. “Another Shinigami was sent to deliver me and Ryuk this information, but Ryuk can’t be found. Probably Laskla is cloaking him as well.”

Light turned to Rem, his eyes a calm brown as he absorbed her words, his expression saying to continue.

“Laskla started a war 1000 years ago, and now he broke Shinigami Law by making a Demi-Shi, so the Shinigami King ordered his capture and the death of his Demi-Shi by any means necessary.”

“What is Laskla like? Would he protect Anti-Kira or leave him to die?”

“That will not work. Laskla alone can prolong human life and not be killed. Nothing can kill him, he doesn’t even have to kill to prolong his life.” Rem glared at Light, her eyes saying very clear ‘I know what your plan was, to destroy me through Misa. That will not happen now.’ “Demi-Shi don’t need to be protected anyway. Once fully turned, they are invulnerable to physical injury and unable to die.”

“Oh?” ‘then why are you angry about Misa being marked a Demi-Shi?’

“Demi-Shi also lose their freewill as long as their creator lives.”

Light’s eyes widened, his shock gradually fading into wild exhilaration, held back yet expressive on his face. The approaching evening crawling slowly beyond the room’s windows, sneaking in with the clouds specked along the sky.

“Then we have time. Anti-Kira isn’t a full Demi-Shi yet. His finger bled.” Light smirked at the remembered image of his suspected Anti-Kira -- the forefinger showed signs of recent bleeding with an open wound raw amid the white skin. “Of course, Anti-Kira could be female, the individual I saw was too androgynous to tell.”

“You saw…?”

“Yes. Outside the hospital, I’ve only recently realized it, but I’m sure Anti-Kira was there, and I’m sure L noticed too.”


L stared at Anti-Kira, his approach paused as he observed her hair, facial features, and body. The cold blue eyes stared back at him through black hair strands, their fierceness unusual as L compared his memory of her to her present appearance.

“Ice-chan, I’m 90 percent certain you are Anti-Kira. You were at the hospital incident earlier, and I know your ability to mimic voices. You were the ‘Misa’ who called Light not too long ago.” L brought his thumb to his lip, sliding it over the soft skin as he studied his suspect’s response. Anti-Kira simply stared back at him. “I also know those murders at the hospital were mercy-killings. Names and photos were submitted to a website named Death-Mercy/Kira-Mercy.”

Watari stared at L in surprise at the new information -- he’d trusted the detective when L informed him the chances of Anti-Kira attacking him were low, but L hadn’t informed him about the reasons. The old man turned back to Anti-Kira after he noticed L’s smirking at her, his shiny eyes locked on the fingertip between Anti-Kira’s lips.

“I guess that’s a bad habit I shouldn’t have done around you.” L spoke, eyes glancing at the ceiling before returning to Anti-Kira’s pursed lips and tense cheeks. “Not while you were copying those around you during your first month at the orphanage.”

“Tell me what you want.” Anti-Kira moved her hands back to her pockets, stance straighter than L’s, though she tilted her head to the side.

“I want you to shut down your Death-Mercy and Kira-Mercy sites…in a few days. And…tell me the truth about two dubious rules in the Death Note retrieved by the Taskforce.”

“No request to reveal Kira’s identity right now? No wanting to hear a confession from me?”

“If I thought I could get either from you, I’d ask. Besides, I’m certain of who Kira is, I simply need proof, and evidence coming from someone who killed innocent people won’t suffice. Your not denying you’re Anti-Kira is a confession in itself.”

Anti-Kira glared at L as Ryuk entered the room through the patio window, the Shinigami holding many apples in his arms. L’s black eyes followed the floating apples as they approached and stopped, unable to see Ryuk; his lips twitched as he noticed Anti-Kira’s whitening cheek, her gaze still locked on him.

“I guess Shinigami do love apples.”

“Ryuk! You idiot! You ruined Desu’s deniability!” Laskla growled at the struck-dumb Shinigami, apples still held tightly in Ryuk’s arms. “After telling you to stay out of sight, couldn’t you have spent five more minutes at the apple tree?”

“These are the only apples left….” Ryuk shook off his shock at seeing the detective and old man talking to Anti-Kira and moved the apples to the couch, eating a few on the way. “Promise was I’d keep out of the way if I can have my fill on apples.”

“You ate them all? All the apples in that tree?” Laskla floated to the patio window and cursed at the ravaged remains of the apple tree. Ryuk had even taken the unripe apples from the branches. “You addict….”

“There is absolutely no denying you’re Anti-Kira now, Ice-chan. There’s a Shinigami here. Now do as I requested or I’ll be forced to bring you into custody, and I’d rather not give Kira an easy chance to kill you.”

Anti-Kira sighed but said nothing. Her eyes glancing at Ryuk and Laskla arguing while the former munched on apples.

“I’d rather he use you as a new ally in his effort against me. As a spy of course.”

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