Nameless Exception

BY : Jeichan
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Nameless Exception:

Chapter 4:

Light backed away from Rem, sweat dripping down his face as the Shinigami’s echoed on his eardrums. His pulse quickened staring into Rem’s burning eyes, the Shinigami’s anger palpable in the stretched out silence. Light swallowed, his veins still pumping adrenaline even after Rem left the room; he breathed and bit his inner cheek to settle his blood -- the knock on the door five minutes later made him jump.

‘I need to calm down and think. L must have figured out about the fake Misa, that’s how Rem found out…worse, if L believes the fake is Anti-Kira, he’ll figure Anti-Kira found Misa to be Kira II…I’m more of a suspect now….’

Light shook his head and breathed, his thoughts rapid-fire as he opened the door, unsurprised to receive a visitor, but slightly intrigued that Matsuda stood behind the door.

“Light-kun, you need to come with me. There’s an emergency…Misa-chan….”


Phone held delicately with his forefinger and thumb, L listened to the voice on the other end, his eyes staring ahead without focusing on anything. The held back breaths in the room lending a striking silence, broken only as the door slid open; Light entered the room, followed by Matsuda, his insides throbbing with adrenaline as his eyes found L.

“What’s happened? What’s…..”

L’s shadowed black eyes carefully glanced over Light, taking in the college student’s expression -- worry that seemed only half contrived to the detective. Turning his attention away, his eyes moving as though reading over his thoughts, L finished the phone conversation and rotated his chair to face the Task Force and mainly Light.

“Amane-san was found unconscious sometime during the 17 minutes after your last conversation. She’s being transported to the hospital….”

“What?” Light drew back in his surprise, fighting the sudden urge to glance at Rem; the Shinigami glowered in the back right-side, darkened corner, her eyes locked on Light, only the fact that Misa hadn’t been reported dead kept her from writing Light’s name in her death-note.

‘Light, if you don’t find Anti-Kira, I will kill you…if Misa dies because of you….’

Light shuddered as though he heard the Shinigami’s thoughts; the feeble whisper in his head echoing the Shinigami’s threat he blamed on Rem’s earlier threat.

Anti-Kira sat at a restaurant patio table across the street from the hospital, elbow propped on the metallic surface, fingers twirling the straw in her drink. Shades replaced over her eyes, dark strands of her hair lay lazily over the plastic lens -- her aura screamed ‘bored’ as she sipped at her drink.

“Desu.” Laskla prodded her as he watched the hospital side entrance, noticing a group of people heading there; he sat to her left on one of the metal chairs, the human-ness of is receiving a chuckle from their guest.

“Being exiled corrupted your Shinigami identity, Laskla, sitting and walking instead of floating or flying….” Ryuk laughed, hovering behind Anti-Kira and glancing at the bag beside her -- inside two Death Notes rested. “Making Demi-Shi….”

“Demi-Shi were used in the past Ryuk, before the Shinigami King banned the practice.” Laskla replied with his head tilted, eyes narrowed as he watched the other Shinigami.

‘Does she know?’ Ryuk glanced down at Anti-Kira, then back to Laskla who turned back to the hospital entrance. ‘That making her into a Demi-Shi will erase her freewill?’

Laskla tilted his head back at Ryuk, his expression saying ‘What do you think?’ as the hovering Shinigami chuckled to himself.

‘I wonder how Light will deal with this….’ Ryuk hovered a little higher as he glanced around, eyes open for the brown haired college student or a member of the Task Force. ‘The current Death Notes are unable to kill Demi-Shi…or humans becoming Demi-Shi….’

Ryuk glanced down at Anti-Kira once more, name and lifespan as invisible to him as it had been to Misa, though he noticed the dark fog above Anti-Kira’s head that enveloped the rest of her body like a veil: Laskla’s energy surrounding her, slowly changing her body. Morphing her into a Demi-Shi or half-Shinigami, a being not quite human and not quite Shinigami. Something more like a tool, without freewill, that did its master’s -- the Shinigami that created it -- bidding.

‘To create a Demi-Shi now…Laskla, are you planning to start a war?’


Misa slowly opened her eyes, lying languid in the hospital bed, her mind blank; blonde hair loose in waves around her head, she turned toward the sound of the opening door. Her lips flexed a little as Light stepped into the hospital room, followed by L -- yet her eyes remained blank, uncomprehending.

“Misa….” Light approached the bed, noticing Ryuk’s absence as the questions he wished to ask burned in his throat. He felt L’s eyes watching him, drilling into him like they could peel away the skin and reveal all of his secrets -- he hated those eyes, the eyes of the only one that stood in his way to godhood. “Are you all right, Misa? Are you….”

Misa stared at him, eyebrows furrowed slightly before she sat up; her fingers furled the sheet covering her legs, bunching it together and then letting it go. Her blonde hair hung loosely passed her shoulders, swaying into her fingers’ paths as she shifted her focus to them.

“Amane-san….” L’s black-pupil eyes absorbed Misa’s fidgeting movements as he moved to the foot of the bed, hunched over slightly as he walked; he watched her expression closely, his brain pulsing with explanations and questions. This vantage point allowed him view of the small bandage on Misa’s left temple, an injury he’d been aware of since receiving the call informing him of Misa’s hospitalization.

“Misa, what is it? What….” Light leaned closer to the blonde, his right hand on the mattress, holding him up. He cringed inwardly when Misa’s blank eyes turned to him -- the explanation unspoken but shining clear in her eyes. His eyes fell on Misa’s bandaged left temple, his insides burning with suppressed anger; he smothered it and instead reached to touch Misa’s delicate chin.

‘She loss more than her memory of the Death Note….’ Light swallowed and closed his eyes, hearing her whispered question even though her lips barely moved. He pushed away from the bed, eyes hidden by his hair as he turned away, the question echoing in his ears: Who are you?

‘Anti-Kira…’ Light left the room without another word, that name echoing in his head even as he passed by the other Task force members and ignored them. He barely noted Rem entering Misa’s room or the surprise in the Shinigami’s eyes as Rem beheld the human she loved.

It passed through his thoughts that Rem might write his name in her Death-Note after seeing Misa on the hospital bed, he paused in the hall once he heard the other members enter the blonde’s room. He bit his inner cheek -- if Rem wrote his name in her Death Note, he lost but he couldn’t stop her if she did.

‘Damn.’ His cell-phone vibrated in his pocket, but the shock of heart failure didn’t come; he inhaled slowly as he continued down the hall, the direction toward the restrooms. Goosebumps covered his skin, hair on the back of his neck standing up before he suddenly heard Rem’s voice in his head.

‘Light, you find Anti-Kira and the Shinigami he’s working with, that bastard won’t get away with this.’

‘What? Rem, how? My thoughts….’

‘Doesn’t matter, just find Anti-Kira and kill him, and give me the name of his Shinigami….the Shinigami that put the Demi-Shi mark on Misa.’


‘I’ll explain more later, now find Anti-Kira, or I’ll kill you.’

Light swallowed and inhaled as Rem’s voice dissipated from his head, though her threat hung strongly in his thoughts. He slowly closed his eyes, forcing his face to show no signs of stress while the anger burned in his stomach. Quietly he entered the restroom, locking the door after checking that no one else was there.

Stepping toward the sinks, he struck the wall next to the mirror with his fist, his cell-phone continuing to vibrate; he took another breath as he reached into his pocket, a shiver rushing down his spine.

‘Anti-Kira.’ His chest went cold as he checked the cell-phone’s LCD screen: Misa’s number displayed before his narrowing eyes. He kept his lips tightly pursed as he pressed the answer button and brought the phone to his ear. Silence welcomed him, punctuated by audible breaths on the other end -- his stomach twisted until he heard an unfamiliar voice speak.

“Too upset for words, Li-ght?”

Light’s fingers tightened around the cell-phone, his teeth digging into his inner cheeks as he noticed the speaker’s pronunciation of his name; his eyes narrowed even as he calmed his body down. ‘This isn’t the same person who called as Misa before. The one who called before pronounced my name like the English word, this one is using the Japanese pronunciation.’

“Who is this?” Light asked, voice steady as he cleared his thoughts -- he needed to think quickly and thoroughly. ‘That difference doesn’t mean this isn’t Anti-Kira…he could be using other people for his dirty work….’ “You’re not the one who called before.”

“Oh? You’ve figured that out already?” The unfamiliar voice laughed with a note of disappointment blended in his tone. “But you don’t know who’s the real An---”

“Idiot.” Light cut off the other’s words, adrenaline pumping through him as he glanced at the restroom door. ‘L could have Watari tracing this call back at Headquarters…any word about Anti-Kira or Kira will cause trouble for me….’ “Do you have any idea how easy it is to trace cell-phones or even listen in on the conversation?”

The sharp intake of breath on the other end followed by a curse answered Light’s question. His chest burning, Light leaned against one of the sinks, fingers around the cell-phone white from the strength of his grip. His grip loosened as he heard ruffling noises on the other end followed by sharp beeps. ‘Another cell-phone? Is he getting in touch with someone? This means he’s not Anti-Kira but just someone working with Anti-Kira….’

Light listened carefully, unable to make out much of the other conversation since the caller moved Misa’s cell-phone from his lips. Seconds seemed minutes until Light heard sirens over the phone -- ambulance sirens. Smirking he bolted out the restroom door and hurried to the windows overlooking the grounds. An ambulance quickly passed by.

‘Got you.’ Light grinned as he watched a man talking on a cell-phone by some stairs, another cell-phone in his other hand -- Light glared down at the man and brought his cell back to his ear as the man did the same. Before the caller spoke another word, Light flipped off his cell-phone, chuckling as the man he watched reacted the same instant.


L exited Misa’s hospital room seconds before Light rushed to the windows overlooking the grounds; his widening eyes took in his suspect’s actions as he chewed on his thumbnail, noting the cell-phone in Light’s hand. Lips parted from his thumbnail, L followed Light’s glare out the window -- his heart beat wildly but the distance between them in the hall afforded them different views of the grounds.

‘The emergency room roof blocks my view of what he sees….’ L returned his gaze back to Light as he heard the college student’s cell-phone shut.

He felt his heart jump at the expression on Light’s face -- an arrogance he never saw before and the sharp glint of something not fully human: an expression he’d seen on serial killers before now multiplied hundredfold on Light’s face.

‘Kira….’ L froze, lungs and veins punctured by what felt like ice; he shuddered and shifted his eyes from Light’s face, feeling Light’s glare shifting to him. ‘Kira…100 percent…but no proof….’

L’s lungs felt heavy as fear gripped him like two cold hands ready to strangle; coldness severer than that of death seeped through him. Half-consciously he focused on his surroundings: on the task force entering the hall around him, on Light approaching and telling them about someone calling to brag about the attack on Misa. L noted Light mentioned nothing about Anti-Kira before the college student rushed to the exit, saying the culprit was outside, the task force following.

The detective’s eyes followed the group even as his stance remained firm and still -- for the first time in his life L felt sick from fear.

“Light is Kira….” L whispered and bit down strikingly on his thumb, bringing pain and blood to the pale digit. The throbbing centered his thoughts and he hastened after the task force members.


Anti-Kira leaned back in her chair, eyes focused on the hospital windows on the 3rd floor even as the curious individual left. She chuckled into her drink as her eyes returned to the man by the stairs, the bewildered and fearful expression on his face fascinating her. “He’s served his purpose.”

Taking on of the Death-Notes from her bag and setting up a menu in front of her, Anti-Kira opened to a blank page, a red ballpoint pen in her hand.

“Are you going to write Light’s name in your Death-Note?” Ryuk asked, floating above her; he read along as she wrote the name of the man by the steps followed by accident as the cause of death. He read the rest with a grin. “Light won’t be fooled….”

Anti-Kira glanced up at the Shinigami, her chuckle silenced by her pursed lips.

“You like apples, don’t you Ryuk?”

The Shinigami’s eyes glistened with delight, his excitement shown by his hopping from one side of Anti-Kira’s to the other, and then back.

“There’s an apple tree behind my apartment building, you can have your fill if you keep out of Light’s sight…at least keep far enough away from me so he won’t immediately figure out who I am.”

“All right.” Ryuk flew to the right, hovering over the other tables with people sitting down. While Ryuk busied himself, glancing sparingly at the hospital entrance, Laskla leaned against Anti-Kira reading her entry in the Death-Note.

“You’re not killing Kira? That’s risky. Ryuk may not always respond to a bribe of apples, and we know Kira touched that Death-Note from Misa….”

“It’s risky to kill Kira until I know who he was talking about when he mentioned someone tapping cell-phones.”

“That might have been a ploy to….”

“…stop any mention of Anti-Kira or Kira by that tool.” Anti-Kira motioned to the man by the steps with her eyes, the pale blue irises cold as she noticed the hospital doors opening; she removed her shades and returned the Death-Note to her bag as she watched Light Yagami accost the man by the steps. “It’s too dangerous until I know, besides, I didn’t get a clear enough look at Kira’s face.”

“You didn’t? But your eyes are even better than normal Shinigami eyes….”

“He looks too much like that bastard.”

Laskla glared back at Light next to the man, nodding as he realized what Anti-Kira meant -- besides being too young, the brown haired Death-Note holder did resemble someone from the past.

“You already killed your brother….”

“Brother and father, that bastard was both, hence the reason they locked me in that cellar.” Anti-Kira clenched her teeth, fingernails digging into the skin of her folded hands; she remained that way until the commotion began.


Light gasped as the man whose arm he held seized, breaking from the college student’s grip as his body jerked; footsteps hurried from behind as the man in a violent spasm struck his head on the stairway rail. Light’s widened eyes watched the man roll to the bottom step, completely limp. Still.

‘Damn…damn….’ Light felt his insides shaking, the urge to strike something bubbling beneath his skin. He stared at the dead man as the task force rushed forward checking the body and pushing away the crowd beginning to form.

L watched from the top step, teeth chewing at his thumbnail as he slouched forward slightly; the metallic taste from the open wound on his thumb bringing back the ice feeling from earlier. He inhaled and exhaled slowly until it dissipated, then he switched to chewing on his other thumb. His black-pupil eyes took in the dead man surrounded by Task Force members before scanning the crowd, the chance of Anti-Kira being among the onlookers was high. The probability of finding him depended on Anti-Kira’s intelligence.

‘80...85 percent chance of Anti-Kira being in this crowd -- that is if this was a trap to figure out if Yagami-kun is Kira or to bring Kira out in order to kill him….’ L carefully glanced over the crowd again, teeth parting from his thumbnail as one of the onlookers seemed more focused on the living than the dead. Placing his hands in his jean pockets, he descended the steps after Light; his black-pupil eyes expressionless as they watched their main suspect’s back. ‘Since the day the death-note’s existence was proven fact, Yagami-kun seemed steps ahead of me -- steps I couldn’t bridge….’

L paused at the bottom step, the coldness gripping him as clear as the pain from his wounded thumb; he glanced once more at Light’s back, the step’s elevation giving him the illusion of height. He faced toward the dead man, police sirens and stretcher wheels approaching -- but his eyes side-glanced at the crowd, focusing on the suspicious onlooker through his messy strands of hair.

‘No doubt, that one is focused on the Task Force and Light, the deceased victim received no first glance from those pale blue eyes. The only onlooker who wouldn’t care about the victim is Anti-Kira.’

L’s eyes slightly widened then narrowed as he saw the androgynous, reddish black haired onlooker bite down on her forefinger, the back of his neck suddenly tingling. He immediately focused on Light and the task force, his quickened pulse pumping beneath his skin.

‘If Light notices….’ L glanced up at his main suspect, heart thumping as his face became viewable to the onlooker.


Pale blue eyes obscured only by her red tinted black bangs, Anti-Kira reached the front of the crowd, pretending to be an onlooker; her sharp eyes fixed on Light as he descended the stairs -- his expression still angry, but showing the appropriate level of concern. Anti-Kira grinned as she read his name, the contours of his face burned into her memory.

‘Kira…Light Yagami.’ Her index finger sneaked to her lips, teeth habitually sinking into the flesh of the pale digit. Her eyes strayed from Light’s face, glancing over each person at the center surrounding the victim.

‘…Matsuda….Ya…Soichiro Yagami? Is he related to Light? But…these people seem like law enforcement….why? How?’ Anti-Kira continued chewing on her finger, the skin red but not yet bleeding; her incisors struck deep when the man who stood next to Light glanced around the group, his long-sleeved white shirt and blue jeans odd among the group. His face suddenly visible to Anti-Kira’s eyes.

Black pupil eyes, heavily darkened beneath white skin that lacked sunlight, dark hair wild and maybe slightly uncombed -- Anti-Kira broke the skin on her finger before his jaw loosened, lips parted slightly.

‘He…it couldn’t….’ Her pulse drummed inside her ears, throat going dry while her feet seemed rooted to the ground; blurred memories from five years ago flashed before her eyes. The next instant she backtracked into the crowd until she could run from the scene, picking up the bag with the two Death-Notes before she hastened away.

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