Nameless Exception

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Nameless Exception

Chapter 2: Anti-Kira

The sharp noon sun bore heavily onto the city, the scent of rain lingering even as the skies showed clear blue; beneath the intense brightness students conversed on the To-Oh University campus about Kira and the media-dubbed Anti-Kira. Two days had passed since the hospital tragedy and Anti-Kira’s challenge.

Groups of students discussed recent events, flocking to friends with a nervous and disillusioned air, trying to figure out why Kira hadn’t responded to the challenge; why the ‘savior’ didn’t take action when Anti-Kira spoke the threat:

-Hide and I will slaughter the lambs you so righteously protect-

The wind blew sharp across the campus grounds.

Hair strands the hue of congealed blood falling over a pale forehead, the strands covering the temples jagged and near black, Anti-Kira peeked over darkened sunglasses at the crowds loitering about. Laskla walked behind, preferring the feel of the ground to the air, his wings hidden against his back.

“Kira hasn’t made a move yet. Not that I expected Kira I to, but Kira II….” The pale blue eyes closed as an ivory white hand blocked the overhead sunlight from sneaking pass the shades. “I’ve preferred the storm, overcast skies are less annoying.”

“Desu, five years have passed and you’re still not used to sunlight?” Laskla asked, leaning his chin on Anti-Kira’s shoulder -- the human glared at him and turned away.

“You keep me in the dark.” The human’s lips twisted in the beginning of a smirk.


Anti-Kira’s head jerked, pale eyes glaring at Laskla, red-rimmed from the burning sun.

“….Don’t like the name I chose for you?”

“I’m just not used to hearing it spoken….what’s wrong with using telepathy in public? Humans won’t notice.” Anti-Kira resumed walking, found shade 3 degrees cooler under the nearest cluster of trees, and sat on the grass.

“Other Shinigami will sense it -- it’s been forbidden since the Shinigami King revised Death-Note law.” Laskla stood above the human, his narrowed eyes taking in the androgynous form beneath their gaze. Slender arms and flat chest covered with an ocean blue dress shirt, crossed legs enshrouded in midnight slacks, Anti-Kira leaned against an ashen tree trunk.

“Afraid of being found, are you? If you’d preferred I’d stay hidden….”

“It’s just too soon to be found out yet, Desu….” Laskla noticed the human’s lips twitch, a frown this time. “It’s not so bad…Desu is similar to how the English word Death is pronounced in Japanese….”

“It doesn’t mat --” Anti-Kira paused, blue eyes behind the shades widening as they focused upon a Goth-Lolita with long blonde hair, dressed entirely in a black and lacy-cuffed dress. The expression on the Goth-Lolita’s face held distraction and fury mixed with fear. “Bingo.” The red glint filled Anti-Kira’s blue eyes as the female passed, eyes soon averted as the female glanced toward the tree cluster.


Finger and thumb holding the cup handle delicately, L sipped the intensely sweetened tea, his eyes scan-reading the information on the center computer screen. The other screens played footage from the hospital security tapes.

Hearing the door slide open, he placed the cup on the table and laid his hands on his knees; he waited as Watari wheeled a sweets-laden tray next to his chair, his sweet tooth raging over his thoughts. Silently, L took a cake slice topped with white icing and strawberries, and then turned back to the computer screens, eyes searching for something he missed.

‘According to the medical records obtained the first 30 were terminally-ill…but cameras and visiting logs recorded no common visitor….’

L dug into the cake with his fork, savoring the sugary confection as he watched the hospital security tapes; his eyes flicked from screen to screen when his heart thumped in his chest. The sudden beat of discovery drummed through his blood as on one screen one victim’s visitor dropped a sheet of paper; the blurred but legible words ‘Kira-Mercy’ blackened across the top in fancy type.

“ ‘Kira-Mercy’? Mercy?” L paused the tape, his thumb on his bottom lip as he read the words. Using the computer console he zoomed in on the image, the rest of the text indiscernible except for the beginning of a web URL. Keeping the tape paused, he turned to another computer screen and opened the web browser, typing in ‘Kira Mercy’ in the search box.

The first five results linked to various ‘Support Kira’ websites, with one or two more blogs against Kira. Those he bypassed as he scrolled down, speed reading through the site information after each link: he’d already visited most of the sites before and found nothing relevant to the ‘Anti’-Kira situation.
‘What is missing? Some connecting factor….’

L clicked the next page link and sat with his thumb against his upper lip, eyes scanning the quick to load page. In the middle of the list his eyes riveted on one URL; one that contained the phrase ‘Kira-Mercy’ the most recent update summary including the day prior to the hospital incident.

L’s eyes widened as he read, in attention riveted to each word. ‘So that’s how….’


Misa stared at the unknown human by the tree cluster, her Shinigami eyes blocked by the heavily darkened shades the stranger wore; she watched the stranger’s hand cover his lower face as though suppressing laughter. Her breath catching, she glanced at Ryuk, the Shinigami’s intrigued laugh echoed in her ears and the interested way he stared at the stranger gushed anticipation through her veins.

“Anti-Kira….” She mouthed the words and then paled as the stranger stood, approaching her the next second.

‘You must find this ‘Anti’-Kira.’ Light’s words from the morning after the hospital incident echoed in her thoughts, lessening her urge to flee. Instead she faced the stranger, refusing to budge as she readied herself to forcefully remove the stranger’s sunglasses.

Anti-Kira stopped four feet away, head shaking, lips curled in a disappointed smile. Misa studied the stranger in the din of silence, the ocean blue dress shirt looser around the waist than around the chest, midnight slacks baggy around the ankles but of a neutral make.

‘Is this person male or female?’ Misa watched the stranger warily, heart beating against her ribcage, her eyes remained on the stranger’s hands. ‘If he is Anti-Kira and he goes for his Death-Note….’

She glanced again at Ryuk, hoping the Shinigami would confirm -- the sunglasses the stranger wore stopped her from seeing his face and with it his name and possible lifespan.

“Where is Kira.” The stranger demanded, bringing Misa’s widened eyes back to his mostly covered face.

“No time for pretense, eh?” Laskla smirked next to Anti-Kira, his own eyes fixated on Ryuk, watching the Shinigami with confidence. ‘Ryuk’s this one’s Shinigami, good. He never takes sides….’

“I don’t know.” Misa straightened her stance and glared at Anti-Kira, forcing her face to hide the lie and the fear nibbling beneath her skin. The heavy sun illuminated their surroundings and selves with a burning light, and Misa felt the butterfly feeling in her stomach settle as she remembered what Anti-Kira had done. ‘He’s killed innocent people…ill people…and has threatened to kill more innocents….Regardless of what happens to me, Anti-Kira needs to be stopped….for Light…for the innocent people in that hospital….’

“You’re a terrible liar, Misa Amane-chan.” Anti-Kira said, tilting his head to the side in bemusement; the soft curves of his chin and neck seemed more feminine in the bright light -- feminine and pale. “Your face is a blank canvas for your emotions….so again, where is Kira?”

“I’ll never tell you. Murderer.”

Anti-Kira’s eyebrows shot up and his lips twitched as he bit back a sardonic chuckle; he brought his index finger to his teeth and bit down, drawing blood that dribbled into his mouth. He licked the blood on his finger before moving that hand to his side, that arm akimbo.

“ ‘Murderer’? So what are you and Kira? Harbingers of criminal genocide?”

“We protect the innocent from evil people, bring justice to those who the law failed to punish….unlike you who….”

“…Responded to 45 terminally-ill or chronic-pain sufferers requests to put them out of their misery.” Anti-Kira watched Misa flinch, her eyes widening and mouth agape. “I misled the motives for those deaths for my own ends, but each of those 45 willingly submitted their names and photos to me, asking for who they dubbed ‘Kira-Mercy’ to end their lives.”

“What? I don’t believe you….” Misa shook her head, remembering Light’s account of the news, and the TV station’s take on the hospital incident. Neither mentioned anything about death requests.

“Unsurprising you don’t know about it…I started it two years ago as a suicide-request blog named Death-Mercy, but most search engines block it. In recent months it’s been rechristened Kira-Mercy. Though I don’t care for that name.”

“But…but….” Misa began shaking her head but stopped, remembering a day before Kira punished the criminal who slaughtered her family -- that day she had stumbled across a chat-room discussion about suicide-rings, and dimly remembered the name ‘Death-Mercy’ coming up. “…why….why are you against Kira then?! If you’re using the Death-Note to help people avoid pain….”

“I use the Death-Note because I want to kill. Killing those who wish to die is just a precaution…something to add moral ambiguity. Entertainment.” Anti-Kira fiddled with his crimson and black hair, head tilted in interest of Misa’s surprise. “You think it’s wrong to want to kill? Don’t you get a thrill writing criminal names in the Death-Note? Knowing they’ll die is a release…and killing is killing regardless of what moral ambiguity is behind it.” Anti-Kira approached closer to Misa, soft palm cupping the blonde beauty’s chin within seconds; before she could react Anti-Kira’s lips met hers, his arms holding her about the waist.

Misa throat went dry the moment those cold lips touched hers, but she kept the kiss connected while her right hand roamed up to Anti-Kira’s face. The next second she grabbed the sunglasses and kneed the stranger between the legs, heart jumping in her chest when she realized she’d mistook the androgynous stranger’s gender.

Anti-Kira grabbed Misa’s arm, kiss broken as the shades fell to the ground; virulent blue eyes glared down into Misa’s, hiding a hungry excitement as the petite blonde struggled to break free. The pale, lithe arms stilled Misa’s struggles as Anti-Kira’s free hand pick pocketed her cell-phone; flipping it open Anti-Kira clicked his - or rather her - tongue.

“ ‘Light Yagami?’ The only one whose number you called more than once recently…boyfriend? Or….”

“He’s just a friend! Don’t….” Misa paled as Anti-Kira smirked, the thin lips showing the hint of teeth.

“I told you, you’re a terrible liar.” Anti-Kira chuckled in the captive’s ear as a bone-pale finger hit speed-dial on the cell-phone.

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