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Matt's head is resting on the smooth curve of Mello's thigh, hair cascading softly on the taut black leather, fingers absently tracing the bony condyles at the knee. Mello's other leg is bent against his abdomen, foot resting at the edge of his desk as he works at his laptop, and when Matt begins saying something, he shushes him, because he's busy and he needs to focus right now.

You taste like leather, Matt thinks as he runs his tongue against the skin exposed just above the laces of Mello's trousers, and he thinks it tastes nice, and even though he certainly hasn't forgotten what the rest of him tastes like, he thinks he'd like to see again.

Mello doesn't seem much bothered – he continues typing unawares as Matt reaches for the laces with his teeth, the long fingers lightly brushing Matt's hair being the only indication that Mello notices him at all.

Soon the fingers leave and return to the keyboard, wrists moving briskly as Mello types, and he doesn't say a thing when Matt's hand slides around him, pressing the hard member and bringing it against the soft membranes of lips.

But he is hard after all, Matt smiles inwardly, and while Mello doesn't urge him on, he also doesn't ask him to stop, so Matt continues, head resting against the hard black leather at Mello's thigh and tongue gently lapping against him.

He doesn't expect Mello's hand to come so hard against him, suddenly grasping at his scalp with intense pressure and holding him tightly in place. Matt grimaces in pain, breathing hard through his nose as he continues, but Mello's hand doesn't let up, and after several minutes of this, he mumbles, "I—I need to stop…"



"…hm?" The other boy is clearly too focused on his work to pay much attention.

"Mello, I need to stop now. I need a smoke"

"Huh—" Mello looks down at Matt squirming in his lap.

"Oh, pff, Matt, you're annoying me."

He releases his hand and brushes it through his hair as he continues staring at the monitor screen, deep in thought.

Matt slowly unravels himself from in-between the legs of the desk and mello's limbs and crawls out, rising to his knees and finally standing and walking over to his jacket thrown against the back of the couch. He fishes out a box of cigarettes and walks out to the porch, taking one out and lighting it slowly.

Mello thinks for a few seconds before continuing to type, one hand absently sliding against the length of the exposed member and teeth biting gently against his lower lip.

After several minutes, Matt returns to the room, pacing aimlessly with the burning end of his cigarette still in his hand. He stops and looks over Mello's shoulder, and the older boy grumbles in agitation,

"You mind? I'm trying to work."

"Yeah, sorry," Matt replies, drawing back and continuing to pace.

Then, a bit later, Matt turns to him again,

"Can I fuck you?"

"Not right now."


He watches Mello continue to stroke himself absently, and suddenly he doesn't really care if his friend will get mad; he grinds the end of his cigarette into the ashtray on the counter and walks toward the desk, then wraps his arms around Mello's abdomen and plucks him from the chair, lifting him off completely.

"Hey! What the—what the fuck, man?! Fucking put me down!"

Mello kicks and screams and lashes out, hands grabbing and pulling at Matt's limbs and his hair, and the younger boy squints and cringes, doing his best to avoid the various forms of abuse Mello attempts to inflict on him.

He kicks the bedroom door open with his boot, walking in quickly and throwing Mello on the bed, and then climbs in after him, holding him down by the wrists and diving down toward his abdomen.

Livid with anger, Mello kicks and curses, writhing furiously below Matt's body, and swears and promises he'll kill Matt after this and no one will ever find the body.

"You're such a pain," Matt grumbles against Mello's exposed stomach, trying uselessly to hold him still, and when again his mouth is on him, Mello bucks up against Matt nearly hard enough to choke him, and now Matt has to hold him down with his knees, too.

He takes him in deep into his throat, suddenly eliciting a tormented cry of frustration, and for a moment Mello actually presses deeper against him, whispering something about what a bastard Matt is.


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A/N: I wrote this story almost a decade ago (time flies; feels like just yesterday). Since then I think both my writing style and knowledge of medicine have improved vastly, but despite that to this day I think this is one of the better stories I've written in terms of plot. I could go back and make changes, but I suspect that if I did then it may lose a lot of the appeal it originally had; I'm tremendously flattered by the positive reception for this story, thank you to everyone who had taken the time to read it.

At some point in time the formatting on this site seems to have changed, and I only noticed recently that as a result this story (and probably many others I had submitted long ago) has come out looking like a mess; I'll try to go through and resubmit the various chapters, in case there's anyone out there still reading this =)

Thank you to all my lovely readers; this story was (and still is) dedicated to my friend LumCheng, who was my Matt long ago.



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