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Mello let Matt wash his hair.

They don't speak very much because both of them are tired and each of them is wary of agitating the other, and also because when Mello asked Matt where the hell he's been all day, very softly Matt replied that it was none of Mello's business.

Matt thinks that Mello looks very beautiful naked, and while he doesn't say anything, he really tries to be very gentle with the shampoo because Mello has very long hair and Matt doesn't really know what to do with very long hair and he doesn't want to get it knotted and also he doesn't want to get the shampoo in Mello's eyes.

He's watched Mello wash his hair before, and actually he has inadvertently paid a great deal of attention to the way Mello washed his hair before, but for some reason he can't remember if there was anything special about how he did it compared with how Matt washed his own hair, and now that he tries to remember it seems all he can think of is how pretty Mello looked while he was doing it and how sexy his long fingers looked in his hair and how much he liked his naked, bony shoulders.

"You don't have to be so careful," Mello says quietly, and Matt thinks he almost sounds self-conscious, and if he could see Mello's face he would probably smile and think he looked very charming then because he's actually blushing.

"Sorry," Matt hears himself murmur. He scratches the back of his neck and gets it a little foamy, but he doesn't really know how to change what he's doing so he keeps doing it carefully, sitting fully-clothed at the edge of the tub behind Mello with the legs of his jeans rolled up to his knees and his bare feet in the water.

"Um, okay," he says softly, "now—uh—now you have to lean back, and…"

"This okay?" Mello asks and leans his head back slowly, closing his eyes, and, wiping his hands against the sides of his jeans, Matt reaches for the showerhead and turns the water on just a little to check the temperature.

"Yeah—good, just a moment—" he mumbles, waiting for it to get warm enough, and then, looking back at Mello, tries to figure out how to go about it.

"Okay, so—" he slides his hand under Mello's hair and brings the showerhead closer, he thinks that's how he saw them do it on that show Swan, and suddenly he realizes he's smiling because suddenly he realizes he likes doing that, and actually it was kind of fun and maybe Mello will let him do it again sometime later.

Mello actually has little patience for how long this is taking, but he likes Matt and he doesn't want him to go away like that again so he puts up with it, and also he understands that Matt is really trying and really L made him feel bad about the whole thing.


He didn't need to tell L that this wasn't a game and that it wasn't out of cruelty – L understands even better than Mello, himself, that Mello can't just will his feelings away.

L is generally good at putting his feelings aside; Mello isn't. But really, L is good at a lot of things, and while Mello has definitely tried to put his feelings aside, in his case this wasn't manifested so much as frigid cordiality but rather more in the form of I'm-this-close-to-killing-everything intensity.

When Matt has finished, he reaches for a towel and places it gently around Mello's head, trying hard to remember what else he saw them do on Swan, but then Mello takes the towel and rubs his hair vigorously, and Matt sort of forgets what he was going to do or say when his friend rises to his feet and steps out of the tub, and, wet and dripping, reaches for another towel to dry himself off.

There are scratches along his waist, and Matt knows he put them there, and he's not sad about that but he is sad that Mello deserved them.

"You coming?" Mello asks after he's wrapped the towel around his waist and brushing his wet hair, begins walking toward the door.

"Yeah," Matt replies, standing up and shaking the water from his feet before stepping out to the rug.

When he reaches for a cigarette, he notices that one of them is kind of bent and a bit wrinkled, and suddenly it dawns on him that Mello must have put it in his mouth, and, astonished, he gazes at it for a few seconds, and then stuffs it back in his pocket.


"Do you know why we're here?"

L looks up from his tea.

Matt doesn't raise his eyes. He's not sure that he likes that they're there at all. But it's better than Mello going there alone.

He plays with fray strands at the sleeve of his shirt, hair falling over his eyes.

"Yeah," he says very quietly.

"Mello, you beat him up pretty bad," L says, eyes unblinking.

He said it like it was something new or like Matt somehow didn't ask for it, but Mello doesn't dare argue with L, so he says nothing.

L tilts Matt's chin up with the bent knuckle of his index finger and brushes the hair away from his forehead, and Matt looks aside as the big eyes inspect the bruise there.

"There's no simple way to solve this," L adds, climbing back onto the sofa, "and while I suspected something like this would happen, it's unusual for me to be directly involved."

He puts his cup back on the table and turns his head back to them.

"I've thought about this," he says, "and I still haven't decided if I'm going to do what Mello asked."

Mello looks up, eyes narrowing.

"But," L continues, "I'm going to show Matt how to do it."

"How to do what?" Matt asks inadvertently, then immediately wishes he didn't.

Mello sighs and leans his head back, staring up at the ceiling. He snickers. "All the whole blah, blah, blah, you want him to tie you up and make you bleed and this and that and Mello you're so sick…"

Matt stares at Mello, then at L.

It's different if he's the one who gets to do it.


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