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When Mello returns home later that evening, Matt doesn't say a word.

His back turned to the entrance, he continues washing the dishes, cigarette burning forgotten in-between his lips.

Mello doesn't say anything, either, and merely tosses his bag on the couch and proceeds down the hallway toward the bedroom.

He was with L.

Matt has nothing personal against L, and, really, he rather likes L. They all did. What's more, he has no qualms about the fact that he'll never be L and will never come close to being L and even that Mello admires L.

Rather, it's the fact that suddenly it feels like it's him instead of L or really that he knows Mello would love to tell him that he's only hanging around because he can't have L.

He doesn't turn around or check up on Mello. He knows Mello is in the bedroom, sprawled on his back with the crumpled end of a chocolate bar between his lips, half naked and eyes closed and wanking—because today he got to be with L.


He puts the last of the dishes away and wipes his hands with a towel, then, brushing his hair back from his eyes, plops down on the sofa and picks up a game controller.

It's not his business anyway. Like Mello said.

And besides. It's not like L has any interest in doing anything like that with Mello in the first place.


"What's gotten into you?" Mello asks when, a half hour later, he sits next to him on the couch. He's been watching him play for a few minutes, neither exchanging a word until then.

Not you anytime recently, Matt thinks of saying, but then decides against it.

"Oh, hi, Mello," he says instead, "and how was your meeting with L?"


"Oh, really."

Like I don't know. Like you haven't been thinking about it and masturbating for the past half hour.

"He liked my report."

"Well isn't that nice."

Matt doesn't take his eyes off the screen as he reaches for his soda.

"He let me sit in his lap."

Matt promptly spits his soda all over the coffee table.

"Oh, Matt, ew, what the hell…" Mello scoots back, shaking wet drops from his arms.

"He what!"

The controller falls from Matt's hands and he flips his gaze to Mello, then he tugs hard at his collar.

"What the hell did you guys do…?!"

Mello glares.

"You have two seconds to let the hell go before I kick your ass."

Matt doesn't let go.

"Answer me!"

He knows Mello is about to punch him and he doesn't really care—he lets Mello punch him on a semi-regular basis, but this time he's really mad and he actually punches back.

One hand grazing tentatively over his lower lip, Mello rolls his eyes slowly to stare at Matt in disbelief. He looks down at the blood on his knuckles, then back up at Matt, who is staring back, breathing hard.

Mello rises to his feet slowly, wiping his mouth with the back of his wrist, then, glaring down, cracks his neck and swallows hard.

Matt knows what's coming next. Mello bites his lip and swings hard, but Matt blocks him, and reaching for the boy's throat, he slams him against the wall and then grasps his wrists tightly.

"Not tonight, Mello," he hisses, "you had this coming for a long time."

He leans in and kisses him hard, violently, and Mello writhes in defiance, finally kicking Matt hard in the groin with his knee.

His chest heaves as he watches Matt curl in pain, but the boy doesn't let go of his wrists all the while, and, glaring through his hair, Matt presses Mello against the wall more tightly.

"You'll never have him," he hisses with absolute spite, "do you understand? Never."

Mello doesn't flinch.

"It's none of your—"

"Fuck you," Matt spits, curling his lip, "like hell it isn't."

Mello kicks him and Matt nearly loses his balance, but soon he recovers, slamming Mello painfully with his face to the wall.

"Now you listen good, you little bastard," he whispers, and his breath is hot with anger and the smell of cigarettes, "even if he was so petty as to knowingly come between us, L has no interest in a little kid like you. That's puppy love. That's bullshit."

Mello grits his teeth. He doesn't fight back. He merely turns his head just enough that Matt can see his canines glowing through his twisted smile.

"There is no us, Matt," he laughs dryly.

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