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"I know Mello has some experience with this," L says matter-of-factly, "and I assume you can get out of some of the less intricate systems."

It's not really set up the way Mello imagined, because he imagined a shadowy dungeon with wet stone slabs and rats and decay but they were in the same office building with office plants and a gray carpet and big windows, but supposedly this is where they did the interrogation and this is where they tied up the suspects when they tied up the suspects and Mello loved L from the bottom of his heart for letting them see it.

"And I assume there's a great deal that Mello can handle, but I understand that what you want is deliberately something you can't handle, is that right?"

Mello nods, and then he gasps in surprise because then L's left hand is on the collar of his vest and his right hand unzips his top in about two seconds like it was the most casual thing in the world, and as he walks behind him and begins pulling the thing off, he says, deep in thought, "okay, I have an idea of how we're gonna do this. If it does become too much, you have to say so. Do you understand?"

Matt and Mello stare in astonishment as he places Mello's vest on the desk, "we've had people in critical condition."

"I—understand," Mello says when at last he finds his voice.

"Matt," L says as he begins walking into the nearby room, "I'm going to assume that you can handle this."

Sure. Yeah. They've handled weapons and danger and that sort of thing before.

Matt draws on his cigarette slowly.

But this was different. He's always done dangerous stuff to help Mello. But this is what Mello actually wants, isn't it? And if Matt wasn't there, it could only be worse.

So he has to be there.

L walks back in, carrying what looks like a large medical kit, and he closes the door.

"Yeah, I can—" Matt begins answering, but then nearly chokes on his cigarette because now L is reaching for the laces at Mello's trousers, and while that alone is enough material for Mello to wank about for three consecutive weeks, neither of them expected it to happen so casually, and, before he thinks of anything else to say, Matt quickly walks over to L and draws on his shoulder,

"You know he doesn't wear underwear," he sputters, blushing immediately.

L looks up.

"Matt," he says quietly, "you do realize he has to be naked for this. Do you understand what we're going to do?"

Stunned, Matt stares back speechlessly, cigarette burning forgotten in-between his fingers.

His first thought when finally he is able to think again is how much Mello is probably getting off on this. Matt can't take his eyes off the other boy's when L resumes untying the laces and then grasps hard at the edges and pulls down.

Mello turns his gaze to L and watches in quiet fascination as he pulls at the black trousers, and he remembers to move only when L asks him to lift his legs so he could pull them off.

"I'm going to assume you can handle this, Matt," L says calmly, "please come here."

"O—okay," Matt squeaks, putting out his cigarette with shaking fingers, and then he kicks himself mentally because he realizes he was about to ask L please not to hurt his friend.

He can't take his eyes off Mello, who is standing across from them naked as the day he was born and astoundingly beautiful and unashamedly aroused.

"From here on out, you'll be doing this," L says to Matt as he unclasps the briefcase he brought in, "and I'll be instructing you."

Matt nods, stepping behind L and staring curiously over his shoulder. He realizes suddenly that L is much thinner than both of them, and that, like Mello, he appears deceptively fragile because he's so thin. He seems thoughtfully composed as his slender hands work at unfurling the intricate binds and folds of material with years of experience, and suddenly, to his astonishment, Matt realizes that for the first time he can understand Mello's fascination with L.

After several minutes, the older boy turns around and holds out an elaborate brace comprised of a number of modular leather and metal parts, and motions for Matt to take it.

"This is better than handcuffs," he explains as Matt takes it and tries to hold it the way L did, "because your suspect can't move their arms."

He walks over to Mello and, placing his hands on his shoulders, asks him to turn around, and when he does, L gathers the boy's hair and slides it away from his neck.

"It goes on from the front," he explains to Matt, who, marveling at how heavy the thing is, walks after L obediently.

"Here – like this," L continues, taking the left side of the brace and beginning to thread Mello's arm through it, "you do the other side."

Matt looks up at Mello, who watches them with a great deal of amusement, and suddenly Matt smirks to himself because he realizes how frustrated his friend is about to get because he's probably never been so turned on, but he won't be able to touch himself.

Neither of them says anything, but Matt knows Mello is liking this. The bastard.

"Look here," L says, motioning for Matt to come closer, "it fastens in several places, like this."

There's a series of latches and bolts and Matt understands that Mello really isn't getting out of this one. He takes the binds from L's hands and follows his instructions to fasten them, and then he asks Mello if he's doing okay, and Mello nods, yellow hair bouncing.

Matt understands why they had to take off his clothes first – there would be no way to do that after they finished tying him up.

"This one's for the abdomen," L continues, and as he unfurls the second brace and begins explaining to Matt how it goes on, Mello understands that this is far from the first time L has instructed someone on how to use these things, and he wouldn't be surprised if L has put together some of the binds, himself.

And also, Mello thinks suddenly, there's something unexpectedly interesting and curiously arousing about watching Matt working with L like that.

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