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(This chapter deals with L somewhat; but rest assured, dear readers, far be it from me to let you down. I promised a very dirty Matt x Mello story and I fully intend to deliver).

When Mello was very little, he would sit on L's lap and wrap his arms possessively around him and cover his neck with kisses, and L understood even then that he was smitten, fascinated, infatuated, and with gentle patience he understands this still now.

Still now that Mello stands quietly at the entrance to the room, still now that he stares at him with focused silence filled with curiosity and speculation, still now as L smiles kindly and asks him to sit down while he reads the reports Mello prepared for him.

Now twenty years old, Mello thinks he'd love nothing more than to sit on L's lap and cover him with kisses again, and, for all other intents and purposes hard and dignified, he takes his place across the table instead.

His limbs are wiry leather, his eyes are fire, his very presence is sex and danger, but L knows he is also uninterrupted brilliance and, beneath it all and perhaps only for him to know, he is humble fascination.

L can tell not only that the report is good, but also that Mello truly devoted himself to investigating the topic at hand and that he feels a personal drive to work on the project. And Mello, in turn, thinks that few things are more enjoyable to him than the knowledge that he, himself, is responsible for the thin smile on L's lips, and he would gladly work for days if it caused him to smile again.

When at last L's black eyes roll up from the paper and he smiles and begins asking questions about the topic, Mello all but trembles in excitement, enjoying tremendously the attention and respect, and, sitting cross-legged across the table, he fights for composure as he replies.

"Mello," L says calmly, placing the report on the desk after they have spoken for nearly an hour, "come here."

Mello understands. Leather pants creaking, he uncrosses his legs and paces to the other side of the table.

"Go ahead," the older boy continues, and his eyes are smiling with infinite patience.

Thumbs hooked at the edge of his trousers, Mello gazes down through his hair. He doesn't move for several seconds.

Then, very carefully, he climbs into L's lap, sliding one leg over his knees slowly. Hair sliding over his bare shoulders, he leans in and, eyes closed, wraps his slender arms around the boy's neck.

L's voice is all patience. "What is it that Mello wants?"

Mello is quiet for a long time.

"Ah," L says gently, "I understand."

He turns to face the younger boy, tilting his chin up with a curious finger and inspecting him slowly.

"Would that calm you down, Mello?"

Blue eyes dart to the corner of the room, his face expressionless intensity.

"If L can ask such a thing," he says in a low tone, "then certainly he understands…"

"I see," L is quietly speculative, "but I know that Mello will tell me after all."

Mello swallows quietly. "If that is what L wishes."

More silence. L gazes at Mello's face for several moments before the corners of his mouth rise in a very slight grin.

"Yes," he says calmly, "there's something else here."

You're right, Mello thinks, and part of him wishes that L would kiss him, that he would run his hands along his thighs and touch his bare stomach and bite his neck and all the other things he knows L will never do.

There is something more.

Mello doesn't merely want L to sleep with him. He wants L to take him with cruelty, with violence, he wants him to tie him up with chains and whips and without mercy and to give it to him rough and hard and painful and he knows that L could do it, that's the thing, he knows L has it in him.

He thinks so, anyway.

He's seen how L ties up suspects. He's seen the icy indifference in his big eyes when, speaking through a microphone, he would politely proceed with interrogation. For all his human compassion and warm regard, L nevertheless seems to Mello somehow patiently sadistic, and Mello wants that.

"Ah…" L says very quietly when at last he understands, "…so that's it."

Mello stares intensely; far be it from him to back down.

"Yeah," he says hoarsely, "that's it."

L's eyes rise up in thought, thumb nudging softly against his lower lip.

"Mello understands that this isn't something I wish to do."


"Please," Mello says quietly, and it's the only thing he can think of saying.

"You really want this."

Mello nods.

More silence.

L nods. "I will think it over."

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