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And then, as almost in mockery of predictable reassurance, there it is—real and crisp and bright, and, curiously enough, just as plain as any ordinary sheet of lined paper—

There is tension in the air, so much tension as, lips pressed together tightly, Mello stares directly at Light—

What can we do. What can we do. How does he—

And Light stares back, and nobody says a word as two sets of eyes fall on Light’s long fingers wrapped elegantly around the writing instrument.

And then Matt understands.

It isn’t real.

It really is just an ordinary sheet of lined paper.

She never was on their side—was she.

“They can’t know that you left this place alive,” Light whispers, “you understand now, don’t you.”

He doesn’t need to clarify who they are or how he knows that they sent them. There really is much more at play here than either of them ever knew.

Yes. Very slowly—very slowly, they both begin to understand.

She was never on L’s side, either.

They were actually meant to die on this mission.

If they left the cell alive, the FBI would get them, too.

Mello understands now that the purpose of the note Light is writing is to mislead those who find it into thinking they were already done for.

That is, so they won’t be tracked.

Had they the luxury of a choice, they might begin to ponder as to whether it is or isn’t wise to trust Light now, or whether or not they should collaborate with him on a plan for all three of them to escape.

But, never failing to live up to his reputation as L’s equal, Light continues to amaze them with sharp deductions.

“Don’t worry about that,”

he continues, soft dark eyes gazing at them from behind stray wisps of hair, and God, God he’s so beautiful,

“they never expected that you’d go through with your mission.”

Mello stares in fascination, and, through the fear and tension, he begins to feel the anger well within him.


Soft dark eyes close, and there’s just the smallest hint of a smile stretching across Light’s mouth.

“You love L, don’t you,”

He says softly, and, again without waiting for a reply, “you wouldn’t have killed me because of that.”




Mello’s teeth clench together in absolute rage, and he isn’t quite sure which desire burns more intense within him—

How badly he wants to know what exactly Light knows about him and his relation to L or how badly he wants to destroy Light for heartlessly using this to his own benefit.

But he keeps a tight reign on his temper as he fights desperately for composure, because they have to listen to Light now, they have to, or otherwise all three of them will—

Wait. Light didn’t bring this up merely to be heartless. There’s something more.

“They chose you guys for a reason. They expected you to forfeit. The only way out is to feign death. They expected you to up the dose in the anesthetic drip without adding the lethal injection.”

Matt and Mello stare back astonished. Misora even asked them to up the drip on Light’s IV as to make his death seem like an accident.

Almost to suggest to them to feign his murder.

Light watches Matt’s green eyes dart toward the IV; the drip really is suspiciously slow.

…but why?

“We don’t have much time,”

It comes again, and the boys watch Light’s slender form rise fluid from the mattress, and, leaving the note behind, he turns to them.

“And that’s what we’re gonna do.”

Mello understands. All three of them will use the IV to feign death. There will be no video footage of them escaping the cell because none of them will escape the cell.

The fake note Light prepared will lead investigators to believe he controlled their actions to overdose.

By the time they actually woke up, they’ll be out of the cell and well into the emergency unit of a hospital, under patient confidentiality and out of cameras’ reach.

“You first,”

Mello hisses, eyes narrowing, and he’s glaring at Light, because he wants to see that Light will actually use the IV drip on himself.

“Very well,”

Comes the soft voice, calm and polite as ever as long eyelashes come quietly down over cool brown eyes,

“But first, we need to figure something else out. We haven’t got much time—so we need the cameras to come back on soon. But not until after we’ve used the IV.”

Two sets of eyes turn simultaneously to Matt.



The guy really was good with his hands.

A lot can be said of Mello’s best mate, but one thing Mello had always known and silently respected about Matt was his fascinating talent with machinery.

To be continued…

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