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Mello gazes down at Matt, still stroking himself as he watches the
younger boy crawl closer. When Matt reaches him, his eyes roll up to meet
Mello’s, and it’s a look of pure admiration, and bringing his hands to
Mello’s thighs, he exhales softly. He tilts his head forward and quietly
presses his lips to the slick fingers loosely wrapped around the member,
kissing them slowly and lingering to taste them.

He then withdraws, and, very gently, takes hold of Mello’s trousers
from both sides, and he begins pulling them farther down.

“You’re so beautiful when you’re naked,” he whispers when Mello shifts
as to help him pull them off, and after Matt tosses the leather pants to
the floor, he turns his attention back to his friend. He runs his palms
along the soft flesh of Mello’s thighs down to his knees and back up, and
then he leans forth to kiss his flat stomach. He smiles up at him and,
winking, he pushes him backward, and Mello falls softly against
the mattress, gasping quietly as he lands on the sheet beneath.

“I’ll kill you,” Mello whispers very lightly, and, leaning down to kiss
his thigh, Matt smiles up at him from behind his hair,


He runs his tongue visibly against the soft flesh and then farther inward,
and, nodding, Mello replies, “yeah.”

“I better watch it then,” Matt murmurs, and, palms tight against Mello’s
thighs, he pulls the boy closer to him in one hard motion.

“Damn it, Matt…!”

Matt laughs quietly, burying his head between Mello’s thighs, breath
hot as he reaches out to tongue the small opening, and, hissing through
clenched teeth, Mello whispers,

“Matt, you dirty boy,”

Matt withdraws after a few moments, gazing down at the wet skin and
pressing against it slowly with one finger, “L was pretty big, wasn’t he,”
he murmurs, leaning in to lick at him again, “you had a lot of abuse that

Mello gasps, now lying entirely on his back, one leg gradually sliding
around Matt’s shoulder and down his back.

“It was—“

“Yeah, it was fine, wasn’t it,” Matt replies, drawing back a bit and
licking his lips slowly. He brushes his hair behind one ear, and, pressing
against Mello with his finger very gently, he asks,

“Does it still hurt?”

There comes a soft moan as Mello’s fingers brush very softly against
Matt’s hair, and they linger there for a moment,

“A little…”

“Aww,” Matt replies quietly, and he presses his lips down to kiss the
soft flesh below, “I’ll have to be very gentle then.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

He can feel Matt smiling against him, “You wannit rough?”

“I thought you were going to suck me off, Matt.”

“I changed my mind.”


Matt smiles and leans down to run his tongue against the opening again,

“I thought you wanted me to fuck you.”

“Yeah, so bloody do it already.”

Matt pulls his head back and raises his head up enough to gaze down
at Mello. His friend returns a look of pure frustration, yellow hair fanned
out on the sheet beneath and his slender legs folded elegantly over Matt’s
shoulders. Mello gazes back at him, and when Matt reaches with the back
of his hand to wipe the wetness from all around his mouth, Mello stop him,
smiling as he says hoarsely,


He pulls Matt closer to him and then kisses him very slowly, “you look
hot like that.

“Yeah?” Matt replies, leaning to kiss him again as he rises to his knees,
slowly pressing the head of his member against the slick opening.

And then he moves in with one hard motion, turning his head aside and
inhaling through clenched teeth.

He turns back slowly to look at Mello, pulling out and then moving back
in again, fingers sliding lightly against his leg,

“God, that’s good,” he whispers, and then he laughs quietly, and Mello
raises an eyebrow in amusement,

“Better than screwing L?”

Matt buries his head against Mello’s leg and smiles as he kisses the
skin there,

“Different,” he whispers, thinking that the question sounds so strange,
and he thrusts against Mello again.

“You know, I…” he trails off, slender body arching downward as he leans
to kiss Mello’s lips, “I don’t want this to hurt. For you.”

Mello could begin to protest and for what may be the hundredth time
reiterate that he can take it, but he doesn’t, and instead, he merely kisses
back, inhaling sharply as he feels Matt slide farther in.

“It doesn’t hurt,” he lies, and Matt doesn’t believe him, because he
knows that if it didn’t, Mello wouldn’t enjoy it this much.

“I’m glad,” he replies, knowing that saying anything else would only
irritate his friend.

But he nevertheless continues as gently as he knows how, moving softly
and slowly and never stopping to kiss Mello on his forehead and his lips
and his ear and his neck and, when really it’s become too painful and dry,
he stops, and despite whimpers and protests of annoyance, he withdraws
and, winking at Mello, obediently returns to licking at him again.

“Why are you being so nice,” Mello asks, staring down suspiciously,
and, running his tongue against his lips slowly, Matt thinks before replying.

“I thought this whole thing was kinda too much,” he murmurs.

“This whole thing?”

Matt raises his head from between Mello’s thighs and wipes at his mouth
with the back of his hand.

“I know you like being tied up and…and….”

...and abused to the point of bruising and slapped unconscious by
the guy you idolize—

“…and stuff,”

he continues, swallowing slowly,

“but I think…I think it got to the point that…”

that, oh, God, Mello, it hurt more to watch that than it would to
be beaten, myself—

 “…that you might like, you know, for me to…”

…to freaking save you from your own sick, masochistic fantasies and
protect you forever and ever and ever like I’ve always wanted to—

“…to be nice.”

And with that, Matt smiles and bats his eyelashes sarcastically, and
with the sign of approval that is the dismissive roll of Mello’s eyes,
he returns to licking at him, and Mello’s fingers run gently through his

“Yeah okay,” Mello replies, “be nice.”

Before Matt returns to screwing him, then, he runs his tongue quickly
along his hard member, passing over Mello’s long fingers that are loosely
entwined there, and then he whispers in his ear that, if Mello wants, he
can stop screwing him at any time if Mello would rather that he sucked
him off.

Because he changed his mind.



To be continued…




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