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Matt sighs very softly when L’s lips trace the side of his neck, and it’s a sigh of relief and delicate despair, and he finds himself hanging on with strange vulnerability until, ghosting against his lips, he feels L’s mouth moving as he speaks with quiet composure,

“Come on.”

He reaches after L when the boy withdraws, and then he opens his eyes, rubbing at his neck and looking at Mello for approval.

Mello stares expressionlessly at L walking toward him and then at Matt, eyes glistening and lips slightly parted, and he’s all but forgotten that the reason they’re there in the first place is to do stuff to him, and it’s all he can do to hold back from asking them why the hell they stopped and could they please do it again and what was it like, Matt, what was it like?

But then it gets better.

“So now Matt-kun should be okay with this,” L says, his back turned to the redhead, and before Matt can ask what he’s talking about, he notices that L is standing very close to Mello, and Mello is actually tilting his head away and squeezing his eyes shut and all but clenching his teeth and, with pure helplessness, he cries to Matt,

“Oh my God, Oh, Oh damn it, fuck, Matt, please tell him you’re okay with this…!”

And Matt sees that L’s hand is sliding behind Mello’s ear and into his hair, and now they are both looking at Matt for approval, L ever so calmly and Mello with absolute desperation, the delicate lines of ribs pressing hard against the skin at his chest as he breathes and trying uselessly to back away.

And because Matt can’t bring himself to answer at all, L does not kiss Mello, but merely turns his head back and gazes at him calmly. Mello stares back, stunned and miserable and almost painfully aroused, and his breath comes rapid and hoarse as he stares at L’s hand brushing softly against his cheek, lovingly, and as the white fingers brush the hair away from his face, he murmurs very quietly,

“Light-kun was almost exactly your age then.”

And through nearly unbearable frustration, Mello swallows hard, and then hears himself whisper,


L’s eyes flutter shut and he smiles, his slender thumb brushing against Mello’s temple with gentleness the boy has never known before, and this is more torture than Mello would ever feel from ropes and binds and whips and sterile sharps.

Matt continues to stare, moving his gaze from Mello to L and back, and, almost inaudibly, he mumbles,

“Oh, hell no…”

Mello flips his eyes to Matt, and he’s almost in tears from frustration, and, with pure torment, he all but begs Matt to please tell him what the hell is going on.

Matt swallows hard, fighting for composure, and raises his head to face Mello very slowly.

“Yagami Light,” he says, throat dry and voice hoarse, “That was Kira.”

Mello stares at Matt for several seconds, slowly digesting the full weight of his words. Then his eyes move to look at L, whose face is lined with distant serenity.

“That’s right,” he says at last, and then he begins withdrawing, but, almost in a panic, Mello calls to him,

“L, wait—!“

The older boy stops, and, breathing hard, Mello gazes back, for the first time that night truly wishing he wasn’t bound.

After several moments of silence, Mello regains some composure, and, trembling, he continues,

“Y—you and Kira…?”

Dark eyes look up through long, calm eyelashes, and, hands in his pockets, L smiles very sadly.

Mello tilts his head in astonishment.

“Kira was that young?”

“He was eighteen. No—seventeen.”

And suddenly, Mello finds that more than anything he would like to know what this whole thing was about, who Kira really was and what he was like and what exactly happened, because he was absolutely fascinated that, somewhere, at some point, there was a person who managed to affect L this much.

“What—was he like?”

L thinks for a long time. He doesn’t dare touch Mello again.

“Very sharp,” he says softly, “Political. Manipulative. Seductive.”

“Wow,” Mello replies quietly, because he’s never heard L speak of someone this way, and the notion that he was that far involved with Kira had never before crossed his mind.

“Was—was he anything like me?” he asks suddenly.

L looks up and actually laughs. “That’s a strange thing of Mello to ask.”

All but forgetting that Matt is there, Mello gazes back, his eyes searching L’s face, and, with genuine compassion, he murmurs,

“I don’t mind if you pretend I’m him, L, that’s—I mean, that’s totally okay by me.”

To be continued…

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