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Somehow, Light knows.

He knows, it seems, that Matt and Mello aren’t supposed to be there. He knows that they didn’t speak with L about this. He’s not even the least bit surprised that, mere moments following their very encounter, Mello didn’t hesitate to begin seducing him.

He never held back. He merely watches with quiet intensity, almost as if studying them, silently thinking, calculating even, Mello thinks.

Even as he disrobes Light of the single trace of modesty allowed to him—the sheet—and even as he all but consumes him with liquid blue eyes colored purely with want—even then he is entirely wary, suspicious and careful with all the focused intensity of a desert vulture, all the while fully aware that, of course, Light can see this, too.

And of course, here, too, he says nothing.

Certainly, then, Mello takes every liberty to proceed, the narrow corners of his mouth rising in contentment and appreciation as, voice low, he murmurs,

“Come on, Matt. Let’s touch Kira.”

And Matt is only quiet for about three seconds.

After that, he comes closer, climbing onto the mattress alongside his partner in crime, brushing aside any astonishment at Light’s unwavering acceptance.

Oh, surely this is the calm before the storm, he thinks, but before the storm comes, yes, he thinks he rather would very much like to touch Kira.

“Do you think,” Mello asks even as he leans in again to kiss Light’s neck, “that if we told him what we did with L—“

he stops mid-sentence, fingertips running tentatively along the bare chest,

“—that he would be so kind as to tell us…”

“…to tell us what L did with him?”

Matt asks, voice low and hoarse as he watches Mello, and then, as of their own accord, his fingers reach for Mello’s coat and begin pulling it off.

Light blinks, long eyelashes batting quietly, in slow motion. Mello remembers that of all the things he’s mentioned, perhaps the bit about their intimacy with L was the sole mention that seemed at all to stir him.

“Do you want to know?”

Mello whispers, and now he tilts his head up, face inching closer as his eyes dart from Light’s mouth to his eyes and back,

“Light Yagami.”

There runs a chill through Light’s spine as he hears his name spoken like that, oddly short-syllabled like a regular word in English; L’s accent in Japanese was impeccable and, despite being English, even he had pronounced his name Lighto.


Very softly, he grins, and his smile doesn’t fade even as Mello seizes his mouth, almost as if he consoles himself with the knowledge that these are the lips that kissed L.

No. Nonsense. Light never loved anyone.

He’s merely seductive.

But really, he does it so well that Mello can almost forgive him—he’s so gentle and sensual and soft, like silk, like water, like liquid poison.

“You were a good boy, weren’t you,”

Mello whispers against his mouth, because Mello was a bad boy, but even though Light was raised sheltered in the ideal nurturing setting where he could comfortably flourish as the perfect son he was, growing up orphaned and alone didn’t keep Mello from over-achieving at least as much as he.

In the end, overtly or covertly, they both knew the meaning of death.

But only Mello knew the metal feel of a gun resting heavy against the moist palm of his hand.

“Were you a virgin when he took you,”

he continues, and now, hair standing on end, Matt claws gently at Mello’s shirt, proceeding to slide it off his body and toss it to the floor.

Light hesitates before he replies, and both Mello and Matt practically shiver with satisfaction when he tells them that, yes, he was.

So they really did it then,

Matt thinks, and also he remembers that when Mello asked L if he restrained Light the way he did to him, L replied that no, what he did to Light was far worse.

It must have been very nice, isn’t that right, L must have gotten quite a kick out of that.

They almost feel remorse for Light, but Light never loved anyone.

But despite it all, it’s impossible not to want him, and, bare chest against bare chest, Mello leans closer, bony arms encircling around Light’s neck as he begins kissing him again, and it’s with some difficulty now that Matt reaches forth to unravel the buckle at Mello’s belt.

“Stop doing that,” Mello gasps, stopping long enough to break for air, “you’re the one L showed what he likes, you should be doing this.”

Matt smiles shyly, reluctant even now to take the lead, and it is then that Mello realizes that Light really does look a bit like him, and he thinks he really would very much like to watch them kiss.

Also, he very much would like to get some kind of reaction out of Light, who’s been almost exasperatingly quiet all throughout.

Matt, of course, has been at least as curious about Kira as Mello. And, despite his reluctance and despite being shy, Matt is good with his hands, deceptively careful and attentive.

“You’re wondering, aren’t you,” Mello says, now turning to Light, “you’re wondering what we did with L.”

He withdraws, sighing almost with regret as his lip clings softly to Light’s, and he knows the boy is reaching after him, and it flatters him to no end.

Gaze still unbroken, he reaches with one hand for Matt’s arm, and he pulls him closer.

“Kiss him,” he whispers to Matt, “I wanna watch.”

What if he doesn’t want to, though?

Matt thinks,

What if he doesn’t want to kiss either one of us?

And then, in a hauntingly familiar gesture of compassion, Light actually smiles at Matt, and, polite as ever, he says,

“It’s okay. Go ahead.”

And Mello and Matt stop in place.

He really is very similar to L.

And there definitely is something very strange going on.

To be continued…

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