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When suddenly Mello feels the unwelcome intrusion of digits against him, he bucks upward in fury, kicking Matt and quite nearly tossing him off, and as they wrestle, hitting and swearing at each other, Matt somehow manages to keep them in, to Mello's absolute annoyance.

He bites whatever's in reach, canines sinking into Matt's shoulder and drawing blood, and Matt curses and murmurs something about how this kitten has fangs, but he does not let go, nor does he withdraw his hand, and after he continues moving his fingers in what is clearly a deliberate intent to show dominance, Mello actually begins to grow quiet.

He actually allows this for several seconds before, all at once, he swings hard against the side of Matt's face, finally throwing him off. He looks down to the floor at Matt, who stares up at him, breathing hard and wiping at the side of his mouth, where a small trickle of blood has begun to make its way down to his chin.

Mello glares, eyes piercing murderously from behind disheveled strands of hair, and, as he begins sliding off the bed, he mutters,

"If you're gonna fuck me, bloody do it right."

He steps over the younger boy, standing above him with one foot on either side of his waist, and, reaching down, grabs a handful of hair at the back of Matt's neck and forces him up toward his waist.

"Suck," he says expressionlessly, hard member pointing directly at him.

Because he can't move his head, Matt merely rolls his eyes to look up at Mello, and he can see that there is no argument to be had, so he complies.

Eyes still locked on Mello's, he leans slightly forward as far as he can, tongue reaching out slightly toward him, and Mello watches in silence, hand tight in his hair and hips unmoving.

Matt tries to reach, and he knows Mello is deliberately holding back, and, licking his lips slowly, he lowers his eyes toward the boy's waist and then back up to meet his gaze, and finally Mello lets him have it, shoving against him and pressing his head tightly forward.

Matt allows it, one hand gripping hard at Mello's hip in an attempt to press him closer, the other pressed against his own jeans, feeling himself through the wet denim.

"Good boy," Mello breathes quietly, hand still tight in Matt's hair.

It's with some difficulty that he ultimately manages to withdraw from in-between Matt's lips, forcing his head steady in place as he comes against him, and Matt squints and cringes as the warm liquid drips down his cheeks and his lips and his chin down to Mello's fingers holding his face.

Matt's eyes flutter open and he looks up at the older boy, who, after examining him for a few moments, leans closer, and, thumb still tight against Matt's lip, kisses him slowly.

After Mello withdraws, Matt continues staring at him, licking at the digit at his lips, and, very quietly, whispers,


Mello looks down with feigned curiosity.

"Please what?"

Matt's eyes close in frustration. "Please, Mello…"

Mello reaches his fingers to his mouth and licks at them slowly. "Yeah…?"

"Please let me…"

Mello continues looking down expressionlessly, moist fingers at his lips.

"You want me to ride you?"

Bordering on desperation, Matt replies, "Yeah…yes, I want you to ride me…"

"Is that so?"

"…yeah… that's so." He swallows slowly. "…Please…"

Blue eyes stare without expression as Mello considers, licking at his fingers slowly.

"Okay then, he says at last, now moving down to his knees and allowing Matt to pull at his leather pants just enough to fold them to his thighs, and, holding his breath, Matt watches as Mello's hair falls in a soft cascade covering his face, the bony articulations of shoulders and arms shifting as he positions himself against Matt.

He sighs in tremendous relief when at last he's in, eyelashes flickering and mouth slightly agape and fingers trailing against the leather at Mello's legs.

When he opens his eyes long enough to look at Mello, he finds himself curiously fascinated by the red flush at his cheeks and the sweat glistening at his neck, and he watches his own fingers take the zipper at Mello's vest and pull it down. Mello doesn't seem to mind, and after Matt has drawn the zipper, he reaches up to kiss the boy's chest, and suddenly he feels delirious and infatuated and he presses his lips to the sternum and ribs and clavicular ridge.

He bites at the skin very softly, and Mello presses him more tightly against him, forcing Matt to bite hadrer and not letting him go even when it's over.


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