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"S—sorry," Mello says quietly, and yet he still doesn't let go, but
he thinks he can't take his eyes off L's face, and it's Matt who speaks
up instead.

"Mello," he says, still fully dressed and peering at him from breside
the desk, and then, lowering his voice, "L wants to--you know--"

His eyes roll up to look at the older boy, and then back down at Mello's
hands, and he doesn't say any more because L knows everything anyway.

Mello continues staring at L, transfixed, lips brushing gently against
the still-hard member at his mouth, until, very slowly, he feels Matt's
fingers wrap around his hand.

"Let me—"

This seems to break the spell, and Mello flips his head in Matt's direction.

"What are—"

"Sorry, L," he says, then proceeds to take him into his mouth, but Mello
pushes him away.

"What do you think you're doing...?"


"You've already had—"

"I—I wanted to again and—"

"Well, you can't now, cause now I'm—"

Then Matt takes the member between his lips, despite Mello's hand wrapped
possessively around it, and despite being tired and on the verge of injury,
Mello pushes him away, gritting his teeth, and begins fighting him for
it, to L's vast amusement.

L allows this to go on for several minutes until he thinks he's had
enough, and then down come the palms of his hands on top of their heads
and he draws them back.

"While I can't help feeling flattered by this charming rivalry, I think
that Mello had something else in mind."

Mello and Matt look up, each with one hand still grasping him selfishly.

"Move it, Matt," Mello deadpans, not taking his eyes off L.

"You too, Mello," L says quietly, and finally they both let go.


“Mello doesn’t want it gentle, does he,” L asks quietly, sliding off
the desk and letting go of the leash.

“I want it any way you want to give it to me,” Mello hears himself murmur,
but L knows better.

“Hey, Mello,”

Matt asked once upon a time when they were doing homework in the lounge,
“How do you change the size of the font on your computer?”

He was scrolling through his laptop, trying to access a file for class.

Mello glanced over; the font was nearly microscopic, and Matt must have
done something to make it that way and now he didn’t remember what.

 “Let me see,” Mello said, putting down the game he was holding
and pushing his friend away from the chair. It was one of those puzzles
made of metal wires tangled up in complex ways that you had to unravel,
and Mello had nearly gotten it figured out, and when he had it figured
out, he was going to show it to L, and L was going to be very proud of
him because this puzzle was supposed to be hard.

“Okay, so,” he said, finger on the mouse pad, “I’m guessing you go to
settings….um…” he proceeded to open the control panel when he noticed Matt
reaching for the puzzle.

“Don’t,” he said, reaching for it, “I’ve almost got it solved.”

“Heh. That’s what you said last night.”

“Yeah well,  I thought I was gonna solve it last night. Come on,
give it,” he said, now turning his head toward the younger boy in agitation
and reaching for the thing.

“I won’t change it, I’m just looking.”


Then came the sound of voices approaching, and both boys turned their
heads to the door to see if it was L, in which case Mello needed to hide
the puzzle because he wasn’t going to tell him he was working on it until
he figured it out.

“Give it,” he hissed, grabbing it from Matt’s hands with his eyes still
fixed on the entrance, but it turned out it wasn’t L – it was just Roger
and one of the instructors.

“Good,” Mello said, but part of him was disappointed, and part of him
kind of wanted L to know he was working on the puzzle in order to show
him how good he was at solving it.

Still now, Mello finds himself perpetually wishing that L would walk
into the room while he’s doing projects, and still now he wishes that L
would know that Mello is solving puzzles in order to show him how good
he is at solving them.

And even now, delirious with love and arousal and pain, part of him
is cognizant enough to feel self conscious that he’s reduced merely to
infatuation and lust, but he knows that L knows better.

“Oh, there he is,”

Mello exclaimed, putting down his fork and practically leaping out of
his seat.

Matt watched him trot across the dining room, finished puzzle in his hand, to the entrance, where L
and Watari have just come in.

It took him a few hours more to solve it, and he had it with him at

“L!” Mello said, face flushed from running and eyes beaming in satisfaction,
“look, look at this.”

L and Watari stopped and L waved to him, and Matt watched from the table
as Mello held the puzzle up to L and explained it and showed him how it
used to be and how he solved it, and then he let L take it and L was smiling
and probably asking him stuff, Matt really couldn’t hear and, really, he
didn’t care, and he wondered if he should care, but really he thought he
only cared about how happy Mello seemed to be and how funny his hair looked
bouncing like that when he ran.

Mello still looks funny, Matt thinks, with his long hair and his wicked
smile, and Matt loves how he looks, because really, he thinks the funny
way Mello looks is very sexy. And it’s with absolute amusement that Matt
watches L take Mello’s right leg in his hand and, looking directly at him,
bring him against the wall.

Matt thinks he’s never seen Mello put such blind trust in anyone. Mello
wraps his arms around L’s slender neck and presses his head back when it
goes in, and, one palm flat against the wall, L thrusts hard against him,
and Mello’s breath comes fast and desperate, hands tightening around the
older boy and fingers running tentatively against the white skin and through
his soft hair.

His curiosity about Kira seems to have faded, and now he can barely
think at all, and all he can do is stare into L’s eyes with pure admiration,
thinking that L is perfect, he really is perfect.

Is it okay to kiss him? He wonders, and while he’s actually kissed
him already, that still doesn’t mean that it’s okay.

“Mello likes these puzzles?”

“Yeah, and this, this one, at first it was like this—“ Matt watched
Mello make a curved motion with his finger to show how the loops and turns
were hooked at the beginning, “and at first I thought you have to move
it this way, but then it turns out what you have to do is first you have
to move it like this—“

Matt watched as L nodded in genuine curiosity, and he could tell that
he really was impressed, and ultimately L told Mello that it really is
very hard to solve these puzzles and Mello seemed to beam with absolute
ecstasy when L asked if he could keep it and try to get it back to the
way it was at the beginning.

And when, flushed and excited and out of breath, Mello returned at last
to the table, Matt smiled around his fork and asked Mello how it went.
“Oh, man, awesome, it was totally sweet, did you see how he like—and—and
I gave him the puzzle so he can solve it too.” Matt let Mello keep talking
for a while, but he wasn’t really listening, because it was more interesting
to look at how excited and cute he was when he talked like that and also
there were curly fries tonight and Matt liked those, and actually he ate
Mello’s after he finished his own, but Mello didn’t seem to mind.

Mello still looks very cute now, when, flushed and excited, he smiles
at L with infinite fascination, and L smiles back, moving against him without
the roughness and sadistic cruelty that Mello might have wanted, but with
the same gentle affection that L showed him many years ago when, drawing
back the blinds that warm night, he grinned and said, “see you in the morning.”

And at last, Mello moves closer to L, and like he’s always wanted to,
he covers him with kisses, and L closes his eyes and laughs, losing his
concentration and almost losing hold of Mello’s leg.

“That’s cute,” Matt thinks, playing with the twisted end of a pen cap
he’s been chewing, and he wonders what they should have for dinner afterward,
and also he thinks he wants to screw Mello later that night because Mello
looks really sexy.


To be continued…



** Author's note:
I don't usually leave notes because I think you came here to read the story, not listen to me yak, but I like to think this one is for the readers' benefit. If you're into L/Light at all, you may know there's a very dirty and hot Death Note yaoi doujin game called Bound Prince featuring this pairing. As of yet it is only available in Japanese but some friends have been helping me with an unofficial translation, and what we have so far is here My goal is to eventually have the entire game translated, including all the very dirty images.


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