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Mello has been so consumed in his thoughts that he hasn’t noticed how intensely Light has been staring at him.

“You’re his heir then,” Light says suddenly in what seems like a moment of revelation, and then after a pause, “he must really trust you.”

Both Mello and Matt stare back in astonishment.

It is with the most unsettling bout of fear that they begin to understand that there really is more to him than seductive beauty: he really is very sharp.

Neither of them understands how he could have known that. And, gradually, Matt begins also to wonder how it is that Light knew to address them in English before either of them spoke a single word to him.

Before they even removed his blindfold.

More unsettling is the fact that, Mello realizes, Light must either wonder why they’re there or he already figured out that they’ve come to kill him—but neither asks nor speaks of this at all.

Even as Mello begins to run his fingers down the soft curve of Light’s shoulder, he grows more wary and suspicious of him by the minute.

Long eyelashes come down over soft brown eyes as Light exhales very quietly, and, just looking at him, suspicion and all, Matt realizes it must have been a very long time since anyone has touched him that way.

Watching Mello begin to seduce Light is somehow oddly familiar to Matt and somehow nearly identically to the way that L seduced Mello when he was bound.

“He told us about you,” Mello says, breath coming moist against Light’s temple, and Light doesn’t seem at all surprised.

“Did he tell you about the Death Note?” Light asks without shame, because that sort of information has been made widely public years ago.

“I learned on my own,” Mello replies, his long fingers clawing at the dark velvet cover sliding loosely down from Light’s abdomen, “I read a lot about it.”

“Is that so,” comes the reply, and Matt gazes on, strangely transfixed and curious that Light does not at all resist.

“And death Gods, did you read a lot about that, as well?”

Characteristically serious and intense, Mello’s eyes flip up toward Light’s.

“Yeah,” he replies, and while he’s never spoken with L about this directly, he remembers that the topic made him very uneasy.

But Light smiles. And, God, he is beautiful when he smiles, Mello realizes, and, the more he looks at him, the better he can understand why L loved him so much.

Light doesn’t say much; even as he’s subdued and subjugated, restrained and secured and anesthetized, naked and vulnerable and shackled, even then he maintains an elegant, gentle dignity and piercing intelligence that entirely humbles Mello and Matt.

Even now they can understand that, Kira or not, Light is no ordinary person.

Mello motions for Matt to come closer, and the younger boy hesitates, still very uneasy about the whole thing. Both he and Mello are terrified about being there in the first place, and now, instead of carrying out the job, they’re touching Kira, which they were told explicitly not to do.

Feeling Matt’s unease all too well, Mello laughs quietly, “I thought we live on the edge, Matty,” he murmurs, gazing up through his hair even as he leans in to run his tongue against Light’s neck, “I know you’ve wanted to do this since L showed you how.”

“I—“ Matt chokes on his words, but Mello continues,

“In the bath, with L, when you and he—“

He smiles, still looking up at Matt as he kisses Light’s chest, because Mello notices things too, and he noticed the slightest expression on surprise flash through Light’s features when he spoke of their time in the bath.

“Don’t freak out,” he says to Matt, “it’s not like I told him your real name.”

“That’s not funny!” Matt actually appears irritated.

“Don’t let that worry you,” comes suddenly Light’s soft voice, “I don’t have the Death Note anymore.”

That’s right. It was destroyed. Wasn’t it?

“Then—“ Mello realizes suddenly, “then how do you remember—?”

And then, with the most heartbreaking of smiles, Light gazes back, and he says nothing, and it is then that Mello and Matt understand.

He doesn’t.

He really doesn’t remember, and yet he’s here, tied up and shackled and just barely at all alive.

Which means—

Which means that despite the fact that he doesn’t remember, going only on what he knows and what he has learned, he completely believes that he really was Kira, or even that he reasoned this on his own.

Oh, God.

It must be awful.

And this is what it takes for Matt to overcome his anxiety about it all, and what makes him at last realize that perhaps, in this case, things aren’t really all very well cut, and maybe this isn’t fair, and maybe the FBI isn’t being fair, and maybe Light isn’t really Kira at all and therefore maybe he really shouldn’t be—

But there it is again, that irking pain in the back of his thoughts that L knows.

Of course, L knows.

And really, it is L who is responsible for the way Light is held under arrest.

Something isn’t right.

He remembers suddenly that L described Light as very sharp. Political. Manipulative. Seductive.

Both he and Mello feel it; there’s something else at play—something very strange—

And very frightening.

It’s almost hard to think so, however, when they gaze at the boy before them, beautiful and calm even as he accepts the severity of his sentence with uninterrupted grace.

It’s almost aggravating to them, because everything about him all but radiates one undeniable word:


To be continued…

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