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Chapter 14 - Keitaro’s big day out pt.1

Making his way through the palace grumbled at being denied access to his sisters beautiful cunny; completely missing the blushes and leers from the slaves that he passed as he tried to track down Amalla. So frustrated he never noticed Yuna fall into step next to him until she reached out and groped his cock. “Is everything alright Master?”

Letting out a soft moan at her touch Keitaro stopped walking and smiled at her “I’m fine Yuna-chan.” He told her.

“Then must you wander around without any clothes on?” she wondered as she stroked his chest and ran her fingers up and down his shaft. “All the slaves are positively aflutter about being able to see your thick cock waving about.”

“S-Sorry. I didn’t mean to cause any trouble.” He replied.

“It’s no trouble Master.” Yuna assured him “Well, apart from most of the slaves stopping what they’re doing to gossip about how impressive their soon to be Master is.” She purred seductively as she wrapped her arms around his neck “Come to think of it, you haven’t met most of the slaves yet have you? I’m sure they’re all looking forward to seeing if the rumours are true.” She smiled.

“I-I’d like to meet them too.” He replied as his hands fell to her hips and slid under her skirt to cup her soft rear.

Gasping slightly as she rubbed herself against him Yuna asked “Where were you going Master?”

“I...I was going to go see Amalla-san.” He replied as he groped her.

“Well, it wouldn’t be proper for you to prioritise the slaves over their Mistress.” She smiled as she ran her thumb over his thick tip. “Perhaps when you are finished with her we shall go introduce you to them.”

“Sure.” He nodded his head as he leaned down to kiss her soft lips.

As he moved his lips lower down to her collarbone Yuna let out a soft gasp with a smile on her face. “ah, Master. Didn’t we just agree that it is not right for a slave should to be prioritised above her mistress?”

“I’m not prioritising.” He argued as he kissed the stiff nipple that was poking through her thin top while his hand slipped beneath the fabric and gently massaged the other large mound. “This is just convenience.” He said, sucking on her teat.

“mmm, it is not a slaves place to question her Masters wishes.” She agreed as he unlaced the top and allowed the garment to fall from her chest. Lightly nipping at the nipple in his mouth and tweaking the other between his thumb and forefinger. “You taste nice Yuna-chan.” He smiled as he flicked his tongue against the hard nub.

“Thank you Master.” She purred as he kissed his way down her body until he was kneeling in front of her. Kissing her bellybutton Keitaro gently tugged on her skirt until it fell from her hips and pooled around her ankles.

Staring at her bald pussy Keitaro hungrily licked his lips. “No panties Yuna-chan?” he asked.

“I thought my Master would prefer for me to be ready for him whenever he wanted me.” She informed him as she spread her legs more to show herself off to him “Would you prefer I did otherwise?”

“I don’t mind.” He smiled at her “But I do like the idea of being able to pull them down myself.”

“I shall bear that in mind Master.” She said breathily; her breathing becoming more ragged as she felt his warm breath caress her thighs and sensitive mound.

Smiling at her Keitaro reached up to grasp her firm ass cheeks and leaned forward to press his lips to hers causing the tanned slave to gasp. Smiling at her reaction Keitaro extended his tongue to lightly brush against her clit which made Yuna’s knees weaken and her juices start to drool out of her beautiful snatch. Sliding one hand down to her twat and gently inserting a finger into her cunny caused her to moan. “Is this good Yuna-chan?” he asked as he took her clit between his lips.

“That’s wonderful Matser.” She groaned as she grasped his hair and pulled his face closer to her cunny.

Pulling out his finger and finding it drenched in her juices kitaro slipped it into his mouth and started to suck “You’re delicious Yuna-chan.” He smiled.

“Please Master.” Yuna smiled down at him as she spread her lips with two fingers “Have as much as you like.”

“Thank you Yuna-chan.” He accepted as he pressed his lips to her pink flesh and extended his tongue to delve into her tight love channel. Feeling his wet muscle squirm inside of her Yuna moaned loudly and her juices started to flow onto his tongue. Greedily drinking down her juices Keitaro slid his tongue in and out of her cunny making her cry out in pleasure. When she started to rock her hips to rub her pussy against his face Keitaro withdrew his tongue from her hole and slid it up to her clit and wrapped her lips around the sensitive nub causing her juices to flow out over his chin.

As Keitaro quickly moved his mouth to cover her mound and drink down her gushing juices Yuna laced her fingers through his hair and ground her pussy against his face. “That’s good Master.” Yuna moaned as she humped his face. As she felt his tongue run along her labia Yuna mewed “Master, please play with my clit.” Grinning up at her Keitaro pulled his lips from her pussy and started to kiss her thigh; lapping up the juices that soaked her legs. “Master, what are you doing?” she asked as she thrust her hips against face.

“Teasing you.” He smiled as he lightly bit her thigh.

“But why?” she moaned “Isn’t Yuna a good slave?” she pouted cutely.

“A very good slave.” He agreed.

“Then why won’t you let me cum?” she pouted.

“Because you taste so good.” He smiled as he ran his tongue along the trickle of girl juice running down her leg “And look at all I have to drink when you haven’t cum.”

“But if you make me cum you can drink a lot more.” she pointed out.

“Is that so?” Keitaro wondered innocently. “But what about Kotomi-chan? Is it fair that you get to cum while she works?”

“I’m sure she won’t mind.” She purred “Especially if we don’t tell her.”

“Naughty Yuna-chan.” He smiled at her. “I can’t believe that you would be so mean to Kotomi-chan.” He said as he held his tongue under her cunny to catch her dripping juices.

“Not at all Mater.” Yuna objected; gasping as his tongue teasingly brushed against her lips. “You know how embarrassed she gets when you see her cum. I merely wish to save her the embarrassment.”

“I see.” He smiled as he brought her finger up to gently tickle and run along her pussy lips while he flicked her erect clit with his tongue. “Then I’d best make you cum hadn’t I?” he wondered as he slipped his tongue between her folds. Holding onto her ass Keitaro squeezed her firm cheek as he wiggled his tongue inside of her; loving the taste of her juices as it flowed over his tongue and into his mouth.

Grasping his hair Yuna ground her pussy against his face while moaning loudly. “That’s good Master.” She moaned “Thank you for being so kind to your slave.” Instead of answering Keitaro smiled and increased the speed of his thrashing tongue; thrusting it in and out of her love channel to caress and scrape against her hymen to make her whole body quiver as she came.

Drinking down every drop of her juices that sprayed out of her cunny Keitaro ran his tongue along her lips to collect any juices that coated her lips before kissing his way up her body; dipping his tongue into her belly button and lightly sucked on her nipple before capturing her lips. Still squeezing her rear Keitaro nuzzled against her face with a smile. “Did you like that Yuna-chan?” he asked.

“I loved it Master.” She purred as she lightly kissed his lips; tasting her own juices on his lips. Sliding her hands down his chest Yuna grasped his thick shaft and fondled his balls. “May I return the favour Master?” she asked sweetly.

Moaning as he nuzzled into her face Keitaro said “Please...”

Grinning at him Yuna lightly kissed his lips before slowly kissing her way down his body until she was kneeling in front of him. Maintaining eye contact with her master Yuna pumped her fist up and down his long shaft before taking his tip into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around his thick cock head Yuna teasingly stroked his slit to coax more of his pre-cum from his cock. “That feels good Yuna-chan.” He moaned as he gently grasped the back of her head and tried to slide deeper into her mouth only for Yuna to press the palms of her hands to his hips to stop him from forcing anymore of his cock into her mouth. “Yuna-chan?” he wondered. “What are you doing?”

Spitting out his tip she smiled as she gently caressed his slit with her tongue. “I’m teasing you.” She purred.

“Why?” he smiled down at her and stroked her cheek. “Aren’t I a good Master?”

“A very good Master.” She agreed “But you taste so good and look at all I have to drink when you haven’t cum.” She pointed out as she extended her tongue to catch the stream of pre-cum leaking from his tip.

“But if I cum you’ll get a lot more to drink.” He told her.

“Really?” she wondered. “And what about my precious Kotomi? Is it fair that I get to have Masters thick, tasty cum while she works?”

“I’m sure that I’ll have enough stamina to take care of her as well.” He smiled.

“I see.” She purred as she ran her thumb over his tip to smear it with his pre-cum “Then I had best make you cum hadn’t I?” she wondered as she started to pump her fist up and down his length before taking his tip into her mouth.

Letting out a small sigh as Yuna’s lips were sealed around his crown and her tongue twirled around his tip Keitaro moaned out. “That feels good Yuna-chan.”

Smiling at his praise Yuna continued to orally please her master as she brought her hand up to roll his balls between her fingers. As he reached down to run his fingers through her hair they heard a voice murmur “Master...”

Tearing her eyes away from Keitaros face Yuna saw Yuki pressing herself into Keitaro’s side.

“Hey Yuki-chan.” Keitaro smiled as he removed one hand from the back of Yuna’s head and slid it around to cup her perfect ass.

“What are you up to Master?” she wondered as she hugged Keitaro around his waist and rested her head against his chest.

“I was on my way to see Amalla-san when I got distracted by Yuna-chan.” He smiled as he thrust his hips forward to go deeper into Yuna’s mouth.

“What about you?” Yuna asked as she narrowed her eyes up at the petite slave.

“I heard that Master was wondering around without any clothes on so I wanted to see if it was true.” She smiled as she kissed his nipple.

“Don’t you have duties to attend to?” Yuna asked around Keitaro’s cock.

“Nothing that can’t wait.” Yuki smiled as she leaned up to kiss Keitaro. Tasting Yuna’s juices on her lips Yuki smiled down at the slave on her knees. “It tastes like you have been neglecting your duties to play with Master.”

“I am Master’s personal slave. My duty is to play with Master however he wants.” Yuna frowned at her.

“Then perhaps Master would like to play with me?” she asked as she brought his hand around to rest against her wet mound.

Rubbing his fingers along her soaked pussy lips Keitaro nodded his head “Sure.” He smiled.

Returning his smile Yuki reached up to undo the clasp of her top to let it fall to the floor and reveal her tiny breasts. “Do you like my breasts Master?” she asked sweetly.

“Yes...” he murmured as his hand left her bald cunny to slid up her caramel skin to cup her small tit and stroked her stiff nipple with his thumb. “They’re beautiful.” He told her.

Smiling gratefully at him Yuki allowed her skirt to fall around her ankles “What about down here?” she asked.

Sliding his hand back down to her mound he slowly slid a finger into her pussy. “You’re beautiful here too.” He smiled at the way Yuki gasped as his finger brushed up against her maidenhead.

“And here?” she asked as she stepped backwards and turned around before bending at the waist to show him that perfect ass of hers.

“Especially here.” He replied as he licked his lips and thrust his hips forward deeper into Yuna’s throat; the slave gagging slightly as she felt his girth swell inside her gullet. Reaching out Keitaro lovingly caressed the perfect, tanned ass before sliding his had between her legs to caress her pussy lips which made her moan and shake her ass as she rocked her hips back and forth so that his fingers rubbed her wet cunny lips. “Is this good Yuki-chan?” he wondered.

“Yes Master...” she moaned.

Smiling at her Keitaro pulled his hand away from her cunny and sucked her juices from his fingers “You’re so tasty Yuki-chan.” He told her. “Can I taste more?” he asked.

“Anything for you Master.” She told him breathily as she looked over her shoulder at him.

Giving her ass a grateful caress Keitaro reached out around her waist and pulled her against him. Lightly pressing his lips to hers Keitaro removed his hand from the back of Yuna’s head to grasp Yuki by her hips and picked her up; causing the slave girl to cry out in excited surprise.

Lifting her up into the air Keitaro let her slip her slender legs over her shoulders and pulled her closer so that he could run his tongue along her bald snatch. Grasping his hair for purchase Yuki crossed her legs behind his head and started to rock her hips against his face. “That’s good Master...” she gasped.

Smiling into her pussy Keitaro shifted his hands from her hips to grasp her firm ass cheeks as he slid his tongue passed her puffy pussy lips. As he tongue fucked her Keitaro scraped her innermost walls and brushed against her hymen, his nose rubbed against her swollen clit; making her juices flow out onto his tongue. Loving the taste Keitaro wiggled his tongue inside of her tight channel and sucked hard on her mound as his fingers slid between her cheeks and pressed a finger against her anus. As soon as his finger penetrated her tightest entrance Yuki moaned loudly as she arched her back and bucked her hips against his face as she came.

Feeling her tighten around his tongue and his mouth being flooded with her sweet juices Keitaro thrust his hips forward so that he was buried in Yuna’s tight throat as her came; his thick juices pouring down her gullet to fill her stomach. Drinking down ever drop she gave him Keitaro pumped his finger in and out of her ass as he slowly lowered her; running his tongue along her pussy and up her smooth stomach only to stop when he reached her hard nipple and took the stiff nub and her whole, tiny breast into his mouth to suck upon.

As she wrapped her arms around his head and legs around his waist Yuki nuzzled into Keitaro’s hair “You’re good at this Master...” she purred.

Spitting out her teat Keitaro smiled up at her “I’ve had some practice.” He smiled at her as he withdrew his finger and gently lowered her to the floor so that she was standing with her pussy pressed into the back of Yuna’s head.

“It shows.” She smile as she leaned up to kiss him, her cunny rubbing against the back of Yuna’s head to force his cock deeper into her mouth and to wet her hair with her juices.

Giving her soft rear a loving caress Keitaro broke the kiss and rested his head against hers. “Do you want to come visit Amalla-san with me and Yuna-chan?” he asked.

“I’d love to but...” she said as she as bit her bottom lip “I have duties that I must attend to.” She pouted.

“I see.” He replied as he groped and squeezed her ass. “That’s too bad.”

“But how about I come visit you in your room tonight once all my duties are finished?” she suggested. “Then we can spend some private time together; I can regale you with all the delights small breasts can offer you and you can play with my ass as much as you like.” She offered as she licked her lips.

“I’d like that.” He smiled as he cupped one of her small breasts and lightly tweaked her nipple.

Letting out a gasp Yuki smiled and said “Until then Master.” She purred as she grasped his hand and slid it down to allow him to cup her mound for a brief moment before leaving his embrace and continuing on her way. She had gotten half way down the hallway when two arms encircled her waist.

“What a sneaky slave you are.” Yuna purred into her ear as she lightly tugged on her nipples.

“I...I don’t know what you mean.” She gasped with a smile as she arched her back and rolled her head back onto Yuna’s shoulder.

“I’m sure you don’t.” She smiled at her “Just so you know I plan on joining you with Kotomi just to make sure.” She assured her.

“Make sure of what?” she asked she ground that perfect rear of hers against Yuna’s crotch.

“That you behave.” Yuna smiled as she slid a hand down to pinch her clit. “I don’t have to remind you that he is not truly our Master yet, do I? And that on the off chance that he doesn’t become our master you must be pure for the next one.”

“I-I know, but Master-” she started.

“But we can’t risk it.” Yuna told her softly. “Until he is married to the Mistresses you are only allowed to use your mouth and your ass to convince Master to marry our Mistresses.” She purred and slid a hand around to spread her ass cheeks and slipped a finger inside her anus to make her gasp. “Though, you probably won’t have to worry about that. He’ll want to fuck you in this perfect ass of yours.” She smirked as she squeezed her ass roughly and continued “In fact, don’t let him fuck you up here either.” She ordered her as she wiggled her finger in her ass. “Tease and tantalise him with promises of letting him do as he wants with your tight slutty ass so long as he becomes our Master.” She ordered her as she leaned down to lightly nip at her neck.

Letting out a gasp Yuki reached back and felt how wet Yuna’s pussy was. “You really want him to be our Master don’t you?” she asked as she ran her fingers up and down her puffy pussy lips.

“I want our Mistresses to be happy and Master can make them happy.” She replied as she slid her finger into her ass all the way up to her knuckle. “I am willing to do anything to make that happen.”

“As am I.” Yuki replied as she turned around to face Yuna.

“I’m sure you will.” she grinned as she started to finger Yuki’s pussy “And I’ll be there just to make sure you don’t get carried away.”

“You’re so mean.” Yuki pouted cutely as she rocked her hips against Yuna’s invading finger. “I don’t know why Kotomi loves you so much.”

“The same reason you love me.” Yuna replied with a breathy giggle as she slid her finger deep enough to bump against Yuki’s maidenhead to make the girl gasp. “You’ve got a masochistic steak that means you love having me torment you.” She purred as she strummed her clit with her thumb as she continued to finger fuck her. “Now off you go or I won’t let you play with Master at all.” She threatened as she sent the slave on her way with a playful smack on her gorgeous rear.

Wandering back to Keitaro Yuna found him licking his lips with a thoughtful look on his face. Wrapping her arms around his neck she asked “Is everything alright Master?”

“Y-Yea, I was just wondering if every woman tastes this good.” He told her.

Smiling at him, Yuna ran her tongue over his chin to lick the Yuki-juice from his face “Well, I can’t speak for every woman but those that I have tasted certainly do.”

“I see.” He said as he looked down at her leering face. “Um, Yuna-chan? Are you a...?”

“A Lesbian?” She giggled at his blush. “Let’s just say that I’ll only make love to someone that I love regardless if that person is a man or a woman.”

Keitaro considered this for a moment as he rested his hands on her soft rear “Do you love me?”

Yuna smiled and slowly leaned in to whisper into his ear “I’ll tell you if you marry my mistresses.” She promised before taking a hold of his hand and pulling him towards Amalla’s room.

As he followed along after her his eyes fell to her shapely rear. “um, Yuna-chan. Is it alright for you to walk around without any clothes on?” he asked.

Smiling over her shoulder Yuna said “Do you not like seeing me naked Master?”

“O-Of course I do.” He said quickly.

“Then it is perfectly alright for me to walk around without any clothes on.” She purred “Or would you prefer that I put clothes on?”

“N-No, I love seeing you without any clothes on.” He assured her.

“Good.” She smiled. “I shall let the other slaves know that you prefer for them to go about naked.” She said as she pulled him along, not giving him a chance to object. As they made their way to Amalla’s room Yuna stopped every slave that they passed and informed them of their Masters wishes; each one grinning and quickly removing their clothes to let Keitaro view all that they have on offer before giving his hard cock caress and reminding him that he may call on them at any time should he require assistance.



Poring over several documents Amalla looked up when she heard a knock on her door “Come in.” She called out only to grin widely as she saw the naked slave and the equally naked Keitaro enter her office. “Kei-kun.” She purred as she stood up and moved over to him to wrap her arms around his body and kissed him.

“Hey Ama-chan.” He smiled as he rested his hands on her pert behind. “We’re not interrupting you are we?” he asked.

“Not at all.” She smiled as she ground her crotch against his “I’m always happy to spend time with you.” She smiled before turning to look at the slave “And I’m always happy to see my Yuna-chan naked. Might I ask why you are wandering around without clothes on?” she asked.

“Master has made it known that he wants us slaves to walk around without any clothes on.” Yuna explained.

As Keitaro opened his mouth to object Amalla said “What a wonderful idea. I wonder why we did not think of it years ago.” She purred as she reached out to cup Yuna’s mound to make the tanned slave gasp with a smile on her face. “So what are you doing here?”

“Mater was thrown out of your sister’s lab for distracting her with his thick cock and got all pouty before declaring that he was coming to fuck you if he couldn’t fuck Mistress Kaolla or Mistress Kanako.” Yuna supplied with a smile.

Before he could deny it Amalla burst out laughing. “Is that so?” she wondered. “Do you want to fuck me Kei-kun?” she asked as she grasped the hem of her long flowing skirt and start to lift it up.

As he watched more and more of her long toned legs were revealed Keitaro nodded his head “Yes Ama-chan.” He said as he approached her.

Leering at him Amalla started to walk backwards until she bumped into her desk. Grasping her hips Keitaro lifted her up onto the desk and sealed his lips against hers. Hitching up her skirt Keitaro grasped his cock and slipped it inside of her pussy. Letting out a loud moan Amalla grasped the back of his head and sealed her lips to his; her tongue invading his mouth and enticing his into hers.

Thrusting into her Keitaro broke the kiss and moved his mouth down her neck; kissing, biting and sucking her flesh until he could bite her nipple through her top. Moving next to him Yuna grinned at her master “Let me help you Master” she smiled as she removed Amalla’s top and allowed him to suckle directly on her teat.

Rolling her head back Amalla held his head tightly to her breast and matched his every thrust with her own hips “You’re so good at this Kei-kun!” she cried out.

Spitting out her nipple Keitaro silenced her moans by forcing his tongue into her mouth and mauled her large breasts. “I’m gonna cum Ama-chan!” he grunted into her mouth “I’m gonna fill you with my cum!”

Crying out as her pussy squeezed his shaft and her nails scratched his back Amalla bucked her hips against him and moaned out “Yes Kei-kun! Fill my pussy with your thick cum!” she ordered him.

“Love You Ama-chan!” he grunted as he buried his cock deeply inside of her and exploded inside of her.

“Love you Kei-kun!” she screamed in response as she felt his hot sperm fill her womb and came; her juices and his sperm gushing out of her pussy so coat his thighs in their combined juices.

As the two panted heavily nuzzled lovingly into her cheek and whispered into her ear “I love you Ama-chan.”

“I love you too Kei-kun.” She murmured with a smile. Returning her smile Keitaro started to pull out of her only for her to wrap her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper inside of her. “No, stay inside of me.” She ordered him as she nibbled on his ear.

“Sure Ama-chan.” He murmured into her ear as he ran his hand through her silver hair. Kissing her neck Keitaro slid his hands down her back to cup her perfect rear. “That was wonderful.” He said as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth.

Letting out a small gasp Amalla replied “I enjoyed that too.” She smiled as she rested her head on his chest.

“You certainly did Mistress.” Yuna giggled as she slid a hand down Amalla’s body to where their bodies were joined and lightly tickled Amalla’s clit. “Look at how wet you’ve gotten Master.”

“What do you expect?” she smiled “Kei-kun is such a skilful lover it’s impossible not to cum on the end of such a beautiful cock.”

“And I’m sure Master couldn’t resist filling your tight pussy with his thick cum.” Yuna grinned as she stroked Keitaro’s chest and lightly kissed his nipple.

“Yuna-chan...” Keitaro murmured as he reached out caress Yuna’s mound to make her purr.

“mmm, Master.” She grinned at him as she rocked her hips against his hand

“You’re so slutty Yuna-chan.” Amalla smiled as she ran her hand over her naked chest and lightly squeezed Yuna’s nipple.

“And that’s why you love me.” She giggled as she slip between the lovers and straddled Amalla’s lap and leaned in to kiss her.

As he watched them kiss Keitaro grasped Yuna’s hips and squeezed her soft rear before brushing her long black hair over her shoulder and lightly kissed her neck. “Yuna-chan.” He murmured.

“Master.” Yuna smiled over her shoulder.

“You’re so beautiful Yuna-chan.” He purred as he slid his hands around to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples.

“Thank you Master.” She purred as she wiggled her rear at him.

“You see how slutty she is?” Amalla asked Keitaro as she lightly kissed her slave before sliding the girl off her lap. “She’s going to get that naughty ass of hers spanked again if she keeps that up.” She playfully threatened her.

“You promise Mistress?” Yuna leered back as she took her Mistresses fingers into her mouth.

Letting her suck on her fingers Amalla turned her attention back to her lover. “Do you have any plans for today Kei-kun?” she asked.

“I was hoping to spend it with you.” He murmured as he leaned in to press his lips to hers.

“mmm, is that so?” she smiled as he started to kiss his way down to her breasts again. “Then how about I take you on the tour of the city?” she asked.

“I’d prefer to stay here.” He told her around her nipple.

“I’m sure you would.” She purred “But if you are going to be king you should know more about the nation you are to rule.”

Spitting out her nipple Keitaro smiled slightly and asked “And who said I was going to be king?”

Giving him a cute pout Amalla said “What are you talking about Kei-kun? Are you saying that after ravaging and repeatedly shoving this wonderful cock of yours into my tight cunny you won’t take responsibility for your actions?”

Leaning in to rest his forehead against hers he replied “I didn’t say that Ama-chan. I just want to have a talk with the others before I give you a definite answer.”

“I understand.” Amalla smiled at him “But in the meantime wouldn’t it be wise to learn about our culture? Besides, wouldn’t you get bored fucking me all day?”

“Never...” he assured her as he kissed her.

“mmm, me neither.” She purred. “But we can do that whenever we want can’t we?” she asked lustfully as she rocked her hips against his.

“I guess so.” he smiled as he light nibbled on her collarbone.

“Good.” She grinned as she pushed him back so that he slid out of her. “But first we have to get you all cleaned up. Yuna-chan?” She called out to her slave.

“I’d be happy to Mistress.” She purred as she knelt in front of him and started to lick his thighs and crotch of her Mistresses juices. Smiling down at her Keitaro ran his fingers through her lustrous long hair as she slid her tongue along her length and started to suck on his tip.

“Yuna-chan.” Amalla cooed. When the slave looked up at her Amalla spread her lips to show her the thick sperm leaking from her love hole. “Don’t forget to clean your Mistress too.” Nodding her head Yuna spat out his tip and leaned in to suck on her Mistress’ mound. As she lapped up the leaking cum Keitaro leaned forward so that his cockhead brushed against her cheek. “Don't neglect your Master Yuna-chan.” Amalla reminded her.

Pulling her lips off of her mound Yuna said “But I can’t clean both of you at once.”

“Is that so?” Amalla smiled down at her. “Then perhaps I should call in another slave if you are not up to the task.” She purred.

Yuna frowned up at her mistress “Not at all Mistress! I can do both!” she insisted as she pulled Keitaro’s cock closer to Amalla’s pussy so that she could run her tongue over both.

“That’s nice Yuna-chan.” Keitaro moaned as he felt her rub his tip against Amalla’s clit.

“Very nice.” Amalla agreed as she reached down to caress Yuna’s hair. “But that’s enough for now.”

Pulling her mouth away from the two of them Yuna looked up at her mistress; her whole lower face covered in their combined juices. “But I still have to clean the both of you.”

“Yes but if we are going to show Kei-kun around our wonderful city he can’t do so without getting dress can he?” she asked “So I want you to go get dressed and get you Master some clothes.”

“OK.” She pouted and licked her lips.

“And get me a new skirt as well.” She ordered her “Kei-kun keeps ruining them.” She smiled as she looked down at the semen soaked garment.

“But what about Master? He’s still so dirty.” She pointed out as she pumped her fist up and down his length to coax another drop of cum from his tip.

“Don’t you worry about that.” She smiled as she hopped off of the desk and ran her hands over his chest “I shall clean him up.” She purred as she slowly fell to her knees and took his cock into her mouth.


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