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Chapter 18 - A Royal Master Class Pt 1

Meanwhile, back at the Palace...

Covertly moving through the palace Shinobu’s attempts at avoiding the many slaves that wandered about the premises had resulted in her becoming hopelessly lost. Su had given her directions to where she had been asked to go but the thought of being caught with the item she had been asked to deliver had caused the shy chef to deviate from her course whenever she came across another person. Looking down at the article in her hands Shinobu blushed as she examined the lifelike replica of her beloved’s penis. So far as she could as she could tell it was an exact reproduction of Keitaro’s cock; right down to the veins on the shaft and the skin tone of the tip. The only difference that she could see was that at the base of the shaft was a cup that would cover the wearer’s pussy mound which would stay attached to them without the need for a harness.

Shinobu had no idea when Su had altered the design, nor did she know when she had created another fake cock seeing as since Keitaro had left them Su had been teasing Kanako and giving Shinobu a practical lesson in how to use her mouth, hands and other parts of her body to bring a man to ecstasy culminating in a demonstration of anal sex. After an hour or so of tutelage Su had sent Shinobu off to deliver the strap-on to her mothers stating that she would be along once she had finished running a few more tests on Kanako and the prototype.

Looking down at strap-on in her hands Shinobu marvelled at how realistic it was. Compared to Keitaro’s it seemed to be as heavy as her Sempai’s cock and it even felt warm to her touch. Gently pulling back the faux-foreskin to completely expose the large tip Shinobu ran her thumb over the spongy cockhead “It’s so soft.” She murmured “It’s just like Sempai’s.” She thought as she stared at the large phallus.

“Ah, Mistress Shinobu!” a voice called out.

Jumping in surprise Shinobu hid the toy behind her back and turned to see Yuki hurrying towards her. “H-Hello Yuki-san.” She stuttered out. “Why are you calling me Mistress?”

“Well, Mistress Koalla and Mistress Nina have already accepted you as their wife so it’s just a matter of time before you become my Mistress.” The slave replied happily.

“Only if Sempai agrees to marry me.” She pointed out.

“Of course he will!” the slave assured her. “The moment he sees your perfect breasts he’ll propose on the spot! And if you flash your sexy butt at him you’ll make him your sex slave.” She giggled. “Trust me, if you’re able to seduce my Mistress you’ll have Master on his knees begging for your attention.”

“Thank you.” Shinobu blushed deeply.

Smiling at her cute Mistress Yuki asked “So why are you here instead of playing with Mistress Koalla or Mistress Nina?” she asked.

“Koalla asked me to give something to her mothers but I got lost on my way to her.” Shinobu explained.

“What is it that you have to give to her?” Yuki asked. Shinobu blushed deeply as she reluctantly held out the strap-on “Oh my.” She breathed with a grin “That certainly is lifelike isn’t it?” she purred as she took the toy in her hands and caressed it. “mmm, it’s just like Masters.” She said thoughtfully. Seeing the girl nod her head Yuki’s grin widened “Oh? So you’ve seen Masters cock have you?” she asked teasingly “It’s magnificent isn’t it; so big and thick. It’s something you’d love to get your lips around isn’t it?” Seeing that the girl was on the verge of fainting due to embarrassment Yuki relented. Hungrily licking her lips Yuki smiled at her prospective Mistress. “I bet the Mistresses would love to play with this. Would you like me to take you to them?”

“Y-Yes please.” Shinobu nodded gratefully.

“I will. But I want a little something in return.” Yuki grinned.

“What do you want?” Shinobu asked.

“Let me see those beautiful breasts of yours.” She purred. Blushing deeply Shinobu resisted the instinctive urge to cover her breasts before slightly nodding her head. Grinning happily Yuki knelt down in front of her and gently rested her hands on Shinobu’s hips. Stroking her soft flanks the slave slid her hands around her back and undid the catch that allowed the small strip of fabric to fall from her chest to expose her small and perky breasts “There they are.” Yuki licked her lips. Reaching out Yuki pressed her forefingers against Shinobu’s tiny, pink nipples and giggled at the way they stiffened under her touch. Cupping the small mounds in her hands and running her thumbs over her nipples Yuki said “You have such beautiful breasts Mistress.”

Smiling at the cute blush on Shinobu’s face Yuki leaned down and lightly sucked on one of Shinobu’s hard nipples causing the girl to gasp. “mmm, you have sensitive nipples too Mistress?” she asked with a smile as she removed her own top and allowed her own small breasts to be proudly displayed. “Mine are very sensitive. It’s because our breasts are the perfect size. At this size all the nerves are bundled close together so even a small touch can make us feel really good. That’s why you shouldn’t listen to Mistress Nina when she says you need bigger breasts.” She explained a she flicked Shinobu’s nipples with her tongue “When you have huge udders like hers they need to be roughly fondled before they feel good.” She reported as she leaned in to press her lips against Shinobu’s. As her tongue slid into Shinobu’s mouth Yuki slid her hands around passed Shinobu’s waist to squeeze her succulent ass. As Shinobu moaned into her mouth Yuki broke the kiss and said “This right here is another example of why we’re lucky to have such perfect breasts. Since our bodies didn’t waste time and effort on useless meat, our delectable asses become the perfectly sculpted rears that Master loves.”

Resuming the kiss Yuki gently pulled apart her ass cheeks and lightly pressed her finger against Shinobu’s anus; the very tip of her finger pushing passed her sphincter causing the girl to moan. As she wiggled her finger inside of her new mistress Yuki brought her other hand between Shinobu’s legs and found her thighs slick with her juices. Breaking the kiss Yuki smiled at her young Mistress and purred “Let’s get you to the Mistresses.”


Leading the half naked girl through the halls Yuki stopped in front of the queens bedchamber. “Here we are Mistress Shinobu.”

“T-Thank you Yuki-san.” Shinobu replied, holding the toy close to her chest to cover up her breasts.

“It was my pleasure Mistress.” She smiled as she gently pushed the door open.

Smiling her thanks Shinobu stepped forward only to stop when she peered inside. On the large bed in the middle of the room were the two queens; both without a stitch of clothing on their bodies. Nina was on her back with her arms tied above her head with silk sashes; her body writhing while Asuna was on top of her caressing every inch of Nina’s body. Biting one of her wife’s large nipples Asuna tugged at the nub before kissing her way down to her stomach. Pushing herself upwards so that she was kneeling between Nina’s tanned thighs Asuna smiled as she caressed Nina’s smooth flanks before moving her hands down to hold onto her upper thighs. In this new position Shinobu could see that Asuna was wearing a strap-on much like the one she held in her hand; modelled after Keitaro’s length only without the technical enhancements of Su’s latest invention.

Running her hand up and down her erect cock Asuna smiled as she tugged on one of Nina’s nipples and asked “Do you want me to fuck you, love?”

“Yesss.” Nina hissed as she thrust her hips towards her wife.

“Do you want me to fuck you hard or gently?” she teased.

“mmm, hard!” she moaned “I always want it hard!”

“Do you want me to do it now or do you want me to tease you first?” Asuna wondered.

“Now!” Nina moaned.

“mmm, I think I’ll tease you first.” Asuna decided which was met with a sorrowful moan from the tanned queen. Crawling on top of her wife Asuna pressed her lips to Nina’s and slid her tongue inside of her mouth. As she did so Asuna’s hands caressed Nina’s voluptuous form; sliding up from her waist Asuna cupped and massaged her large tits. Kneading the large, milk laden mounds Asuna bit Nina’s bottom lip before sliding back down her body; biting and nipping at her smooth tanned flesh. Nibbling on one of her stiff, pink nipples Asuna suckled on the erect teat until Nina’s sweet breast milk started to fill her mouth. Pulling off of her tit Asuna allowed her milk to spill out of her mouth onto Nina’s abdomen. Leering up at her wife Asuna extended her tongue to lap up the milk all the while staring into Nina’s pleading eyes.

As she slurped the milk Asuna allowed one of her hands to slowly crawl down her stomach, passed the small dimple of her bellybutton and through the soft patch of blond pubic hair to gently circle her swollen clitoris causing her to buck her hips against her hand in an attempt to encourage more directed affection. With the last drop of milk licked away Asuna trailed her tongue lower and repositioned herself so that she was between her wife’s legs where she lapped at the juices that coated her thighs, purposely avoiding Nina’s sensitive labia and swollen clit to further tease and torment her beloved wife. Hearing her wife’s yowls of desire Asuna grinned and licked her lips. Shifting so that she was kneeling between her wife’s legs Asuna grasped Nina’s legs behind her knees and held them apart as she pressed her shaft against her pussy. Rocking her hips so that her length rubbed against Nina’s wet lips Asuna grinned and purred “I'm going to fuck you now.”

“Gooood!” Nina moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth.

“Remind me love, did you want to be fucked hard or did you want to be fucked gently?” she wondered again as she ran a finger up and down her smooth tanned thigh.

“I don’t care just fuck me!” Nina begged.

“Now, now my love.” Asuna smiled at her. “You mustn’t be so impatient. Don't you know denying yourself pleasure makes it all the more enjoyable?”

Nina pouted at her wife “I could order the slaves to come in and make you fuck me.” She pointed out.

“I suppose you could.” Asuna agreed as she slid up her body, grabbed the back of her head and thrust her strap-on into her mouth and down her throat. “But that will be difficult with your mouth full won’t it?” she leered as she started to face fuck her wife. When Nina started to garble a response Asuna shushed her and slid a hand back to finger her wife’s soaking wet cunny. “Hush now, love. Get my cock nice and wet for when I fuck your sweet little cunt.” Humming her agreement Nina started to bob her head up and down Asuna’s shaft; her tongue swirling around her length in an effort to cover the entire cock in her saliva all the while moaning as Asuna’s fingers plunged in and out of her love channel.

“That’s it my love.” Asuna purred as she caressed Nina’s hair with her free hand “You get me nice and wet and I’ll get you nice and wet.” She purred as she strummed her thumb against Nina’s clit causing the queen to buck her hips and moan. “mmm, do you think we’re ready to begin?” Getting a nod as well as a cute puppy dog look from her wife Asuna grinned and brought her soaked hand up to lick the juices from it. “As you wish my love.” She purred as she pulled out of Nina’s mouth and slid back down her body; the strap-on leaving a trail of saliva as she dragged it down Nina’s body.

Holding her legs apart Asuna rocked her hips back and forth so the tip of her cock ran up and down her pussy lips before thrusting inside of her; her cock disappearing inside of the blond queen until their mounds were pressed together and the fake phallus was completely hidden inside Nina’s wet snatch. Moaning loudly at the rough and sudden penetration Nina bucked her hips against Asuna as her juices gushed out and soaked her groin. Pressing herself against her wife Asuna started to thrust in and out of Nina’s cunny as her hands ran up and down her tanned form; expertly caressing and groping every erogenous zone on her body as she passionately kissed her wife.

All the while the two queens were locked in their loving embrace Shinobu watch them from the doorway; her eyes wide and her mouth agape as she watched their entwined bodies contort and mould against each others. Feeling two hands encircle her body and cup her small breasts Shinobu heard Yuki whisper “They’re magnificent aren’t they?”Getting no response from the mesmerised girl Yuki continued “They’ve been together for so long they know each other’s bodies better than their own. Every movement, every touch, every moan that Mistress Asuna makes is made for the sole purpose of making her wife writhe in pleasure before allowing her to drown in ecstasy. If she wished Mistress Asuna could keep Mistress Nina on the precipice of orgasm for days on end or she could make her cum over and over again.” Fondling Shinobu’s tiny mounds Yuki grinned as she tugged on her hard little nipples. “And when you and Master get married it won’t be long before he is able to make you moan like that.”

“S-Sempai, d-doing that to m-me?” Shinobu stuttered out.

“That’s right.” Yuki grinned as she kissed Shinobu’s cheek. “Master is most skilled at making women cum. Earlier today Master was able to get me off in under two minutes just by licking my pussy and fingering my ass and he’s only played with me once. As soon as Master is familiar with every inch of your delectable body he’ll be able to make you cum just by slipping a finger inside of your cunny.” She purred as she slid her hand under Shinobu’s skirt and slid the tip of her index finger inside of the girls soaked pussy causing her to moan and buck her hips against the slaves hand. “Of course, all you’ll have to do to make Master cum is show him your cute little ass.” She grinned as she squeezed her pert behind.

“That’s not true.” The girl moaned.

“Oh yes it is.” Yuki insisted as she pulled off her skirt leaving her young Mistress naked “Just looking at this perfect little rump is getting me wet.” She told her as she turned her towards her and lovingly kissed her; both her hands moving to squeeze Shinobu’s ass as her tongue slid into her mouth. Smiling into the kiss as she felt Shinobu slip her arms around her neck Yuki broke the kiss and nuzzled against Shinobu’s face “I’ll tell you what; Mistress Asuna is an expert in making men cum. If you don’t have confidence in your orgasm-inducing ass I’m sure she will be able to teach you how to make Master cum just by looking at him.”

“R-Really?” she asked.

“uh-uh.” Yuki grinned as she lightly kissed her lips. “Not that you need the help. Master loves girl’s behinds and you have the sexiest ass he’ll ever get his hands on.” She laughed as she squeezed her ass.

Blushing deeply Shinobu replied “Thank you Yuki-san.”  

“If you really want to thank me then when you become my Mistress ask to have me as your personal slave.” She requested.

“M-My what?” Shinobu asked confused.

“Your personal slave.” She repeated. “Yuna and Kotomi are the head slaves so they will be Masters personal slaves and as queen you can either share them with Master as the Mistresses have been doing or you can choose your own personal slave. I would like to be your personal slave.”

“What would that mean?” Shinobu asked.

“That would mean I would serve your every need.” Yuki grinned. “I would feed you, bathe you, massage you and pleasure you whenever you want. Your every wish would be my command. For example, if you wanted me to tie down Master so that you could mount him and have him impregnate you I would be more than happy to help.” She offered slyly.

Pausing for a moment as she pondered the idea of being impregnated by her beloved Sempai Shinobu bashfully nodded her head. “If...If that’s what you want.”

“Thank you Mistress!” Yuki grinned happily as she hugged Shinobu. “And when you become queen you can teach me how to make all of Masters favourite meals which he’ll eat off of our beautiful, flat chests until he realises that small breasts are the best!” she declared with idealistic starts gleaming in her eyes. Looking down at her compatriot Yuki kissed her little Mistress; her tongue invading Shinobu’s mouth as her hands resumed the rough groping of Shinobu’s plump ass. With her arms still wrapped around Yuki’s neck the young girl returned the kiss with a moan as she held herself against the slave. The flat chested pair continued in their embrace until they heard a loud moan coming from the room they stood outside of. Breaking the kiss both girls turned to look into the room where they saw Nina arching her back in rapture as her pussy convulsed and sprayed out her juices around the thick shaft buried deeply in her cunny al the while Asuna lovingly caressed her wife’s thighs.

Caressing Shinobu’s soft ass cheeks Yuki whisper to the bluenette “You had best go see her now. If they start fucking again who knows how long it will be before you can get her attention.” The slave said as she gave Shinobu’s ass a squeeze and pushed her into the room.

Caressing her wife’s stomach Asuna turned her head as heard the door close. Seeing Shinobu hesitantly approach her with her hands behind her back the raven haired queen smiled at her “Hello Shinobu dear. What can we do for you?”

“K-Koalla asked me to deliver something to you.” The girl reported as she reached the edge of the bed.

“Is that so?” she asked as she pulled out of her wife and crawled over to the girl “Don’t be shy my dear. Come up here and show me what my beloved daughter gave you.” She smiled at the naked girl as she pulled her onto the bed.

Kneeling naked in front of the queen Shinobu shyly held out the fake cock. “K-Koalla said that you asked her to make this for you.”

Asuna’s eyes lit up “oh my.” She breathed as she ran her hand over the cock in the girls hand. “Is that what I think it is?”

“K-Koalla wanted me to tell you how to use it.” Shinobu continued bashfully.

“By all means,” Asuna grinned as she slipped her strap-on off of her body. “Show me how it works.”

Nodding her head Shinobu started “Y-You put it on like this.” She said as she placed the cup at the base of the shaft against the queens mound and secured it in place; eliciting a surprised ooh from the queen as her nerve endings were connected to the shaft.

Feeling Shinobu’s slender fingers upon her shaft Asuna moaned as her tip spat out a drop of pre-cum. Running her finger over the thick, spongy tip Asuna brought her wet finger up to her mouth “That’s yummy.” She murmured.

Blushing deeply Shinobu continued her explanation “I-If you do this you can adjust how sensitive it is. A-and if you do this y-you can stop...stop...”

“Them cumming?” Asuna supplied helpfully to which she nodded.

“What are you two up to?” Nina asked breathlessly as she extended her foot to poke her wife’s cheek.

“Shinobu-chan was just delivering a toy our daughter made.” She smiled as she kissed Nina’s foot.

“A toy from Kaolla?” Nina wondered; her interest piqued at the prospect of playing with something her inventive daughter made.

“Patience my love.” She purred as she lightly sucked on her big toe. “We’ll play soon enough.” Turning her attention back to the naked girl in front of her she smiled down at Shinobu “Is there anything else I should know?” she asked.

“N-Not that I can think of.” Shinobu replied.

“Thank you Shinobu dear.” Asuna smiled as she leaned in and kissed the chef “Is there anything I can do to show my gratitude?”

Plucking up her courage Shinobu stuttered out “C-can you teach me how to pleasure Sempai?”

Looking hungrily down at Shinobu’s naked form, her eyes lingering on her slick thighs and wet mound Asuna leaned in and lightly tweaked her nipples. “It will be my pleasure to teach you.” She purred as ran her tongue over Shinobu’s cheek before whispering into her ear “I’ll show you how to use every part of your body to make Kei-kun cum. When I'm through with you you’ll be able to drain his balls of all his sticky cum in less than a minute. You’ll make Kei-kun cum so much he’ll douse your entire body in a thick layer of his thick, tasty sperm.” She promised as she slid a hand down to cup her mound and slipped a finger into her sweet honey pot. “And once you take him in here he will be for mercy.” She giggled at the way Shinobu’s love channel squeezed the digit tightly. Cupping her chin to lift up her face Asuna lightly kissed the bluenette “But I'm going to fuck my wife first. Once she is sated I’ll teach you everything OK?” she asked.

“Y-yes.” Shinobu gasped as Asuna wiggled her finger inside of her.

“Good.” She purred as she withdrew her hand from her mound and licked off the Shinobu-juice from her finger. “Until then I want you to watch what I'm about to do to my slutty wife very closely. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up some pointers if you pay attention.” She said as she pulled Shinobu over to her wife. Settling between her wife’s legs Asuna smiled as she caressed her tanned thigh “You don’t mind if Shinobu-chan observes do you my love?” Asuna asked

“mmm, not at all.” Nina purred “She’s more than welcome to join in if she wants.” She purred as she turned her head to smile at the girl. “Hello Shinobu dear. I’d give you the groping you deserve if I weren’t so tied up at the moment.”

“There will be plenty of time later to play with Shinobu-chan.” Asuna smiled as she ran the tip of her cock along Nina’s wet lips, enjoying how soft they felt. “Aren’t you interested in Kaolla’s new toy?”

“oh yes, show me what our daughter has made.” Nina grinned.

Pulling the cock off of her mound Asuna reduced to sensitivity until it was little more than a normal dildo and attached it to Nina’s mound. “What do you think love?”

“It’s alright I suppose.” She said unimpressed “I guess it’s easier than wearing a harness.”

Smirking at her wife as she slavered the cock with her saliva Asuna ran her tongue over the spongy cockhead “You haven’t seen anything yet my love.” She leered as she playfully bit the tip while simultaneously turning the sensitivity of the strap-on to its maximum setting.

As the wave of sensation washed over her body Nina’s eyes went wide and her whole body arched off the bed as she orgasmed; her fake cock swelling as it pumped out copious amounts of faux-semen into Asuna’s mouth. Drinking down the thick, tasty fluids that was being spewed into her mouth Asuna extended her tongue to lash out at the leaking slit sending another orgasm coursing through her wife’s body.

Pulling off of her cockhead Asuna grinned as her face was splashed with cum. Watching as the cock twitched and spasmed as it covered Nina from face to groin in her sperm Asuna turned the sensitivity down to a reasonable level and asked “How was that love?”

“W-What was that?” Nina panted; her cum soaked breasts heaving up and down.

“I told you already.” Asuna teased as she started to slurp the sperm from Nina’s stomach. “It’s a toy that I had Koalla-chan make for us. It allows you to experience what it’s like to have a cock. I asked her to add a couple of extra features of course.” She leered as she flicked the cock.

“L-Like what?” Nina wondered.

“I can make you so sensitive that you’ll cum just from me looking at you.” She purred as she ran her tongue around the base of her cock. “But, more importantly...” grabbing her hips Asuna lifted Nina up so that her legs could be tied above her head while the strap-on pointed down towards her face; dripping her cum onto her own face. “...I can control when you cum.” She purred as she kissed Nina’s ass cheek and set the toy to denial mode before turning the sensitivity back up.

Grasping her thick shaft Asuna started to slowly pump her hand up and down Nina’s length causing her tanned wife to cry out and shake her ass. Grinning at her Asuna kissed her way along Nina pert behind until she reached her anus where she started to lightly tongue the opening; her wet muscle probing and circling the tight ring of muscles before forcing her tongue passed her anus and into her bowels. Moaning loudly as her hypersensitive body was assaulted on two fronts Nina squirmed and begged to be allowed to orgasm all the while her wife continued to tease and torment her; speeding up the movement of both her tongue and her hand.

Withdrawing her tongue from the orifice and scraping her nail against her leaking slit which caused a violent shudder to course through Nina’s body Asuna asked her with “Are you impressed yet, love?”

“Yes!” she cried. “Please let me cum!” she begged again.

“Anything for you love.” Asuna smiled as she kissed her anus before turning off the restriction.

The moment she was freed from her restraint Nina came with a loud scream of ecstasy; her cock throbbing violently before swelling and spewing out a torrent of thick, sticky cum all over her face and into her mouth. Laughing as she watched her wife giving herself a facial Asuna continued to pump her fist up and down her length; milking every drop of synthetic sperm out of the strap-on.

Watching the steady stream of cum coat her wife’s face in a thick layer Asuna reduced the sensitivity of the toy back down to barely more than a dildo and released the restraints holding her legs; her body so weak after the force of the orgasm that she flopped back down onto the bed without any attempt to remain in position. Climbing back on top of her, Asuna kissed her way up Nina’s body until she could lick the cum from her face “Did you enjoy that love?” getting no answer from her tired wife Asuna reached between them and stroked the ever hard strap-on which even at its low setting caused Nina to moan due to how sensitive her body was “mmm, you must have if you’re still this hard you horny little slut.” She leered as she kissed Nina’s panting mouth before lightly biting her bottom lip and moving downwards; tugging on Nina’s lip before releasing it and slid down between her legs were she lightly kissed her wife’s hard cock causing a tremor to run through her tanned body.

Glancing to her side Asuna grinned as she saw Shinobu watching wide eyed as she knelt next to them; her hands between her thighs moving back and forth. Grasping the thick shaft Asuna pumped her fist up and down the hard length. “Do you see this Shinobu dear? Do you see how hard she is? If your man is ever this hard after you’ve just tongued his asshole and milked his balls that means he is truly attracted to you. If his lust for you can overpower his exhaustion then you have him in the palm of your hand.” She emphasised this by squeezing Nina’s shaft.

Holding onto the cock Asuna squatted above it and smiled at the bluenette. “Watch closely Shinobu-chan. This is how you pleasure your man.” She purred as she lowered herself onto Nina’s shaft with a happy moan as her pussy engulfed more and more of the large cock until her crotch was pressed against Nina’s. Rocking her hips Asuna change the sensitivity so that it was as sensitive as Keitaro’s and set it to denial. “The most important thing to remember when you are pleasuring your man is that you have to use your hips. Whether you are on top of him or if he is on top of you, you have to move your hips.” She explained with a moan. “When you are on top like this you are in control. You decide the speed at which you move, when you start and when you stop, how hard you slam your hips down.” She punctuated this by slowly sliding up the shaft and thrusting her hips down causing a moan to erupt from both queens. “When Kei-kun is on top and is thrusting into your tight little cunny you have to meet his every thrust with one of your own. When he pulls out of you let your hips rest on the bed and when he thrusts into you, you lift them up so that his tip can get even deeper inside of you.”

Reaching out Asuna grabbed Shinobu and pulled her on top of her wife; making her lay down so that her face was almost pressed against Asuna’s mound. “Watch closely now Shinobu dear.” The raven haired queen purred as she caressed Shinobu’s hair and started to slowly rock her hips back and forth. “First you start with small movements like this. You move your hips like this, teasing your lover.” She explained “When you decide that he’s had enough then you can start making larger movements.” She purred as she started to lift her hips up ever so slightly before lowering them and ground her groin against Nina’s. “mmm, with a cock that’s nice and big like Kei-kuns you may not be able to take his entire length inside your tight little cunny so just take as much as you can. Regardless of how much he can fit inside he’ll love how your pussy squeezes his shaft.” Asuna assured the girl as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Now, once you get into a rhythm that you like you can make larger movements like this.” She moaned as she raised her hips up until only Nina’s tip remained inside of her. “Just make sure his cock doesn’t leave your cunny. Only do that if you’re teasing him.” she cautioned “Feel free to change your speed however you like. When you’re on top you’re in charge. If you want to make him last you fuck him nice and slow like this.” She demonstrated by making a long and languid descent causing her wife to shudder and moan “But if you want to make him cum you’ve got to ride him hard like this.” She moaned as she started to bounce up and down her wife’s shaft. With her hips moving like a piston Asuna moaned loudly as she felt Nina’s cock swell inside of her and it wasn’t long before both queens orgasmed; Asuna’s back arching as she slammed her hips down, her juices spraying out over Nina’s groin and Shinobu’s face while Nina thrust her hips upwards as her cock swelled and exploded inside of her wife completely filling her with her synthetic sperm to the point where it gushed out around her shaft and splashed onto her groin and onto Shinobu’s face to join her wife’s love juices.

Panting heavily Asuna grinned euphorically as she slumped back down letting out a sigh. “And that... is how you pleasure your man.” Asuna breathed with closed eyes. Feeling something brush against her clit Asuna opened her eyes and looked down to see Shinobu with her tongue extended gently lapping up the leaking cum. Smiling down at her Asuna ran her fingers through her short blue hair. “Do you like the taste of Kei-kun’s cum Shinobu-chan?”

“Yes...” she murmured as she slurped loudly.

Asuna let out a small laugh as she slid her hands down Shinobu’s back and roughly squeezed the girl’s tiny ass. “It is yummy isn’t it? Would you like some more?”

“Yes.” Shinobu nodded as she lapped up the cum around the base of Nina’s cock.

“Well, why don’t you have all you can eat?” she suggested as she slipped off her wife’s cock and onto the bed causing all her sperm to pour out of her pussy. Seeing the trail of sperm leading from Nina’s body Shinobu followed it all the way to Asuna’s overflowing cunt. Burying her face into Asuna’s cunny Shinobu hungrily lapped up the thick sperm that was spilling from her pussy. Moaning as she felt Shinobu’s tongue squirm inside of her Asuna ran her fingers through her hair and held her face to her mound “mmm, that’s it Shinobu-chan. Get your tongue nice and deep in my pussy!” she moaned and ground her cunny against the young girls face. Pulling her face away from her face Asuna cupped her chin and ran her finger over her cum coated lips “What a sexy mouth you have Shinobu-chan.” The raven haired queen purred “I bet Kei-kun could get a lot of enjoyment out of it.” She said as she slipped her finger between her lips for her to suck upon “mmm, would you like me to teach you how to give a blowjob?”

“Yes.” The girl slurped around the digit.

“It’ll be my pleasure Shinobu-chan.” Asuna grinned as she caressed her cheek.

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