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Chapter 28 – A Royal Proposal

Walking through the palace Keitaro smiled at a pair of slaves who giggled and blushed at their shirtless Master. Stopping to admire their shapely rears swish back and forth Keitaro grinned as the girls reached the end of the hall, looked over their shoulders and lifted up their tiny skirts to show off their beautiful backsides before giggling and turning the corner. Making to go after the alluring slaves Keitaro took one step towards them before a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and a large pair of breasts pressed into his back.

“Guess who Master!” the sing song voice cheered happily.

Recognising the voice Keitaro smiled and “Maya-chan?”

“Nope.” The voice denied as she rubbed her breasts against his back.

“Niobe-chan then?” he guessed as he turned around to see one of the blue haired triplets the queens had introduced him to pouting at him.

Taking his hand the bluenette slipped it under her top to rest upon her large breast “One more guess Master.”

Happily groping the mound Keitaro lightly pinched her nipple before saying “Luna-chan.”

Grinning widely the slave threw her arms around his neck and said “That’s right Master!” she purred as she leaned up to kiss him. Moaning into her mouth Keitaro slid his hand down her back to cup and squeeze her firm ass. Breaking the kiss Luna licked her lips and ran her hand over his chest “Why aren’t you wearing a shirt Master?” she asked.

“Whenever I do wear one it doesn’t usually stay on for very long so I decided against it.” He smiled at her. “So what are you up too?” he asked.

“I was sent to get some massage oil by my sisters.” She revealed as she held up a bottle. “We’re pampering Mistress. Would you like to help?” she offered with a leer.

“Which Mistress are you pampering?” Keitaro wondered.

“Does it matter?” she purred as she reached down his trousers and stroked his length.

“Not in the slightest.” Keitaro grinned as he squeezed her soft, plump ass.

“Come with me then.” Luna purred as she grasped his cock and pulled him down the hallway.

“Look who I found.” Luna cheered as pulled Keitaro into the queens chambers.

“Master!” The two bluenette slaves cheered.

From her position on the bed Nina looked up and smiled “Hello there Kei-kun.” she said as she waved a foot at him. The tanned queen was lying naked on her stomach with her head resting in the lap of one slave while the other straddled her hips as they massaged their mistress; one caressing her shoulders while the other rubbed her back.

Stepping towards them Keitaro lovingly stroked Nina’s perfect, tanned rear with a smile “Hey Nina-san.” He said happily before turning his attention to the slaves. Starting with the one at Nina’s hips Keitaro buried his face in her breasts making her give out a happy oh as he squeezed her tit and kissed his way up to her chest to kiss her.

Doing the same to the other while still groping the tit of the one at Nina’s hips Keitaro stared into her eyes with a smile and declared “Maya-chan.”

“That’s right Master.” The girl nodded happily.

Turning to the other he rested his forehead against hers and said “Niobe-chan.”

“Hello Master.” She grinned and kissed him.

“Kei-kun, did you just tell these three apart by groping their tits?” Nina asked amused.

“Is there a better way?” he asked still squeezing their breasts as Luna approached and hugged Keitaro from behind.

“Of course there is.” Nina smiled “Each girl has their initial tattooed on their thigh.” Nina revealed “They used to be quite cheeky little slaves and got up to all kinds of mischief before we tattooed them. Girls, show your Master your tattoos.” She ordered them. Doing as they were told the girls rolled up their tiny skirts to reveal a stylised M, N and L on each respective girl placed close to the apex of their legs. Reaching out Keitaro lovingly stroked their thighs and gently traced each letter with a finger.

“They’re so beautiful.” He commented.

“Thank you Master.” The trio said in unison.

“So is there any particular reason you’re here with us Kei-kun?” Nina asked with a smile.

“Luna-chan said she was pampering her Mistress and I could help.” He smiled as he stroked Nina’s back.

“That sounds wonderful Kei-kun.” Nina grinned widely. “You can help these girls give me my massage.” She purred.

Licking his lips Keitaro smiled and said “That sounds like fun.”

Seeing the bulge in his trousers twitch Nina seductively bit her lip and said “Get naked Kei-kun. In fact, it’s not fair that I’m the only one naked all of you strip.” The queen demanded. Quickly doing as they were told all four stripped naked and waited for her next command. Happily watching Keitaro’s thick cock bob up and down and twitch under her gaze Nina hungrily licked her lips before saying “Why don’t you and Luna-chan start with my feet?” Nina suggested.

Nodding his head Keitaro moved to her feet with Luna in tow. Sitting on the bed Keitaro pulled the youngest triplet onto his lap. Nuzzling into her neck Keitaro said to her “I’ve never given someone a massage before, will you teach me?”

“Of course I will.” She smiled as she wiggled her pert ass against his cock.

“Thank you Lu-chan.” He smiled.

Giggling as he kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear Luna bent Nina’s leg upwards and started to rub her foot. “You have to start with her feet Master.” The slave girl explained.

“Like this?” he asked as he started to gently massage the proffered appendage.

“mmm, just like that.” Nina purred happily.

Grinning at her Keitaro said “How about this Nina-san?” he asked as he leaned forward and started to suck on her big toe.

“That’s wonderful Kei-kun.” Nina told him.

Getting his attention Luna said “Then you move onto her thighs.” She lectured him.

As he did as he was told Keitaro marvelled at her softness “You have such soft skin Nina-san.” Keitaro commented.

“Of course she does.” Luna purred proudly. “She has us pampering her. We massage her and rub oil into her skin to make it as soft and supple as possible.”

“Is that so?” Keitaro wondered as he ran his hand over Luna’s stomach. “And how are you so soft?” he wondered.

“Isn’t it obvious Master?” Maya smiled over her shoulder from her position straddling Nina’s hips. “The three of us cover each other in massage oil and then we caress each others bodies.” She explained.

Staring at her shapely, pale rear Keitaro licked his lips and said “I’d like to see that.”

“Ahem!” an annoyed Nina huffed as she waved her foot in his face.

“Sorry Nina-san.” Keitaro smiled and resumed kissing her dainty appendage.

“Once you’re done with her thighs you get to move onto Mistresses ass.” Luna continued her instruction.

“I think I know how to do that.” Keitaro grinned as he slid his hands up to cup and squeeze Nina’s soft rear.

Spinning around to face him Luna started to kiss his chest “Then I’ll leave it to you Master.” Luna purred as she reached down to grab his cock and started to move her hands up and down his length. As she kissed and nuzzled into his neck Keitaro groaned happily and started to thrust his hips forward to fuck her hand, his pre-cum dripping down onto her stomach. As she pleasured him Keitaro lovingly squeezed Nina’s perfect ass; his fingers digging into the supple flesh before pulling apart her cheeks to view her tiny anus. Licking his lips Keitaro leaned down and bit her caramel coloured cheek making her gasp. Grinning at her reaction Keitaro dragged his tongue along her skin to between her crevice and started to lick her back entrance.

Noticing the pale posterior above him Keitaro slid his hands up from Nina’s to hold Maya’s hips and started to lovingly kiss her pert ass cheek. Feeling lips against her ass Maya grinned over her shoulder at him. “Master, come and massage Mistress’s back.” She requested. Nodding his head Keitaro returned her grin and said “Sure Maya-chan.” Moving off of Luna Keitaro pressed himself into Maya’s back and started to kiss her neck.

Giggling at him Maya reached between their legs and grabbed Keitaro’s cock to pull it between her legs and trap him against her mound. Rubbing her thighs together Maya grabbed his hands and showed him how and where to caress Nina in order to make her moan and make her toes curl. As Maya giggled when he kissed and nibbled her earlobe Luna pressed herself into Keitaro’s back and kissed her way down his spine. Lying on her back with head resting on Nina’s backside Luna opened her mouth wide and took his balls into her mouth while her hands snaked around Keitaro’s and her sisters hips to grasp his shaft and pump up and down his length making him moan into Maya’s ear and rock his cock against her mound making her shudder.

It wasn’t long before Luna’s talented hands and mouth made Keitaro cum; his thick sperm splashing over Nina’s back. Letting out a tantalised oh Maya leaned down and started to lap at the cum on her mistresses back; her ass sliding up Keitaro’s chest until her plump rear was thrust into his face. Grinning at the sight Keitaro removed his hands from Nina’s back and started to grope Maya’s beautiful ass as his tongue burrowed into her anus making her moan loudly as she sucked at his sperm.

As Niobe leaned forward and caressed Maya’s soft ass cheeks she smiled at Keitaro and said “Master, you’re neglecting Mistress.” She pointed out as she rubbed her cheek against her sisters.

Withdrawing his tongue Keitaro leaned forward and lightly kissed Niobe. “You’re right.” He said as he caressed her cheek before running his fingers through Luna’s hair and squeezed Maya’s ass. “Sorry you two, I have to continue pampering Nina-san.”

“We understand Master.” Maya slurped as Luna made a noise of agreement around his swollen balls.

Lifting himself up off of Luna’s face and moved to sit next to Niobe. Wrapping his arms around the middle triplet Keitaro cupped her breast and started to kiss her. Moaning into his mouth and caressing his chest Niobe broke the kiss and said “Come sit here Master. Mistress likes resting her head on your lap as you massage her.” Doing as instructed Keitaro moved to take Niobe’s place in front of Nina. Looking down at the queen he saw Nina grinning mischievously up at him.

“Hey Nina-san.” He smiled and stroked her cheek. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She smiled before opening her mouth and took his tip into her mouth.

Moaning as she suckled Keitaro ran his fingers through her soft blond hair. Pressing herself into his back Niobe kissed his neck and moved his hands down to Nina’s shoulders. As he massaged Nina like Niobe showed him the tanned queen started to bob her head up and down his length; slowly sliding her lips down to his base before dragging them back up to make him moan and pour pre-cum down her gullet. It wasn’t long before Nina’s skilful tongue and mouth brought him off causing him to fill her mouth with his sperm which she happily drank down. Pulling off of his cock Nina kissed her way up his chest and nuzzled into his neck “That was yummy Kei-kun.” she purred.

“Nina-san.” Keitaro breathed as he groped her soft ass.

“I like it when you squeeze my ass Kei-kun.” she confessed as she nibbled his neck.

Swallowing hard and squeezing her perfect rump Keitaro nuzzled into her hair and said “Um Nina-san? C-could I talk to you in private?”

Staring up at him with her beautiful green eyes Nina gave him a quick kiss before saying “Girls, you heard your Master. He wants me all to himself.”

“Don’t you want to play with us Master?” Niobe asked with a pout.

“O-Of course I do.” He nodded his head “But I really need to talk with Nina-san.”

“You heard him girls.” Nina smiled as she slipped off of his lap “Say goodbye to your Master.”

Swarming over him the triplets pressed their bodies against his and kissed him all over. “Are you sure you want us to go Master?” Maya asked who had taken position kneeling between his legs and had been kissing his tip as he sisters straddled a leg each as they kissed his nipple and neck.

“I...I don’t want you three to go but I really need to talk with Nina-san.” He replied with a moan.

“But we could have such fun together.” She insisted as she stood up and cupped Luna’s breasts “Imagine the things you could do with my sisters little breasts.” She purred “Or the fun you could have with her beautiful ass.” she pointed out as she caressed Niobe’s pert behind “Or my mouth.” She breathed as she leaned in to kiss him. “But if you don’t want to play with us...” Maya grinned as she and her sisters removed themselves from Keitaro making him whimper. “We’ll play with each other.” She purred as she and her sisters sauntered out the room, their perfect backsides swaying in perfect synchronicity as they left. As they filed out Maya looked over her shoulder and said “We’ll be right outside if you change your mind.” She winked at him before following her sisters.

“I told you they were cheeky little slaves.” Nina called out.

Turning to agree with her Keitaro’s mouth dropped open. Clothed in sheer silk the loose fitting dress she had slipped on lightly clung to her body; showing off a great deal of side-boob and exposed her back from the nape of her neck down to the curve of her ass. Staring at her Keitaro murmured “You’re so beautiful Nina-san.”

Blushing slightly Nina smiled at her lover and said “Thank you Kei-kun.” she purred “Would you like something to drink?” she asked as she turned away to grab a bottle of wine. Jumping in surprise as a pair of arms wrapped around her waist Nina grinned as she felt lips kiss the small of her back. Looking over her shoulder Nina smiled as she saw that Keitaro was nuzzling into the part of the cleft of her ass that wasn’t shrouded in silk. Caressing the soft silk cloth that covered her stomach Keitaro needed to compare the softness to Nina’s flesh and so brought his hands around from her front, gripped the back of her dress and tore it downwards making her gasp as her backside was exposed to him.

With her perfect tanned ass in front of him Keitaro couldn’t help but bury his face between the firm globes; inhaling her scent before extending his tongue to burrow into her puckered anus. Moaning loudly Nina leaned forward to support herself on the dresser she was stood near and to give him better access to her ass. Nina continued to moan only to gasp and laugh girlishly as Keitaro picked her up around her waist and carried her to the bed. Throwing her down onto the silk sheets Keitaro crawled on top of her and stared down into her beautiful green eyes. Caressing her cheek Keitaro leaned down and pressed his lips to hers.

Moaning into his mouth Nina ran her fingers through his hair as her tongue played with his. Breaking the kiss Keitaro kissed his way down her chin and neck towards her breasts. Nuzzling into her cleavage Keitaro grasped the silk and tore it in two. “Kei-kun!” Nina gasped happily as he roughly groped her bare breasts and started to suckle. Moaning as his mouth was filled with her sweet milk Keitaro drank down every drop she provided before sliding his hands down her body and pulled apart her thighs.

Grabbing his thick cock Keitaro started to rub his thick tip up and down her swollen pussylips. Feeling her body shudder against him Keitaro thrust forward and entered her warm, moist channel making her cry out in ecstasy. With her arms and legs wrapped around his body Nina bucked her hips to meet each of his thrusts; her love juices flowing out around his shaft as he continued to roughly maul her large breasts in an effort to milk them for every drop of sweet milk they produced. As her tight pussy squeezed, constricted and convulsed around his throbbing member Keitaro was soon firing volley after volley of his thick sperm into Nina’s welcoming womb; her juices spraying out of her cunny to drench his groin and her milk sprayed out to fill his mouth as she screamed out his name in rapture.

Embracing each other tightly as they came down from their orgasms Keitaro continued to rock his hips back and forth as he kissed his way upwards to nuzzle into her neck. “Nina-san...” he murmured softly kissed her throat.

As she panted heavily and ran her fingers through his hair Nina replied “That dress was expensive Kei-kun.”

Pushing himself off of Nina Keitaro stroked her smooth stomach and said “Sorry Nina-san. You just looked so sexy I just had to strip you and fuck you right then and there.”

Pushing him onto his back with a laugh Nina started to kiss her way down his chest to take his sticky cock between her lips. “It’s fine Kei-kun.” she assured him with a smile as she lightly sucked on his tip “I loved having you tear my clothes off.” She purred as he ran his fingers through her short blond hair.

“Are you sure?” he asked with a moan.

“Of course I am.” She smiled as she kissed her way up back up his body to lay atop of him. “I’m a queen remember? I can have our seamstress make me a hundred of them. You know, in case you ever get the urge to tear it off me again.” She leered as she lightly suckled on his nipple.

“I keep forgetting you guys are royalty.” Keitaro smiled as he squeezed her soft ass.

“Oh? Are you saying we aren’t regal enough?” she asked with a pout.

“Of course not.” He smiled “It’s just hard to believe a queen would ever let me do the things that you let me do.” He smiled as he lovingly kissed her lips “Besides, I’ve never seen you wear a crown or anything like that.”

“Oh? Would you like that Kei-kun?” she asked as she grabbed his cock and started to pump her hands up and down his length. “Would you like to fuck me in full regalia?”

As his cock swelled in her grasp Keitaro moaned and nuzzled against her face “I would love that.” He groaned.

Lightly kissing him again Nina released his cock and stroked his chest. “Wait right here Kei-kun.” she purred as she slipped off his lap and sauntered away into a side room. After what seemed to be an eternity of impatient waiting Keitaro stood up from the bed and went to investigate. Just as he was about to open the door it swung open causing Keitaro’s mouth to drop open at what he saw.

Standing before him was Nina in all her regal splendour. A circlet rested upon her short blond hair made up of bands of gold interwoven with a large emerald in the centre; the gleaming jewel was the same shade of green as the queens sparkling eyes. Needing no makeup to enhance her beauty Nina wore none save for the dark red lipstick which emphasised and accentuated her full lips. Upon her body she wore a silk gown similar to the one Keitaro had torn off of her; this one a dark blue as opposed to the creamy white of the other. Tied at the nape of her neck the dress clung to her voluptuous figure and while the back wasn’t as deep to go so far as to expose the small of her back it did have a high-cut slit which exposed her long, tanned leg.

As he stared at her with his moth hanging open Keitaro breathed out “Nina-san...”

Giving him a cool look Nina said “Is that how you address your Queen?”

Quickly falling into character Keitaro fell to one knee with his head bowed “My apologies Your Highness.” He said and smiled up at her.

“Better.” She said simply, the amused twinkle in her eye betraying the stern expression on her face. Extending her hand Nina said “You may kiss my hand.” She allowed.

“Thank you Your Highness.” He said as he reverently took her hand in his and placed a soft kiss on top of it.

“Do you know why I summoned you before me?” she asked as she started to circle the kneeling man, her fingers trailing over his shoulders and across his chest as she did so.

“No Your Highness.” He shook his head.

Pausing behind him Nina rested her hands on his shoulders and said “I have heard tales of your... prowess.” She purred seductively. “I have even heard that that you have entertained my daughters, is that true?”

“Yes Your Highness.” Keitaro nodded his head.

“How scandalous.” She murmured as she stood in front of him and cupped his chin “Of course we can’t allow such a thing to become known. I had thought to have your tongue removed so you couldn’t tell anyone but my daughters have told me how talented it is.” She said as her beautiful leg slipped out from the slit in her dress and rested her knee on his shoulder. “Shall we see if you are talented enough to keep it?” she asked.

“You honour me Your Highness.” He smiled as he kissed her soft thigh.

“I do don’t I?” she gave him a small smile as she placed a hand upon his head and guided his face under her dress and held him to her mound. Nuzzling into her mound Keitaro deeply inhaled her scent and let out a soft moan as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Extending his tongue Keitaro gently brushed it against her already wet labia. Receiving a moan Keitaro grinned and continued to lap at her moist quim. Giving her swollen clit an adoring caress with his tongue Keitaro then slid it deep into her love channel. Moaning loudly as his tongue wiggled inside of her Nina rolled her head back and ground her pussy against his face. Clawing at his hair to pull him closer Nina’s whole body shook as she came; her hips bucking against and humping his face as she drowned him in her juices.

Sitting back onto the bed Nina adoringly ran her fingers through his hair as he continued to lap at her flowing juices. “My...My daughters weren’t exaggerating.” She panted heavily, her large bust rising and falling alluringly.

Pulling his face from her mound Keitaro grinned up at her and kissed her tanned thigh. “I’m glad Your Highness enjoyed my tongue.” He said as he slowly kissed his way down her slender leg to her foot. “Does that mean I can keep it?” he asked sweetly as he started to massage and kiss the dainty appendage.

“For now.” She allowed as he licked the sole of her foot. Watching him lightly suck upon her toes Nina suppressed a grin by biting her bottom lip and reach up behind her neck to undo her gown and allow her beautiful breasts to be revealed to him. Stopping mid-suck on her big toe Keitaro stared at the large mammaries in awe. Cupping them in her hands Nina gently massaged them until a drop of milk dripped from her teats “As a reward for your talented tongue I shall allow you to taste my Royal Milk.” She purred seductively.

Drooling around her toe, Keitaro spat it out before kissing his way up towards her breasts. “Thank you Your Highness.” He moaned as he started to suckle on her teat.

Staring deeply into his dark brown eyes Nina smiled and stroked his hair “Do you like my milk?” she wondered as she stroked his hair.

“I love it, my Queen.” He moaned around her breast “It is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. With one exception...” he grinned as he ran his hand up her smooth, slick thigh towards her soaked mound.

“Cheeky boy.” She purred as she pulled him up to her and kissed him deeply, enjoying the taste of his salvia and milk mixed together. “Stand before your Queen.” She ordered him. Doing as he was told Keitaro stood so that his thick cock bobbed proudly in front of her face. Biting her lip with a grin Nina reached out and lightly stroked his shaft “You’re more impressive than my daughters led me to believe.” She said breathily.

“I’m glad I meet your approval.” He leered at her.

“You certainly do.” She grinned as she sat back and lightly ran her finger around her nipple.

“How may I pleasure you My Queen?” he asked.

“By staying right there like that.” She leered as she hitched up her dress and started to touch herself.

Watching her caress her wet labia Keitaro stared wide eyed at her “Your Highness...” Keitaro breathed as he leaned towards him only for her to press a foot against his chest and hold him back.

“Stay.” She ordered as she let out a soft moan and licked her lips “Tell me what you want to do to me.”

“I want to kiss.” He said.

“Dirtier.” She demanded as a finger slid into her cunny.

“I want to lick your pussy.” He told her. “I want to shove my tongue into your pussy and tongue fuck you until you drown me in your juices.”

“What else.” She breathed, her large breasts heaving as she chewed on her bottom lip.

“I want to make you suck my dick and fuck your throat before filling your stomach and covering your face with my cum.” He growled as he started to kiss her foot and nibble on her toes.

“Yea you do.” She moaned happily as she started to fondle her breast. “What about my ass? What do you want to do to my ass?”

“I want to squeeze and grope and bite and slap it.” He told her. “Then I’ll lick and finger your asshole before forcing my dick into it.”

“Yesss!” Nina hissed as she brought her nipple up to her mouth to suck on it while still playing with the other.

“After that I’d fuck your pussy.” He said making her gasp and increase the speed of her finger pumping in and out of her cunny. “I’d fuck you over and over again until you were overflowing with my cum. I’d keep fucking you until I’d impregnated you!” he declared making her juices gush out around her fingers. “And I’d do all this while you’re wearing your crown.” He growled breathily as he stepped forward to loom over her and stand between her thighs with his cockhead pressed against her wet labia.

“Fuck me Kei-kun!” she cried out in lust as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her welcoming cunny. As soon as he entered her both of them came; Keitaro’s sperm flooding her uterus as her innermost walls spasmed around his shaft. Even as his cum exploded from his tip Keitaro continued to thrust into her over and over again; fucking her through his orgasm and continued to do so until they both came again as Nina clawed at his back and met every thrust with one of her own as they passionately kissed.

After they came for a third time Nina pushed him off of her, crawled to the top of the bed and held onto the headboard. Looking over her shoulder Nina leered lewdly at him and wiggled her ass at him. “Fuck your Queens ass Kei-kun!” she ordered him.

Wasting no time Keitaro barrelled over to her and buried his shaft deep into her bowels. Crying out as he started to thrust in and out of her Nina slammed her hips backwards against his so that the sound of their flesh slapping together rung out through the room. Pressing into her back Keitaro slid his hands around her body and started to grope her firm breasts. “Harder Kei-kun!” she screamed in rapture as she pulled one of his hands down to her pussy to delve into her sperm sodden love channel “Fuck your Queen harder!”

“Your Highness!” Keitaro cried out as he thrust all the harder into her rectum. When they came they came together; Keitaro’s cock swelled inside of her and spewed out his sperm to fill her bowels as her pussy and ass clamped down on the invading appendages. Collapsing on top of her Keitaro panted hard and kissed her neck “I love you Your Majesty.”

“I love you too Kei-kun.” she grinned happily as she made to remove her crown only for Keitaro to stop her.

“Leave it on.” He requested tiredly as he nibbled on her ear.

Grinning as she kept his hands held to her breast and pussy Nina leaned back into him and asked “Kei-kun, why do you like fucking me while I wear my crown?”

“I don’t know.” He shrugged as he kissed the nape of her neck. “I guess it’s because when wear the crown it really feels like I’m making love to a queen. And for some reason the idea of fucking a queen really turns me on.” He explained as he kissed her behind her ear making her giggle.

“And what does it feel like when you fuck me without the crown?” she wondered.

“Like I’m making love to a gorgeous woman.” He murmured into her ear making her laugh.

“Flatterer.” She grinned as she leaned back in his embrace and wiggled her ass against him.

Kissing her neck Keitaro squeezed her around her waist and said “There’s something I want to ask you Nina-san.” He told her. “I should have done this when I made up my mind but I’ve been a bit distracted lately.”

“And what is it you want to ask my love?” she asked as she interlaced her fingers with his.

“Will you be my wife Nina-san?” he asked as he kissed her neck.

Letting out a pleasurable moan Nina smiled and said “Sure Kei-kun.”

Frowning at her Keitaro said “That’s it? I thought you’ve be more enthusiastic than that.”

“How’s this then?” she asked as she rolled over on top of him and kissed him deeply. When she broke the kiss with a moan Nina purred “Yes Kei-kun, I will marry you. You’ve made me the happiest woman alive. Let me use my body to show you how happy I am.” She leered as she stroked his length.

“That’s more like it!” he grinned and groped her ass making her laugh as she kissed him.

Still giggling at him as she rested her head against his chest Nina said “It’s not that I am unenthusiastic my love, I just presumed that we’d be getting married even if you didn’t ask me.”

“I thought the same about Kana-chan.” Keitaro mentioned “But Asuna-san said I should propose to her anyway.”

“Oh you certainly should.” Nina agreed as she sat up so she was straddling his lap “That little nympho would give you such a fucking you wouldn’t know what day it is.”

“Asuna-san said something similar.” Keitaro smiled as he caressed Nina’s hips.

“There you have it.” She leered as she leaned down to kiss his lips. “The both of us can’t be wrong.”

“I suppose so.” He grinned as he rolled her over onto her side so he could nuzzle into her breasts. “I love you Nina-san.”

Letting out a soft moan Nina buried her nose in his hair and said “I like it when you say that to me Kei-kun. It makes me want to do all kinds of dirty things to you.”

“I love you Nina-san.” He repeated eagerly making her laugh.

Changing position so her feet were by his head while his cock was standing erect in front of her face Nina extended her tongue to lick his swollen cockhead. “Which do you prefer Kei-kun?” she asked as she suckled on his tip. “My pussy or my ass?”

“mmm, I adore your ass.” he said as he groped her firm rear “But I absolutely love your pussy.” He grinned as he hugged her close and nuzzled into her cunny.

“Oh? What do you love about it?” she wondered with a raised eyebrow.

“This is where Ama-chan and Kaolla-chan came from.” He explained as he kissed her clit. “How couldn’t I love it?”

Hearing this Nina laughed and moved back so they were lying face to face. Wrapping her arms around his neck and holding her body close to his Nina asked “Then what about my Amalla? What do you like better, her pussy or ass?”

“Mmm, I can’t decide.” He declared. “I love fucking her ass but I love how wet her pussy gets whenever we’re together.”

“And Kaolla?” Nina smiled.

“She’s got one of the cutest butts I‘ve ever seen and I love squeezing and fondling it. And she’s got the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.” He informed her.

“But which do your prefer to fuck?” she demanded to know as she kissed his nipple and stroked his shaft.

Grunting at her attention Keitaro said “I’ve only fucked her ass.”

Hearing this Nina blinked in surprise “Why?”

“She needs to be a virgin when we marry.” Keitaro answered.

“So? Why haven’t you fucked her in her older form?” she wondered. “She’ll still be a virgin so long as you don’t fuck her in her normal form.”

“Well, I want our first time together to be with my Kaolla-chan.” He told her. “It wouldn’t feel right to have sex with her older self before I make love to her normal self.”

“You’re so sweet my love.” Nina grinned as she lovingly kissed and stroked his length.

Moaning into her mouth Keitaro broke the kiss and caressed her flanks. “Nina-san, I was wondering something...” he started “Can you and Ama-chan change your appearance like Kaolla-chan can?”

“Of course we can.” she grinned and in a puff of smoke she was a teenager again with long, golden hair flowing down passed her waist and a large, swollen stomach.

“Nina-san...” Keitaro breathed as he stared at her in wide eyed amazement.

“What do you think Kei-kun?” she leered as she sat up next to him and caressed her stomach “This is what I looked like when I was pregnant with Amalla.”

“Ama-chan is in here?” He wondered as he leaned down and started to kiss the bump.

“Not quite.” She giggled as his lips tickled her.

“I felt her kick!” He grinned excitedly making her laugh before being engulfed in another puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared Keitaro saw that she was now even younger.

“This is how I looked when I was Kaolla’s age.” She grinned cheekily at him as she grabbed his hand and brought it to her pussy “You could fuck me and see how it’ll feel to fuck my daughter’s virgin cunny.” Seeing him stare down at her tiny breasts Nina smiled as she saw them dripping milk. “They may change in size but there are some things that remain consistent.” She explained. Not answering her Keitaro leaned down and took her entire breast into his mouth and started to suck making her moan and arch her back as he caressed her slender stomach. “Mmm, do you want to fuck me? Do you want to fuck my tiny teenage pussy?” In a puff of smoke she was pregnant again “Or perhaps you’d like to fuck me while I’m pregnant?” she offered as she grabbed his shaft.

Pulling off her breast Keitaro gave her a loving kiss and said “I want to make love to you as you really are.”

“You’re so sweet.” she murmured as she stroked her chest and in another puff of smoke she was back to normal.

When she leaned into kiss him Keitaro pressed a finger to her lips stopping her. “Not like this,” he shook his head “I want to see the real you.”

Blinking at him Nina tilted her head and asked “What do you mean Kei-kun?”

“I mean Ama-chan is in her twenties, the only way you could have given birth to her and look as young as you do is if had her when you were younger than Kaolla.” He said with a soft smile as he stroked her cheek. “Please Nina-san? I want to know what my future wife really looks like.” He pleaded sincerely.

Rather than a puff of smoke the change this time was subtle. Her short hair grew several inches down passed her shoulders, several wrinkles creased her face around her eyes and her large breasts drooped and sagged slightly. Even with these imperfections she was without a doubt regal and dignified; the very picture of a wise and noble queen and was unquestionably beautiful. Staring at her Keitaro murmured “Nina-san...”

“I’m hideous.” She said quietly as she turned away from him.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” He said as he cupped her chin and turned her head to face him. “You’re absolutely gorgeous.” He told her as he pulled her to his chest and kissed her despite her protests. “Has Asuna-san seen the real you?” he wondered.

“How could I allow her to see me like this?” she asked “How could she love an old hag like me?”

“So I’m the only one who has ever seen the real you?”

“Yes.” She said. Feeling Keitaro’s cock press into her hip Nina looked down and her eyes widened at what she saw. His throbbing cock swelled larger than she had ever seen before as it spat out a steady stream of pre-cum which flowed down his length. Looking up at him Nina’s mouth dropped open as she saw that wild look in his eyes. Before she could say a word Keitaro pounced on top of her and pinned her to the bed and he forced his tongue into her mouth. Unable to resist Nina could do nothing but allow him to ravish her; her body moving of its own accord as she reacted to his every touch, his every lick and his every thrust. Clawing his back and squeezing his ass to draw him closer and deeper to Nina moaned as he forced her to orgasm over and over again as his cock plunged unrelentingly in and out of her wet snatch until they collapsed exhausted in each others’ arms with Nina laying on top of his chest; their sweat soaked bodies dripping with perspiration and their juices.

Caressing her soft skin Keitaro panted out “I love you Nina-san.”

“I love you too Kei-kun.” she breathed in return, her whole body tingling with a pleasurable ache from his passionate and insatiable love making. “What got into you Kei-kun?” She wondered happily “You weren’t that forceful when I had my crown on.” She said as she idly wondered where her crown had fallen during their tryst. She seemed to recall a loud metallic clang the first time Keitaro had made her straddle his lap and she had thrown her head back in ecstasy but didn’t have the inclination to enquire further.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked concerned.

“No, of course not my love.” She smiled and kissed his nipple. “I was just curious what brought about such passion... and how to bring it about again.” She leered.

“I just got really turned on by the idea that you would share your secret with me and only.” He said as he adoringly caressed her cheek. “That I am the only one to know the real you, it made me feel... I don’t know special I guess.”

“You are special my love.” She smiled as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his.

When she broke the kiss and rested her head on his chest. Nuzzling into her hair Keitaro said “I still think you should allow Asuna-san to see you like this.” he said as he ran his fingers through her hair. “She’d love you no matter what you looked like just like I do.”

Nina let out a not committal mmm.

“I'm serious Nina-san.” He said. “Me, Asuna-san, you daughters, the slaves; we all love and adore you with all our hearts and nothing will change that.” He insisted as he squeezed her tightly. When she didn’t answer him Keitaro said “I’ll prove it to you.” Before rolling her off of him and moved to the door.

“Kei-kun wait!” She called after him but he had already pulled open the door.

Blinking in surprise, Keitaro stared at the scene before him and said “What are you up to Kana-chan?

From her position kneeling in front of Maya, Kanako looked up at him with a wet grin “I came looking for you Onii-san.” She said innocently.

“Then what are you doing with these three?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kanako had the girls pressed against the wall, her fingers deep within Niobe and Luna’s drooling cunny’s as they sat slumped on either side of Maya as Kanako lapped at her soaked snatch. “They wouldn’t let me in to see you.” She said as she lightly nibbled on Maya’s clit making the girl moan and arch her back. “So I was teaching them a lesson.”

“What’s going on out here?” Nina asked as she approached him.

Turning to explain Keitaro stopped short when he noticed that she had returned to her usual appearance. Noticing he was frowning at her Nina smiled and lightly brushed her lips to his cheek as she grasped his length. “A woman is allowed her vanity Kei-kun.” she purred into his ear and started to stroke his sticky member. “And this way it’ll remain our little secret.” She leered and lightly licked his lips before looking at Kanako “Are you enjoying playing with my slaves?”

“I’d much rather play with you and Onii-san.” Kanako grinned as she crawled over to them and started to lick her brothers cum from the queen’s cunny while her hand joined Nina’s on his shaft.

Moaning happily as she held her head to her mound Nina stroked Kanako’s soft hair before pulling her to her feet. Wrapping her arms around Kanako Nina squeezed her ass and said “I bet you would.” She purred and licked Kanako’s wet chin “Come Kei-kun this horny little slut needs a cock in her right now.” Nina grinned lewdly as she pulled Kanako into her room.

“Just give me a minute.” He said as he knelt in front of Maya and caressed her cheek.

Giving him a dazed look Maya nuzzled into her palm and said “I'm sorry Master we tried to keep her out.” she said tiredly.

“It’s fine.” he smiled. “I had finished talking to Nina-san already. Thank you for giving us our privacy.” He smiled gratefully as he leaned in to kiss her soft lips.

“It was our pleasure Master.” She smiled happily. “Do you require our services?”

“No, you just rest.” He smiled. “But as thanks I’ll spend the entire day tomorrow eating your pussies OK?”

“That sounds wonderful Master.” She said as she bashfully bit her bottom lip “Could Mistress Kanako join you?”

“I’m sure she’d be happy to.” He gave her a kiss before returning to the room to find a naked Kanako sitting on Nina’s lap facing away from the queen. Kanako had her head tilted backwards with her tongue extended as Nina dripped cum she had scooped from her cunny down onto her face while she fingered Kanako’s moist quim. Noticing him approach Kanako smiled widely at him “Hi Onii-san.”

“Hi Kana-chan.” He smiled as he sat next to them and reached out to cup Kanako’s small breast. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“oh, this little slut just got a whole lot wetter.” Nina leered as she wiggled her fingers inside Kanako.

Ignoring the queen Kanako held his hand to her chest and smiled prettily “Why’s that Onii-san?”

“Well, I never officially proposed to you did I?” he said making her eyes widen. “So, do you want to marry me?”

“Yes!” Kanako cried as she flung herself at him. “Yes I do Onii-san!” She said as tears fell from her eyes and she hugged him tightly.

Holding her close he nuzzled into her hair with a grin before frowning at Nina “You see? This is how a woman is supposed to react when someone proposes to them.” Nina simply smirked and stuck her tongue out at him.

Forcing her lips against his Kanako moaned happily and grabbed his cock “I want you inside of me Onii-san!” she said as she started to rub his cockhead against her labia.

“Sure Kana-chan.” Keitaro grinned happily as he grabbed her hips and lifted her on to his shaft to enter her soaked snatch.

“Onii-san!” Kanako yowled happily as her hips bucked wildly against him. As Keitaro squeezed her ass and bounced her up and down on his lap he mauled her tiny breasts with his hands and bit at her collarbone causing her entire body to tremble and convulse.

Staring at the copulating siblings Nina couldn’t help but touch herself as she watched Kanako writhe in her brothers embrace all the while making truly obscene noises. 'I wonder if I’ve ever made such a lewd expression.' Nina wondered as she stared at the rapturous look plastered across Kanako’s face. Rubbing her thighs together as a heat grew between her legs Nina was no longer content to just sit back and watch. Pressing herself against Kanako’s back Nina kissed her neck and fondled her small breasts “I love watching you fuck your little sister. It’s so dirty.” She giggled at Keitaro before sliding a hand down and shoved her thumb up Kanako’s ass making her eyes go wide as she came; her pussy clamping down and massaging his shaft to make him fill her with his seed.

Holding the limp Kanako in her arms Nina licked her cheek and grinned lewdly at Keitaro “Can I play with her?” Nina asked with a leer.

“Sure.” He nodded his head.

Holding Kanako to her body as she groped her tiny breasts Nina lovingly kissed her neck before moving up to capture her lips. As Kanako’s tongue slid into her mouth Nina pulled the girl from Keitaro’s lap to hold her on her own. Moving Kanako’s mouth own to her breasts Nina arched her back and moaned as the pale sister latched onto a nipple and began to suckle hungrily. Laying back and pulling Kanako with her Nina grinned as she saw Keitaro staring at Kanako’s wiggling rear. Sliding her hands down Kanako’s back Nina squeezed the firm flesh of Kanako’s pert ass before pulling apart her cheeks to show off her ass before sliding a hand down between Kanako’s slick thighs and inserted two fingers into Kanako’s cum sodden pussy.

Watching as Nina’s fingers danced within his sister’s love channel and loving the way Kanako shook her hips in response to the stimulation Keitaro crawled forward to join his sister in drinking from Nina’s breasts. Running her fingers through their hair with a pleasurable moan Nina slid her hands down their backs before sliding her hands around their hips to cup Kanako’s mound and grasp Keitaro’s cock. Stroking both of them Nina grinned happily as the siblings began thrusting against her hands; Kanako grinding her clit against the heel of Nina’s palm as her nimble fingers pumped in and out of her cunny while Keitaro thrust hard through her clenched fist causing his tip to rub against Nina’s stomach and coat her in pre-cum.

When they came they came together; Keitaro’s cum covering her stomach and mixing with Kanako’s juices as they gushed from her sopping snatch. As both Urashima’s panted around her nipples with mouthfuls of milk they turned and leaned in to kiss and share Nina’s sweet offering. When they broke the kiss Keitaro lovingly nuzzled against his sisters face before moving upwards to passionately kiss Nina while Kanako moved lower to lick her juices and Keitaro’s sperm from her abdomen.

Breaking the kiss Nina smiled happily at her betrothed “Did you enjoy that my love?”

“Of course I did.” He grinned as he moved so that they were sitting up with her back pressed to his chest. “Kana-chan enjoyed it too.” He grinned as he kissed her neck and started to massage her breasts causing her to gasp.

“I did.” Kanako grinned up at them.

“Good.” She purred as she reclined back against Keitaro. “I do like watching my lovers cum.” She purred as she ran her finger over Kanako’s sticky lips.

“I like it too.” Kanako leered as she kissed her way down to Nina’s cunny.

“oh!” Nina gasped happily as she slid down Keitaro’s body until her head rested on Keitaro’s lap forcing Kanako to lift up her hips and hold them in the air. With Nina’s legs bent over her shoulders Kanako knelt opposite her brother and hungrily lapped at the queens soaked pussy. Arching her back and rolling her head back Nina found suddenly found Keitaro’s cock right in front of her.

Licking her lips, Nina parted her lips and took his cock into her mouth. Keitaro wrapped his arms around her slender body with a moan and started to thrust into her gullet as he kissed way through her fine patch of blond fuzz before letting his tongue join Kanako’s as it circled around her swollen clit. As their tongues played together the siblings stared lustfully into each others eyes before delving into Nina’s moist depths causing the tanned queen to moan loudly around Keitaro’s shaft. As her gullet squeezed and massaged his length and the Urashima’s added their fingers to the mix; Keitaro’s thumb strummed and ground against her clit as his fingers joined their tongues in her tight pussy while Kanako was content to finger fuck her ass.

'So Many Fingers and Tongues!' she moaned around Keitaro’s cock as her hips bucked wildly and her toes curled in pleasure. 'If Asuna-love was to join in...' the thought of her wife’s skilful appendages joining the fray and touching her in her most sensitive of areas sent Nina over the edge and she came; her whole body convulsing and her hips bucking uncontrollably as she felt Keitaro’s shaft swelling in her throat and coating her oesophagus with his sperm. Her body going limp, a daze fell upon her mind and Nina barely felt his thick semen gushing out around his length and drip up her face.

When her senses had returned to her Nina realised she was no longer suspend between the two Urashima’s but instead sandwiched between them with Kanako straddling her lap as the pair kissed and licked their faces clean. Dully staring at them Nina slowly realised that Keitaro’s thick cock was buried deeply in her wet snatch. Wondering if he had fucked her Nina felt a warmth grow in her loins, the idea of being used by the incestuous siblings in whatever depraved way they could think up while her faculties were impaired turned her on so that her cunny clenched around his shaft making him moan and break the kiss to turn his attention to her.

“You’re up Nina-san.” Keitaro observed as he started to kiss her neck. “How do you feel?”

“I feel wonderful.” She grinned and started to rock her hips back and forth. “Did you fuck me while I was out of it?” she wondered.

“Kana-chan wanted to see me do it.” Keitaro reported.

“It was so hot.” Kanako let out a breathy giggle as she kissed Nina. “Onii-san used you’re body like a fuck toy.”

“mmm, that does sound like fun.” Nina purred.

“It is.” Kanako concurred eagerly. “I love it when he does it to me. It’s like my body’s sole purpose is to pleasure Onii-san and that I’m always at his beck and call.” She moaned as she started to touch herself.

Cupping her chin Nina ran her tongue over Kanako’s soft lips “oh? Is that what you desire? To be nothing more than a tool for your brothers pleasure?”

“I already am!” Kanako moaned loudly as Nina’s fingers joined hers at her cunny. “Even if Onii-san refuses to use me.” She pouted cutely.

“Why on earth wouldn’t he use your slutty body?” Nina wondered as her fingers pumped in and out of Kanako’s cunny.

“He likes to see me writhe and moan when he fucks me so he’ll stop once he’s fucked me into a coma.” Kanako explained.

“You poor cumslut.” Nina cried as she removed herself from Keitaro’s cock and pressed herself against Kanako’s back. “How could your brother neglect you so? If you were my fuck toy I wouldn’t stop until I was satisfied.” She growled as she nipped at Kanako’s neck making her mewl. Whispering into Kanako’s ear and getting a nod Nina leered at Keitaro before pouncing on top of him and held him down as Kanako tied his arms above his head. Caressing his chest Nina leered and said “Since you’ve been so mean to your little sister you’re going to be her fuck toy.” She laughed “She’s going to fuck you over and over again until she’s satisfied.” She declared as Kanako crawled on top of him and mounted his shaft.

As Kanako bounced and cavorted on top of her brother, Nina lay next to them with a smile and started to touch herself. As her fingers slid in and out of her pussy Nina admired Kanako’s slender body and the way she relentlessly moved her hips, the way her entire form quaked as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her and how after several ejaculations her pussy had become so sodden with sperm that every subsequent load she coaxed from his balls gushed out of her like a geyser.

Struggling for breath Kanako slumped limply with a happy grin on her flushed face “I don’t think I can move many more!” Kanako confessed tiredly and started to fall forward onto Keitaro only for Nina to press herself into Kanako’s back and wrapped her arms around her body.

“Of course you can.” Nina insisted with a grin. Moulding her body to Kanako’s Nina helped the pale sister rock her hips and bounced up and down on his shaft. Moving as one body Nina kissed and licked at Kanako’s cheek and slid a hand up to cup one of her tiny, heaving breasts as Nina’s efforts caused Kanako to roll her head back with a loud moan as her brother unleashed another load into her already overflowing cunny. Seeing that she was on the cusp of a stupor similar to the one the siblings had inflicted on her, Nina slowed the movement of their hips before stopping completely and allowed Kanako to collapse on top of her bother in a panting heap. Caressing her sweat soaked back Nina smiled up at the equally exhausted Keitaro and released his hands. Free from his constraints Keitaro wrapped his arms around her Kanako’s body and kissed her deeply; their sticky, sweaty bodies rubbing together as they moaned into each other’s mouths.

Running his fingers through Kanako’s silky black hair Keitaro squeezed her ass before roll her off of his cock. Seeing Nina smiling down at them, the soiled lovers tiredly sat up and crawled towards the queen. Pressing themselves against her body both Keitaro and Kanako leaned in to kiss her; their tongues extended and slipping into Nina’s mouth causing the queen to suck on them and lick their lips and tongues in return. Breaking the kiss and seeing them still panting heavily Nina smiled and graciously pulled them to her breasts and allowed them to suckle.

Rolling her head back as the greedily supped at her milk Nina ran her fingers through their hair with a grin. “You both have such wonderful mouths.” She purred happily. “If you weren’t going to marry me I’d have to have you locked up here as my sex toys.” She confessed with a giggle.

“That sounds like fun, doesn’t it Onii-san?” Kanako asked, removing her lips from Nina’s teat for but a moment before returning them to continue drinking.

“We’d love to be used by you.” Keitaro concurred as he left her breast and cupped her chin and began kissing her.

“How very tempting.” Nina smiled as she felt his wet cock rub against her hip 'How can he still be so hard after playing with the two of us for so long.' she wondered happily as she nuzzled into his chest and inhaled his sweaty scent. As she considered dragging them to the bath thoughts of all the lewd things she could get up to with the two Urashima’s while bathing assailed her mind causing her to rub her thighs together in a effort to abate the heat the blazed in her loins. Running her fingers over his muscular chest Nina lightly kissed his nipple before leering up at him. “So the two of you wish to be my fuck toys?”

“We already are.” Keitaro smiled and adoringly kissed the queen.

“That’s right.” Kanako grinned up at her as she rested her head on Nina’s mounds. “No matter how dirty or depraved the act we’d happily perform it for you, your highness.”

“Is that so.” Nina leered as she brought moth of their mouths back to her teats and had them suckle on them. “Then I want the two of you to drink up.” Nina told them as she ran her fingers through their hair. “You’ll need your strength for what I’ve got planned for you.”

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