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Chapter 5 - Su and Shinobu’s Morning

Su and Shinobu’s Room

Running back to her room carefully carrying the precious liquid the wet and naked Su burst through the door and cheered “Wake up Shinobu! I got a present for for!”

Raising her head from the large pillow, Shinobu sleepily sat up and revealed her pale body to the morning sunlight. “Su-chan, you shouldn’t be so loud in the morning.” She moaned as she kicked off the covers, still not awake enough to realise that she had no clothes on.

“But this is really important!” Su protested as she leapt onto the bed and straddled Shinobu’s hips. “I had to get it to you while it’s still warm!” Pressing their small chests together, Su hugged and kissed Shinobu on the lips. Blushing but accepting her affection Shinobu broke the kiss and asked. “So what is so important?”

“Ta da!” Su flourished the container. “I got Kei-kun’s cum!”

Shinobu blushed as she stared at the thick liquid. “T-that’s Sempai’s...” her voice quivered.

“Yep I just got it from his thing.” She said happily. “Look how thick and sticky it is!” dipping her finger inside the glass, Su scooped up some of his cum and proffered it to Shinobu’s mouth. “Do you want to try some?”

Shinobu stared at the finger for a moment before opening her mouth. Grinning, Su inserted her finger into her mouth and gently stroked Shinobu’s tongue; coating it with his cum. Shinobu sat dazed as she had her first taste of her sempai. “How does it taste?”

“It’s good...” she slurped as she sucked Su’s finger clean.

“Do you want to try some more?” Su asked sweetly. Seeing the chef nod her head Su dipped her finger back into the container and brought it to her own lips. Smearing the still warm semen across her them, she pursed her lips at Shinobu. Knowing what she wanted Shinobu leaned forward and extended her tongue and licked the fluid off her best friend’s lips before kissing Su. Moaning into her mouth Su broke the kiss and giggled. “You taste nice Shinomu!” she grinned and rubbed their noses together.

“Y-you taste nice too.” Shinobu said bashfully as she licked her lips trying to taste more of her sempai.

“Let’s finish the rest of Kei-kuns cum OK?” sliding off of Shinobu she lay next to her dipping into the cum she held out her finger. As Shinobu leaned forward, Su pulled her finger away and wiped the cum onto her stomach. Shinobu looked at Su with a confused expression before comprehension dawned. Lowering her head, Shinobu ran her tongue along her friend’s smooth tanned skin. “That tickles.” Su giggled “Here Shinobu, have some more.” Tilting the glass she let some of the thick gooey substance pour out onto her chest making a trail up her body and between her small breasts. Shinobu’s mouth followed the trail up her friends body sucking Keitaro’s cum from her skin. Shifting herself so that she was laying on top of Su, Shinobu cleaned her friend’s body until her face rested between her breasts.

“You want more?” Su asked with a smile. Shinobu nodded her head. “Here you go.” Swirling her fingers in the still half full glass Su brought them to her nipples and coated them with cum. “Enjoy!” she grinned as Shinobu sealed her lips around one of her hard nipples and sucked before doing the same for the other. Moaning happily, Su held onto Shinobu’s head and stroked her hair. “That feels nice.” Running her hands down the slim girl’s body Su groped Shinobu’s butt and pulled her upwards. Giving her a kiss Su said “We’ve still got half a glass left, do you wanna share it?” getting a nod from the girl Su brought the glass to her lips and poured it into her mouth. Swishing it around her mouth, she pressed her lips against her friends and slipped it her tongue into Shinobu, pushing the cum in as well.

As the cum flooded her mouth and her best friends tongue caressed hers, Shinobu moaned into the mouth of the tanned princess. Returning the sentiment Su held Shinobu close, stroking her cute butt and giving it a quick squeeze. As they divided the cum between them, both girls swallowed their respective loads before exploring each other’s mouths for any remnant of his cum. Breaking the kiss Shinobu rested her head on Su’s meagre breasts. “That tasted nice.” Shinobu murmured as she nuzzled into her chest. “Thank you for letting me taste Sempai’s c-cum.” She blushed.

“Anything for my future wife.” Su smiled and snuggled closer to the bluenette. “Can I ask you for a favour, Shinobu?”

“Sure.” At this point Shinobu was ready to do anything for the girl who was giving her a chance with her beloved.

“Can you make me breakfast? I’m starving!” she gave Shinobu a cheeky smile.

The young chef let out a laugh. “Don’t you have servants to cook for you?”

“Yea, but I wanna eat Shinomu’s food!” Su pouted and ran her hands over the girl’s body.

Giggling, Shinobu nodded her head. “OK. Just show me where the kitchen is.”

“Great!” Su cheered as she pulled Shinobu up and towards the door.

“W-wait! I have to get dressed first!” Shinobu cried.

Su turned and tilted her head. “Why?”

“What if someone sees me?!” she replied as she covered herself with her hands.

“Don’t worry, Kei-kun’s the only guy in the palace.” Su replied as she stretched her arms above her head making her tiny breasts jut out.

“I-I can’t let Sempai see me like this!” she wailed.

Su looked at her in confusion. “Why not? I bet Kei-kun would love to see you like this.” Approaching the girl, Su wrapped her arms around her and rubbed her butt.

“I-I just can’t!” Shinobu replied.

“If you’re sure.” Su shrugged still not completely understanding her friend’s bashfulness. “Come on, I got some clothes you can wear.”

“Why can’t I just wear my clothes?”

“Don’t be silly Shinomu, MolMol is too hot for your regular clothes so you have to wear thinner clothes.” She explained as she reached up and stroked one of Shinobu’s small breasts.

“O-OK.” Shinobu agreed as she was pulled to a cupboard.

“mmmm, let’s see...” Su mumbled to herself as she looked at the clothes hanging inside. Turning to Shinobu, Su pressed their bodies together and ran her hands over Shinobu’s cute arse before sliding around her hips and stroking Shinobu’s almost bald mound.

“W-what are you doing?!” she cried.

“mmm, you’re a little smaller than me but these should be fine.” Grabbing something from a draw in the cupboard she held out a G-string for Shinobu. Kneeling down Su grabbed her foot and started to put them on when Shinobu began to flail around and fell over onto her soft rear.

“W-what are you doing?!” she cried again.

“I’m helping you get dressed.” She said as she tried to put them on again.

“D-don’t you have more normal panties?”

“What are you talking about? These are normal. In MolMol it is best to wear as little clothing as possible. Besides, these are Kei-kuns favourite kind of panties.”

“T-they are?”

“Yep, he picked them out for me to wear on the plane ride over here.” Su grinned.

Shinobu briefly wondered what exactly happened on the plane ride here before nodding her head. “A-alright then.”

Smiling, Su pulled the pulled them up Shinobu’s legs. Lifting up her hips, Su slid the material over Shinobu’s butt, pulling them upwards so the thin string at the back rode up between her ass cheeks and the small patch of material at the front bit into her nether lips. Leaning forward Su kissed her directly on the material that covered her snatch. “There, all done. See they’re not so bad are they?”

“N-no.” The shy girl replied.

“Here, have a look at yourself.” Su pulled her up and stood her in front of a full length mirror. Shinobu blushed as she saw the small garment barely covered her slit. Suddenly Su’s arms circled her, one hand gently tweaking her nipple while the other stroked her slit through the thin fabric. “See! You look so sexy! Kei-kun would love to see you wearing these!”

“S-SU-CHAN!” she moaned as she tried to squirm out of her embrace.

Nuzzling into her neck Su giggled. “Come on let’s finish getting you ready.” Walking back to the cupboard, she pulled out a skirt and wrapped it around Shinobu’s waist. “What do you think of this?”

Examining herself in the mirror she smiled. Even though it was shorter than what she would normally wear she still thought it was cute. Turning she blushed as she noticed that most of her rear was exposed and what’s worse is that since her G-string was firmly between her cheeks it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything at all. “I-I can’t wear something like this!”

“What’s wrong with it?” she asked. “Kotomi and Yuna wear stuff like this all the time and their perfectly happy with it. Kei-kun likes it to.” She grinned, already knowing how to manipulate the meek girl.

“H-he does?” she asked as she tried to pull the skirt lower but all that meant was the top of her ass became exposed.

“Yep, he’s always staring at their butts. And it looks great on you as well!”

“A-alright then.” Shinobu gave in.

“Great!” Su smiled. “Now let’s see about these boobs of yours.” Reaching out, Su rubbed and squeezed her small boobs. “mmm, these are really nice, not as big as mine of course but still lovely.” She boasted about her own breasts that was perhaps half a centimetre bigger than Shinobu’s. “mmm, this should fit you.” Pulling out a thin top, identical in all but size to the ones that the slaves wore, Su covered her breasts with the material and did up the catch on the back. “There you go, all done. What do you think?” she asked as she moved behind Shinobu and let her look in the mirror.

Shinobu felt a wave of sadness wash over her as she stared at her reflection. While her normal attire hid the true size of her bust, this top which showed off her belly button and good portion of her upper chest offered no such concealment. Crossing her hands over her chest she quietly said. “I don’t want to wear this.”

Su’s smile fell from her face. “Huh?”

“May I please have something else to wear?” she asked as tears gathered in her eyes and threatened to fall.

Staring at her friends reflection for a moment before wrapping her arms around her waist and rested her chin on her shoulder. Hugging her tightly Su whispered. “Shinobu-chan, you look so beautiful. Just because your breasts aren’t that big yet doesn’t mean that you aren’t gorgeous. I know Kei-kun thinks exactly the same way.”

“No he doesn’t.” She replied softly, her body starting to shake. She knew that she was the least endowed of all the Hinata Sou girls sans the occasional resident Sarah and that fact had always bore heavily on her mind.

Giving her a squeeze, Su nuzzled into Shinobu’s cheek and gave her a quick kiss. “I’ll tell you a secret. I know for a fact Kei-kun thinks you’re beautiful. Not only that, I know he doesn’t care about the size of a girls boobs. He likes a girl’s butt the best and you’ve got one of the cutest butts I’ve ever seen.” She smiled as she squeezed here ass.

Despite herself, Shinobu giggled. “Do you really mean that?”

“Of course I do! Your butt is almost as sexy as mine!” she grinned as she turned around and wiggled her naked ass at the mirror.

Shinobu giggled again. “I meant what you said about Sempai.”

“Yep, we were talking about you on the plane ride here and his thing got really hard.” Su explained as Shinobu’s pulled her arms away and gently rubbed her chest.

“Really?” she asked as she relaxed into her embrace.

“Uhuh, I think he was thinking about this cute little butt of yours.” Su smiled as she turned the chef around and pressed her lips against hers.

Shinobu gave her a thankful smile. “Thanks Su-chan.” She hugged the princess.

Nuzzling into her best friend Su returned the hug. “That’s OK, Shinomu. You OK with Kei-kun seeing you like this now?”

Shinobu nodded her head. “Great! Then you can come make me breakfast now!” she cheered as she pulled her towards the door.

“W-wait! Aren’t you going to get dressed?” Shinobu asked.

“Why should I? I don’t have a problem with Kei-kun seeing me naked.” She replied as they continued out the door.

Next chapter: The Aoyama’s Morning

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