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Chapter 35 – The Tanned Twin

As the sun warmed her bikini-clad body Kitsune happily sipped the drink one of the slaves had prepared for her as she reclined on the soft grass. She spent most of her time sunbathing when Mutsumi wasn’t playing with her and so her fair skin had gradually gained a bronze glow to it. Mutsumi especially seemed to enjoy running her tongue along the tan lines she was starting to develop. 'I wonder if Kei-kun likes tan lines.' she thought to herself as she contemplated stripping off and sunbathing nude.

At the thought of the hapless manager Kitsune’s hand slid down her smooth stomach and passed her light brown pubic hair to touch her wet cunny with a moan. With every addition Keitaro made to his harem the more frustrated Mutsumi became and she delighted in taking out those frustrations on Kitsune. Imagining the reaction Mutsumi would have if she were to be fucked before her Kitsune smiled and started to rub herself when a shadow appeared above her.

Recognising the slender silhouette Kitsune withdrew her hand from her bikini bottoms and said “Hello Shinobu-chan.” she squinted up at her.

“Keitaro...?” the soft voice replied.

Smirking at her Kitsune said “You really can’t get enough of him can you?” she leered teasingly as she rolled over to lie on her stomach. “The last I saw him he was heading to his room.” She reported as she waved in the general direction where Keitaro could be found. Nodding her head the girl started away only for Kitsune to call out and stop her. “Here take this.” She said as she tossed her some lotion. “You have to look after skin as pale as yours Shinobu-chan; we haven’t even been here a week and you already look as tanned as a native.” She said with a smile as the girl hurried away.

Laying on the bed with Shinobu sitting on his lap Keitaro lovingly kiss his little nymphet as he groped her plump ass through her tiny skirt. Sliding one hand up her lithe form to cup and squeeze her tiny breast Keitaro broke the kiss and lovingly nuzzled against her face making her giggle. “You taste so sweet Shinobu-chan.” Keitaro murmured.

“You taste nice too Sempai.” Shinobu smiled brightly as she started to kiss her way down his chest. “I want to taste more.” She purred.

Grinning as she kissed his bellybutton Keitaro ran his fingers through her soft blue hair and moaned as she gently rubbed his cock through his trousers. As she grabbed the waistband of his trousers and was about to pull them down the pair heard a small voice say “Keitaro, Shinomu...”

Turning, the pair saw a slender, tanned girl kneeling on the bed staring at them. As a grin spread across her face Shinobu cried out “Nyamo-chan!” and dove at the girl, hugging her tightly.

Sitting up Keitaro smiled at the near identical girls 'I wonder how she got here. Maybe Seta is on the island.' he thought to himself as he reached out to stroke her hair making her blush up at him. “Hey Nyamo-chan.” he smiled at the shy girl.

“Guess what Nyamo-chan, we’re getting married!” Shinobu exclaimed excitedly.

“Married?” Nyamo wondered as she looked wide-eyed between Keitaro and Shinobu.

“That’s right.” Keitaro smiled as he wrapped his arm around Shinobu’s waist. “I’m marrying Shinobu-chan and some of the other girls from Hinata Sou as well.”

“You should marry us too.” Shinobu suggested happily.

Seeing Nyamo blush brightly at the idea Keitaro intervened and said “Shinobu-chan, you can’t just ask Nyamo-chan to marry us.”

“Why not?” Shinobu pouted and squeezed Nyamo tightly “She’s my friend and I want her to marry us.”

“Shinobu-chan, unless Nyamo-chan loves me then we shouldn’t get married.” Keitaro told her.

“But she does love you!” Shinobu insisted “Don’t you Nyamo-chan?” seeing the tanned girl blush deeply and look away from them Shinobu leaned in and whispered into her ear “If you don’t admit it I’ll steal him away from you.” She threatened playfully. With a look of panic on her face Nyamo started nodding her head furiously. “You see Sempai?” Shinobu grinned at Keitaro.

Reaching out to gently stroke her blushing cheek Keitaro asked “Really Nyamo-chan? Do you love me?”

“Y-Yes...” she admitted shyly.

“And you want to marry me?” he asked as he ran his fingers through her long, dark blue hair.

“Of course she does.” Shinobu answered for her as she hugged the girl from behind and grabbed the bottom of her tube top “And she wants to do lots of other stuff with you too.” Shinobu leered as she pulled up her top to expose Nyamo’s tiny breasts.

Her face turning bright red Nyamo cried out and covered her breasts with her arms. “Shinobu-chan! You shouldn’t do that to Nyamo-chan.” Keitaro scolded her.

“I’m sorry Nyamo-chan.” Shinobu pouted. “Do you forgive me?” Receiving a nod from her tanned counterpart Shinobu smiled widely and hugged her friend before pressing her lips to Nyamo’s. Her eyes going wide in surprise Nyamo tried to pull away only for Shinobu to follow after her so that the tanned girl was pinned to the bed while Shinobu’s tongue invaded her mouth.

When she finally broke the kiss Shinobu smiled down at the panting Nyamo and nuzzled against her cheek “You taste nice Nyamo.” Shinobu giggled as she ran her tongue over Nyamo’s lips. Sparing Keitaro a look and seeing how intently he was staring at them Shinobu grinned and whispered to Nyamo “Sempai likes watching us kiss.” Looking over at Keitaro with a blush Nyamo chewed her bottom lip for a moment before turning back to Shinobu and kissing her. Letting out a happy ‘oh’ Shinobu rolled over so that Nyamo was lying on top of her and started groping her pert behind as their tongues played together.

When Nyamo pulled her lips away from her friend she stared down at Shinobu who was grinning and still squeezing her butt. “You’re a good kisser Nyamo-chan.” Shinobu giggled before sitting up and running her tongue over her lips. Crawling over to Keitaro with Nyamo following, Shinobu sat on his lap facing away from him and reached back to grab his head and pull him down into a kiss. As their tongues slid into each other’s mouths Keitaro slid his hand up from her slender hips to cup and grope her tiny breasts making her moan.

Breaking the kiss Shinobu grinned happily at him before looking at Nyamo. “Sempai’s a good kisser too.” She told her tanned friend before grabbing hold of her and pulling her to straddle their laps “Give Sempai a kiss Nyamo-chan.” she told the girl.

Seeing the girl blush brightly Keitaro reached out to cup her cheek and said “I’m going to kiss you Nyamo-chan.” he told her. Getting a shy nod from her, Keitaro leaned down and lightly kissed her lips. As he pulled his lips away Keitaro grinned as she leaned in to recapture his lips. Allowing her tongue to enter his mouth Keitaro slid his hands down her slender form to grasp her hips. As the two kissed Shinobu grinned and pulled Nyamo’s shirt off her shoulders before groping her tiny breasts and kissing her stiff nipples through her thin tube top making the girl moan into Keitaro’s mouth. Breaking the kiss with a gasp as Shinobu playfully bit her nipple a red faced Nyamo looked down at her grinning friend.

“Did you like that Nyamo-chan?” Shinobu asked sweetly.

“Yes...” she nodded her head.

“Sempai has a very talented mouth.” Shinobu grinned at her “Let me show you what else he can do.” She said as she loosened her top and let it fall from her body to expose her tiny breasts. Slipping off of Keitaro’s lap Shinobu grinned at her beloved and held her arms wide to him. Grinning at her Keitaro leaned down and started sucking on her tiny teat making her squeal happily. Holding Keitaro to her chest Shinobu moaned and looked towards the wide eyed Nyamo “Nyamo-chan, come here too.” Shinobu called out to her. As she crawled forward Shinobu reached out and pulled her to her unoccupied breast. As Nyamo started suckling on her breast Shinobu arched her back and let out a loud moan causing her to shudder.

Grabbing both of them by their hair Shinobu pulled them up to kiss her. As their three tongues played together Shinobu giggled as she sat up and started caressing Nyamo’s chest “It’s your turn now Nyamo-chan.”

Seeing the girl blush brightly and nervously chew her bottom lip Keitaro wrapped his arms around her waist to rest his hands on her smooth stomach and said “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to Nyamo-chan.” Keitaro told her.

Hesitating for a second, Nyamo reached her arms back only for Shinobu to stop her. “Let Sempai do it.” She told her with a grin.

Nodding her head Nyamo tilted her head back to look imploringly up at him. Smiling down at her, Keitaro lovingly kissed her forehead before sliding his hands around from her stomach to remove her tiny top. With her breasts revealed Nyamo blushed brightly and instinctively covered her breasts. Looking down to the embarrassed girl Keitaro couldn’t help but smile 'She’s so much like Shinobu-chan.' he thought as he looked at his little chef sitting proudly with her chest bared as she lovingly held Nyamo’s hands while kissing her. 'Or how she used to be at least.' he thought as he stroked Shinobu’s hair.

Breaking the kiss Shinobu grinned up at Keitaro “Nyamo-chan has beautiful breasts doesn’t she Sempai?” Shinobu grinned up at him “I think they’re bigger than mine.”

Grinning down at them Keitaro slid his hands up from her slender waist to cup her tiny breasts making her gasp. Gently squeezing her mounds Keitaro fondled her for a moment before bringing one hand to Shinobu’s chest. “I think you’re right. Hers are slightly bigger than yours.” Keitaro confirmed.

“Nyamo-chan’s so lucky.” Shinobu pouted slightly as she lightly pinched her nipples causing her to moaned “I’m gonna have Sempai rub them and make them bigger.” She said before leaning in to kiss the tanned girl. As the two girls kissed Keitaro returned his hand to Nyamo’s beasts and started gently squeezing them. Breaking the kiss Shinobu kissed her way down to Nyamo’s chest and lightly suckled on one of her stiff nipples. As Nyamo yowled and rolled her head back Nyamo felt something be secured around her neck. Opening her eyes Nyamo saw a grinning Shinobu with a collar around her neck. “Let’s have some real fun.” Shinobu giggled as she stood up and said “Sempai, my skirt.”

Nodding his head Keitaro reached out and tugged her skirt off her hips leaving her naked. As Nyamo gaped at her nude friend Shinobu giggled and moved to sit among the pillows. “Come here Nyamo-chan.” Shinobu called to her. Crawling on all fours towards her, Shinobu had Nyamo lie next to her before spreading her legs wide for Keitaro. Grinning at her Keitaro crawled between her pale thighs and started lapping at her cunny. As soon his tongue started licking her Shinobu arched her back and Nyamo’s eyes went wide as a moan escaped her mouth. Wrapping her arm around Nyamo’s waist Shinobu slipped her hand under the waistband of her panties and started stroking her already pouting pussylips. “It feels good doesn’t it Nyamo-chan?” Shinobu moaned as she rocked her hips against Keitaro’s face. “When we’re married we’ll do this to each other all the time!” she declared as her fingers delved into Nyamo’s tight honeypot making her yowl before she was pulled into a kiss by her friend.

As the two girls writhed in ecstasy Keitaro continued his licking causing both girls to moan happily until they came; Nyamo drenching her panties and Shinobu’s fingers while Shinobu’s juices flooded Keitaro’s mouth. Swallowing her sweet secretions Keitaro hungrily licked her lips before kissing his way up Shinobu’s body. Grabbing Shinobu’s chin Keitaro made them break the kiss before pressing his lips to Shinobu’s. Passionately kissing the girl Keitaro broke the kiss and turned to seal his lips against Nyamo’s. As his tongue invaded her mouth Keitaro slid his hand down to roughly grope their breasts making both girls moan loudly. When he broke the kiss Keitaro stared lovingly into the panting Nyamo’s eyes before licking his way down to take her breast into his mouth.

As Nyamo moaned loudly and arched her back Shinobu rolled over and licked Nyamo’s cheek “Is Sempai making you feel good?”

“Yes!” she mewled.

“How about we make Sempai feel good.” Shinobu suggested with a leer. Getting a nod from the girl Shinobu smiled and pushed Keitaro off of Nyamo and pushed him back. Running her hands over Keitaro’s chest Shinobu leered and pulled out his cock. Pumping her tiny fists up and down his length Shinobu leaned down and started lapping at his leaking tip making him moan. Seeing Nyamo lean in close with wide eyes Shinobu smiled and pumped her hands faster and took his balls into her mouth and started to suck on them. It wasn’t long before she brought the man off; his thick cum splashing onto his stomach and chest.

Spitting out his balls Shinobu ran her tongue up his sticky shaft before lapping up his sperm. With her tongue covered in his sperm Shinobu extended it to Nyamo who leaned in to take her tongue into her mouth. Once she had swallowed the cum Shinobu grabbed Nyamo’s head and pulled her towards Keitaro’s chest where they both started licking and slurping the thick puddles that covered his torso; occasionally kissing and sucking on each others tongues as they did so.

Once he was clean Shinobu smiled at her friend who was hungrily licking her lips. “That was yummy wasn’t it Nyamo-chan?” getting a nod from the girl Shinobu grinned and said “Shall I show you what else we can do with Sempai?”

Nodding enthusiastically Nyamo settled against Keitaro’s side while Shinobu grasped his cock and slowly pumped her hand up and down his length. Smiling at her tanned counterpart Shinobu squatted above his cockhead and started rubbing his tip up and down her pouting pussylips before lowering her hips. Throwing her head back with a moan as his cock entered her Shinobu slowly took his entire length into her cunny. As inch after inch was engulfed by Shinobu’s moist channel Nyamo let out a loud moan and started humping her hips against Keitaro’s side. Grinning lustfully at her two lovers Shinobu started slowly rocking her hips back and forth causing both Nyamo and Keitaro to moan loudly and thrust their hips. Sliding his hand up her nubile form to cup and squeeze Shinobu’s tiny breast while his other grabbed Nyamo’s ass and pulled her up into a kiss so they could moan into each other’s mouths as Shinobu increased the speed of her fucking.

It wasn’t long before all three of them were cumming; Shinobu’s and Nyamo’s hips moving in synchronisation as their shared orgasm coursed through their petite bodies while Keitaro’s cock pumped out copious amounts semen into Shinobu’s tiny cunny. Collapsing forward onto Keitaro’s chest Shinobu kissed Keitaro’s nipple while he and Nyamo continued to kiss passionately. Slipping off of Keitaro’s cock Shinobu sat on his chest and spread her legs wide to show off her dripping pussy. Getting Nyamo’s attention they young girl broke the kiss and stared wide eyed at Shinobu’s cunny. Reaching out Shinobu guided Nyamo’s head towards her dripping mound and rolled her head back with a moan as Nyamo opened her mouth and started sucking on her cunny. As she licked Shinobu’s pussy Keitaro smiled at the sight and grabbed Nyamo’s hips to swing her around so that he could grope her perfect rear and kiss her ankle.

When she finished slurping Keitaro’s cum from Shinobu’s pussy Nyamo kissed her way up Shinobu’s body so that their tiny breasts were pressed together and so that they could kiss all the while Keitaro continued to fondle her ass. Moaning into Nyamo’s mouth Shinobu grinned and licked her lips “mmm, do you want to have sex with Sempai?” she asked.

“Yes...” Nyamo moaned softly.

Looking over Nyamo’s shoulder at Keitaro Shinobu smiled and said “Do you want to fuck Nyamo-chan Sempai?”

“Yes.” He grinned up at her as he sat up. Wrapping his arms around his two lolis Keitaro nuzzled into Nyamo’s hair and gently caressed her hips. “I want to stare into her beautiful eyes as I make her cum.” He grinned down at her blushing face. “I’m going to finish undressing you now Nyamo-chan.” he told her as he had her kneel among the pillows and gently stroked her flanks before undoing the knot that secured her tiny sarong around her waist and allowing it to fall from her body leaving her in her tiny, soaked panties. “You are so beautiful Nyamo-chan.” Keitaro murmured as he cupped he cheek and lovingly kissed her. As their tongues danced together Keitaro gently lowered her onto the pillows and slowly kissed his way down her body towards her panties. Pushing her thighs apart Keitaro nuzzled into the soft, damp material and inhaled deeply “You smell so good Nyamo-chan.” he murmured into her mound before running his tongue up and down her visible crevice causing her to arch her back and grasp the sheets with her fingers.

Grinning at her reaction Keitaro gave her mound a kiss before grasping the waistband of her panties before tugging them down her slender legs leaving her naked. Staring at her wet, pouting pussy lips Keitaro smiled and ran his finger up and down her labia causing her to shudder and cry out. “You look so delicious.” He breathed as he licked his lips. Seeing Shinobu was also licking her lips Keitaro pulled her towards him so that she was laying next to him. “Let’s have our first taste of Nyamo-chan together.” He smiled as he slid his hand down Shinobu’s back and between her thighs to cup and rub her mound while he pressed his thumb into her asshole making both of them squirm.

Shaking her hips, Shinobu grinned happily and leaned in along with Keitaro with her tongue extended towards Nyamo’s wet quim. Sliding their tongues inside her pussy Nyamo moaned and writhed much to her lovers enjoyment who wiggled their wet muscles inside of her before pulling out to lick her labia and assaulted her swollen clit causing her to cry out as she came. Drinking down her juices Keitaro turned to Shinobu to capture her lips and licked her face clean. “Nyamo-chan tastes so good.” He grinned.

Giggling happily Shinobu lovingly kissed her sempai and said “Are you going to fuck Nyamo-chan now?”

“Yes.” He grinned at her. “And I want you to play with your beautiful pussy while watching us.” He said as he wiggled his fingers inside of her making her squeal. Nodding her head Shinobu sat back and started slowly fingering herself. Turning back to the panting Nyamo Keitaro gave her cunny a loving kiss before sitting up to kneel between her thighs with his cock resting on her pussy. Seeing a look of trepidation pass across her face Keitaro reached out to cup her cheek and said “It’s OK Nyamo-chan, don’t be afraid.” He told her as he moved up to straddle her tiny chest and point his cock towards her face. “See, there’s no need to be scared.” He smiled at her.

Returning his smile Nyamo reached up to grasp his thick shaft. Holding him in her hands Nyamo examined his cock closely and started slowly pumping her fists up and down his length making him moan. “That feels good Nyamo-chan.” he said as he caressed her hair. Her smile widening into a grin Nyamo increased the speed of her hands causing pre-cum to drip from his tip and down onto her tiny chest. Leaning forward Nyamo extended her tongue to catch and bathe her wet muscle in his pre-cum before pursing her lips and kissed his tip. “Good girl.” He smiled down at her as he reached down to cup her breasts and gently massaged the tiny mounds.

As he played with her nipples Nyamo grinned happily before kissing his tip over and over again until her soft, pink lips were coated with his seed. Seeing that his tip was still dribbling down onto her chest Nyamo parted her lips and took his cockhead into her mouth. Lightly sucking on his tip as the stream of pre-cum filled her mouth Nyamo started slowly dragging her lips up and down his tip while her tongue slowly licked his slit making him moan loudly and squeeze her breasts. Enjoying his reaction Nyamo pumped her fist up and down his length faster and sucked all the harder until Keitaro cried out her name and pulled his dick from between her lips. With his cock pointed at her open mouth Keitaro fired off load after load quickly filling the orifice until his cum was overflowing and spilling down her chin.

Swallowing his offering Nyamo extended her tongue to clean her chin before grinning up at him. Bringing his hands up to cup her face Keitaro smiled lovingly and rested his forehead against hers. “You are so sexy Nyamo-chan.” he told her making her giggle and blush. Grabbing his cock Keitaro began running his tip up and down her pussylips coating them with his seminal fluid. Feeling her shudder beneath him Keitaro smiled before turning to Shinobu who was groping her tiny breast and stroking her pussy. “Shino-chan, I want you to cum now.”

“Yes Sempai.” Shinobu grinned prettily and started thrusting two fingers furiously in and out of her pussy. As Nyamo moaned and panted Keitaro nibbled on her ear while whispering how sexy and gorgeous she was all the while rubbing his cock up and down her labia coating her with his pre-cum. As both girls approached orgasm Keitaro slowly entered Nyamo until his tip rested against her hymen causing the girl to shudder and wrap her arms and legs around his body. Lightly biting Nyamo’s neck Keitaro reached out to pinch Shinobu’s swollen clit making both girls cum.

At the height of her ecstasy Keitaro thrust forward to tear through her maidenhead. As soon as he took her virginity Nyamo’s eyes shot open and a scream tore from her lips as another orgasm coursed through her body. Forcing his lips against hers Keitaro thrust in and out of her tight pussy over and over again and with almost every thrust Nyamo came; her back arching and her hips bucking to met his as she moaned into his mouth. As Nyamo clawed at his back and her orgasming pussy constricted and convulsed around his shaft Keitaro broke the kiss and nipped at her neck before burying his cock deeply inside of her and pierced her cervix to fill her womb with his seed sending another wave of ecstasy coursing through her petite body.

Panting heavily as Nyamo continued to milk his cock Keitaro lovingly caressed her cheek and kissed her lips though, in her state of euphoria Nyamo didn’t respond. Rolling over so that she was laying on top of him Keitaro stroked her sweat soaked back and nuzzled into her soft hair. When she looked up at him with dazed eyes Keitaro smiled lovingly down at her and said “Did you enjoy that Nyamo-chan?”

“Keitaros...” Nyamo murmured as she kissed her way up his chest before pressing her lips to his. As they kissed Keitaro slid his hands down her back to squeeze her pert ass causing her to gasp into his mouth. As they kissed Shinobu leaned in and forced her tongue between them. When they broke the kiss Shinobu nuzzled against Nyamo’s face before having her sit up. Sitting on Keitaro’s face Shinobu pressed her small chest to Nyamo’s and kissed her deeply. Stroking her hips Shinobu grinned and said “Having sex with Sempai is fun isn’t it?” she asked. Getting a nod from her friend Shinobu grinned and lifted her up off of Keitaro’s cock and sat her on his abdomen. “Look at how much he came.” Shinobu breathed as she kissed her way down Nyamo’s tanned body until she was face to face with her leaking pussy.

Opening her mouth wide Shinobu sealed her lips over Nyamo’s sodden mound before sucking hard to slurp Keitaro’s thick sperm from her cunny causing the girl to moan and lightly hump her hips against Shinobu’s face. With her cheeks puffed out with sperm Shinobu pulled her lips off of Nyamo’s cunny and brought them up to her mouth. Kissing the girl passionately Shinobu shared her mouthful of sperm with her friend. Once they had swallowed his load Shinobu broke the kiss and grinned at her panting friend “You had so much inside of you.” She giggled as she stroked her smooth stomach “Maybe you’re pregnant now.” Shinobu suggested making the girl gasp at the idea. “I hope we get pregnant together, that’d be wonderful wouldn’t it? Our children would be siblings.” She grinned happily as she kissed Nyamo again.

Shifting Shinobu off his face Keitaro sat up and stroked their slender bodies “You two are so sexy.” He told them making them giggle and blush happily. Gently squeezing their breasts Keitaro slid his hands up their chests to cup their chins and lifted up their faces so that he could extend his tongue and lick their soft lips.

As they extended their tongues to play with his the door to their room opened and Tsuruko entered saying “There you are Master, I was-” she stopped herself when she saw the naked Nyamo sitting on Keitaro’s lap. Her eyes going wide Tsuruko dashed over to them and leapt onto the bed with her face almost pressed against Nyamo’s. “Master, you never told me that Shinobu-chan came in tanned!” she said excitedly, scaring the girl and making her hide behind Keitaro.

“You scared her Tsu-chan.” Keitaro scolded her as he reached behind her to grab Nyamo and pulled her into an embrace “This is Nyamo-chan.” he introduced the shy girl to the elder Aoyama “She’ll be marrying us as well.”

“It’s nice to meet you Nyamo-chan.” Tsuruko leered hungrily at the young girl’s naked form.

As Nyamo continued to hide against Keitaro’s chest Keitaro reached out and grasped Tsuruko’s hair “You’re being very naughty Tsu-chan.” he told her as he slipped his two lolis off of his lap and moved behind her. Pushing her down so that her face was against the bed with her ass in the air Keitaro lightly smacked her firm ass and said “You need to be punished for scaring Nyamo-chan like that.” He said before thrusting into her pussy causing her to cry out.

As Tsuruko writhed under her master, Nyamo watched wide-eyed as Keitaro thrust roughly in and out of the pale woman. Leering at the look on Nyamo’s face Shinobu hugged the girl from behind and rubbed her cheek against hers. “She’s so lucky isn’t she?” Shinobu giggled. “If feels so good when Sempai fucks you hard like that.”

“It...It does?” Nyamo wondered.

“uhuh.” Shinobu grinned at her and slid her hand down to cup her cunny making her mewl. “Sempai will fuck you like that if you ask him.” she purred as she slipped two fingers into her pussy making her cry out before turning her face to kiss her. The pair continued to kiss as Shinobu fingered Nyamo until they heard Tsuruko cry out. Breaking the kiss they turned to see that Keitaro had thrust his thick cock into her ass. As Nyamo gaped in amazement Shinobu giggled and said “Tsuruko-san really likes it when Sempai fucks her ass.”

Looking at her friend Nyamo asked “H-Have you...?”

“Yep.” she grinned happily. “And it felt so good.” Shinobu giggled naughtily.

“But Keitaros is so big.” Nyamo breathed “Didn’t it hurt?”

“Not at all.” Shinobu replied “Sempai was wonderful. Would you like to try it?” she asked as she slid a hand down her back and lightly teased her tanned friends puckered anus.

“Y-Yes...” Nyamo gasped.

“OK then.” Shinobu smiled as she kissed her cheek before calling out to Keitaro “Sempai!”

Looking up from the writhing Aoyama beneath him Keitaro paused in his fucking and said “Yes Shinobu-chan?”

“Nyamo-chan wants you to fuck her in the ass.” Shinobu grinned making the girl in question blush brightly.

Pulling out of Tsuruko caused her to whimper but Keitaro ignored her and moved back over to Nyamo and Shinobu. Cupping her cheek Keitaro stared down into Nyamo’s eyes and asked “Is that true Nyamo-chan?” getting a nod from the girl Keitaro smiled and leaned down to kiss her. Caressing her hips Keitaro smiled down at her and said “The first thing we have to do is make sure we’re wet enough.” He told her as he grabbed her hips and pulled her on top of him. As his cock slid deeply into her Nyamo threw her head back and moaned loudly. Grinning at her Keitaro lovingly licked her lips and squeezed her ass before bouncing her up and down on his shaft, her tight pussy squeezing his cock as she clung desperately to his body only to whimper when he pulled her off his cock.

Stroking her hair Keitaro grasped the back of her head and pulled her face down towards his cock. “Look at how wet you’ve made me.” He smiled down at her “Use your mouth to keep me wet.” He ordered her. Nodding her head Nyamo leaned down and started licking his shaft, tasting her own juices. “Good girl.” He praised her “You taste delicious don’t you?” getting a blush in response Keitaro affectionately ruffled her hair and said “Well, let’s get you nice and wet now.” He said to her.

“I’ll do it Sempai.” Shinobu offered only for Keitaro to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her to his body.

“You stay here.” He smiled at her before calling out to Tsuruko. “Tsu-chan.” getting a soft murmur from the still dazed woman Keitaro frowned and sharply said “Tsuruko!”

Blinking back to her senses Tsuruko looked up at Keitaro “Yes Master?”

Sliding his hand down Nyamo’s back to spread her ass cheeks Keitaro said “I’m going to take Nyamo-chans anal virginity so I want you to make her nice and wet?”

Her eyes lighting up excitedly Tsuruko grinned widely and said “I’d be happy to help Master.” She leered lewdly as she hungrily licked her lips. Crawling towards Nyamo Tsuruko grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart to stare at her tiny anus. Before she could lean down to lick her ass Keitaro reached out to grab her hair.

“Just her ass Tsu-chan.” he told her. You don’t get to taste her other parts.”

“Of course Master.” She smiled and kissed his palm before leaning down and lapping at Nyamo’s anus making her moan and wiggle her ass in Tsuruko’s face.

“What about me Sempai?” Shinobu wondered as she ran her hand over his chest.

Grinning at her Keitaro grabbed hold of her and pulled her onto his lap so that her ass was right in front of Nyamo’s face. Squeezing and rubbing her ass Keitaro pulled her cheeks apart and started gently fingering her asshole making her moan as she buried her face into his chest. As she writhed in his embrace Keitaro grinned down at Nyamo who was staring intently at Shinobu’s anus as she slavered Keitaro’s cock in her saliva. “You like this don’t you Shinobu-chan?” he asked.

“Yes!” she yowled happily and rubbed her pussy against Keitaro’s stomach soaking his abdomen in her love juices.

Briefly nuzzling into her soft hair Keitaro looked down at her tanned counterpart and said “Tsu-chan, is she wet enough yet?”

Withdrawing her tongue from Nyamo’s bowls Tsuruko licked her lips and said “Not yet Master.”

Frowning down at her Keitaro slid his hand down between Nyamo’s cheeks to gently circle her ass. “She feels wet enough to me.” He said making Tsuruko pout cutely. “Give her one more kiss.”

“Yes Master.” Tsuruko nodded her head submissively before leaning down and passionately kissed Nyamo’s asshole.

Pulling Nyamo away Keitaro lovingly kissed the tanned girl before rolling her onto her stomach. Caressing her slender body Keitaro gently kissed the nape of her neck and asked “Ready Nyamo-chan.” Getting a hesitant nod from the girl Keitaro gave her a reassuring squeeze and pressed his cock between her pert cheeks. Before he entered her Shinobu pressed herself into his side and said “Sempai?”

“Yes my love?” Keitaro smiled at her.

“Can I play with Tsuruko-san?” she asked sweetly. “I still have to thank her for helping me seduce you.” She purred.

“Go ahead.” He smiled as he gave her rear an affectionate squeeze.

Giggling happily Shinobu kissed Keitaro’s cheek before sauntering over to Tsuruko. Throwing her arms around the elder woman Shinobu pressed her lips to Tsuruko’s. As they kissed Tsuruko let out a happy oooh and started groping her soft rear. Breaking the kiss Shinobu grinned at the older woman “Thank you for helping me fuck Sempai, Tsuruko Onee-san.” She giggled.

Hearing this Tsuruko pounced on top of the girl and pinned her to the bed before shoving her tongue into Shinobu’s mouth. As Tsuruko started to kiss, lick and nibble her way down towards her crotch Keitaro looked down and smiled at the girl beneath him. Lightly kissing her neck Keitaro whispered and said “Ready Nyamo-chan?” getting a nod from her Keitaro slid his hands under hers to interlace his fingers with hers and gently entered her ass.

As his thick tip entered her bowels both Nyamo and Shinobu yowled loudly. As his cock slid deeper and deeper inside of her Nyamo cried out loudly and squeezed his hands tightly. When he finally bottomed out in her Keitaro kissed her cheek and saw that her face was buried in the bed. “Are you OK Nyamo-chan? Do you want me to take it out?”

“No!” she shook her head furiously and squeezed her ass around his cock to prevent him from withdrawing. “Stay in me.” She demanded as she looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“Whatever you want Nyamo-chan.” Keitaro smiled at her and kissed her neck.

Hearing a moan across from them the pair looked up and saw Shinobu with her back arched and her eyes scrunched up in pleasure as Tsuruko sucked on her clit. All the while Tsuruko pleasured Shinobu she stared hungrily at Nyamo. Noticing they were watching her Tsuruko grinned lewdly at Nyamo and redoubled her efforts making Shinobu squeal happily. As Shinobu’s sensations were transmitted to Nyamo the tanned nymphet beneath Keitaro started to pant and rock her hips back and forth; rubbing her cunny against the bed while sliding her ass up and down Keitaro’s length.

Moaning her name into her ear Keitaro slid his hands down her back to squeeze her hips and started to pull out of her rectum causing her to let out a panicked “No!”

“It’s OK Nyamo-chan.” Keitaro whispered lovingly to her “I’m not going anywhere.” He told her as he thrust back into her. Thrusting in and out of her ass Keitaro kept at a measured pace as to not overwhelm the girl but as her entire being shuddered she began meeting every thrust with one of her own and soon she was moaning euphorically whenever she slammed her hips back against his. Matching her speed Keitaro slid his hands around her slender body to squeeze her breast and delve into her moist cunny making her go rigid as she came. As she bucked beneath him and squeezed his cock Shinobu also came, flooding Tsuruko’s mouth with her juices much to the older womans enjoyment. The sight of his two lolis orgasming was all it took for Keitaro to cum and with one mighty thrust to bury his length inside of her Keitaro coated her bowels with his thick seed.

Collapsing on top of the panting girl Keitaro nuzzled into soft hair and kissed her sweat soaked back. “Did you like that Nyamo-chan?” he asked.

“Keitaros...” Nyamo murmured happily as she continued to thrust her little butt back against his groin. Grinning down at her Keitaro pulled her backwards so that she was sitting on his lap. Gently massaging her small breasts Keitaro kissed the top of her head before turning to look at the other couple in the room. Shinobu was laying in an orgasm induced stupor with a grin plastered across her face while Tsuruko continued to hungrily lap at her cunny.

“Tsu-chan.” Keitaro called out.

Popping her head up Tsuruko looked over at him with Shinobu’s juices dripping from her chin “Yes Master?”

“Come over here.” He ordered her. Nodding her head Tsuruko left the dazed Shinobu and crawled over to kneel in front of Keitaro and Nyamo. Reaching out, Keitaro grabbed her hair and pulled her close so that he could lap the Shinobu juice from her face. Once he was done Keitaro gave her a brief kiss before smiling at her “You did a good job making Shinobu-chan cum.” He praised her.

“”I aim to please.” She purred happily.

“And you certainly did.” He returned her smile “That’s why I’m going to reward you.” He said as he stroked Nyamo’s tanned stomach.

Her eyes lighting up Tsuruko drooled as she started at Nyamo “How are you going to do that Master?”

“You can start by sucking on Nyamo’s toes.” He smiled as he held up one of Nyamo’s legs.

Salivating at the sight Tsuruko lick her lips before leaning down and took Nyamo’s big toe into her mouth. As she sucked and licked on the digit Nyamo bit her bottom lip to suppress her giggles. Spurred on by this Tsuruko ran her tongue up and down Nyamo’s sole before sliding it up her thigh towards her crotch. Burying her nose into Nyamo’s wet folds Tsuruko inhaled deeply before kissing her way up her slender body until she could press her lips to Nyamo’s. As the girl returned the kiss and moaned into Tsuruko’s mouth the Aoyama slid her hands down Shinobu’s body to grab her ass and pulled her off of Keitaro’s cock so that her tiny body was pressed against hers.

As the pair kissed Keitaro watched as Shinobu awoke from her stupor and crawled towards the kissing pair. Kissing her way Nyamo’s back Shinobu forcibly broke their kiss in order to steal Nyamo’s lips for her own. “Shinobu-chan, Nyamo-chan is my reward!” Tsuruko complained and tried to force her tongue between them but their lips were so tightly locked she could not interrupt them.

With a look to appeal to Keitaro the man smiled and said “Come over here Tsu-chan.” crawling over to Keitaro as soon as she was within arms reach Keitaro grabbed her and forced his lips against hers. Sliding his hand down her body Keitaro cupped her cunny and broke the kiss “Clean my cock Tsu-chan.” he ordered her.

“Yes Master.” She nodded before lowering her head to take his cock between her lips.

As she slowly bobbed her head up and down his length Keitaro ran his fingers through her hair and gently rubbed her pussy while staring at the kissing pair. “I think that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He commented as he watched Shinobu squeeze Nyamo’s tanned rear.

Turning her head so that she could see while still sucking on his cock Tsuruko smiled and spat out his tip “I can show you something even sexier.” She offered with a sultry look.

“I’d like that.” He smiled and stroked her cheek.

Sitting up, Tsuruko slipped behind Keitaro and pressed herself into his back before calling out to the two girls. When they ignored her Tsuruko frowned and called out again “Shinobu-chan, Master wants to play with the two of you!” Attracting their attention the pair broke their kiss and turned to look at Keitaro and Tsuruko before crawling forward to sit on Keitaro’s lap with their tiny chests pressed against his. Reaching passed Keitaro, Tsuruko stroked their hair and said “I want both of you to lick our Masters thick cock.” She told them.

Eagerly nodding their heads both girls slid down so they were lying in front of him and began running their tongues up and down Keitaro’s cock all the while staring lustfully into his eyes. Running his fingers through their hair Keitaro moaned happily as their tongues danced over his swollen and dripping cockhead. “You’re right Tsu-chan.” he grinned “This is much sexier.”

Letting out a laugh Tsuruko whispered huskily into his ear “It gets better.” She purred as she reached down to grab his cock and cup his balls. Massaging the heavy orbs and stroking his length while the two girls focused on his cockhead and it wasn’t long before their combined efforts made Keitaro cum; his cock swelling in Tsuruko’s grip as he fired off volley after volley onto Shinobu and Nyamo’s faces.

Panting heavily as he stared down at them Keitaro reached back to caress Tsuruko’s hair “You were right Tsu-chan.”

“It’s not over yet Master.” Tsuruko giggled as the two girls turned to face one another and began licking the cum from one another’s face.

Watching the two of them for a moment longer Keitaro turned around and grabbed the back of Tsuruko’s head and forced his lips against hers. Pushing her backwards so that she was lying on the bed Keitaro forced her legs apart and thrust deeply inside of her making her cry out. Leering down at her Keitaro grinned and said “For showing me something so sexy I’ll give you a proper reward.” He said before calling out to the two lolis. Once they were at his side Keitaro reached out and groped their slender bodies. As they moaned and rubbed themselves against him Keitaro squeezed their asses before pushing them on top of Tsuruko. Lying atop of the Aoyama, Shinobu and Nyamo each took a nipple into their mouths making them suck hungrily on her teats making her gasp out their names and grasp the hair on the back of their heads to hold them in place.

Grinning at the sight of his three beauties Keitaro reached out to grab Shinobu and Nyamo’s rears before cupping their cunnies to rub their pouting pussylips while his thumbs entered their assholes. As Nyamo and Shinobu moaned and bucked their hips Keitaro started thrusting in and out Tsuruko’s pussy, making the woman arch her back and meet his every thrust with her own. With all three of his women moaning and writhing beneath him Keitaro was spurred on to thrust harder and rub more vigorously until all three of the girls orgasmed simultaneously; Tsuruko’s pussy constricting around his cock while her stomach was drenched in Shinobu and Nyamo’s girl cum.

Once their ecstasy had abated Keitaro leered down at the trio of gorgeous females beneath him and leaned down to lovingly kiss Tsuruko’s lips “Did you enjoy your reward Tsu-chan?” he asked as he continued to rock his hips against hers.

“Yes Master.” Tsuruko moaned euphorically.

“If you’re good, I’ll reward you more often.” He told her. “How would you like to be rewarded Tsu-chan?” he wondered with a grin.

“A baby!” Tsuruko declared with a moan “I want you to put a baby inside of me!”

Hearing this Shinobu rolled over onto her back with her legs spread wide and said “I want a baby too Sempai!”

“Keitaros...” Nyamo quietly threw her hat into the ring as she mimicked Shinobu.

Running her hands down their chests Tsuruko pulled apart their pussy lips to show Keitaro their pink flesh “You’ve got three women who want to be impregnated by you, Master.” Tsuruko leered as her pussy tightened around his cock in an effort to coax even one more drop of cum from his balls. “You had best get started.” She leered.

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