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Chapter 33 – Empathy

“mmm, Su-chan!” Shinobu moaned euphorically as she bucked her hips wildly. In Su’s laboratory Shinobu was moaning loudly on the large bed as the princess had her face between her thighs hungrily lapping at her cum sodden cunny with her arms wrapped around Shinobu’s slender thighs. “That feels so good Su-chan!” she cried out as she grabbed Su’s head and ground her tiny pussy to her face.

Slurping loudly as she drank down Keitaro’s thick sperm Su grinned at her friend and sucked on her clit “Shinomu tastes so yummy.” She purred “Wanna taste?”

“Yes!” she moaned in response.

Sliding her tongue deep inside of Shinobu’s cunny, Su scraped her tongue against the bluenettes innermost walls before kissing her way up her tender body to kiss her. Drinking down the juices Su poured into her mouth Shinobu wrapped her arms around the princess and slid her hands her back to roughly squeeze her ass. Breaking the kiss Su grinned down at her friend “It’s good isn’t it?”

“Yea.” Shinobu smiled as she licked at Su’s wet chin.

Rolling off of Shinobu, Su lay on her side next to the girl and said “Tell Su what it was like.” She asked as she gently rubbed Shinobu’s cunny.

Letting out a happy moan Shinobu rolled on her side and extended her hand to cup her Su’s mound and slid her fingers into her pussy. “It was wonderful Su-chan.” Shinobu said dreamily. “I don’t know how else to describe it. Feeling Sempai’s big, hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.”

“Better than when Su plays with Shinomu?” she asked with a cute pout.

“Even better than Su.” Shinobu nodded as she lightly thumbed the princesses clit causing her to shudder and moan.

“How’d he do it?” Su wondered as she shuffled closer so their tiny breasts were pressed together and their slender legs intertwined with their thighs held to one another’s dripping cunnies. “Was he gentle?” she asked as they rubbed their thighs together causing both of them to moan.

“At first.” She giggled as her hardening nipples grazed against Su’s stiff little peaks. “But then he started fucking me hard.” She said breathily as she crewed on her bottom lip. “It felt so good having Sempai’s strong arms hold me as he thrust into my pussy over and over again.”

“Did it hurt?” Su wondered.

“Not for a single second.” Shinobu shook her head “From the moment he started kissing me until he filled me with his cum I was in heaven. It felt even better when Sempai let me be on top so I could go as fast as I wanted.”

“What was better; in the butt or in your pussy?” Su asked eagerly.

“Pussy.” Shinobu replied without hesitation. “Especially when I had all of Sempai’s cock inside of me.”

“But it’s so big and Shinomu’s so small.” She pointed out. “How’d it fit?”

“I don’t know.” She giggled “But it did. And when he came inside of me it felt like electricity was going through my body and like my pussy was on fire.”

“Do you think Keitaros got you pregnant?” Su asked as she rested her hand on Shinobu’s stomach.

“I hope so.” Shinobu smiled happily as she rested her hand on top of hers.

“Shinomu’s so lucky.” Su said as she caressed her stomach.

Wrapping her arms around Su, Shinobu pulled her close to her until their noses were touching “Don’t worry, we’ll be married soon and then you’ll get to feel Sempai’s cock inside of you.”

With a cat like grin sprawled across her face Su rolled away from Shinobu and sat up “Su doesn’t plan on waiting that long.” She declared.

“What do you mean Su-chan?” Shinobu wondered.

“Su’s been working on something.” She said with cryptic smugness.

Keeling behind her and pressing into her back Shinobu wrapped her arms around Su’s shoulders. “Tell me.” Shinobu said with a cute pout.

Grinning over her shoulder Su said “Whatcha gonna do for Su?” she asked cheekily.

Returning her friends grin Shinobu crawled forward to kneel in front of Su with her plump ass in her face. Wiggling her rear back and forth Shinobu smiled over her shoulder and said “My ass is still full of Sempai’s cum, you can have all of it.” She smiled as she reached back and stroked her ass cheek. “And if you tell me you can do whatever you want to me.”

Pulling apart her ass cheeks Su smiled at the sight of her twitching asshole “Anything? You’ll even help me test a new invention?” she wondered as she lightly circled her anus with her tongue.

“mmm, is it like your last invention?” Shinobu moaned as she shook her hips.

“Uhuh.” Su grinned. “Deal?”

“Deal.” Shinobu agreed only to cry out when Su’s tongue slid into her ass. “Su-chan!” she moaned happily.

“mmm, Shinomu’s butt tastes so good.” Su murmured as her tongue wiggled inside of her. Slurping loudly Su hugged Shinobu around her waist and pulled her backwards so that Shinobu was sitting on her face as she was lying on the bed. As Su scooped the cum from her recently deflowered ass Shinobu leaned down and started licking Su’s pussy, her tongue licking her labia and sliding into her virginal love channel before assaulting her clit. Moaning into each other’s nether regions they were soon cumming; Su’s juices gushing out of her cunny and over Shinobu’s face while the bluenettes anus constricted around the invading tongue. Panting heavily they happily nuzzled into each other and kissed one an others pussy before Shinobu spun around and kissed Su.

“Will you tell me now?” Shinobu asked sweetly as she licked her juices from Su’s chin.

“mmm, OK.” Su grinned as she squeezed Shinobu’s rear before rolling her off of body and moving towards one of her machines. Returning to the girl Su handed her a collar and a strap-on. “Put these on.” Su said as slipped a collar around her own neck. Once Shinobu had secured the items on her body Su leered and fell to her knees and took Shinobu’s cock into her mouth making the girl moan happily and run her fingers through Su’s soft blond hair “That feels good Su-chan!” she moaned.

Lapping at the leaking tip Su gave the shaft several slow stroked before standing up and straddling Shinobu’s lap. Kissing her friend, Su lined up Shinobu’s cock with her asshole and slammed her hips down taking the entirety of her shaft inside of her ass. Her eyes going wide Shinobu broke the kiss with a cry and screamed “My Ass!” she moaned and thrust her hips upwards into Su. “It’s like Sempai is in my ass!”

“Really?” Su grinned at her as she shook her hips and bounced up and down on her lap “I wonder why?” she leered and started to tease her own nipples, pinching and twisting them causing her lover to moan. As Shinobu yowled and started to grope her own tiny breasts Su grinned and slid one hand down to her tiny pussy and started to finger herself and strum her clit until she came which made Shinobu’s eyes go wide and set off her own orgasm; her hips bucking wildly as her cock pumped volley after volley of sperm into Su’s rectum.

As Su drenched Shinobu’s stomach in her juices the bluenette slumped back on the bed exhausted. Licking her wet fingers Su grinned down at her friend and asked “Was that good Shinomu?”

“W-What did you do?” Shinobu asked.

“Can’t you guess?” Su giggled as she fingered the device around Shinobu’s throat “This let’s Su feel what Shinomu feels and let’s Shinomu feel what Su feels. So when Su does this...” she leered as she moved her hips “Shinomu get’s to feel it too.”

Letting out a soft moan Shinobu said “It’s like Sempai is inside of me.” She reported happily.

“Good, that means it’s working.” Su grinned as she pulled off of Shinobu’s cock and started licking it clean “And when Keitaros fucks you I’ll get to feel it too.”

Running her fingers through Su’s soft hair Shinobu said “You know, you could fuck me to see what it’s like.” She suggested.

Pulling her tongue away Su grinned up at her friend “Are you asking Su to fuck you?” letting out a giggle Shinobu nodded her head. Her grin widening Su transferred the fake phallus to her crotch and started gently rubbing her leaking tip against Shinobu’s pouting labia, coating her lips in pre-cum. Moving her hips forward Su slowly entered her friends pussy making both of them moan loudly as their sensations where transferred to one another. “Shinomu’s so tight!” Su moaned.

“Su-chan!” Shinobu moaned as she slid her hands down Su’s back to grasp her firm ass and pulled her deeper inside her cunny “How does it feel Su-chan?” she wondered as she kissed her tanned friends neck.

“Sooo gooood!” Su yowled as she started thrusting wildly in and out of Shinobu.

Grinning widely as Su’s hips started to slam against hers Shinobu wrapped her legs around Su’s waist and met each thrust with one of her own causing both girls to moan and shudder in each other’s embrace. As the speed of their thrusts increased soon both girls were cumming as they kissed; Shinobu’s pussy constricting and convulsing around Su’s throbbing shaft as it swelled and spewed out a torrent of faux sperm into Shinobu’s pussy.

Moaning into each other’s mouths as they came down from their euphoria Shinobu’s body went limp releasing Su from her hold and allowing the princess to roll off of her friend. As Su lay panting next to her Shinobu started giggling. “It felt so strange.” She smiled “I was being fucked but doing the fucking at the same time; like I was having sex with myself.” She purred as she stroked her pouting pussy lips.

“But a lot more fun.” Su grinned as she rolled onto her stomach “Was it that fun when you were with Keitaros?”

“It was even better with Sempai.” Shinobu giggled as she leaned over and kissed her friend.

Pouting Su asked “You like Keitaros more than Su?”

“It’s not that.” Shinobu assured the princess “It’s just there’s something about making love with Sempai that’s different. It’s not just the way he fucks me but the way he holds me in his arms, the way he smells as I nuzzle into his neck and how good his sweat tastes when I run my tongue his chest.” She said with a pleasurable shudder “All of that while he’s fucking me just makes it feel like my soul is melting.” She explained.

Giving Shinobu a thoughtful look for a moment Su hopped off the bed and approached one of her computers and stated furiously typing away on it. “Su-chan?” Shinobu asked as she approached the girl. Seeing the look of concentration on Su’s face and the way her fingers danced on the keyboard Shinobu decided not to disturb her but instead knelt in front of her friend and start sucking on her cock; her soft pink lips sliding from tip to base and back again while Su worked.

After a while both of the devices around their necks gave off several loud beeps and Su grinned down at her friend “All done.”

Pulling Su’s cock from her throat Shinobu asked “What did you do?”

“Just a little software update.” Su said cryptically as she pulled out a banana and started to eat it which caused Shinobu to blink in surprise.

“Why do I taste banana?” she asked Su.

“I changed how they work.” Su grinned proudly. “They don’t only transmit sensations any more but taste, smell and feelings as well. If Shinomu experiences something then so will Su.” The princess said proudly “How do you feel?” she wondered with a grin.

“I feel... Hungry?” Shinobu said “And horny.” She said as a blush rose to her face. “I want to have all kinds of things done to my body.” she moaned slightly as she started to rub her cunny and lick Su’s leaking cockhead.

“It works!” Su grinned excitedly before bending at the waist so she was face to face with Shinobu. “And I can feel all the things you crave to do with Keitaros you naughty girl.” She purred teasingly as she licked Shinobu’s cum coated lips. Pulling Shinobu to her feet Su hugged her friend and kissed her “We’re perfectly in sync now Shinomu.” Su told her as they interlaced their fingers. “Everything that we feel, smell, taste, crave the other will feel it too.” She grinned and kissed her deeply. “Now let’s go play with Keitaros!”

Returning to Keitaro’s room the two loli’s paused at the doorway as they stared at the sight before them. Motoko was lying on her side moaning happily as she stroked her cunny with the kittens surrounding her. Sachiyo had her face buried into Motoko’s heaving breasts as she kissed, sucked and groped the heavy mounds. Behind her Kikuko had her arms wrapped around Motoko’s waist while nuzzling into her ass, kissing and licking her puckered anus. Further down Emi and Keitaro were at her feet, holding one of her slender appendages in their hands the pair were happily licking the sole of Motoko’s foot covering it in their saliva; the girl blushing happily whenever their tongues met.

“Keitaros!” Su called out as she and Shinobu charged towards the bed.

Sitting up Keitaro grinned as he caught the two girls; with his arms wrapped around their tiny bodies Keitaro squeezed their butts and kissed them both making them giggle and moan. “What are you two up to?” he wondered as slid his hands up to cup their tiny breasts.

“Su wants to watch Keitaros and Shinomu have sex!” the tanned princess replied as she rubbed herself against his chest.

“Then what are these things?” he asked as he poked the collars around their necks.

“Nothing...” Su said as she gave him an innocent look.

“Su-chan...” Keitaro started only for Shinobu to start kissing his neck.

“Sempai... I want you to fuck me.” Shinobu moaned as she wrapped her arms around neck and pressed her lips to his.

With Keitaro successfully distracted Su left the pair and moved over to Motoko and the kittens where she handed out several collars to them. Seeing them out the corner of his eye Keitaro broke the kiss and turned to look at them “Su-chan, what did I tell you about using your experiments on others?”

“They’re not experiments.” She insisted “I already know they work.” She grinned cheekily at him.

Narrowing his eyes at the girl Keitaro turned back to Shinobu who was demanding his attention and started kissing her, his hands caressing her slender hips as she moaned into his mouth. Sliding a hand up to her chest Keitaro roughly squeezed her tiny mound causing her to moan into his mouth. Hearing the other girls moan as well Keitaro looked up from Shinobu and saw that they had repositioned themselves. Sachiyo was reclining back on the pillows with Motoko lying between her legs with her head resting between Sachiyo’s perky breasts. Kikuko was snuggled into Motoko’s side who had an arm around her waist caressing her hip while Emi was between Motoko’s thighs, her long legs reaching down the kittens slender body to gently rub her heel against Emi’s groin. And lying on top of was Su; the tanned princess rested her head between Motoko’s large breasts as she happily watched them.

Staring at them Keitaro wondered why all the girls were clutching the same breast that he was fondling on Shinobu. Having an inkling of what was happening Keitaro leaned down and took Shinobu’s other breast into his mouth and started to gently nibble on her stiff teat. Hearing all of the girls gasp Keitaro grinned widely as his suspicions were confirmed. Laying Shinobu down on the bed Keitaro smiled down at her and slowly ran his hands down her flanks to her slender hips. Grinning up at him with a cute blush Shinobu spread her legs wide and said “Are you going to fuck me Sempai?”

“Yes.” He nodded and lightly kissed her. “But first I'm going to play with you.” He leered at her as he ran his tongue down her body and started licking her cunny. Rewarded with the yowls of the six girls Keitaro grinned and continued lapping at Shinobu’s pussy sliding his tongue deep inside of her and scraping it against her innermost walls before withdrawing to suck on her clit.

Humping her hips against his face and gripping his hair Shinobu moaned out “Put it in me Sempai!”

“Not yet.” He said teasingly as he kissed his way down her thigh and took hold of her ankle and started sucking on her toes. “I want to play with my Shinobu-chan.”

Caressing her soft thigh Keitaro looked over at his audience and leered at what he saw. All of the girls were moaning and writhing in each other’s arms; Motoko was kissing Su’s neck while she teased one of Sachiyo’s pink nipples as her other hand caressed Kikuko’s cunny through her legs as the girl suckled on Motoko’s breast and rubbed herself against Motoko’s flank. Emi meanwhile was the most affected by Keitaro’s teasing of Shinobu’s toes and was humping her pussy against Motoko’s foot while kissing her sempai’s thigh while Su furiously fingered her pussy causing a pool of her juices to form on Motoko’s taut stomach.

Enjoying their reaction Keitaro left Shinobu’s foot and rolled her onto her stomach. Kissing his way up to her perfect backside Keitaro lifted up her hips and started kissing her ass before nuzzling in between her cheeks and inhaling deeply. “You smell so good Shino-chan.” he told her before extending his tongue to lick her anus.

Shaking her hips alluringly Shinobu moaned loudly and begged “Please fuck me Sempai! Stick your cock inside of me!”

“You’re so naughty Shino-chan.” Keitaro laughed as he bit her cheek making all the girls gasp “But if that’s what you want.” He smiled as he moved to kneel behind her and pressed his swollen tip against her anus.

As he pressed forward and entered her bowels Su suddenly called out “Not there Keitaros!” she moaned as she continued to finger herself “Fuck Shinomu’s pussy!” she demanded.

“I will.” Keitaro leered at the writhing princess. “After I fuck her ass.” he declared as he thrust forward and buried his length into Shinobu’s rectum. As all the girls cried out Keitaro began thrusting hard into the little chefs ass, doing his best to drown out their moans with the sound of their slapping flesh but all his efforts achieved was even louder moans from his audience. As Shinobu writhed beneath him Keitaro slid his hand up from her slender hips towards her tiny breasts where he roughly fondled them before pulling her upwards so she was kneeling in front of him with his chest pressed against her back. “Your ass is so tight Shinobu-chan!” Keitaro grunted as he kissed and bit her shoulder while one hand slid down her stomach and started pumping two fingers in and out of her cunny. “I love fucking your ass!”

Shinobu didn’t reply. With her head lulled against Keitaro’s chest her dazed eyes were almost completely rolled back and her tongue hung out of her mouth causing her to drool as she panted hard. While in no small part due to Keitaro’s skilful fingering and powerful fucking what was really causing her stupor was the combined sensations of the five cavorting girls opposite them that collar was sending through her body. With so many sensations coursing through her slender form Shinobu could to little more than buck her hips and moan loudly as Keitaro had his way with her.

When he finally came Keitaro he did so by slamming his hips against Shinobu’s pert little butt before flooding her bowels with his scolding hot seed causing the girl to climax which was transmitted to the other girls and returned fivefold to the bluenette setting off a stream of orgasms making her scream in pleasure. As their ecstasy reverberated back and forth between each other the collars let out a stream of distressed beeps before dying. When Keitaro finished filling her with his cum Keitaro allowed her to collapse forward onto the bed and lay on top of her, adoringly kissing the nape of her neck and whispered “I love you Shinobu-chan.” before sitting up and sliding his cock out of her ass.

As soon as his dick left her ass Keitaro was hit over the head with a pillow. “Hey!” he cried out as he fended off the blows.

“You broke them!” Su pouted angrily as she hit him again.

Grabbing the pillow to stop her from attacking he said “Did I? Or was it because you overloaded the collars by having so many people connected at one time?” he asked. Seeing her stop short of replied Keitaro pressed his advantage “Isn’t it Su’s fault for making them transmit to each other rather than having only allowing Shinobu-chans collar to transmit to the other ones?”

Speachless, Su opened and closed her mouth before glaring at the smug expression on Keitaro’s face. “You broke them!” she accused him again and gave him another whack.

“Stop that!” Keitaro said as he grabbed the pillow and tossed it away before pinning her to the bed and forcing his lips against hers. Moaning into each other’s mouths Keitaro broke the kiss and slowly kissed his way down her body. “mmm, such a naughty Su-chan you are.” He told her as he lightly nibbled on her nipples before moving lower. “Trying to trick her beloved Keitaro into fucking her pussy before we’re married.”

“No Su wasn’t!” Su moaned as she arched her back.

“Yes Su was.” He leered as he started lapping at her cunny. “How many times do I have to tell Su that that the first time you feel me inside of your delicious cunny will be when we’re married.” He asked as he lightly suckled on her swollen clit.

“Keitaros!” Su yowled and bucked her hips against his face. Grinning up at her Keitaro kissed her slick thigh Keitaro looked over and noticed Motoko, the only remaining girl still awake was staring at them. Grinning at her Keitaro called her over.

Slipping out from under the comatose kittens Motoko crawled towards that pair. Wrapping his arm around her Keitaro pulled Motoko against him and kissed her deeply while fingering Su. “Did you enjoy that Mo-chan?” he asked as he squeezed her ass.

“Yes.” She smiled and kissed him again.

“Do you want to watch me fuck Su-chan in the ass?” he asked as he lightly tweaked her nipple.

“Yes!” she gasped.

“Lay down.” He smiled at her. Doing as she was told Motoko lay next to Su and smiled as Keitaro stroked her wet, taunt stomach. Leaning down Keitaro lightly lapped at the Su juice that coated Motoko’s pale stomach before rolling the tanned girl on top of Motoko. With their faces pressed together Keitaro stroked Su’s hair and said “Kiss.”

Lowering her head Su pressed her lips to Motoko’s and slid her tongue into her mouth. Moaning into her mouth Motoko stroked her back before sliding her hands down her to squeeze her ass and pulled apart her ass cheeks for Keitaro. Grinning at the tiny anus on display to him Keitaro leaned down and kissed the puckered sphincter before lining up his tip with her ass and plunging his cock deep into her anal cavity.

Crying out loudly Su broke the kiss and arched her back so that her tiny breasts were thrust into Motoko’s face. Sliding her hands up from Su’s ass Motoko hugged the girl around her waist and took one of her small breasts between her lips. Yowling happily Su moaned out Motoko’s name making the girl grin happily before her breasts were pulled away from her mouth. Looking up she briefly saw Keitaro smiling down at her before he lowered Su’s pussy onto her mouth. Sliding her hands to Su’s rocking hips while Keitaro groped Su’s breasts Motoko extended her tongue to lap at Su’s soaked pussy; her tongue sliding up and down Su’s pouting labia and flicking her swollen clit before entering her convulsing love channel and caressing her innermost walls causing her to shudder and moan loudly.

Soon they had Su cumming; the young princess shaking her hips wildly and her body convulsed as her juices flooded Motoko’s mouth. Drinking down her sweet juices Motoko lovingly kissed Su’s cunny. As Keitaro pulled out of her ass he allowed the girl to slide down and lie panting on top of Motoko. Running her fingers through her soft blond hair Motoko smiled at the little princess. “Did you enjoy that Su-chan?” she asked softly.

“Yea...” she grinned happily as she nuzzled into and squeezed her large breasts. “I got a butt load of Keitaro cum.” She giggled girlishly before sliding up to kiss Motoko. The pair explored each other’s mouths with their tongues when suddenly Motoko broke the kiss with a loud moan. “Motokos?” Su wondered before looking over her shoulder to see Keitaro between Motoko’s legs thrusting in and out of her pussy. Spinning around Su sat on Motoko’s stomach and said “Keitaros, what are you doing?”

“Fucking Mo-chan.” he grunted in response. “I love fucking her pussy.” He declared as he thrust harder inside of her making Motoko moan all the louder.

“More than you love fucking Su’s butt?” she asked with a cute pout.

“Of course not.” He smiled at her “I could never love something more than my Su-chans cute little butt.” He leered before reaching out to cup her pussy “Except maybe her wonderful little pussy.”

“Keitaros!” Su moaned happily and rocked her hips against his hand.

Grinning at reaction Keitaro pulled his hand away and lovingly kissed her. “Do you like watching me fuck Mo-chan?”

“Yea.” She nodded as she stared down at their crotches and watched as his cock disappeared deeply into Motoko’s welcoming pussy. Laying down flat on top of Motoko so that her chin was resting on Motoko’s mound Su stared wide eyed for a long moment before crying out as she felt something enter her ass. Looking over her shoulder Su saw Motoko had sat up and was hungrily slurping the cum from Su’s anus.

As Su shook her hips the young princess turned back to Motoko’s crotch and began licking her and Keitaro; her tongue caressing Motoko’s clit causing her to tighten around Keitaro’s girth making him moan and thrust all the harder into her. Soon the two lovers were cumming; Motoko’s juices sprayed out of her cunny to splash against Keitaros groin and onto Su’s face as she moaned into the girls while Keitaro unleashed several volleys into her womb before withdrawing from her cunny and allowing the final load to splash onto Su’s face.

Running his cockhead over Su’s cheeks Keitaro lovingly caressed her hair. “You look so sexy Su-chan.” he told her.

Grinning widely Su spun around so she was face to face with the panting Motoko “Did ya hear that Motokos? Keitaros thinks I’m sexy.”

“That’s because you are.” The girl smiled as she wrapped her arms around Su’s waist and stared licking the cum from her face making her giggle.

Smiling at the two girls Keitaro leaned down to kiss the small dimples on Su’s lower back and squeezed her pert behind before rolling them onto their sides and pressing his body against Motoko’s creating a Su sandwich.

Nuzzling into Su’s soft hair Keitaro caressed Motoko’s hips and said “I love both of you so much.”

“We love you too Keitaros.” Su replied as she buried her face into Motoko’s breasts.

Kissing the top of Su’s head Keitaro smiled at Motoko who had her arms wrapped around the small girl between them. “When we’re married this is what every day will be like.” He smiled as he slid his hand slowly up and down her flank.

“That sounds wonderful.” Motoko smiled as she leaned in to kiss Keitaro.

“Except Keitaros will fuck Su’s pussy.” The tanned girl between them interjected. “And we’ll all have Keitaros baby inside of us.”

“That’s right.” Keitaro smiled down at her before sliding a hand up to cup her pussy and gently rubbed her making her shudder and moan in their embrace. “But until then you’re gonna behave right?”

“Ok.” She pouted cutely.

“Good.” He smiled at her before extracting himself from their hug and pulled the still dazed Shinobu towards him. “Now, I believe I said I was going to fuck Shinobu-chan’s pussy after I fucked her ass.” he leered as he lowered the girl onto his cock.

As soon as she was impaled Shinobu came around from her stupor and cried out “Sempai!” loudly as she wrapped her arms and legs around his body and started to bounce up and down on his cock.

“So lucky...” Su murmured as she watched the pair.

Sliding her hand down Su’s stomach to gently stroke her pouting labia Motoko softly whispered into her ear “Don’t worry. That’ll be you soon enough. Until then we can play together.” She smiled as she leaned down and ran her tongue over her cheek to lick the sperm from it.

Grinning as she rocked her hips against Motoko’s hand Su sweetly said “Love you Motoko.” As she arched her back.

“I love you too Su-chan.” Motoko smiled as she slid a finger into Su’s tight love channel and fingered her while they watched Keitaro roughly have his way with the euphoric Shinobu-chan.

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