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Chapter 29 – Kanako’s Quest – May the Best Sub Win

Slipping silently into the Aoyama’s room Kanako bit her bottom lip and grinned at what she saw. Tsuruko was reclined on their large fluffy bed while gripping handfuls of her sisters hair as she held Motoko’s face to her pussy forcing her to lap at her soaked cunny. Humping her face and moaning lewdly Tsuruko didn’t notice Kanako’s arrival until the girl had climbed onto the bed next to her and started to grope her breasts. Smiling at the gothic girl Tsuruko said “Hello Kanako-chan. Not off playing with your brother?”

“He’s playing with Su-chan at the moment and she prefers to be the sole focus of his attention.” Kanako smiled as she lightly pinched Tsuruko’s nipple.

“oh? That’s too bad for her.” Tsuruko smiled.

“What do you mean?” Kanako wondered.

“I sent the Kittens on a little errand.” Tsuruko giggled naughtily. “You see, they were spoiling Motoko-chan so I gave them a hard spanking and set them off to find our Master. They have to get fucked by Kei-kun and when they get back each of them have to fill one of these with his cum.” She leered as she gestured to three pint glasses sitting on the table to the side. “If even one of these is not overflowing with cum they’ll all be punished severely.” She giggled breathily.

Letting out a small laugh herself Kanako lightly kissed Tsuruko’s neck “But while they’re gone who will pamper you? Servicing you is a big job.” She pointed out

“mmm, My Mo-chan has sufficed so far.” Tsuruko said as she stroked Motoko’s hair. “She has come a long way in so short of a time.”

“I’m sure she has.” Kanako leered down at the embarrassed teen “She’s always had certain... tendencies.”

“Oh?” Tsuruko wondered as she raised an eyebrow. “It sounds like you speak from personal experience?”

“Has she not told you how we first met?” Kanako’s grin widened as she saw the look on Motoko’s face.

“No she hasn’t.” Tsuruko grinned. “Do tell.” She insisted.

“It was before I had officially arrived at Hinata Sou and I was disguised as Naru so I could learn all the residents weaknesses.” Kanako started.

“Naturally.” Tsuruko smiled before allowing her to continue.

“I stumbled upon Motoko walking around town wearing this very slutty outfit.” Kanako said “The mini skirt she wore was so tiny she was exposing her panties with every step and her shirt was so thin you could see her pink nipples through it.”

“How scandalous.” Tsuruko laughed at her sister’s obvious discomfort.

“I confronted her about her clothes and she told me she liked the way men looked at her when she was dressed like that.” Seeing Motoko frown at the divergence from reality Kanako simply smiled and continued with her version of events. “Then she insisted I start stroking her thigh.” She said as she demonstrated by caressing Tsuruko’s. “I naturally presumed this was something she and Naru did often and so complied. She made such dirty sounds when I started to stroke her through her wet panties.” She leered as she rubbed Tsuruko’s pussy, pushing a displeased Motoko out of the way. “It wasn’t until she had came that I realised that she was putting on a show for a group of boys.”

“That’s a lie!” Motoko cried.

“Be quiet!” Tsuruko snapped making Motoko quail. “I wish to hear what Kanako has to say.” She said and smiled at Kanako for her to continue.

“Naturally I was shocked that she would do such a thing, even more so when she told me to pull down her panties.” She smirked at the glaring Aoyama “She tossed them at the boys and had me hold up her skirt so they could take photos of her ass as she bent forward and leaned against me. She had me grope her ass and spread her cheeks before turning around to face them. She had me hold up her skirt for them while she unbuttoned her shirt to show off her breasts to them.”

“Oh my!” Tsuruko grinned “What happened next?”

“I don’t know.” Kanako shrugged “She said she didn’t need me anymore and sent me on my way. The last I saw of her she was being felt up by some of the guys and was being forced down onto her knees.”

“To think my little sister could be so indecent!” Tsuruko said with mock shock as she brought a hand up to her mouth.

“I’m not!” Motoko cried out “She’s lying!” Motoko insisted.

“I am?” Kanako asked with an innocent look “Am I also lying about those dirty stories you have hidden in your room?”

Hearing this Motoko’s eyes wet wide and her face turned a deep crimson. Seeing the reaction of her sister Tsuruko raised an eyebrow and asked “What is this?”

“Your sister has quite the way with words.” Kanako grinned “She’s been writing smutty stories involving Onii-san. Most of them revolve around him bending her over and spanking her before forcing himself on her.”

“How do you know!?” Motoko demanded.

“Kitsune found them and distributed them to all the girls.” Kanako grinned. “Naru pretended not to be interested but always kept her copy and Shinobu-chan found them very educational.”

Seeing her sister’s blush deepen Tsuruko reached out to cup and rub her mound “I would be very interested in reading those.” She purred as she slipped a finger into Motoko’s cunny “You must write one for me.” She purred before turning to Kanako. “Now tell me, my sweet little slut, did you come here just to torment my sister or is there a reason for your visit?”

“Did you know that in order for all of us to marry Onii-san we must consent to marry each other?” Kanako asked.

“I presumed as much.” Tsuruko nodded.

“Well, some of the girls might have cause to object to marrying me.” Kanako said.

“Really? I can’t think why.” Tsuruko smiled as she twirled her finger through Motoko’s hair.

Ignoring the comment Kanako continued “So I was hoping I could count on your support.”

“So you’re gathering allies, mmm?” Tsuruko asked amused “And who do you have on your side so far.”

“I have your cousin and her wife and daughters.” Kanako replied.

“Ah, but they don’t have any grievances with you do they?” Tsuruko smirked “Whereas the others like my Mo-chan have reason to deny your wishes.”

“But if you were to accept me then she would have no choice but to agree with your decision.” Kanako pointed out with a smile. “As would the three Kittens.”

“I see.” Tsuruko smiled as she cupped Kanako’s chin “So you want to kill five birds with one stone by getting me on side?”

“Something like that.” Kanako smiled as she took Tsuruko’s thumb into her mouth and lightly sucked on it.

“And what could you offer me in exchange for my support?” she wondered.

“I know all of Onii-sans kinks.” Kanako said “With what I know you’ll drive Onii-san crazy.”

“I already do.” Tsuruko countered “What else?”

Moving to straddle her waist and pushing Motoko out of the way with her hips Kanako pressed her small breasts to Tsuruko’s and said “Then I offer my body to you.” She smiled as she leaned in and lightly pressed her lips to Tsuruko. Seeing the older woman raise an eyebrow Kanako said “All I care about is marrying Onii-san. If that means I have to debase myself and have to do all manner of disgusting things for your amusement then so be it.” She purred.

“I already have a pet who will do any perverse thing I tell her to.” Tsuruko smiled as she reached up to gently twist Kanako’s tiny nipple making the girl moan and bite her bottom lip. “Why would I need another?”

Pushing herself up so that her nubile form was displayed to its fullest Kanako smiled and said “Are you saying you don’t want to use me as a fuck toy? You don’t want to make me do humiliating and perverted things in front of my Onii-san?”

Staring at Kanako’s nude form Tsuruko slowly licked her lips as she considered this. “Still, I can have my Mo-chan do all that. You still haven’t told me what you can offer me that she can’t?”

“What fun would telling you be?” Kanako leered “When I could show you?”

Tsuruko raised an eyebrow and said “Oh? Are you challenging my Mo-chan to a contest?”

“I doubt it will be much of a contest.” Kanako smirked.

Returning her grin Tsuruko reached out to cup Kanako’s mound and gently rubbed her cunny. “I’ll enjoy watching this arrogant look fall from your face.” She leered before snapping “Motoko!”

“Y-yes Mistress!?” Motoko replied as she scrambled to move next to her sister.

Grabbing her chin Tsuruko smiled at her sister and said “You are a sub that I trained myself so I expect you defeat this slutty upstart completely.” She said as she leaned in close to her sister. “I will be very displeased if she gets so much as a single point.” She growled making Motoko tremble. “Let’s get started.” She grinned.

Having the two girls stand naked before her Tsuruko extended her riding crop to run it over their cunnies causing Motoko to shudder and Kanako to leer. “The first challenge will test how much punishment your butts can take.” She grinned.

“I’m sure you’ll find my ass most satisfactory.” Kanako purred only to cry out when Tsuruko slapped her thigh.

“I did not give you permission to speak. One point to Motoko-chan.” The elder sister declared making Kanako frown though she wisely said nothing. Stepping behind the girls she pushed them over so that they were bent over with their hands on the bed and their asses wiggling at her. Grinning at the sight Tsuruko ran her fingers over the pale posteriors and said “Whoever can refrain from crying out the longest gets the point.”

Taking a step back from them Tsuruko adjusted her grip on the whip before bringing it down onto Motoko’s plump rear leaving an angry red welt on her pale backside as the girl gritted her teeth and tightly gripped the sheets between her fingers. Lashing out at Kanako’s rear elicited the same reaction from the gothic girl. Pausing to admire the result Tsuruko smiled as she ran her fingers over the welts “How was that?” she asked sweetly.

“Fine Mistress.” Kanako smiled over her shoulder at Tsuruko while Motoko remained silent. “May I have another?” she requested as she wiggled her pert rear at her.

“You’ll get more than you can handle.” Tsuruko growled as she lashed out at their rumps. Over and over again she brought her riding crop down onto their asses until both were bright red. Despite her best efforts Motoko was unable to hold back and was the first to let a small cry pass through her gritted teeth. Motoko could feel her sister glowering over her while Kanako radiated smugness next to her. She wasn’t the only who could tell how smug Kanako was acting and so Tsuruko lashed out again catching Kanako by surprise making her cry out. “oh my, it seems that both of you failed. Let’s call it a draw shall we?” Tsuruko suggested.

“But she cried out first!” Kanako protested as she turned to Tsuruko.

Frowning at her Tsuruko struck out at Kanako’s small breast, striking the pink nub causing her to cry out again. “I decide the rules my little slut; if you don’t like it you are free to forfeit at any time. Of course, you’d be forfeiting our support as well.” She smirked. “Now, by my count my Motoko-chan has four points while you have none.”

“Where did you get four points from?!” Kanako demanded to know.

Roughly grasping her chin Tsuruko said “You have spoken without my permission three times and you cried out twice while my Motoko-chan one cried out once.” She smirked at the look of outrage on Kanako’s face. “Would you like to make it five points?” Tsuruko asked. When Kanako remained silent Tsuruko forced her lips against hers and roughly squeezed her abused ass making her moan into her mouth. “Good girl.” She leered and ran her tongue over her lips. “Let’s move onto the next challenge.

“Your next task is to pleasure me.” Tsuruko leered at her pet’s as she reclined on the bed with both girls kneeling at her feet. “Start with my feet.” She commended with a wiggle of her toes.

Nodding their head Motoko and Kanako leaned down and took her toes into her mouth and began to suck. As their tongues circled and tickled her toes Tsuruko moaned and giggled happily at their efforts. When they ran their tongues up and down her sole she purred happily and praised their tongues as she started to touch herself, enjoying the submissive looks on their face as they followed her every order. Wanting more Tsuruko grabbed hold of her sister, pulled her up towards her mound and forced her to lick. Moaning as Motoko’s talented tongue went to work Tsuruko arched her back with her eyes closed and humped her hips against her face as her fingers wove through her sisters long hair. Feeling lips wrap around her nipple Tsuruko looked down to see Kanako cheekily grinning up at her as she suckled on her teat.

Frowning at her Tsuruko pushed her away and snapped “I did not give you permission to stop pleasuring my feet.” Bringing her foot up Tsuruko pressed her toes to Kanako’s lips. As Kanako submissively licked the proffered foot Tsuruko grinned at the gothic girl and pressed her toes into her mouth, forcing her to open as wide as possible. Allowing Kanako to suck on her digits for a moment Tsuruko moved her foot down Kanako’s chest and pinched her breasts with her toes before sliding further down to press into her cunny making her gasp. “I wonder if I could fit my whole foot in here?” Tsuruko pondered as she ran her big toe up and down her wet labia “After what your brother has been shoving inside of you, you’d probably have no problem taking my foot inside your slutty pussy.” She leered as she pressed her big toe against Kanako’s clit making her shudder.

“Show me your ass.” Tsuruko demanded of her. Doing as she was told Kanako turned around and presented her bright red rear to her Mistress. Admiring her work Tsuruko stroked Kanako’s plump behind with her foot before pressing her big toe into Kanako’s ass making her squeal loudly. Enjoying the noises she was making Tsuruko continued to pump her toe in and out of her ass while rocking her hips against Motoko’s mouth until she came.

Letting out a pleasurable sigh as she reclined back on the bed Tsuruko removed her foot from Kanako’s ass and pulled Motoko up to hold the girl to her breasts. Groping her roughly Tsuruko grinned at her and said “That was wonderful Mo-chan!” she told her “Your tongue has become very skilful.”

“T-Thank you Mistress.” She replied bashfully.

“It’s the truth.” She purred as she squeezed Motoko’s red rump making her grimace. “A tongue this talented deserves two points. So now it’s seven-nil to you.”

“Seven?!” Kanako cried out as she frowned at Tsuruko.

“That’s right.” She smirked “Two for her wonderful performance, another one for you not doing as you’re told and now one more because of this little outburst.” She informed her “My, my only two challenges in and you’re already eight points behind. Not the best of starts is it Mo-chan?” Tsuruko asked as she leaned down to slowly run her tongue over her lips.

“N-No Mistress.” Motoko replied as Tsuruko’s tongue slipped passed her lips and caressed her teeth.

“Well, perhaps she will do better with the next one.” Tsuruko leered.

Grunting as Tsuruko slipped another vibrating egg up her ass Kanako looked over her shoulder at the grinning woman “What is the challenge this time?” Kanako asked.

“To see which of you cums first.” Tsuruko smiled as she wiggled her fingers inside of Kanako “mmm, I think one more in your pussy will do.” She leered as she added another vibrator to her already crowded cunny. “There, all done.” She grinned as she turned Kanako around to look at her. In addition to the numerous vibrators inserted into her pussy and ass Tsuruko had attached vibrating nipple clamps to both teats and had secured another two small vibrators on either side of Kanako’s clit sandwiching it between them.

Cupping her chin Tsuruko grinned at the girl and turned on the toys. As vibrations assailed her body Kanako cried out loudly and her fingers gripped the bed sheets. Bucking her hips wildly Kanako bit her bottom lip hard in a vain attempt to prevent further moans escaping. Feeling her dripping cunny being cupped she opened her eyes to see Tsuruko leering at her. “Enjoying yourself my sweet little slut? Are you about to cum?”

“N-No!” Kanako yowled as she humped her hips against Tsuruko’s hand.

“Don’t feel you need to hold back.” Tsuruko purred as she ran her tongue over her cheek. “Now, since you’re hogging all the toys I’ll have to play with Motoko-chan myself. So I’ll have to leave you to your own devices.” She purred as she licked her wet hand and moved to her sister. Through dazed and half-opened eyes Kanako watched as Tsuruko pressed herself into Motoko’s back and wrapped her arms around her body. Nibbling on her ear Tsuruko roughly groped her breast while her other hand was placed between her thighs, stroking her cunny and pumping her fingers in and out of the moist cleft.

So focused on not cumming Kanako failed to notice when the Aoyama’s changed position. Every time she opened her eyes they were in a different configuration; from their spooning position they transitioned to Tsuruko having her face between Motoko’s legs hungrily licking her sisters wet cunny and then to Motoko face down with her ass in the air with Tsuruko kneeling behind her toying with her puckered anus. The only constant between the positions was that whether she was tongue deep in Motoko’s ass or knuckle deep in her pussy Tsuruko kept her lusty gaze locked on Kanako.

No longer able to hold back her moan Kanako rolled her head back and shuddered violently as she tried with all her might to stop from orgasming. Just as she was about to lose control Kanako heard a loud moan. Opening her eyes Kanako saw Motoko convulsing and her pussy gushing with girl cum around Tsuruko’s fingers. Seeing that Motoko had succumb first, Kanako unleashed a triumphant cry of ecstasy as she came hard; her love juices spraying out with so much force the vibrating eggs in her pussy were forced out. As her body shook and bucked uncontrollably Kanako’s eyes rolled back in her head and she limply collapsed into a sweaty, panting heap.

When she finally returned to her senses Kanako turned her head to see Tsuruko holding Motoko in her arms dangling one of Kanako’s used eggs above her face forcing her sister to lick the dripping toy. Noticing Kanako was awake Tsuruko smiled at her “That was quite a performance.” She purred “I did not expect such an outcome.”

“I’m sure you didn’t Mistress.” Kanako grinned, radiating smugness.

“Yes, to think my Mo-chan would be ten points up already.” Tsuruko grinned.

“Wha...?” Kanako asked, blinking in surprise.

“The contest was to see which of you would cum first.” Tsuruko explained. “I was feeling sorry for you so I decided to help you out and give you an advantage but my Mo-chan still won.” She said proudly as she nibbled on Motoko’s ear making her mewl “And since she was at a disadvantage I decided her victory was worth two points.”

“But-” Kanako started only to gasp when Tsuruko shoved two fingers into her soaked cunny.

“Now now my sweet, I’m sure you’ll have better luck with the next challenge.” Tsuruko leered.

Having moved into the large bathroom Tsuruko had both girls kneel on all fours on the cold tiles. Running her fingers over their pert rears Tsuruko grinned and said “Now we shall be testing your endurance.” She purred as she lightly tickled their assholes with her finger tips making both of them squirm. “I’m going to give both of you an enema, whoever can hold it the longest get’s the point.” She explained happily as she knelt behind both girls and gently inserted the nozzle end of a tube into each of their asses. Once they were secured Tsuruko sat on Kanako’s back and attached the funnel ends of the tubes to a rack to hold them up. Grabbing two hoses Tsuruko directed the streams into the tubes and into their bowels making both girls gasp and shudder as cold water filled them up.

Groaning loudly as water was poured into her Kanako squeezed her eyes closed and bit her bottom lip. Feeling a hand run through her hair Kanako opened her eyes and started into the mirror to see Tsuruko smirking at her reflection. Wondering what amused the woman so much Kanako’s eyes widened as she noticed that both hoses were directed to her funnel. Seeing the look of outrage on Kanako’s face Tsuruko’s grin widened, daring the girl to object. Refusing to rise to her bait Kanako bit her tongue and closed her eyes to ignore Tsuruko’s goading.

Tsuruko alternated pouring water solely into Kanako’s rectum and spiting it between the two until she was satisfied. With a warning to not let a single drop escape Tsuruko yanked the tubes out of their butts. Moving to stand in front of them Tsuruko caressed their cheeks and held up a small buttplug. “Now, I’ve only got one of these so one of you’ll have to go without.” She smiled at Kanako “Since you had the advantage last time it’s only fair that Mo-chan get’s it this time.” She leered as she held the plug to Kanako’s lips.

Frowning up at the woman Kanako opened her mouth and took the toy between her lips and started to lick and suck it. Once Tsuruko was sure it was wet enough she moved behind her sister and inserted it into her puckered anus. Satisfied that she was air tight Tsuruko grinned happily and slapped their rears before directing them into the shower. Once they had crawled into the large cubical Tsuruko ordered them to stand up. Seeing her slightly distended stomach Tsuruko grinned at her sister and rested her hands on Motoko’s hips “You look so sexy Mo-chan.” She purred as she ran her hands over the tiny bump “We must let Master see you like this. Just one look and he won’t stop fucking you until you’re pregnant.” She leered as she lightly pinched Motoko’s nipple “Doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

“Y-Yes Mistress.” Motoko nodded, a blush colouring her face as Tsuruko lovingly kissed her.

Adoringly caressing her cheek Tsuruko turned to Kanako who was leaning uncomfortably against the wall. Compared to Motoko, Kanako’s swollen stomach made her seem like she was ready to give birth. Caressing her stomach Tsuruko grinned widely. “My, my, I always though getting a stomach this large from an enema only happened in Hentai manga.” She leered at the look of discomfort on her face. “Are you alright my dear? You’re looking rather uncomfortable.”

“I-I‘m fine.” she insisted.

“We’ll see about that.” She leered as she pinched Kanako’s nipples before kissing her. As her tongue slid into her mouth Tsuruko started to roughly grope Kanako’s slender body. Moving suddenly Tsuruko grabbed Kanako under her knees and lifted her up making Kanako’s eyes go wide at the sudden strain added to her sphincter. Sliding her hands up Kanako’s thighs to her ass and pulled apart her cheeks as she ran her tongue over Kanako’s lips “Something the matter?” she smirked.

“N-No!” Kanako snapped defiantly.

“Are you sure?” Tsuruko wondered “Not feeling any pressure are you? Perhaps it’d be better if you just relax?” she suggested helpfully.

“N-No...” She shook her head weakly.

“Well, if you won’t relax we’ll just have to make you.” She leered as she ordered Motoko onto her knees before Kanako and instructed the girl to start licking. As Motoko’s talented tongue went to work Kanako threw her head back with a cry as her hips started to rock against Motoko’s face. Loving the tortured expression on Kanako’s face as she desperately tried to stop the water escaping from her bowel Tsuruko leaned in and whispered into her ear “There’s no point trying to resist. I’ve been training her. There’s rarely been a moment where she’s didn’t have her tongue up my pussy.” Tsuruko bragged as she slipped her tongue into Kanako’s ear “Just let it go.” She cooed softly as her fingers pressed into Kanako’s ass to pull open her anus.

Unable to hold out any longer Kanako came to Motoko’s talented tongue; losing all control of herself the water contained in her bowels gushed out in a torrent making her eyes roll back in her head as she came over and over again, drowning Motoko in her juices. When the last of the clear water drained from her ass and disappeared down the plughole Tsuruko grinned at Kanako’s exhausted expression. Lowering her to the floor Tsuruko watched as Kanako fell to her knees in a panting heap. Affectionately ruffling her hair Tsuruko laughed and said “Look at how messy you’ve made yourself. Come Mo-chan, let’s return to our bed. Kana-chan will join us once she’s cleaned herself up.” Tsuruko said as she ushered Motoko out of the bathroom.

Returning to the bedroom Kanako found the two Aoyama’s in an embrace on the bed; Motoko laying against her sister sucking on two of Tsuruko’s fingers as her ear was nibbled upon and her pussy stroked. As she joined them on the bed Tsuruko looked up from her sister with a smile. “I make the score eleven to nothing.” Seeing the annoyed look on Kanako’s face Tsuruko’s grin widened “Perhaps it’d be for the best if you gave up? You’re not really sub material.”

“Why not?!” Kanako snapped angrily. “I did everything Motoko did.”

“Yes you did but you did so willingly.” Tsuruko replied.

“So?” Kanako frowned.

“So, you’re not a true sub; you’re just a dirty little slut who’s hot for her brother’s cock.” Tsuruko replied “My Mo-chan submits to my every order no matter what it is because she is submissive. And I just love the reluctant look on her face when I make her do the most debasing of acts.” She growled lustfully as she ran her tongue over the moaning Motoko’s cheek. “You, on the other hand do whatever I tell you to do with a smile because you see it as a means to an ends.” Tsuruko said accusingly. Seeing Kanako fuming Tsuruko reached out to cup her cunny “Now, now my sweet; don’t pout. We still have a long while before the wedding. There’s plenty of time for you to come up with a way to entertain me.”

Pulling her hand away from Kanako’s moist quim Tsuruko licked her fingers clean before reaching out for a nearby strap-on. “Now if you’ll excuse us I have to teach my sister about being fucked in the ass while having her bowels filled with water.” She grinned as she pushed Motoko forward so she was kneeling with her face to the bed and her plugged asshole on display to them.

Noticing she was using a standard dildo Kanako blinked and asked “Why are you using one of those?”

“Do you have a better way of fucking my sister?” Tsuruko asked as she continued to caress Motoko’s cunny making her mewl.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Kanako said as she stood up and left the room.

When she returned Kanako came carrying five of Su’s new and improved strap-ons. As she secured it to Tsuruko’s groin the woman raised an eyebrow. Standing up on the bed and admiring herself in the mirror Tsuruko asked “So what makes this so much better than my other one?”

Grinning up at her Kanako turned the sensitivity to max and set it to denial mode. “This.” She leered as she gently blew on the cock. As soon as her breath touched the sensitive shaft Tsuruko’s eyes went wide and fell to her knees with her hips bucking wildly and her eyes rolled back in her head. Grinning widely at her Kanako pushed her back and mounted her waist, trapping the throbbing cock underneath her mound. Leaning forward Kanako whispered into her ear “You’re right about me; I will do anything to marry Onii-san. Even if I have to torture a deviant like you.” She said breathily as she started to rock her hips back and forth making Tsuruko’s shaft spat out pre-cum to soak her stomach and create a pool in her belly button. “I wonder if I can make you lose your mind.”

Crying out Tsuruko started “M-Mo-” only to be cut off by Kanako covering her mouth.

“uh-uh, none of that.” Kanako giggled at the look on her face as she reached down to grasp Tsuruko’s shaft. “I won’t let you cum until you beg to marry me.” She growled as she lifted up her hips, lined up her cock and slammed her hips down, taking her entire length into her tight pussy. Screaming into Kanako’s hand Tsuruko’s hips bucked wildly as she thrust up into Kanako’s pussy. Grinning widely Kanako replaced her hand with her mouth and kissed the elder Aoyama as she held down Tsuruko’s hands in an effort to stop being thrown off by her wild convulsions. Even the smallest movements made by Kanako were enough to make Tsuruko tremble and swell with denied pleasure and so when she started to move her hips up and down Tsuruko’s eyes rolled back in her head and she arched her back enough to lift Kanako off the bed with a surprised giggle.

Squeezing the throbbing shaft and dragging her cunny up and down Tsuruko’s length at a tortuously slow pace, Kanako roughly twisted the Aoyama’s stiff nipples and grinned as she saw Tsuruko open her mouth and let out a silent scream. Riding her hard Kanako leaned down to bite one of Tsuruko’s rock hard teats and noticed she was quietly gasping something. Abandoning her breast Kanako nipped her way up Tsuruko’s chest and grinned as she heard the woman quietly begging “P-Please...” over and over again.

“Please what?” Kanako demanded to know as she stopped moving her hips making Tsuruko her buck her hips desperately.

“Please let me cum!” she pleaded in a weak voice.

“Uh-uh, it’s not going to be so easy.” Kanako leered teasingly as she bit Tsuruko’s neck hard enough to leave a hicky. “Repeat after me; ‘Mistress, please allow this slutty whore the honour of cumming in your divine pussy’.”

“Mistress, p-please allow this slutty whore the honour of cumming in your d-divine pussy...” Tsuruko yowled softly.

“Louder.” Kanako demanded “Loud enough so your slutty sister can hear how much you desire my pussy.”

“Mistress, Please Allow This Slutty Whore The Honour Of Cumming In Your Divine Pussy!” Tsuruko screamed at the top of her lungs making Kanako grin.

“That’s a start.” Kanako purred happily as she started to move her hips again as a reward “Now beg me to be your wife.” Kanako ordered her “Beg to be mine and Onii-sans fucktoy for the rest of your life.”

“Please Marry Me!” she cried “Please Marry Me And Make Me Your Fucktoy!”

“Swear you’ll marry me.” Kanako growled as she slid her pussy slowly up Tsuruko’s shaft only to slam her hips back down again “On your honour as Onii-sans property swear you and your slaves will support me!”

“I Swear it!” Tsuruko declared “Now Please Let Me Cum!” she beseeched her gothic tormentor.

“OK then.” Kanako said cheerfully as she slid her hand down Tsuruko’s stomach and released the Aoyama from her torment. As soon as the switch was flipped Tsuruko came hard, her cock swelling inside of Kanako as her hips thrust upwards to pierce her cervix and flooded her uterus with fake semen. Feeling herself overflowing with Tsuruko’s seed Kanako threw her head back as her own orgasm coursed through her body; her convulsing cunny massaging Tsuruko’s length setting off another series of orgasms.

Panting hard as a mixture of her love juices and Tsuruko’s faux-sperm gushed out of her pussy around Tsuruko’s cock to drench her abdomen in the sticky concoction Kanako let out a deep, pleasurable sigh as Tsuruko’s cock continued to fill her already sodden womb. Smiling down at the look on Tsuruko’s face Kanako leaned down and licked the drool escaping from her mouth as she turned off Tsuruko’s cock “How many points was that orgasm worth?” Kanako asked teasingly with a giggle as she nibbled on her ear.

Panting hard Tsuruko gasped “W-What was that?”

“A toy I helped Su-chan make for her mothers.” Kanako smiled “It’s a perfect replica of Onii-san’s cock. It lets you experience what Onii-san feels when he has sex.”

“M-Master feels like this every time?” Tsuruko asked in wonder.

“Not quite.” Kanako grinned “Su-chan added some extra functionality. You can control the sensitivity and you can even make it impossible for the wearer to cum no matter how stimulated they are.” Kanako explained as she groped Tsuruko’s large breasts.

“Is that so?” Tsuruko murmured. “I feel sorry that I sent the kittens to interrupt her time with Master. I’ll send Motoko-chan along later to be her plaything as an apology.” She decided.

“I’m sure she’ll appreciate that.” Kanako grinned.

Pushing herself up Tsuruko said “Set this thing to Master’s level of sensitivity.” She demanded “I want to know what it feels like for Master to fuck my sister.” She said as she leered hungrily at Motoko who was watched nearby.

“uh-uh, first things first; you remember our deal right?” Kanako grinned.

Rolling her eyes Tsuruko said “Yes, yes you have my support.”

“And the support of your slaves?” Kanako asked.

“Of course.” She said impatiently “Now show me.”

“As you wish.” Kanako leered as she removed herself from Tsuruko’s shaft and showed her how to change the settings.

Running her hand up and down her throbbing length Tsuruko moaned as she bit her bottom lip and stared at her sister “mmm, so this is what it feels like for Master.” Crawling towards her sister Tsuruko roughly cupped her chin “I don’t know how he’s able to keep from burying his cock into you every time he sees you.” She growled as she pushed Motoko back on the bed and forced her legs apart before thrusting deeply into Motoko’s wet cunny. As Motoko arched her back with a loud moan Tsuruko grabbed her hips and started to slide in and out of her pussy; moaning just as loudly as her sister Tsuruko rolled her head back with a grin and gaped out “You’re cunt is so tight Mo-chan!”

Hearing Motoko’s erotic moans suddenly becoming stifled Tsuruko looked down and saw that Kanako had moved to kneel in front of her sisters face and forced her own cock down Motoko’s gullet “You don’t mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.” Tsuruko grinned as she increased the speed of her hips “She needs to get used to taking multiple cocks at the same time.”

Returning her grin Kanako reached out to grasp Motoko’s large breasts and started to roughly fondle and grope them as she thrust all the harder into Motoko’s throat causing her to gag. With no care for her comfort the two women roughly used Motoko for their pleasure, the girl doing her best to service both at the same time while Tsuruko and Kanako kissed above her.

When they came Motoko drank down Kanako’s thick sperm while her moist pussy squeezed and milked her sisters cock for load after load. Letting out a content sigh as she adoringly stroked Motoko’s hips and thighs Tsuruko dreamily said “I don’t know how Master could bear to take his cock out of you.”

Pulling out of Motoko’s throat Kanako moved to sit on her abdomen so that her cock was trapped between hers and Tsuruko’s stomach as she wrapped her arms around the elder Aoyama’s body. “I imagine having the opportunity to stick it somewhere just as wonderful is reason enough.” Kanako grinned as she rubbed her saliva covered cock against Tsuruko’s smooth stomach.

Sliding her hands over Kanako’s hips to squeeze her plump rear Tsuruko grinned widely and said “mmm, yes I imagine that would do it.” She agreed as she leaned in to kiss the slender girl.

“M-Mistress?” a voice called out.

Breaking the kiss Kanako and Tsuruko turned their heads to see Motoko’s groupies standing nervously at the door. Pulling out of Motoko Tsuruko turned to sit on the edge of the bed and said “It’s about time you three got here.”

Flinching at her tone Kikuko said “A-Apologies Mistress, Su-sama wouldn’t let us-” she started.

“I did not ask for your excuses.” Tsuruko snapped as she held out the three pint glasses to the girls “What are you waiting for?” she frowned “Fill them.”

Rushing forward each girl took a glass and held it to their cunnies. Pressing on their mounds thick sperm glooped out their well fucked pussys and poured into the glasses. After scraping the sperm out of their cunnies the girls squatted over the glasses and pulled apart their cheeks so that the sperm that coated their bowels could pour out. As they worked on filling the glasses Kanako and Tsuruko smirked at the trio while Motoko watched on hungrily biting her bottom lip at the sight of her well fucked friends.

When they were done the kittens presented their offerings to Tsuruko for inspection. Taking one glass from them Tsuruko examined it briefly before handing it to Kanako. “Authenticate it for me would you me sweet?” she requested.

More than happy to oblige Kanako took the glass in hand and lowered her nose to inhale deeply, the tip of her nose dipping into the thick liquid. Extending her tongue to skim the surface Kanako let out a loud moan and said “mmm, this is pure Onii-san.” She reported happily as she brought it to her and started to drink, downing half the glass in one gulp.

“That’s good enough for me.” Tsuruko smiled as she snatched another glass from one of the girls. Giving it sniff Tsuruko smiled when she saw them staring wide eyed at her cock. Giving the impressive length several stroke Tsuruko leered at them “Don’t worry, you three sluts will be getting very well acquainted with my cock soon enough.” She purred making them tremble. Turning to the still prone Motoko Tsuruko held out the glass and poured it onto Motoko; drizzling the sperm from her cunny up her chest and over her face before upending it over her breasts and stomach splattering them. “My sister has gotten herself quite messy.” Tsuruko said as she handed the empty glass to Kanako before taking the third. “Clean her up.” She ordered.

Nodding their heads the three kittens moved over to Motoko, Emi went to kneel between Motoko’s thighs and began licking her crotch while Sachiyo did the same to her breasts and Kikuko did the same to Motoko’s face.

Grinning as she watched the girls get to work Tsuruko turned her attention back to Kanako and found her eyeing the third glass of sperm. Moving it around Tsuruko grinned as she watched Kanako’s eyes follow it like a salivating dog following a piece of meat. Bringing it to her mouth Tsuruko drank deeply from the glass. Before she could let so much as a moan pass from her lips Kanako lunged at her and forced her lips against hers.

As Kanako stole back the sperm Tsuruko moaned into her mouth and slid her hand around her waist to squeeze her ass. Once all the sperm had been devoured Tsuruko grinned at Kanako “You are such a cumslut.” She leered.

“Unashamedly so.” Kanako agreed with a giggle before looking at Motoko and the kittens. “You’re spoiling those sluts.” She pointed out. “You should make them work for their cum.”

“Says the whore who downed a pint in two gulps?” Tsuruko grinned “Don’t you think milking three pints worth of cum from Master sounds like hard work?”

“It sounds like fun.” Kanako leered making Tsuruko laugh.

“So how would you make them earn such a treat?” Tsuruko asked as she grabbed her hair and tugged it back before pouring the remainder of the cum over her mouth causing it to over flow and spill down her slender chest.

As Tsuruko ran her tongue over Kanako’s breasts the girl swallowed loudly and licked her lips with a moan as her tiny teats were sucked upon. “We do have three other dildos.” She reminded Tsuruko.

Pausing in her sucking Tsuruko looked up at Kanako and grinned widely up at her “What a devious mind you have. I love it!” she leered and roughly kissed her before turning to the other girls and snapped “Sluts!”

Sitting awkwardly on the edge of the bed the three kittens stared down at the cocks attached to their mounds. Standing before them with riding crop in hand was Tsuruko flanked by Kanako with Motoko on her knees pumping her fists and bobbing her head up and down their cocks. “Now you little sluts are in for a treat.” Tsuruko purred as she ran her riding crop up along Sachiyo’s shaft making her gasp and tremble. “The three of you are going to experience what it’s like for our Master to fuck this slutty Motoko.” She purred as she ran her fingers through Motoko’s soft hair.

Stepping passed her sister and leaving her to Kanako’s devices Tsuruko’s hand shot out and grabbed Sachiyo’s cock making her cry out as she was roughly squeezed “Where would you like to fuck her? Mouth, pussy or ass?” she demanded to know. When Sachiyo mutely opened and closed her mouth an impatient Tsuruko pushed her back onto the bed and said “Pussy it is. Motoko!” she called out.

Pulling off of Kanako’s cock Motoko stood up and approached her sister. Wrapping her arms around Motoko Tsuruko ran her tongue over her soft lips and said “Be sure to show her a good time. Mount up!” she finished with a slap to Motoko’s ass.

Nodding her head Motoko moved forward and climbed onto the bed. Straddling Sachiyo’s waist Motoko smiled down at her “Motoko-semapi...” Sachiyo murmured as she stared up at Motoko. Reaching down Motoko smiled sweetly and gently caressed her cheek before taking her throbbing shaft into her cunny. As soon as she entered Motoko’s hot, wet pussy Sachiyo came loudly; her hips bucking wildly and thrust deeply into Motoko’s pussy causing the girl to cry out before pressing her chest to hers and forced her tongue into her mouth.

As she watched a torrent of sperm gush out from Motoko’s pussy Kanako turned to the elder Aoyama “You’re allowing them to cum?” Kanako asked with a hint of disapproval in her voice.

“I enjoy seeing my sister overflowing with cum.” Tsuruko grinned as she turned her attention to Kikuko. Grabbing her cock she leaned in and growled “You get to fuck her mouth.”

Fearfully nodding her head Kikuko scrambled to kneel by the side of Motoko. Hearing her name being called Motoko broke the kiss and smiled reassuringly at Kikuko before pulling her over to kneel with her knees on either side of Sachiyo’s head. Holding onto her hips Motoko stared deeply into Kikuko’s eyes as her lips parted and slowly slid down the shaft. Shuddering in pleasure Kikuko was only able to hold out until Motoko reached her base at which point she came, pouring the thick faux sperm directly down to Motoko’s stomach.

“You turned the sensitivity up?” Kanako wondered as she stroked her cock, watching both of the kittens fill Motoko with their sperm after every small movement.

“Nope.” Tsuruko grinned “My Mo-chan is just that good.”

“I’ve had better.” Kanako said dismissively as she grabbed the near empty glass of cum and moved to lay on the bed.

Smirking in response Tsuruko’s eyes settles on the nervous Emi. Hooking a finger underneath the thick leather collar around her neck Tsuruko pulled her upwards until their lips were almost touching “So that leaves her ass for you.” She leered “That is our Master’s favourite hole. Don’t you feel honoured to be allowed to fuck the hole our beloved Master cherishes so?”

“Y-Yes Mistress.” Emi stuttered out.

“Does it turn you on?” she growled as she roughly grabbed the brunettes cock and started to rub her leaking slit with her thumb. “Do you like the idea of fucking your Motoko-sempai in the hole our Master loves ravishing?”

“Yes Mistress!” she shuddered as her sensitive tip was stimulated.

“Then get to it then.” She snapped.

Nodding her head Emi knelt behind Motoko’s plump and still red rear, removed the plug and positioned her cock to her back entrance. Hesitantly thrusting forward Emi slowly worked her cock into Motoko’s tight ass, grunting loudly as she gradually slipped inch after inch into her Sempais bowels until an impatient Tsuruko struck her ass with the riding crop making her cry out and thrust her hips forward burying her shaft completely in Motoko’s ass. Smiling at the red welt on the now thrusting ass Tsuruko moved to join Kanako on the bed.

With Kanako laying against her as the gothic girl swirled her finger around the empty glass to gather any leftover cum clinging to the sides, Tsuruko happily watched the gangbang of her sister as her arm wrapped around Kanako’s waist to leisurely stroke her sticky cock. “You certainly come up with the most interesting of ideas.”

“I try.” Kanako said modestly as she tried unsuccessfully to extend her tongue to the bottom of the pint glass.

“So tell me.” Tsuruko grinned as she watched her sisters juices pour out of her pussy. “Does Su-chan have any other interesting toys?”

“One or two.” Kanako nodded “She’s got these collars and manacles that you’d enjoy.”

“Is that so?” Tsuruko pondered as she ran her thumb over Kanako’s cockhead. “Have you ever been to a sex club Kanako-chan?”

Tilting her head back to look at her Kanako said “No.”

“You would have been very popular at the sex clubs I used to frequent.” Tsuruko said conversationally.

“Onii-san is the only man for me.” Kanako replied “Unless Onii-san wanted to see me with other men of course.”

“oh you needn’t fuck a man.” Tsuruko informed her “Many female members were solely interested in playing with other women. And many of the men would be content to be stepped on by you.” She said “I was actually planning on taking Motoko-chan to one the next time she visited Kyoto.” She revealed “Before all this happened of course.” She said, gesturing to the display before them.

“Really, her?” Kanako smirked with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh yes.” Tsuruko nodded “I was hoping to break her out of her misandristic tendencies. I was even planning on inviting our Master along to try and get them together again.” She smiled as she noticed the slight frown on Kanako’s face. “I had originally planned on having her lose her virginity to my husband. I pictured the two of us dominating and fucking him to our hearts content before heading to the sex club to see if I could organise a gangbang for the two of us, maybe find a man or two that she enjoyed fucking. This was before our divorce obviously.” She said. “After we separated I had my sights set on Master.”

“I had such high hopes for him. He always seemed so pliable, I was sure me and Motoko-chan could have him eating out the palm of our hands. I could just imagine the grateful look on his face as I guided him and Motoko through their first fucking before taking my turn with his huge cock.” She moaned as she bit her bottom lip and pumped her fist up and down Kanako’s cock. “I never imagined he would be so forceful.” She said breathily.

“I wouldn’t have allowed you two to have him.” Kanako sniffed matter of factly.

“Oh? Do you think you could steal him away from two Aoyama’s addicted to his cock?” Tsuruko grinned.

“I have confidence in my sluttyness.” Kanako boasted.

“I'm sure you do.” She grinned “Why don’t you show me just how slutty you are?” Tsuruko purred into Kanako’s ear.

“My pleasure.” Kanako grinned as she rolled over and started to kiss her way down Tsuruko’s body but was stopped just before she could take her cock into her mouth.

“Not me, her.” Tsuruko grinned as she pointed to Emi. “Show me how you play with her.”

Returning her grin Kanako gave Tsuruko’s cockhead a kiss before turning to crawl over to the others. Pressing herself into Emi’s back Kanako ran her hands up from her hips to cup her breasts and whispered into her ear “Hello slut.” Hearing Kanako’s voice Emi stopped her thrusting into Motoko and trembled. “Now, Now, there’s no need to be afraid. After all I don’t have a reason to put you back on the horse do I?”

“N-No.” She shook her head.

“Good.” Kanako smiled before twisting her nipple “I didn’t tell you to stop fucking her did I?” she growled making Emi resume her thrusting “Do you enjoy being my Onii-sans fucktoy?”

“Y-Yes.” She nodded.

“And does my Onii-san enjoy fucking this slutty hole?” she asked as she pressed her cock to her anus.

“Y-Yes.” She nodded again.

“Good.” Kanako purred as she lightly bit her neck “I don’t particularly like you. I don’t particularly like anyone who tries to harm my Onii-san. But so long as Onii-san finds pleasure in fucking you I’ll tolerate your presence.”

“T-Thank you.” Emi stuttered out.

“You know, I’ve been wondering something. Why does Onii-san enjoy sticking his cock up a girls ass so much?” she pondered aloud “You don’t mind helping me do you?” she asked, her cockhead already breaching her puckered anus.

“N-No.” She shook her head.

“Why thank you.” Kanako leered as she ran her tongue over her cheek before thrusting forward to bury her entire length inside her ass forcing her to thrust into Motoko. As she plunged in and out of her Kanako moaned loudly as she felt Emi’s body shuddering from every movement. Squeezing her breasts Kanako bit her neck before looking over her shoulder as she felt a tongue run from the base of her spine all the way up to her neck.

Sliding her hands around her body to cup Kanako’s tiny breasts Tsuruko grinned at the gothic sister “I’ve also been curious what it must feel like to fuck someone in the ass. May I?” she purred seductively.

“Please.” Kanako agreed happily, wiggling her ass against Tsuruko’s crotch.

“So kind.” Tsuruko grinned as she slowly slid into Kanako’s rear making the girl roll her head back with a moan. As her tight rectum squeezed Tsuruko’s shaft the elder Aoyama moaned happily as she chewed on Kanako’s ear “God you’re so tight and hot; no wonder Master loves bending you over and fucking you like a bitch in heat.” She growled as she roughly groped her breasts.

“I’m glad you like my ass.” She purred happily “As my wife you can play with whatever hole of mine Onii-san isn’t currently using.”

“mmm, you already have my support. You don’t need keep selling yourself to me. After all...” she purred as she slid her hands down Kanako’s slender stomach “You’re already mine.” She growled as she turned the sensitivity up to maximum and set it to denial. Her eyes going wide Kanako let out a scream of ecstasy as her hips bucked wildly; the force of which transferred to Emi causing all participants to moan loudly. Grabbing Kanako’s wrists Tsuruko yanked her arms back to prevent the girl from changing the settings of her dildo as she growled into her ear “You shouldn’t have shown me how this works.” She said teasingly with malicious glee as she continued to thrust into Kanako’s ass. “I wonder if I can make you lose your mind?” she laughed as Kanako let out another scream of pleasure.

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