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Chapter 34 – Su Sundae

“Ko-chan...” Keitaro murmured as he nuzzled into the slaves breasts which made her smile and run her fingers through his hair.

“You like my breasts don’t you Master?” Kotomi asked with a grin as he took her nipple between his lips.

“I love them.” He murmured happily as he suckled on the pink teat. “I love the rest of you too.” He leered as laid her down on the bed and slowly kissed his was down her pale body until he reached her tiny skirt. Flipping it upwards Keitaro grinned as he was presented with her drooling snatch “No panties Ko-chan?” he wondered as he buried his nose between her folds and inhaled deeply.

“I thought Master might prefer me like this.” She giggled as Keitaro lightly licked her labia.

“mmm, I do.” He agreed as he stroked her thighs and slid his tongue inside of her. Grinning as she moaned Keitaro said “But I also like pulling down your panties too.” He leered.

“I...I’ll keep that in mind Master.” She moaned as she bit her bottom lip.

Grinning up at her Keitaro grabbed her hips and rolled her onto all fours so that her ass was thrust into his face. Letting out a moan Keitaro squeezed her cheeks and buried his face between them. “I love your ass so much Ko-chan. I could spend the rest of my life staring at it.”

“You can do lots of other things to my ass if you like Master.” She offered as she wigged her rear at him.

“mmm, you’re such a tease Ko-chan.” Keitaro complained as he licked her anus. “I’d spank your naughty little butt if I wasn’t so busy kissing it.” He told her as he brought his hand up to cup her cunny and started gently rubbing her making her mewl and shake her hips happily.

Just as Keitaro was about to slide his fingers and tongue inside of her the door opened and the nude, slender form of Shinobu appeared in the doorway “Sempai!” she called out happily.

“We’re always being interrupted.” Keitaro murmured as he gave Kotomi’s anus a kiss.

“It’s because Master is so popular.” Kotomi giggled as she slipped off his bed and out of the room as Shinobu approached. Lamenting the loss of Kotomi’s perfect buttocks Keitaro was immediately consoled by the naked nymph who climbed onto his lap and pressed her slender form to his. “Hello Shinobu-chan.” he grinned as he squeezed her plump little ass. “What can I do for you?”

“Su-chan and I have a gift for you.” She giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled into his nose.

“Is that so?” Keitaro wondered as he lightly nipped at her neck making her gasp. “Does it involve fucking my sexy little Shinobu-chan?” he asked as he ran his cock along her pussy lips causing her to moan.

“No...” she mewled happily and bit her bottom lip.

“Are you sure?” he asked as he laid her on the bed and pinned her down.

As he started kissing his way down her slender body Shinobu panted out “S-Stop it Sempai...”

“Why? Doesn’t my Shinobu-chan want to get fucked?” he asked as he took her nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it while his fingers gently slid into her pussy.

“Later...” she purred as she bucked her hips against his invading fingers.

“Very well then.” He sighed and withdrew his fingers. “Where is this gift?”









Being led along by his cock passed several giggling slaves Keitaro was brought to Shinobu’s room. Entering the room and being tugged over to the bed Keitaro gaped at what he saw. Lying on the bed with her hands loosely bound above her head was a naked Su. Her two tiny breasts were slavered with chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream and two tiny raspberries where her nipples were. Further down her stomach more cream had been poured over her bellybutton and a strawberry stood to mark the position of her navel. With her thighs spread wide Keitaro saw that below the small tuft of blond pubic hair chocolate sauce had been drizzled over her mound with a splodge of cream in the centre with a small cherry on top.

As Keitaro drooled over the succulent sight Su grinned and stuck out her tongue to show a dollop of cream and a chocolate clip atop the wet muscle. Climbing onto the bed Keitaro loomed over the girl and caressed her cheek. “Is this for me?” he wondered with a leer.

As the tanned girl nodded her head Shinobu climbed onto the bed next to him and said “That’s right Sempai.” She smiled and affixed a collar around her neck which was paired with the one around Su’s neck. “We wanted to make something tasty for you.” She explained as she started stroking her cunny causing a shudder to run through Su’s body.

“Then I’ll dig in.” He grinned as he leaned down and took her tongue into his mouth and sucked hungrily on it. Running his fingers through her soft hair Keitaro held onto her head and kissed her deeply, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth causing her to moan happily. Breaking the kiss Keitaro grinned at the panting girl “You taste so good Su-chan.” he murmured as he started kissing his way down her chin and neck towards her breasts.

Starting with her left breast Keitaro began lapping at the chocolate sauce; moving in a circle Keitaro slowly licked the chocolate from her breast gradually making his way towards the raspberry all the while staring into her emerald green eyes. When he had devoured the raspberry Keitaro grinned at her saliva covered mound and lightly flicked her stiff pink nipple with his tongue making her giggle. Moving over to the other Keitaro opened his mouth as wide as possible to take her entire breast into his mouth.

Dragging his lips over her skin Keitaro scraped the chocolate and cream before hungrily swallowing the sweet treat and started lightly chewing on her pink teat making her gasp and moan. Lightly tweaking her free nipple Keitaro spat out her other teat and grinned at the girl who was biting her bottom lip. Giving each nipple a loving kiss Keitaro started slowly kissing his way down towards her stomach.

Starting with the strawberry Keitaro licked the cream until her gorgeous, flat stomach was revealed. Nuzzling into the small dimple in the centre of her belly Keitaro marvelled at the fact that a girl who ate so much could still be so skinny. Kissing her navel and enjoying the way she giggled Keitaro blew a raspberry on her belly to make her laugh and squirm happily. Sliding his lips lower Keitaro briefly nuzzled into her soft pubic hair before wrapping his arms around her thighs and bringing his face close to her mound.

Extending his tongue Keitaro slowly licked at the chocolate, enjoying the way she shuddered the closer he got to the cherry. When he had licked away the cream leaving only the cherry between her pouting pussylips Keitaro grinned up at the panting princess before leaning in to press his lips to hers and take the cherry between his teeth. Drenched in her excitement Keitaro sucked her juices from the cherry before swallowing it whole.

Wanting more Keitaro caressed her swollen labia with his tongue before sliding it inside her moist love channel making her arch her back and yowl happily. Grinning as his tongue reached her hymen and licked the thin membrane Keitaro released her thighs and slid his hands up her slender body to grasp her tiny breasts and roughly knead them making her moan and thrust her hips against his face.

As he licked her innermost walls and his nose grazed against her swollen clit Su came hard; her juices flooding his mouth as she bucked her hips wildly. Drinking down every drop she gave him Keitaro slowly withdrew his tongue from her pussy and lovingly kissed her mound before grinning up at the panting girl. “That was delicious Su-chan.” he murmured as he lightly played with her stiff nipples. “Thank you for such a wonderful gift.”

“There...There’s more...” she panted out.

“Oh?” he wondered.

Nodding her head Su rolled over and thrust her perfect backside at him. Letting out a grunt Su started straining which caused a spurt of cream to dribble out of her asshole. Seeing it drip down her taint towards her pussylips Keitaro extended his tongue and allowed the cream to flow onto his tongue. As she continued to grunt and strain the dribble soon turned into a torrent and soon her anus stretched out to reveal the tip of a banana buried deep inside of her. Staring in amazement Keitaro watched as Su slowly forced the peeled fruit out of her ass and onto the bed before collapsing down in a panting, sweaty heap.

Holding onto her tiny hips Keitaro pulled apart her ass cheeks to stare at her gaping asshole before leaning in to slide his tongue into her bowels. Lapping at the cream filled orifice Keitaro squeeze her pert rear before kissing his way up her tiny body and sliding his cock into her ass. Rolling onto their sides Keitaro grabbed the banana and started running the fruit up and down her pussylips before sliding the tip into her tight, soaking wet cunny. As the banana pumped in and out of her pussy Su cried out and her anus squeezed down on his cock.

“Do you like this Su-chan?” he whispered into her ear “Does this feel good?”

“Yes!” she moaned and rocked her hips back and forth.

Pulling the fruit out of her pussy with a grin Keitaro held it up to her lips. Sliding it in and out of her mouth Keitaro grinned as Su hungrily sucked her juices from it. Kissing her cheek Keitaro looked up from the princess at the bluenette opposite them. Shinobu was furiously fingering herself while roughly fondling her tiny breast as she watched the two of them, the sensations of Keitaro licking her body having been transmitted from Su’s collar caused her to get all worked up. Ginning widely at the moaning girl, Keitaro whispered into Su’s ear. “We’ve been neglecting Shino-chan. How about we show her how much we love her?” he suggested. Getting a nod from the tanned loli Keitaro whispered instructions into her ear. Crawling towards Shinobu with the banana still in her mouth Su pushed Shinobu onto her back and pressed the banana into her pussy. Letting out a moan as she threw back head Shinobu grabbed Su’s head and started thrusting her hips against the invading fruit.

As Su started bobbing her head and trusting the banana in and out of Shinobu’s pussy Keitaro moved to kneel behind Su and buried his cock deep inside her rectum making both girls cry out. Sliding his hands up from her hips Keitaro started groping Su’s tiny breasts while pumping in and out of her ass. With one mighty thrust Keitaro buried his cock deep inside of her as he came, filling her bowels with his cum causing both girls to orgasm; Shinobu’s juices spraying out to soak the banana and Su’s face while Su’s ass massaged and milked Keitaro’s cock for every drop of sperm his balls could produce.

Panting heavily as he stroked Su’s sweaty back Keitaro leaned down and kissed her shoulder. As he did so Su pulled the banana out of Shinobu’s soaked cunny and tilted her head back which allowed the fruit to slide down her throat in one gulp. “mmm, bananas taste so good when dipped in Shinobu sauce.” Su murmured as she licked her lips.

Staring at her Keitaro kissed her neck and said “You are so sexy Su-chan.” he told her as he rolled her onto her back and kissed her deeply.

“Sempai.” Shinobu called out as she shuffled over to him. Sitting up Keitaro grinned at her and pulled her against his body.

“That was a wonderful treat you gave me Shinobu-chan.” he grinned as he leaned down to kiss her deeply. “But next time I want a Shinobu Sundae as well.” He said as he slid his hand down to squeeze her ass, causing her to giggle.

“Keitaros!” Su pouted at being ignored.

Grinning at her Keitaro pulled her up to kneel next to Shinobu. Running his hands over their lithe bodies Keitaro lightly pinched their tiny nipples and said “I want to do so many things to your bodies.” He told them.

“You can do whatever you want to us Keitaros.” Su insisted with a grin.

Leering at her Keitaro kissed both of his girls before laying down Shinobu on the bed. Caressing her slender body Keitaro gently removed the collar from her neck before grabbing Su’s hips and sat her on Shinobu’s face. As soon as Su’s leaking anus was positioned above her mouth Shinobu wrapped her arms around Su’s waist and started licking the leaking orifice. As she did so Keitaro positioned his cock against Shinobu’s pussy and thrust into her.

Slowly fucking her Keitaro grinned at the way she moaned into Su’s ass causing the tanned princes to shake her slender hips. Leaning forward Keitaro cupped Su’s cheek and leaned in to kiss her before kissing his way down her body so that he could lick at her tiny cunny. Moaning as two tongues entered and wiggled about inside of her Su grabbed Keitaro’s hair and started humping his face while Keitaro roughly groped Shinobu’s breasts. It wasn’t long before all three of them were cumming, Shinobu’s tight love channel constricting and massaging his thick length as he slammed his cock deep inside of her which pulsed and flooded her womb with his seed while Su threw her head back and drowned Keitaro with her juices as her anus squeezed Shinobu’s invading tongue.

As Keitaro pulled out of Shinobu’s pussy and fell back Su slumped down on top of her friend and panted hard as she nuzzled into Shinobu’s leaking mound. Laying back and breathing heavily with his eyes closed Keitaro felt two weights settle on his legs and hands run over his chest. Opening his eyes and looking down Keitaro grinned when he saw Su and Shinobu straddling his thighs and lightly kissing his nipples. As they rocked their mounds against his legs their hands slid down his body and grasped his thick shaft; pumping their tiny fists up and down his length making him moan and cover their hands in his pre-cum.

Moaning happily Keitaro caressed their smooth, slender backs before sliding his hands down to squeeze their soft rears and slid two fingers into their assholes. Soon all three were cumming and as Keitaro’s thick sperm splashed against his chest Su and Shinobu ran their tongues over his skin to lap up every drop of sperm.

Lovingly running his fingers through their hair Keitaro looked down at the two lolis who were hungrily licking their lips while grinning up at him. returning their grins Keitaro said “How about we have a shower together?”

Getting eager agreement from the girls Keitaro led the two nymphs into the bathroom and into the shower. As the hot water poured down onto their bodies Keitaro grinned and eagerly started washing his lovers; running his hands all over their slender bodies making them moan, gasp and giggle in delight as he caressed every inch of skin. Kneeling down next to them Keitaro wrapped an arm around their bodies to grope their tiny breasts while drawing them closer so that he could suckle on their free teats. Ordering them to kiss each other Keitaro leered as he watched the two girls press their bodies together and start kissing passionately while he began fingering his two girls; his thumb pressing into their anuses while his other fingers caressed their cunnies making them moan.

“You two are so sexy.” He told them before grabbing hold of Su. Bending her over so her hands pressed against the wall and her perfect little buttocks was thrust towards him Keitaro then grabbed Shinobu and had her kneel in front of her friend. As Shinobu leaned in and started licking her Su’s pussy Keitaro stood up behind the tanned princess and thrust into her rectum making her moan happily. Holding onto her hips Keitaro slammed his crotch against Su’s pert behind before sliding his hands up to cup her tiny breasts and roughly squeezed the tiny mounds. With the addition of Shinobu’s sucking hungrily on her clit Su yowled happily and arched her back against Keitaro. Removing her hands from the wall Su brought one hand to grasp Shinobu’s soft blue hair while the other was thrown back to hold onto Keitaro’s neck “Harder Keitaros!” Su begged as she thrust her hips back and forth “Fuck Su’s ass harder!”

Spurred on by her demands Keitaro thrust all the harder into Su’s rectum so the sounds of their slapping flesh echoed through the bathroom as Shinobu was drowned in a flood of Su juice. As Su’s ass squeezed and convulsed around his shaft Keitaro soon came, his cock swelling and spewing out his sperm to fill her bowels with his seed. Panting heavily Keitaro continued to fondle her breasts as he nuzzled into the limp girls soft blond hair. “Did you like that Su-chan?” Keitaro asked as he softly kissed her neck.

“Yea.” Su nodded happily.

“Did Shinobu-chan make you feel good?” he asked as he slid a hand down her slender frame to run his fingers through Shinobu’s soft hair and she continued to lap at Su’s pussy.

“Uhuh.” Su giggled.

“Good.” He smiled as he slowly pulled out of her ass. “Now it’s your turn to make her feel good.” He said as he let go of the girl and had her trade places with Shinobu. Picking up his favourite bluenette Keitaro allowed her to wrap her arms and legs around his body before impaling her on his shaft. As the girl squealed happily and started bouncing up and down on his cock Keitaro reached out to grab the kneeling Su’s head and pulled her towards Shinobu’s ass.

Once Su began tonguing her friends ass Keitaro returned his hand to Shinobu’s body; first by cupping her soft ass and then sliding his hand up her smooth back to grab her hair and tug her head back so that he could lean down and kiss his beloved chef. Moaning into her mouth Keitaro started thrusting hard into her cunny causing Shinobu to break the kiss and arch her back as her juices gushed over Keitaro’s crotch. Finding them presented to him Keitaro kissed his way down her throat to take her tiny breasts into his mouth. Sucking and chewing on her pink nipples Keitaro grinned at the way she mewled and thrust all the harder into her pussy making her cry out “Sempai!” over and over against until they both came with Keitaro’s cum.

Nuzzling into her soft hair Keitaro lifted her off his cock and set her down next to the kneeling Su and supported her by hold her close to him. As Keitaro ran his fingers through her hair Su kissed her way up Shinobu’s back before happily hugging her friend. “Look how messy we’ve made him!” Su said hungrily.

Leaning in both girls started to lick at his cock; Su sliding her tongue up to his tip and took his cockhead between her lips while Shinobu licked her way down to take his balls into her mouth. As Keitaro moaned and stroked their hair Shinobu spat out his balls and kissed her way up his shaft to join Su in kissing and licking his swollen tip. Grasping his cock Su pulled Shinobu close to her and trapped his cock between their slender chests and began rubbing his shaft; both girls giggling happily as he started spewing out pre-cum over their breasts. It wasn’t long before they had him cumming and covering their tiny breasts with his thick sperm.

Panting heavily Keitaro watched as his girls took turned leaning down to lap up his thick cum and sucking on the others stiff nipples. Seeing them kiss and share his sperm Keitaro grabbed his girls and carried them back to the bedroom while the two girls squealed and giggled happily. Depositing them on the bed Keitaro grinned down at the still wet girls and climbed on the bed to join them. Grabbing their ankles Keitaro began kissing their feet and sucking on their toes making them giggle.

Kissing and licking the pair of them Keitaro dried their bodies with his tongue before wrapping his arms around their waists and kissed them deeply. “I love you both so much.” He said as he lovingly groped their tiny breasts.

“We love you too Sempai.” Shinobu answered for both of them as they pushed him over so he was on his back and they lay on his chest leaning in the two girls slipped their tongues into his mouth and moaned as he squeezed their butts. Rubbing herself against his chest Shinobu broke the kiss and said “Sempai, I want you inside of me.” She told him as she slid her way down to his crotch and grabbed hold of his cock.

Letting out a moan Keitaro smiled at her and said “I want to be inside you too Shinobu-chan.”

Grinning at him Shinobu moved her hips and positioned her pouting pussy lips above his tip before slowly lowering herself onto his cock. Rolling her head back with a happy moan Shinobu lowered herself until she had engulfed his entire length. As she started to bounce up and down on his cock Keitaro reached out and squeezed her hips “Your pussy feels so good Shinobu-chan!”

“Sempai!” Shinobu moaned out loudly and rocked her hips back and forth when she felt something poke into her ass and a pair of arms wrap around her body to squeeze her tiny breasts.

Looking over her shoulder Shinobu saw that Su was wearing one of her strap-ons and had it pressed against her anus. “Su wants to be inside of Shinobu too.”

Grinning widely Shinobu bent forward and wiggled her beautiful ass at her friend. Returning her grin Su thrust forward and buried her full length inside of her. Wasting no time Su began wildly thrusting in and out of the bluenette making her moan happily. Pushing himself upwards Keitaro wrapped his arm around the girls so that he could grope Su’s ass and pulled them close to him so that Shinobu was sandwiched between the two. As he slipped two fingers into Su’s tight ass Keitaro started thrusting upwards into Shinobu causing her to moan as Su continued slamming her cock into Shinobu’s ass.

As the trio moaned and writhed together suddenly stopped his thrusting and said “S-Stop!”

“What;s the matter Keitaros?” Su looked over Shinobu’s shoulder curiously.

“I want to cum in Shinobu-chan’s ass!” Keitaro declared.

Giggling happily the girls untangled themselves from his embrace and spun the bluenette around. Grinning over her shoulder at her beloved Sempai Shinobu shook her hips and slowly lowered herself onto his cock. As her rectum engulfed inch after inch of his thick cock Shinobu moaned loudly and arched her back. When she had taken his entire length inside of her Keitaro slid his hands up her slender back and around to cup her diminutive breasts and murmured “You’re so sexy Shino-chan!” he said as he chewed on her ear.

“Sempai!” Shinobu yowled erotically as he started to tug on her nipples and kiss her neck.

Frowning at being ignored Su pounced on top of her friend and thrust her cock into Shinobu’s welcoming snatch. As Su pressed herself against Shinobu’s chest and forced her tongue into her mouth the girl started pumping in and out of her pussy making her asshole constrict around Keitaro’s shaft. Releasing the little chefs tits Keitaro slid his hands around Su and down her body to squeeze her ass and thrust two fingers inside her anus. As all three of them moaned Keitaro and Su fell into a rhythm where they alternated thrusts into their beloved Shinobu so that she always had a cock buried inside of her. As they increased the tempo of their fucking Keitaro buried his nose into Shinobu’s soft blue hair and moaned out “I love fucking your ass Shino-chan!” as Shinobu’s asshole constricted around his shaft Keitaro squeezed Su’s ass hard and said “I’m cumming Shino-chan!”

“Su too!” the tanned princess declared as she thrust all the harder into Shinobu. “Shinomu is making Su cum!” she cried.

As both Su and Keitaro flooded her with their cum Shinobu’s orifices tightened and constricted around the invading shafts as she bucked her hips back and forth wildly as her own orgasm coursed through her body. When all three of them had finished cumming a panting Keitaro slumped backwards and pulled his girls with him. Laying in each other’s arms Keitaro lovingly stroked Su’s sweat soaked back while the princess happily nuzzled into Shinobu’s slender chest as the chef panted hard and let out soft coos.

Lightly kissing Shinobu’s stiff nipple Su looked up at her friend and said “Shinomu?” getting a soft ‘mhh?’ from the girl Su continued “Shinomu, Su is hungry. Make Su something tasty to eat.” She demanded.

“mmm not now. Too tired.” Shinobu refused making Su pout.

“Please Shinomu? Didn’t Su make you feel good?” she asked as she rocked her hips making the girl moan lightly.

“mmm, get one of your slaves to make you something.” Shinobu refused again and closed her eyes as she snuggled against Keitaro.

“But Su wants Shinomu snacks!” The princess pleaded as she lightly pinched Shinobu’s nipples.

“mmm, I could do with something to eat right about now.” Keitaro concurred with his princess making her grin.

Opening her eyes Shinobu tilted her head back to look up at him and pouted “You too Sempai?” she asked pitifully before a loud rumbling was heard coming from Shinobu’s stomach.

As the chef blushed brightly her two lovers grinned down at her “Na-ha Shinomu’s hungry too!” Su said teasingly while Keitaro laughed and kissed the top of her head.

“After the workout the three of us just did I think we should get something to eat.” He said as he lifted Shinobu off his cock and pulled the two girls against his chest. As they wrapped their arms around his neck Keitaro cupped their perfect rears and slipped his thumbs into their well fucked assholes before standing up and carrying the two girls. “And while we’re there how about we make ourselves a Shinobu Sundae for me and Su-chan to share?” Keitaro suggested making Shinobu excitedly bite her bottom lip while Su grinned eagerly. Giving both his girls a loving kiss Keitaro carried them out the door and off to the kitchens.






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