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Chapter 26 – Kittens pt. 2

Rolling off of Motoko Keitaro panted hard as he grinned happily “That was amazing Mo-chan.” He smiled as he stroked her stomach.

Motoko just panted in reply. Still wearing her blouse the thin material clung to her sweat soaked breasts as his cum overflowed from her cunny. She had somehow managed to keep her high heels on her feet but her stockings had several rungs in them from Keitaro’s rough treatment.  Turning to her lover Motoko rested her head on his shoulder and asked “Master... do you think you might have impregnated me?”

Turning on his side Keitaro wrapped his arms around her waist and said “I don’t know Mo-chan. Why?”

“I-I know how much you wish to see me pregnant...” She revealed as she bit her bottom lip.

Smiling at her Keitaro brought his hand up to caress her cheek and said “Mo-chan, we have the rest of our lives together. There’s no need to rush.”

“I-I know but-” she started only for Keitaro to silence her with a finger to her soft lips.

“shhh, listen to me Mo-chan. It doesn’t matter to me when you get pregnant. Be it today, tomorrow or a year from now. And I don’t want a baby with you just because of how sexy you’d look. I want to have a child with you because I love you so much. I love everything about you and having a baby with you will be the ultimate proof of our love.” He smiled at her.

“Master...” Motoko breathed,

“Can you imagine it Mo-chan?” he asked. “Can you imagine holding our daughter in your arms?”

“W-Why do you think we’ll have a daughter?” she asked.

“Of course we will.” He grinned “And she’ll be as beautiful as her mother. Can you imagine it Mo-chan? You holding our baby girl to your breast to feed while I hold both of you in my arms; whispering into your ear telling you how beautiful you both are. Can you imagine anything more perfect than that?”

“No...” she breathed.

“Me neither.” He smiled as he nuzzled into her cheek. “But I don’t mind waiting. It’ll happen when it happens and until then there is no sense in worrying about it, OK?”

“Y-Yes Master.” She nodded.

“It’s Kei-kun, Mo-chan.” Keitaro smiled as he kissed her.

“Kei-kun.” she breathed into his mouth.

Grinning at her Keitaro stroked her hip and said “Besides, if I was really trying to get you pregnant I wouldn’t be able to fuck you in your wonderful ass or your beautiful mouth could I?”

Giggling happily Motoko nuzzled into his chest and grasped his shaft “Kei-kun, you said that you used to play with yourself while thinking about me.”

“That’s right.” He grunted as she started to slowly stroke his length.

“What did you used to think about when you did?” she wondered.

Swallowing hard as he nuzzled into her soft black hair Keitaro said “Do you remember when we first met? It had been raining and you were in the laundry room of the Hinata wearing nothing but a tiny towel? I’ll always remember how sexy you looked with your wet hair sticking to your body and the way your towel hugged your body. I never told you this but when you blasted me out of the room and stood over me I could see your pussy.” At this revelation Motoko blushed and gasped “I jerked off thinking about that for weeks after that.” He told her.

“Then there were all the times I walked in on you changing or bathing.” He continued “I couldn’t count how many times I saw you naked but I could recall every detail of every inch of your body whenever I wanted to.” He said with a kiss.

“What else?” Motoko demanded to know.

“Remember when Kitsune had you dress up in a mini-skirt?” he leered “You have no idea how torturous it was to be able to see your long gorgeous legs but not allowed to touch them. And your ass, did you know every time you moved your skirt rode up and I could see your ass? Kitsune delighted in pointing it out to me that we could see your black thong with every step.” He informed her. “And then there was the whole ordeal with your sister. First when we were in the springs together and my blindfold slipped off and you were standing right in front of me, I could see absolutely everything. Then there was the maid outfit. God I loved seeing you wear the uniform. When you were on your hands and knees waxing the floor you had no idea your skirt completely exposed your ass did you? I followed you around for ages just staring at your ass. And when I accidently pulled down your panties when you were running away and had my nose buried into your behind, mmm... I’ll never forget your smell for as long as I live.” He promised as he slid his hand down to cup her cum sodden cunny and gently slid a finger inside making her moan.

“And after I found you and brought you back to my room you let me strip you naked. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine you would allow me to do that. Being able to see and touch every inch of your body I felt like the luckiest man in the world. And when you wore my shirt? Let me tell you Mo-chan, there are few things sexier than a gorgeous woman wearing nothing a man’s shirt.” He revealed as he kissed her neck. “And when you threw yourself at me, you have no idea how much I kicked myself for not being weaker and not taking advantage of you. When I stroked myself I would imagine what would have happened if we did have sex. You would be my wife and I’d spend every moment of every day making you happy. We would have a beautiful daughter who looked just like you and another one on the way and we would fuck every way we could imagine at every opportunity.” He told her as he continued to thrust his finger in and out of her cunny. “I wished I could have been weak enough to give into temptation.”

“No!” Motoko moaned “T-That’s why I fell in love with you.” She told him as she increased the speed of her pumping “You are so much stronger than I am.”

“I love you too Mo-chan.” He smiled as he kissed her.

Panting hard into his mouth Motoko said “K-Kei-kun, please tell me what you fantasised doing to me.” She requested.

“Well, there was this one time that I ran into you after training. You were on the way to the bath so you were still all sweaty from your workout. It was only for a second but when you brushed passed me in the hall I was captivated by your scent. I had to go to my room right away and jerk off.” He recalled.

“W-What did you think about?” she breathed heavily as a second finger joined his first inside of her.

“I thought about serving you.” He smiled as he kissed her neck. “I thought about going on my hands and knees and begging you to let me serve you. I imagined us going into the springs together and you’d allow me to wash your body for you. You’d let me run my tongue over your body to clean your sweat before pulling my face between your thighs to lick your delicious pussy. After I made you cum you would pull me into the springs and tell me I was your personal fucktoy and that I wasn’t allowed to cum until you told me to. Then you’d ride my cock over and over again cumming every time until you were finally satisfied. Only then would you allow me to cum. You’d have me kneel in front of you and stroke myself for your amusement while sucking on your toes. And after I’d finally cum you’d take me back to your room and we’d do it all over again for the entire night.”

Motoko was moaning heavily by this point. The graphic description of events had made her already wet pussy moisten even more as she rubbed herself against her lover. Nuzzling into his neck with her eyes closed Motoko shook her head and said “T-Tell me about making me your bitch.” She requested.

Hearing this Keitaro’s grin widened. “Well I would be walking passed your room and I’d hear you call out my name. When I investigated I would find you naked touching yourself. You would beg me not to tell anyone and I would agree so long as you did whatever I tell you to.” He said as he bit her neck. “The first thing I would do to you is inspect your body. I would squeeze your tits and grope your ass before sliding my fingers into your pussy and ass.”

“I would then force you onto your knees and make you suck on my dick. You would bob your head up and down my shaft all the while glaring up at me but I wouldn’t care because your mouth just felt so good. I would start fucking your face, making you gag as my cock slid down your throat before filling your mouth and covering your face in my cum. After you swallowed my sperm I’d make you bend over a table so that I could spank you for being such a naughty girl. At first you’d git your teeth through the spanking, determined not to show any pain but eventually you’d start to whimper. Then you’d realise that the pain was barely noticeable anymore and in fact started to feel good. You would start moaning with every slap and you’d feel your pussy juices trickle down your legs and soon you’d be orgasming with every slap.” He smiled as he looked down his moaning Motoko.

“After that you’d be a lot more agreeable.”  He smiled. “I’d fuck you in every way imaginable; starting with your pussy I’d deflower you and fill you with sperm. Then I’d move onto your ass; I’d spend hours fucking your asshole and you’d love every minute of it. After that I’d have you lick my dick clean and you would thank your Master for giving you such pleasure.” He whispered into Motoko’s ear; the girl biting her bottom lip in a vain attempt to stop a moan. “From then on you’d be my bitch. We’d have to keep it a secret from the other girls so we’d sneak out to love hotels whenever we could. Other times we’d settle for the nearby park where I’d strip you out of the slutty clothes I’d made you wear and then fuck you senseless in front of all those peeping toms. They’d all be seething with jealousy because you were mine and no other man would be allowed to so much as lay a finger on you.” She said with a growl as he nipped at her throat making her gasp.

“Eventually the other girls would find out. You would sneak into my room one night out of your mind with lust and beg me to fuck you. I would take you from behind and you would try to keep quiet but before the end you’d be screaming in pleasure which would attract the girls. When they demanded an explanation you would press yourself against me and tell them that you were my slut to do with as I pleased.” He grinned as he kissed his lover. “After that you’d never wear clothes again except for a dog collar I gave you. You would follow me around like the loyal bitch you were and we’d fuck wherever and whenever I wanted to regardless of who was around. And that’s when Su-chan would join us.” He breathed, the mention of the tanned princess making the pale girl moan loudly. “You know how curious she is. She’d want to know what we are doing and what was so enjoyable about it. And we’d show her.” He grinned at Motoko.

“First we’d strip her naked and I’d play with her breasts. They’re so tiny that I could hold both in my hands with no trouble. I would gently massage them and suck on her tiny little nipples while you licked her cunny. You would be in charge of making sure she was wet and ready for when I fuck her.” He told her. “When she was ready I would fuck her for the entire night without rest. I would take her in every hole and in every position we could think of. And all the while I did you would be next to us touching yourself and wishing I was doing it to you.”

“After our first night together Su-chan would be addicted to the pleasure my cock gave her just like you and just like you she’d never wear clothes again. She would sit on my lap whenever you weren’t on it and we would fuck like rabbits. Be it at the dining table, the sofa, the springs she would mount my cock and ride me until she collapsed. Then she would bring Shinobu-chan to us. She would want her best friend to feel as good as she did. The three of us would spend the entire night making Shinobu cum. From dusk to dawn our fingers and tongue would make her pretty little face contort in pleasure. Her blush would cover her entire body and we wouldn’t give her a moments rest even when she was about to faint.”

“We wouldn’t stop molesting her until she begged for my cock. And even then she’d do it in that cute, embarrassed way of hers; stumbling over her words as she hesitantly bit her lip. Her lips are so sexy I bet they’d feel so good wrapped around my dick.” He said offhandedly before continuing his story. “I would fuck her so hard she’s loose her mind. And I‘d fuck her tight little pussy over and over again before moving onto her ass. God I don’t think I could ever get tired of fucking her ass. Have you seen her ass Mo-chan? It’s just so perfect I want to squeeze and grope that tiny butt of hers and never let go.” He breathed against Motoko’s throat as he thrust his hips against her palm, fucking her hand.

“After Shinobu joins our harem Kitsune and Mutsumi would join as well; you know what they’re like. Kitsune hates missing out on fun and Mutsumi just goes with the flow. Then Kana-chan would want to play with us as well. Of course she’d have to behave herself otherwise she’d get a spanking on her cute heart-shaped ass of hers. I would have all you girls as my lovers, all except Naru-chan. You know how stubborn she is so I’d send you to seduce her. You would kiss, lick, finger and tease her until she begged to cum but you wouldn’t let her. You would tell her that only I could make her cum. At first she would refuse and just finger herself to orgasm but as your tongue and fingers grew more talented it wouldn’t be enough. Soon you’d be bringing her to me, naked and wet. You two would walk into my room as I was fucking Shinobu-chan; she would be moaning in rapture as I filled her womb with my cum.”

“Once I was done with Shinobu-chan I’d have you and Naru clean my dick. You’d teach her everything you knew about pleasing me and you’d both drink down my sperm. You have no idea how sexy the two of you would look on your knees in front of me. Once you cleaned each other up I would fuck Naru-chan. She would sit on your lap and you’d spread her lips for me. I would slide into her tight pussy and fuck her until we both came. I would fuck her over and over again until she begged to become my property just like you and the other girls. And then we would all stay together forever, making love to one another and fucking every minute of every day. And every time I fucked one of the girls you would be right next to me; your breasts full of milk and my baby in your belly. You would always be pregnant with my baby and as soon as you give birth I’d fuck you over and over again until we have another child. Do you like the sound of that Mo-chan?” he asked.

“Yes Master!” she screamed in rapture as her fist flew up and down his length. All throughout the fantasy Keitaro’s fingers had brought her to orgasm but the idea of constantly carrying his child had brought on her most extreme orgasm yet; her whole body went ridged and her toes curled in her high heels as her hand caused Keitaro to splash her smooth stomach with his scolding hot seed.

Recovering from his orgasm first Keitaro slowly withdrew his fingers from her tight cunny and wrapped his arms around her body; drawing the still convulsing woman close to his chest. Stroking the small of her back and running his wet fingers through her silky hair Keitaro smiled as she eventually calmed down and kissed her forehead “You OK Mo-chan?” he asked.

“Y-Yes Master.”  She murmured meekly as she nuzzled into his chest.

“Good.” He smiled and nuzzled into her soft hair.

“Master?” Motoko asked hesitantly. “D-Do you still want me to be your bitch?” she wondered as she lightly kissed his nipple.

Grinning down at her Keitaro shook his head. “No I don’t. As I said it was only a fantasy, and one born from frustration and anger at that. I much prefer having you as my lover.” He said as he cupped her chin and leaned down to kiss her.

Blushing brightly Motoko nuzzled into his chest and asked “Master, about what you said about Su-chan and Shinobu-chan. Would you do that to them?”

“Well I’ve already made love to Su-chan.” He revealed. “Only in the ass though. Since she’s a princess she needs to be a virgin when we marry. I bet she would love to sleep with us. She loves you as much as I do and I bet she’d love to have you lick her pussy. And you’d love how she tastes. She has the sweetest cunny I’ve ever licked.” He told her.

Blushing brightly at the prospect Motoko bit her bottom lip and asked “And Shinobu-chan? What about her?”

“I would love to fuck her. I would love to do all kinds of things to her beautiful body but...” he trailed off.

“But?” Motoko asked.

“But how could I? Shinobu-chan is so sweet and innocent how could I possible defile such a beautiful angel. No matter how much I want to kiss those beautiful lips or finger her tight pussy or bite her juicy little ass when she gives me that beautiful, shy little smile of hers I just want to wrap her up in my arms and keep her safe from the world.” He said as he squeezed Motoko’s ass. “Do you think I’m foolish?”

“No Master.” She shook her head “I would never think that.”

“Really? You used to call me a fool all the time.” he grinned. Seeing the girl look away ashamed Keitaro cupped her chin and said “I’m sorry Mo-chan, I shouldn’t have brought it up. You know I don’t care about our past. All I care about is you becoming my wife.” He said as he kissed her lips. As the kiss deepened Keitaro rolled on top of Motoko and started to grope her tits. “I want to fuck you Mo-chan.” He growled as he kissed his way down to her throat. “Do you want me to fuck you Mo-chan?”

“Yes Master!” she moaned.

“Good.” He grinned at her “Roll over so I can fuck you in the ass.”  Doing as she was told Motoko turned over beneath him. Kissing her shoulder Keitaro smiled and pressed his tip to anus. Feeling her tense up beneath him Keitaro smiled and was just about thrust into her when a voice called out “oh Onii-san?”

Turning around Keitaro saw Yuna, Kanako and Tsuruko smiling at him from the end of the bed. In front of each woman stood one of Motoko’s friends; all three naked save for the collars around their throats. Unlike the collars Kanako and the slaves wore their collars were dog collars, made of thick and heavy black leather which had a golden chain handing down towards their breasts which split off towards each teat and was attached to a clamp that was secured on each nipple. The chains rejoined further down at her cunny where another clamp was placed on their clits. The chain continued down along their pouting and swollen slits and then between their legs to trail between their buttocks into the hands of the captors.

As Keitaro stared at them Kanako smiled at him and ran her hand over Kikuko’s stomach and said “Onii-san, these bitches have something they want to say to you, don’t you?” Kanako said as she slapped Kikuko’s ass making her whimper.

“Y-Yes.” Kikuko nodded meekly.

“Get to it then.” Kanako said as she tugged on the golden leash making her moan as her head was pulled downwards and her sensitive nubs were tugged.

Crawling onto the bed Kikuko meekly crawled towards Keitaro with Kanako shuffling after her. Reaching Keitaro’s feet the girl bowed her head and said “P-Please forgive this bitch for the way she acted towards you.” She apologised “P-Please use my body in any way you wish to make amends.”

Keitaro stared at her for a long moment before moving towards her. Stopping in front of her Keitaro cupped her chin and forced her to look him in the eye. Smiling at her Keitaro said “You’re very beautiful.” He murmured as he slid his hand down her chest to cup her breast. Feeling her shudder at his touch Keitaro very tenderly removed the clamp and leaned down to lightly suckle.

As Kikuko moaned loudly and rolled her head back Kanako frowned and roughly groped her other breast. “Not like that Onii-san! You have to be rough with bitches like her.”

Slapping Kanako’s hand away Keitaro removed the other clamps from her nipple and clit “Don’t be ridiculous Kana-chan.” He said as he slipped his arms around Kikuko’s slender body and laid her down on the bed. “She’s not a bitch, she’s a little kitten.” He declared as he removed the thick collar and pressed his lips to hers. As his tongue invaded her mouth to play with hers Keitaro slid his hand down her slender body and started to gently stroke her pussy lips. As she moaned and arched her back Keitaro smiled into her mouth and slowly inserted two fingers into her drenched cunny and started to gently thrust the digit in and out of her.

Breaking the kiss as he continued to finger her Keitaro smiled as he stared into her daze eyes “You’re very beautiful.” He repeated as he stroked her cheek. “Do you want me to make love to you?” he asked. Seeing her shudder and nod her head Keitaro smiled and said “Have you ever had sex before?”

“N-No.” She shook her head nervously.

Grinning at her Keitaro grabbed her hips and rolled her over so that she was lying on top of him. Seeing the scared and confused look on her face Keitaro comfortingly stroked her hair and said “Don’t be so nervous. We’ll go as slow as you want OK?” he smiled at her. Getting a nervous nod from her, Keitaro smiled and kissed her again before having her sit up.

Staring down at the large shaft between her legs Kikuko reached down and hesitantly grasped his shaft. Slowly running her hands up and down his length, marvelling at his size and the way it throbbed in her hands. Breathing hard as his cock spewed out pre-cum over her fingers Kikuko wondered how something so large was meant to fit inside of her when she felt someone stroke her back. Turning she saw Motoko sitting next to her with a soft smile on her face. “Motoko-sempai...”

“He’s magnificent isn’t he?” Motoko said dreamily as she reached down to join Kikuko’s hand on his shaft. “It will feel wonderful when you make love to him.” she assured her as she cupped her chin and leaned in to lightly brush her lips against Kikuko’s.

Watching as they nuzzled into each other’s faces Keitaro reached out and caressed Motoko’s thigh. Turning to look at her Master as Kikuko nuzzled into her neck Motoko returned his smile. “Mo-chan, why don’t you help her?” he suggested with a smile.

“Yes Master.” Motoko returned her smile. Turning her attention back to the girl in her arms Motoko gave her a chaste kissed as she slid a hand down from her throat to cup her small breast and gently play with her nipple. Smiling at the way she shuddered Motoko slid her hand down her smooth stomach and started to stroke her pouting lips. Pulling them apart Motoko whispered to her “Our Master is going to deflower you.” She breathed. “Are you ready?”

“Y-Yes.” She gasped.

Smiling at her Motoko rubbed her nose against Kikuko’s before and lifting up her hips and positioned Keitaro’s cock at her nether entrance before slowly lowering her onto his tip. As he entered her tight cunny Kikuko cried out as her virgin channel was stretched by his girth. As he pierced her hymen Kikuko came hard; her hips bucking wildly as her juices gushed out over Keitaro’s crotch as Motoko held her convulsing friend in her arms, kissing her neck and whispering into her ear as her body was wracked with pleasure. When the pleasure fuelled haze eventually dissipated from her mind Kikuko found that Motoko was kissing her deeply. Breaking the kiss and smiling at the way she gasped for breath Motoko stroked her cheek “Do you understand why I love him so? As his wife I will be able experience such pleasure whenever I wish.”

“Sempai...” Kikuko moaned, still in a daze. Feeling lips around her nipple she looked down to see that Keitaro had sat up and started to suckle on her teat.

“Did you like that?” he wondered with a smile as he played with her teats.

“Y-Yes Master.” She nodded her head.

“I’m glad.” He smiled as he lifted her off his cock making her whimper at the loss.

Looking down at her deflowered pussy Motoko frowned “Didn’t you cum Master?”

“No.” He smiled as he stroked her thigh. “Kikuko-chan beat me too it.” He said as he kissed the girls neck.

“That won’t do Master.” Motoko objected. “You must give her your sperm.” She declared as she stared down at his soaked shaft. “She will use her mouth.” Motoko decided.

Hearing this Kikuko gasped “I...I have never done something like that before.”

“I will teach you.” Motoko smiled as she cupped her cheek.

Staring into Motoko’s eyes Kikuko smiled lovingly at her “Thank you Motoko Sempai.”

Giving her a chaste kiss Motoko brought her head down towards Keitaro’s lap. “Watch closely.” She said as she stroked his length earning a moan from the man. Smiling at the response Motoko extended her tongue and started to lick his wet shaft.

Running his fingers through her hair Keitaro smiled and said “How does she taste Mo-chan?”

“Wonderful Master.” Motoko smiled up at him as she sucked on his tip.

“In that case I’ll have to try her myself.” Keitaro smiled as he laid back and pulled her onto his face.

Watching her friend moan and rock her hips against Keitaro’s mouth Motoko cupped her face and called her name sharply. When her eyes focused on her Motoko said “I know how distracting Masters tongue can be but you must pay attention. Pleasing Master is more important than your own pleasure.”

“Y-Yes Sempai.” Kikuko shuddered as Keitaro’s tongue wiggled inside of her.

“Good, now I want you to take our Master’s cock into your mouth.” She ordered her “Go as slow as you like but I want you to take his entire length down your throat.” Nodding her head, Kikuko opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his head. Sucking on his tip for a moment she moved lower and allowed his cock to slide down her oesophagus. She got about halfway down his length before gagging. Feeling her Sempai’s fingers run through her hair she looked up and saw Motoko giving her a reassuring smile as she pulled her head lower towards his base. When she could go no lower Kikuko felt oddly proud especially when Motoko praised her.

Telling her to keep him in her throat Motoko leaned down and took his balls into her mouth. Sucking on the heavy and swollen orbs Motoko smiled at Kikuko and leaned forward and rubbed her nose against her underclassman’s. Blushing at the show of affection Kikuko bashfully smiled at her and looked away. Realising that she was drooling around his shaft Kikuko watched as her saliva slid down to Motoko’s lips. 'An indirect kiss...' she thought as she sucked hard on Keitaro’s cock making him cum.

The first load pouring down her throat Kikuko pulled off his cock coughing causing his dick to sway back and forth spewing out his sperm. Taking a load to the face Motoko quickly spat out his balls and captured his tip to save his seed from going to waste. Still coughing as Motoko lifted her mouth off of his tip and sat up Kikuko started to apologise only for Motoko to grab her head and pull her into a kiss 'I’m kissing Motoko-sempai.' she thought happily as she felt Motoko force her tongue inside her mouth along with his sperm.

Once they had shared and swallowed his semen Motoko broke the kiss and lovingly stroked her cheek. “You mustn’t waste any of Masters precious sperm.”

“I’m sorry Sempai...” Kikuko breathed.

“It’s alright.” Motoko assured her as she rested her forehead against hers. “You’ll get better at it the more you practice.”

“She’s already fantastic at it.” Keitaro smiled as he sat up and wrapped his arms around Kikuko’s slender body. “You have an amazing mouth.” He grinned at her as he kissed her shoulder.

“T-Thank you Master.” Kikuko blushed bashfully.

“And you taste delicious too.” He leered as he licked his lips. “Have you tasted her pussy yet Mo-chan?”

“Only from your cock Master.” She smiled at him.

“You must taste her directly.” he insisted as he lifted her up from his lap and set her on the pillows at the top of the bed. Kissing her neck and spreading her legs Keitaro ordered Motoko to taste Kikuko. Nodding her head     Motoko crawled forward and pressed her lips to Kikuko’s and slowly kissed her way down to her cunny.

Watching as Kikuko writhed in pleasure Keitaro smiled and gently stroked her stomach “Mo-chan has a wonderful tongue.” he told her as he kissed her cheek and sat back to watch them.

“Oh Master.” He heard a voice call out. Turning away from them he saw Yuna and Tsuruko smile at him as they ran their hands over their captive. “Which one do you want to fuck next?” Tsuruko leered.


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