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Chapter 6 - The Aoyama’s Morning

The Aoyama’s Room

Motoko was not pleased.

Her cousin and sister had stripped her naked and groped her body all night long, all the while getting more drunk and eventually stripped off their own clothes. They had ended the night pressed up against Motoko, their hands squeezing her breasts and faces nuzzled against hers. What was worse was that whenever she was about to fall asleep, Asuna would lower her hand and give Motoko’s pussy a quick stroke or Tsuruko would reach down and pinch her butt before returning their hands to her breasts which led to a mostly sleepless night.

What really annoyed her was the fact that she should be up practicing with her sword but whenever she moved the other two would hold on all the more tightly. So now she was just laying there naked, waiting for her equally naked family members to wake up.

Unluckily for her, she didn’t have to wait long. Squirming closer to her, Asuna breathed into Motoko’s ear. “Morning sweetie.” She lightly bit her earlobe as she slid her hand down Motoko’s body and tickled her clit before spreading her pussy lips and inserting a finger into her tight hole. With her eyes wide, Motoko slapped the hand away and jump away from the other Aoyamas. “What Do You Think You Are Doing!?” she yelled.

Wincing at the loud noise, both Aoyama’s sat up. “What are you yelling about Moto-han?” Tsuruko asked irritably.

“S-she Just Violated Me!” Motoko screeched as she covered her nude body with the covers.

“What did she do exactly?” Tsuruko asked with a small smile as Asuna arched her back while stretching, raising her hips from the bed.

“S-She Put Her Finger In Me!” Motoko accused her cousin.

“What, like this?” Tsuruko asked as she slid over to her cousin and inserted her finger into her pussy making the queen moan.

“Y-Yes!” Motoko blushed, not really believing what her sister was doing.

“oh, stop being such a prude Motoko-han.” her sister scolded her as she continued to pump her finger in and out of Asuna’s now moist channel. “It’s not like you’ve never put your fingers up there.”

“Of Course I Haven’t!” Motoko denied.

Hearing this, Tsuruko stopped her hand movements and both of them stared at her. “You mean you’ve never played with yourself?” Asuna asked incredulously.

“Of course I haven’t! Why would I do something as indecent as that!?”

Tsuruko and Asuna looked at each other before pouncing on Motoko. Nuzzling into her cheeks they gave her a kiss before they started to molest her body. Wrapping their arms around her back, they groped the breast farthest away from them and moved the other down to stroke her thick bush of pubic hair. “Poor Moto-chan, no wonder you’re so tightly wound! We need to do something about this right away!” Asuna cried as she moved away from the hair to stroke Motoko’s lower lips.

“S-Stop!” Motoko moaned at the stimulation.

“And you really should take better care of yourself down here. Look at how thick and bushy your hair is! You should at least trim it back so it doesn’t get out of hand like this.” Her sister advised her as she ran her fingers through Motoko’s silky pubic hair, every so often brushing her clit making her moan and shake.

As her family continued to lavish attention on her body, Motoko felt her face flush a deep red and her pussy moisten. Rolling her head back with her eyes closed, Motoko rocked her hips back and forth while her breath became ragged. Smiling at the writhing girl in their arms Tsuruko shifted her hand down to tickle her clit while Asuna inserted the tip of her index finger up to her first joint. Her eyes shooting wide open at the sudden invasion of her pussy, Motoko moaned and bucked her hips. With her pussy contracting around the invading digit Motoko’s breath caught in her throat, her back arched and just as she was about to cum...

...She managed to slip out of their hold. Crawling away from them, Motoko grabbed the sheet they had dragged off her, stood up and held it against her body “What are you doing?!” she cried.

“Just trying to help you relax, Moto-chan.” Asuna said as she moved behind Tsuruko and started to stroke her cousin’s pussy. “See, there’s nothing wrong with it.” Her statement was backed up by a moan from Tsuruko.

“S-Stop that!” Motoko cried aghast.

“Don’t even think about it.” Tsuruko moaned as she leaned back into her cousin.

“See, Tsu-chan loves me doing this to her, don’t you want to try it?” she grinned as she nibbled on Tsuruko’s neck.

“NO!” she yelled. Wrapping the sheet tightly around herself she glared at the other Aoyamas. “I’m getting in the shower!” she growled as she moved towards the bathroom.

Asuna grinned “ooo, we’ll join yo-”

“NO!” she cut her off and slammed the door shut.

“Your sister’s no fun at all.” Asuna pouted as she gave Tsuruko’s breasts a squeeze.

Tsuruko sighed “I know, I have no idea how she got that way.” She said as she lowered one of Asuna’s hands to her pussy. “I think I have a way of getting her to... show herself off a bit more.” Tsuruko grinned evilly.

“oh? Do tell!” Asuna returned her cousins grin as Tsuruko leaned back to whisper into her ear.


Thanks again to Killerman83ca and I'm glad you're enjoying it. I've got the next 2 chapter all planned out and will post the Naru chapter at the same time as the Kitsune/Mutsumi chapter since Naru's is only about 1,500 words long and since I've nearly finished chapter 9 I'll probably post the next three all at once.

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