King of MolMol

BY : Saiga
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Chapter 27 – Kittens pt. 3

Thrusting deeply into Emi, Keitaro filled her womb with his seed as she came around his cock. Collapsing onto Motoko Emi panted hard as her hips bucked against Keitaro’s crotch of their own volition. Smiling down at her Keitaro ran his fingers over her back before kissing her shoulder. “You were amazing Emi-chan.” He smiled. Looking at the other two girls who were pressed into Motoko’s sides he smiled tenderly at them and said “You two were amazing as well.” He said as he reached out and stroked Kikuko’s hair.

“H-Have we earned your forgiveness Master?” Kikuko asked as she nuzzled into his palm.

Slipping out of Emi he moved to sit next to Kikuko “Of course you have.” He smiled as he slid a hand down to cup and caressed her pussy mound “But why did you attack me?” he asked as he lightly fingered her.

“W-we thought that you were tricking or forcing Motoko-sempai to marry you and we wanted to save her from you.” She revealed hesitantly.

“So you did it out of love for Motoko-chan?” he asked with a smile as he pulled her into a hug and nuzzled into her hair “Then how could I possibly be mad at you?”

“Master!” Kikuko trembled in his embrace as she stared up into his eyes.

“Hush now my sweet.” He smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “I'm glad Mo-chan has such wonderful friends.” he said as he caressed her back before looking up at Motoko. “Aren’t you glad to have such caring friends Mo-chan?”

“Yes Master.” she smiled as she pulled the other two girls closer to her.

Smiling at them he left Kikuko for a moment and moved over to the trio. Caressing their flanks Keitaro smiled and said “Mo-chan, how about we thank them?”

“Yes Master.” She smiled and nodded her head.

Grinning down at her Keitaro reached out roughly groped and squeezed her large tits. “She has beautiful breasts doesn’t she?” he grinned at the two girls at her side.

“Yes...” they murmured as they watched him massage Motoko’s mounds.

“Her nipples are so suckable.” he said as he lowered his head and lightly flicked her teat with his tongue. “I want both of you to suck on her nipples.” He ordered them.

Without hesitation Sachiyo and Emi turned and took Motoko’s nipples between their lips and started to suckle making Motoko moan and arch her back. Smiling down at her Keitaro stroked their hair before taking Motoko’s hands in his and kissing her fingers. “Mo-chan, use your fingers to pleasure these cute kittens.”

“Yes Master.” Motoko smiled as she slid her hands down their backs and between their legs to caress their wet, cum filled cunnies.

Smiling as he watched them moan around her teats Keitaro turned to Kikuko who was still lying where he had left her. Pulling her against his body Keitaro kissed her deeply before nuzzling against her face “You get a special treat.” He grinned as lifted her up and lowered her onto Motoko’s face. As soon Motoko started to lick her Kikuko moaned loudly and clutched onto Keitaro tightly. Smiling at her reaction Keitaro gently lowered her until her face was pressed into Motoko’s crotch where she instantly started to lick her beloved Sempai’s pussy.

As the quartet pleasured each other Keitaro smiled and stroked Kikuko’s hair for a moment before turning and moving towards the other girls in the room. Seeing him approach Kanako crawled to meet him and sat on his lap before wrapping her arms around his neck “You’re too lenient towards those bitches Onii-san.” She complained.

Stroking her thigh Keitaro smiled and said “Now, Kana-chan. I’ve already told you they’re not bitches, they’re kittens.” He smiled as he kissed her.

“If they are kittens then what are we?” Tsuruko wondered with a smile.

“Lionesses.” Keitaro grinned as he slipped Kanako off his lap and crawled forward and kissed Tsuruko’s neck. “You, Mo-chan and Yu-chan are such strong, fierce women.” He said as he squeezed her ass.

“And always wet and willing to let their lion fuck them?” Tsuruko suggested with a leer as she stroked his length.

“What about me Onii-san?” Kanako ask as she pressed small chest to his back. “What am I?”

Turning around Keitaro pulled her back onto his lap and said “You’re a kitten too Kana-chan.” He smiled at her.

Frowning at him Kanako said “I’m nothing like those three!” she insisted.

“Yes you are.” He grinned at her “You’re my cute little Kana-kitten who needs to be pampered.” He teased as he affectionately ruffled her hair making her pout.

“Don’t tease me Onii-san!” she frowned at him.

“I'm not teasing you I’m doting on you.” He grinned as he kissed her cheek “As your brother it’s my right to dote on you like the little kitten you are.” He leered as he leaned down and kissed her nipple. “Don’t you think she’s like a kitten?” he asked the other two women.

“More an alley cat than a kitten.” Yuna smirked.

“Don’t be mean to her.” Keitaro smiled as he lightly gnawed at Kanako’s nipple making her mewl.

“Yes, don’t be mean Yuna-chan.” Tsuruko smiled as she kissed Kanako’s neck. “What a pretty little thing you are. You know, when I marry Master I will be your elder sister. You can call me Nee-san.” Tsuruko suggested.

“Yes Tsu Nee-san.” Kanako smiled.

Biting her neck Tsuruko purred “mmm, no wonder Master likes it when you call him Onii-san. You say it in such a slutty way.” She said as she pulled her into a kiss. Playing with her tongue for a moment Tsuruko broke the kiss with a smile “What a pretty mouth you have. Do you enjoy having her pretty lips wrapped around your cock Master?” Tsuruko asked sweetly.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“And what about her tight little pussy? Do you like fucking her tight little pussy?” she grinned as she slipped two fingers into Kanako’s tight cunny.

“Yes...” he murmured as he watched Kanako moan and arch her back.

“And her tight little ass?” she wondered “Do you enjoy stretching out her tiny anus with your huge, thick cock?”

“Yes.” He nodded again as he stroked Kanako’s hips.

“And what do you like best?” she asked the pale sister. “Do you like it in the mouth, pussy or ass the most?”

“Any of them!” she moaned with smile “So long as it’s Onii-san I don’t care where he shoves it.”

“You little slut.” Tsuruko giggled before looking up at Keitaro. “Master, I would love to watch you fuck Kanako-chan in her tight little ass.”

“Sure Tsu-chan.” Keitaro smiled as he grasped Kanako’s hips and roughly turned her around. On her hands and knees Kanako excitedly bit her bottom lip as she felt her beloveds cock line up with her rear entrance and moaned loudly as he thrust forward to bury his entire length inside of her bowels.

Watching as Keitaro thrust hard into her anus Tsuruko happily lay back and started to fondle herself; her hand groping her large tit while the other slid between her thighs to caress her nether lips. Feeling lips press against her hip Tsuruko looked down and saw Yuna smiling up at her. “May I assist you Mistress?”

“Why thank you Yuna-chan.” She smiled as she pulled Yuna’s head between her thighs. Letting out a moan as Yuna set to work; Tsuruko bit her bottom lip and looked towards Keitaro and his sister. Seeing Keitaro was staring intently her as he continued to thrust in and out of his sisters ass Tsuruko grinned at him and started to moan all the louder and started to thrust her hips against Yuna’s face as she played with her breasts. Watching Tsuruko moan loudly spurred Keitaro on to fuck Kanako all the harder making the girl convulse in ecstasy as he slid his hands up from her waist to maul her diminutive breasts.

When he finally filled Kanako’s bowels with his thick seed Keitaro pulled out of his sister and left her in the happy panting heap she had been reduced to. Shuffling over to Tsuruko, Keitaro grabbed her head and thrust into her mouth and had her clean his shaft. Running his fingers through her hair Keitaro withdrew his cock, nudged Yuna out of the way and plunged deeply into Tsuruko’s hot, moist cunny. Arching her back with a loud moan Tsuruko met his every thrust with one of her own. As Keitaro squeezed and groped her breasts Tsuruko saw Kikuko staring at them as she licked Motoko’s pussy.

Deciding to put on a show for the girl Tsuruko shook her hips as she cried out in exaggerated pleasure “That’s it Master! Fuck your whore!” Letting out a growl Keitaro thrust all the harder into her as he leaned down and bit his way up from her tits to her neck. Rolling onto her stomach Tsuruko thrust her hips back against Keitaro until he slipped out of her cunny and thrust into her as making her scream with pleasure. “Yes Master! Fuck your fucktoy’s ass!”

Emboldened by her moans Keitaro slammed his hips against her plump ass as he came; his thick seed splashing against her innermost walls as her anus squeezed and milked his shaft for every drop. Collapsing onto Tsuruko Keitaro panted heavily as he nuzzled into her long, silky hair. Feeling a hand stoke his back Keitaro turned to see Yuna grinning down at him. Reaching out tiredly Keitaro yanked down her tiny skirt to reveal her soaked cunny. Running his fingers up and down her wet lips Keitaro asked if she wanted him to lick her. “Maybe later Master.” She replied “You should rest.”

“Are you sure?” he asked with a yawn “I’d be happy to make you cum.”

“I know you would but you’ve been busy pleasuring so many women today you deserve a rest.” She smiled kindly at him. “I’ll amuse myself by playing with Mistress Kanako.” She assured him as she slapped Kanako’s perfect ass.

“Ok then.” He murmured as he wrapped his arms tightly around the stupefied woman beneath him and nuzzled into her hair. “Wake me up if you change your mind.” He trailed off and started to lightly snore. Stroking his hair with a smile Yuna turned from her Master and grinned down at the pale sister lying next to her. Seeing Keitaro’s cum overflowing from her ass Yuna hungrily licked her lips.

Waking up from his nap Keitaro smiled as he found his nose buried in Tsuruko’s silky, soft hair. Brushing her hair out of the way Keitaro smiled as he saw the content look on Tsuruko’s sleeping face. Kissing her cheek Keitaro carefully pushed himself up off of Tsuruko and ran his hands up and down her body adoring her curves. Hearing a noise to the side Keitaro turned to see Yuna sitting nearby with her legs spread wide and Kanako between them on her hands and knees licking her cunny.

Noticing his gaze Yuna smiled at him as she thrust her hips against Kanako’s face. Returning her smile Keitaro pulled out of Tsuruko’s rectum and crawled over to the pair. Running his hand over Kanako’s shapely rear Keitaro wrapped his other arm around Yuna’s waist and lovingly kissed her neck. Letting out a moan Yuna smiled and said “mmm, did you enjoy your rest Master?”

“Yes thank you.” He smiled “Tsu-chan is very comfortable.” He told her as he looked down at his sister “Are you enjoying Kana-chan’s mouth?”

“She’s very talented.” Yuna grinned as she ground her pussy against her face. “You should be proud of her.”

“I am.” He smiled as he ran his fingers through Kanako’s hair. Noticing Yuna still had her top on Keitaro deftly undid the lace to reveal her large perky tits. Smiling at the mounds Keitaro gently cupped on to tweak the nipple before leaning down to lightly kiss the other. Enjoying her moans Keitaro continued to play with her for a while before kissing his way back up to capture her lips. “I want to make love to you Yu-chan.” Keitaro confessed longingly as he nuzzled into her cheek.

Biting her bottom lip Yuna smiled and said “If you wish to fuck me so badly Master just order me to spread my legs.”

“I don’t want to fuck you I want to make love to you.” He clarified as his hand slid down to cup her pert behind. “And I promised you that I wouldn’t.”

“You are my Master.” She reminded him with a gasp “You needn’t keep any promise to me.”

“Yes I do.” He insisted “What kind of Master would I be if I couldn’t keep my word?” he asked her. “Besides you haven’t fallen in love with me yet have you?”

“Not yet.” She smiled at him.

“Then how could I make love to someone who doesn’t love me?” he wondered. “Once you’ve fallen for me we’ll make love all the time.”

“Such confidence Master.” Yuna giggled “What makes you think you can win my heart?”

“I donno.” Keitaro shrugged “But it’ll be fun to try.” He grinned as he kissed her again.

Moaning into his mouth Yuna smiled and said “mmm you have your work cut out for you Master. I have never fallen for a man before.”

Looking at her curiously Keitaro asked “Are you a lesbian Yu-chan?”

Yuna gave him an amused smile “So a woman who doesn’t love you must be gay?” She wondered with a smile.

“No,” he returned her smile. “It just seems like you enjoy playing with girls more than me.”

“Are you jealous Master?” she asked sweetly.

“Of course I am.” He nodded “I’d love it if you played with me more. But if you’re not attracted to me I wouldn’t push the issue.”

Smiling at him Yuna reached out and started to stroke his length “Do you want me to tell you how much I love your cock? Do you want me to tell you how much I love wrapping my lips around your shaft and sucking until you fill my stomach with your thick creamy sperm? Do you want me to tell you how wet my naughty pussy gets when I think of all the nasty things you could be doing to it?” she asked breathily.

Breathing heavily as he nuzzled against her cheek Keitaro moaned out “Yes!” as his fingers slid down to her ass cheeks and slowly entered her anus making her moan.

Kissing his neck Yuna grinned at him and said “Fishing for complements is unbecoming of a King, Master.”

“I’m not king yet, remember?” he pointed out “Otherwise I’d be doing more than just finger fucking your ass.” he growled as he forced his lips against hers and kissed her deeply.

Moaning into the kiss Yuna asked “What is it that you would be doing to me?”

“Everything.” He said as his kissed his way down her chest to take one of her pink nipples into his mouth. As she arched her back Keitaro reached out and cupped her other breast to massage the heavy mound and tweak her stiff nipple. Grinning as he suckled Keitaro adored the moans she was making.

Holding Keitaro’s head to her chest as she ground her cunny against Kanako’s face Yuna leered down at her Master. “You have such a talented mouth Master.” She purred as she stroked him harder causing him to shudder.

“I could use it elsewhere.” He offered as he flicked her nipple with his tongue.

“mmm, thank you but Mistress Kanako is doing a fine job as it is.” She leered.

Frowning up at her Keitaro asked “Are you sure you’re not a lesbian?”

Laughing at him Yuna gestured over to Motoko and her friends. “Perhaps your bitches will have a better use for your mouth Master.” She suggested.

“Kittens Yu-chan.” He corrected her “They’re kittens not bitches.”

“Whatever you say Master.” She smiled as she humped her hips against Kanako’s face.

Watching her beautiful body for a moment longer Keitaro lovingly kissed Yuna again before crawling over to Motoko who had Emi and Sachiyo pressed into her sides while Kikuko lay on top of her; her arms wrapped around the slender waists of the girls at her side so her hands could rest on the small of Kikuko’s back as she quietly talked to them.

Kissing his way up Kikuko’s back Keitaro caressed her hips and smiled over her shoulder at Motoko. “What are you four talking about?” he asked as he kissed Kikuko’s back shoulder.

“I was explaining to them their roles as slaves.” Motoko smiled up at him.

“Now Mo-chan, we haven’t talked about if they are going to my slaves.” He told her.

“I already discussed it with them Master.” Motoko smiled. “They all agreed that they want to be your slave like I am.”

“Really?” he asked them.

“Yes Master.” They all replied.

“You see?” Motoko smiled as she slid her hands between Kikuko’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart “Would you like to fuck her ass Master?”

“May I?” He asked as he stroked Kikuko’s hips.

“I-If it will bring you pleasure.” She nodded nervously.

“Thank you Kikuko-chan.” He smiled as he kissed her shoulder before moving down her body. His own hands taking the place of Motoko’s, Keitaro leaned forward with his tongue extended and started to lick her anus making her cry out.

Stroking her cheek Motoko smiled at her moaning friend. “You’re lucky our Master is so kind.” She told the girls. “Many wouldn’t bother making you wet before thrusting into your ass.” she spoke from experience with her sister. When he had finished lubricating her ass Keitaro sat up and had Motoko pull apart her cheeks again as he lined up his cock with her asshole. “Are you ready Kikuko-chan?” Motoko smiled.

“Y-Yes Sempai.” She nodded.

“You two watch as well.” she ordered Emi and Sachiyo as Keitaro slowly thrust his hips forward to enter her ass. Crying out loudly as inch after inch slid into her rectum Motoko nuzzled against her face with a grin “It feels wonderful doesn’t it?”

“Yes!” she moaned loudly as her hips bucked against Keitaro drawing him deeper inside her bowels.

When he was completely buried inside of her Keitaro ran his hands over her plump backside before sliding his hands upwards to cup her breasts and pull her upwards so she was kneeling in front of him. “You’re so beautiful Kikuko-chan.” Keitaro breathed as he kissed her neck before looking at the other two girls. “You two.” He called out.

Jumping in surprise Emi and Sachiyo sat up and said “Y-Yes Master?”

“Kikuko-chan has beautiful breasts doesn’t she?” he pointed out as he lightly tweaked her stiff pink nipples. “I want the two of you to suck on them.” Nodding their heads both girls leaned forward and took a nipple each making her groan and roll her head back against his shoulder. Smiling Keitaro turned to Motoko. “You too Mo-chan.”

Nodding her head Motoko sat up and leaned in to kiss her before sliding her hand down passed Kikuko’s waist to cup her mound and gently finger her. As Kikuko clung onto Motoko and moaned into her mouth Keitaro smiled and kissed her neck. Holding onto her hips Keitaro started to thrust in and out of her ass; his every movement causing her shudder and squirm between her Master and her Sempai. Squeezing her hips Keitaro started to pick up speed, escalating from the slow and steady thrusting he had been doing to a frenzied pounding that made the sound of their flesh slapping together echo through the room.

Overwhelmed by the stimulation of her every erogenous zone Kikuko came loudly as her ass squeezed around Keitaro’s shaft while her pussy gushed out her juices over Motoko’s fingers. Grunting as he bit her neck Keitaro buried his length deep into her bowels as his tip spewed out copious amounts of cum to coat her innermost walls with his seed. Bucking her hips back and forth between her Master and Sempai Kikuko fainted from overstimulation and slumped forward into Motoko’s arms.

Watching the comatose Kikuko being cradled by Motoko as Keitaro’s cum oozed out of her now deflowered anus Emi and Sachiyo turned to Keitaro and stared at his still hard cock. Rubbing their thighs together both girls bent over and wiggled their asses at him “Please fuck me now Master!” both girls begged as their faces lit up in a blush.

Looking at their shapely rears Keitaro reached out and lovingly caressed their soft skin. Wrapping an arm around their waists Keitaro yanked them backwards so they sat on his lap where he could press his lips to theirs and invade their mouths with his tongue. Squeezing their butts Keitaro smiled at the girls clinging to him and said “I want the two of you to kiss each other.”

Nodding their heads without hesitation Emi and Sachiyo leaned forward and pressed their lips together and slipped their tongues into each others mouths. Smiling as he continued to caress their butts Keitaro encouraged the pair to explore their counterparts body causing the girls to moan as they started to grope and caress each other.

Slipping behind Emi Keitaro kissed her shoulder before moving downwards to tongue her anus. When her entrance was suitably lubricated Keitaro kissed his way back up her spin and said “I’m going to fuck you first Emi-chan.” He informed the girls as he tugged on Emi’s nipples. “And when I’m done I’m going to fuck you Sachiyo-chan.”

“Thank you Master!” Emi moaned as she felt his thick tip press to her anus.

Kissing Emi’s cheek Keitaro looked to Sachiyo and said “Sachiyo-chan, while I fuck Emi-chan in the ass I want you to lick her pussy OK?”

“Y-Yes Master.” She nodded her head and instantly lowered her face to Emi’s cunny and started to lick. As Emi shuddered and moaned in his embrace Keitaro smiled and kissed her cheek as his fingers slid around to join Sachiyo’s tongue in her cunny. Lightly fingering her pussy and playing with Sachiyo’s tongue Keitaro withdrew his soaked fingers and pressed them to Emi’s anus to wet her tight entrance.

Working a finer into her tight hole, Keitaro gently pumped in and out of her asshole until she was well lubricated. Pushing her forward so that she was pressed flat against Sachiyo’s back Keitaro had her tongue her anus as he pressed his cock against Emi’s sphincter. Holding onto her hips Keitaro slowly thrust forward and entered her ass making her moan into her friends anus. Squeezing her hips Keitaro kissed her back and bit her shoulder as he picked up speed; whispering into her ear and telling her how good she felt. Asking if she licked it caused the girl to gasp out “Yes!” over and over again as her hips moved to met his every thrust. It wasn’t long until both came; Keitaro filling her with his thick seed while Emi collapsed on top of Sachiyo as her juices poured out into her friends mouth.

Slowly withdrawing his cock from her ass Keitaro rolled the exhausted Emi off of her friend and cupped Sachiyo’s chin. “Are you ready for your turn Sachiyo-chan?”

“Y-Yes Master!” she said as she stared at his throbbing cock, amazed that it could still be so hard after everything it had done.

Lifting her up so that she was kneeling in front of him Keitaro held her close to his body and lovingly kissed her before running his tongue over her mouth “You taste nice Sachiyo-chan.” He grinned at her “You’ve been so patient waiting your turn I think you deserve a special treat.” He smiled.

“T-Thank you Master.” She moaned as she nuzzled into his chest. Smiling at her Keitaro grabbed her hips and manoeuvred so that he was laying against the pillows while she straddled his waist.

Seeing the confused look on her face Keitaro smiled and cuped her cheek “I want you to be on top.” He explained to her. “I want you to put my cock in you and I want you to go as fast or as slow as you want.”

“Y-Yes Master.” She nodded as she reached back and grasped his wet shaft.

Ginning as she positioned his tip to her anus Keitaro moaned happily as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock; his hands squeezing her ass as he felt her tight anus engulf his length. When she finally took his entire length inside of her Keitaro admired the way her breasts rose and fell as she panted. Reaching up to caress her cheek Keitaro smiled lovingly at her and said “Take as long as you need to get used to it Sachiyo-chan.” He told her “We have all the time in the world to enjoy ourselves.”

Holding the panting, sweat soaked girl tightly to his chest Keitaro smiled as he nuzzled into her soft hair. As he had been ridden by Sachiyo, Emi and Kikuko had rolled into place on either side of him and now that she quietly snored atop of him Keitaro used this opportunity to stroke the bodies of his other two slumbering lovers.

Hearing someone call out to him Keitaro looked over to see Motoko smiling down at him “Did you enjoy playing with them Master?” she asked sweetly.

“Yes.” He returned her smile as he managed to extract himself from the heap of girls who instantly and happily clung to one another in his absence. Moving over to wrap his arms around Motoko Keitaro smiled and kissed her “You have wonderful friends Mo-chan.”

“I’m happy they meet your approval.” She smiled and nuzzled into his chest.

“They most certainly do.” He grinned and brushed her hair out her face. “Are they really alright with being my slaves?”

“Yes Master.” She nodded “They have the same desire to please you that I do.”

“Then there’s something we need to discuss.” Seeing the curious look on her face Keitaro continued “Their place in our hierarchy.”

“I see.” Motoko nodded.

“I want you to be in charge of them Mo-chan.” He said as he stroked her thigh.

“M-Me?” Motoko asked.

“That’s right.” He smiled at her.

“B-But I’ve never done something like that before.” She said “Mistress would be better than me.”

“Your sister may be more experienced but she doesn’t love them like you do.” He smiled and stroked her cheek “Which is why I want you to look after them and most importantly they will only answer to you and not your sister.”

“Not to Mistress?” Motoko wondered. “Why?”

“Tsu-chan likes to play roughly and while you are strong enough to take what she does those three are delicate little kittens. She can be too rough for them so it’s up to you to make sure that she doesn’t go too far with them.”

“B-But I couldn’t stop her if she wanted to-” she started only for Keitaro to press his finger to her lips to silence her.

“Yes you could.” He assured her “You are stronger than you realise Mo-chan. You’ve already defeated yours sister once before remember?”

“Only with your help!” she pointed out.

“And I’ll be there to help you if you need.” He promised “If she refuses to listen to you come to me and I’ll ensure that she does.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Really.” He nodded as he leaned in to press his lips to hers. As Motoko wrapped her arms his shoulders Keitaro grabbed her ass and held her close to his body. Feeling a hand grab his cock Keitaro looked down between them and saw Tsuruko stroking his length with a smile.

“Did you enjoy fucking your kittens Master?” she asked sweetly.

“Yes I did.” He said as he reached down and stroked her hair.

“I’m glad to hear that Master.” She leered as she kissed her way up his body. “I have such plans for those sluts I think you’ll be very happy with how they turn out.”

“I’m sure you do.” He said “And so long as you have Mo-chan’s permission you may do as you like.”

“Her permission?” Tsuruko blinked.

“That’s right.” He nodded. “Those three answer only to me and Motoko-chan.”

“But Master-” she started.

“No buts.” He said sternly. “I have decided that Motoko-chan is to have authority over them and you will respect and obey any decision she makes in regards to them is that clear?”

“Yes Master.” She said breathily as she bit her bottom lip and brought his hand to her mound. “I love it when you’re strict with me Master; it gets me so wet.” She leered.

Pulling his hand away from her cunny Keitaro cupped her chin and frowned at her “I’m serious Tsuruko.” He said gravely “You will not so much as kiss any of them without Motoko’s express permission. And this isn’t something that would be resolved with a spanking for being bad; this would be crossing a line.”

Submissively lowering her eyes Tsuruko nodded her head and demurely said “Yes Master, I understand.”

“And don’t think you can use your position as Motoko-chans mistress to your advantage; those two things are completely separate. When it comes to those three you are not Motoko’s mistress; you are below her and you will accept any decision she makes on the matter. Nor will you hold it against her and punish her for her decisions when you play with her is that clear?”

“Yes Master.” She nodded again.

“Good girl.” He smiled and kissed her before turning to Motoko. “I never got around to fucking your ass did I Mo-chan?”

“No Master.” She shook her head before kneeling to present her asshole to him. Wrapping his arm around her waist Keitaro pulled her close to him with a smile. “Not like that Mo-chan.” He smiled and kissed her shoulder “You get to be on top.”

“Thank you Master.” She said with a coy smile.

Slipping behind his back Tsuruko pressed her breasts to his back and started to kiss his shoulder “May I watch you fuck me sister Master?” Tsuruko asked sweetly.

“So long as you behave.” He smiled at her as he stroked her thigh.

“I will Master.” She assured him with a smile.

Turning his attention back to Motoko, Keitaro pulled her onto his lap. Kissing his beautiful Motoko he squeezed and groped her before positioning his cock against her anus. Lowering her hips to take him inside of her both Keitaro and Motoko moaned loudly. When she bottomed out Tsuruko ran her hands over his chest and lightly played with his nipples “I love watching you violate my sister’s asshole.” Tsuruko purred into his ear.

Giving Tsuruko’s thigh a momentary stroke Keitaro focused his attention on the girl in his lap. Kissing her neck as he squeezed her hips Keitaro nuzzled into her collarbone. Hearing someone softly coo “Master...” Keitaro looked up from Motoko’s chest to see his three kittens looking towards him. Smiling at them Keitaro called them over.

Seeing Tsuruko peering over his shoulder the girls hesitated until Motoko sternly said “Your Master ordered you to approach.”

“Y-Yes Sempai.” They nodded and crawled to kneel in front of them.

Reaching out to caress their cheeks Keitaro smiled said “Did you enjoy your nap?”

“Yes Master.” Kikuko nodded as she nuzzled into his palm.

“Good.” He smiled “We were just talking about who would be your Mistress.”

“Y-You were?” Kikuko asked, her eyes flitting briefly to Tsuruko.

“That’s right.” He smiled lovingly at her. “And we decided that Mo-chan here would be in charge of you.”

“Sempai will be?” Kikuko blinked.

“That’s right.” Keitaro smiled “You answer only to her.”

“And Master.” Motoko added.

“And me.” Keitaro agreed. “Is that acceptable to you three?”

“Yes Master.” The three girls nodded eagerly.

“Good.” He grinned at them. “Now would you like to help me fuck your Sempai up the ass?” getting another affirmation Keitaro smiled and spun Motoko around on his lap so she was facing away from him. Stroking her flanks Keitaro kissed Motoko’s shoulder and asked “Who gets the honour of pleasing your cunny?” he asked her.

Biting her bottom lip Motoko said “Sachiyo-chan.”

Smiling at the girl Keitaro pulled her over and lowered her face to Motoko’s pussy where she instantly started licking making Motoko gasp and arch her back against Keitaro’s chest. Kissing Motoko’s neck and running his fingers through Sachiyo’s hair Keitaro whispered into her ear “Who gets to play with your breasts?” he asked as he lightly tugged on her nipples.

“Kikuko-chan.” Motoko gasped as she rocked her hips back and forth against Sachiyo’s face. Having Kikuko straddle Sachiyo’s back Keitaro then motioned for her to lean down and suckle on Motoko’s teat. Smiling at Motoko’s reaction Keitaro looked towards the final girl and said “And now for Emi-chan.” Reaching out Keitaro pulled the girl to their side and made her kiss Motoko.

Grinning at the four women Keitaro grabbed Motoko’s hips and started to lift her up and down on his shaft. Soon Motoko was bouncing up and down on his length of her own volition which allowed Keitaro to happily recline backwards into Tsuruko’s embrace. With her arms wrapped around his chest Tsuruko nuzzled against his cheek and said “Are you enjoying yourself Master?”

“I always enjoy fucking Aoyama’s in the ass.” he smiled as he turned to lightly kiss her lips.

Giggling at him Tsuruko replied “I’m glad to hear that Master.” She purred “I’ve been training Motoko’s ass especially for your use.”

“Yes about that...” he said as he reached back to pinch her nipple. “I’m sure I told you not to be mean to your sister.” He said sternly.

Gaspng at the rough treatment Tsuruko said “I haven’t been mean to her.”

“Then why was she wearing nipple clamps?” he wondered.

“That’s not being mean.” she protested with a pout. “That’s how I show her love.” Tsuruko purred.

“Tsu-chan...” Keitaro growled.

“Besides, you said that I’m not allowed to do anything permanent to her which I haven’t.” She pointed out “And did you ever consider that she likes what I do to her? She never complained once when I put them on her.” She argued with a leer. “I wouldn’t complain if you put them on me.” she offered huskily as she bit his earlobe.

“How could I do that? I love your breasts.” He pointed out as he rolled her teat between his thumb and forefinger.

“You also love my ass but that doesn’t stop you from spanking me when I’m naughty.” Tsuruko purred happily.

“mmm...” Keitaro said thoughtfully as he rested his read against Tsuruko’s while his other hand stroked Motoko’s stomach whose hips were slowly rocking back and forth “So you wouldn’t mind if I put clamps on your nipples?” he wondered.

“Not at all Master.” Tsuruko said breathily. “I love the idea of you playing with me however roughly you want.” She told him with a kiss. “You may do as you like with me Master. You can order me to act like a bitch in heat and I’ll follow you around on all fours wet and ready for your use. If you wished to see me with other men-”

“No!” Keitaro snapped, momentarily distracting the copulating quartet on his lap. “You are mine. No other man is allowed to touch you.” He growled as he roughly twisted her nipple.

Gasping at the rough treatment Tsuruko happily rubbed her thighs together. “I love it when you act possessive of me Master.” She leered “It gets me so wet.”

“What doesn’t get you wet?” he wondered as he slid his hand down to cup her mound.

Biting her lip with a moan Tsuruko said “It’s a result of being around my beloved Master. Just being near you turns me on.”

“Good.” He growled as he nipped at her neck and slid two fingers inside of her. “I like it when you’re turned on.”

Breathing heavily Tsuruko moaned and rocked her hips against his fingers “I do too Master.” She purred “Do you want to watch me touch myself?”

“Yes.” He nodded his head as he kissed her again.

Grinning widely Tsuruko sifted to his side and started to grope her breasts. Moaning as she fondled the heavy mounds Tsuruko strummed her stiff, pink nipples before hefting up a heavy tit to take a teat between her lips. Staring at her master Tsuruko grinned and slid her hand down her toned stomach, through her neatly trimmed pubic hair and delved into her sopping wet cunny.

Watching her master staring intently at her pussy and thrust upwards into her sister Tsuruko grinned and rolled over so her face was pressed into the bed and her ass was thrust towards Keitaro. Reaching between her legs Tsuruko moaned loudly as her fingers caressed her moist labia.

Staring at the beautiful sight Keitaro couldn’t help but reach out and pull her hips back closer to him so that his fingers could join Tsuruko’s while his tongue burrowed into her tight ass. Moaning in delight Tsuruko thrust her ass back against his face. As he tongued and fingered Tsuruko’s orifices Keitaro’s other hand increased the speed of Motoko bouncing on his cock and it wasn’t long before all three brought one another to orgasm. As he filled Motoko’s bowel with his thick seed Tsuruko’s juices gushed out of her pussy as she collapsed into a panting heap.

Recovering from his orgasm Keitaro looked about the bed to see the state of his lovers. To his side lay Tsuruko, the woman curled up into a ball with a happy smile on her sleeping face as her thighs trapped his hand between her legs. A top of him Motoko similarly slept with a content smile on her face. The kittens had decided to join their Mistress in her nap and so Kikuko and Sachiyo slept with their heads on Motoko’s large breasts while Emi snuggled into his side.

Lovingly stroking Emi’s hair Keitaro looked over and saw that Kanako was lying on her back with Yuna straddling her face and grinding her mound against Kanako’s mouth. His cock twitching inside of Motoko’s rectum Keitaro momentarily considered moving to join the slave using his sister’s mouth as her plaything before deciding that his current position was too comfortable to even consider vacating.

Drawing both Emi and Tsuruko closer to his chest Keitaro nuzzled into Motoko’s silky soft hair before kissing her shoulder and closing his eyes with a smile.

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