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Chapter 3 - Kanako’s Night

Looking at the goth girl, Nina smiled as she petted the bed next to her. “Why don’t you take a seat next to me and we can talk about whatever you want.” Nodding her head, Kanako glided over to the large bed. “Would you like something to drink?” she asked.

“Yes thank you.” Kanako returned her smile.

“Is wine alright?” Nina asked. Kanako nodded her head again as Nina poured two glasses of alcohol. Handing her the glass Nina smiled again “Now, what was it that you wanted to talk about?” she asked as she stroked Kanako’s leg

Taking a sip of her wine Kanako said. “I wanted to know what the Molmolan view on incest is.”

“I see.” Nina said as she moved closer to the pale young woman, her robe opening slightly. “And what is incest?”

Kanako gave her a blank look. “You don’t know what incest is?”

Nina shook her head. “No idea, though Japanese is not my native tongue and I sometimes get words mixed up.”

“Incest is sex between family members.” Kanako informed the queen.

“oooh I see.” Nina grinned as realisation dawned. “We don’t have any particular views on the matter.”

“Really? There’s no laws against it or anything like that?” Kanako returned the grin.

“It would be better to speak to Amalla or Asuna. They are better at explaining our culture to outsiders than I am.” Nina sighed. “In MolMol the only real laws we have are marital laws and laws dealing with inheritance.”

Kanako frowned at this. “Then what’s to stop someone from committing a crime? If there is no law against it then they can’t be punished.”

“Well, as a general rule we use common sense as our laws. For instance, it’s common sense not to give alcohol to children, or not to take things that don't belong to you. We don't strictly have an age of consent either. Generally it is considered to be after puberty starts but if the younger party is fully aware of what sex is and consents then we do not consider it a crime, though I am not aware of any such unions occurring during my lifetime. The practice of marrying children seems to have gone out of fashion some time ago.” Nina explained. “We’ve always lived like this and no one’s complained about it yet.” The queen smiled as her hand travelled up Kanako’s leg, brushing the hem of her short black skirt.

“But how do you define what is common sense? Isn’t it what most people think is right?” she asked sceptically.

“As opposed to a group of old fat men sitting in a room deciding what everyone else must do while leaving loop-holes for them to jump through?” she countered.

“Fair point.” Kanako conceded. “So what is common sense about family members having relationships?”

“mmm, well I don't believe there has ever been any issues about that apart from children. It is generally frowned upon to have a child with an immediate family member but not completely unheard of.” She explained.

“What if one of them were adopted?” Kanako pressed.

Nina shrugged. “I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

“I see...” Kanako said thoughtfully. “What about Aunts?” she asked in a guarded tone.

“Aunts, Uncles, Nephews, Nieces, it doesn’t matter to us.” Nina smiled as her hand reached Kanako’s panties and gently rubbed her hand along the material though Kanako didn’t seem to notice. Frowning at certain parts of the new information she had discovered Kanako said. “I think I understand, thank you for your time.” She stood up and made her way to the door.

“You know, even if you do get Keitaro into bed that does not guarantee that you will be able to marry him.” Nina called out as Kanako reached the door.

Pausing with her hand on the door knob Kanako turned and looked back at the smiling queen. “Is that so? Perhaps you would care to elaborate?”

Nina petted the bed again and smiled. Nodding her head, Kanako lay on her side next to the queen, her elbow supporting her weight. “So?”

Handing her another glass of wine Nina said. “If it was just the two of you then all that would have been needed would be the consent of you and your brother, but since he will be marrying at least four other women it complicates thing slightly.”

“You seem quite confident that Onii-chan will accept your proposal.” Kanako smiled as she sipped her wine.

“Well when a normal man is offered the opportunity to have sex with many beautiful women for the rest of his life they rarely have to think twice.” Nina pointed out as her robe opened more.

“My Onii-chan is not a normal man.” Kanako smirked.

“He is special isn’t he?” she licked her lips.

“So what are these complications involved in Onii-chan marrying more than one woman?” Kanako asked.

“Well, in our culture the most important thing is marital bliss. Since men are simple creatures that are easy to please it is important for the wives to be happy. In a group marriage like ours will be, it is important for the wives to get on and so they have a larger say in who they get married to. Every potential wife must approve of the others. If there are no objections then the marriage can go ahead without incident. However things can get rather complicated if the wives do not get on.”

“And what happens if they don't agree with each other?” Kanako asked as her mind ticked over.

“Well, let’s use our current situation as an example. Say you or that Naru girl do not approve of each other, then an arbiter is elected to try and settle the differences. If this is unsuccessful then it will be up to the husband to decide between the two. If he cannot then either the other wives will vote on which wife they wish to marry or both will have to stand down as his fiancés. ”

“So what you’re saying is that I need not only Onii-chans approval but that of the others?”

“That’s the gist of it yes.” Nina grinned.

“I see...” Kanako said thoughtfully.

“Of course, our situation is slightly different to the norm.” Nina said as she ran her finger around the lip of her glass.

“How so?”

“Well since you are dealing with the royal family that means we have final say. If myself, my wife, or our daughters do not wish you to marry Keitaro, then that may be the last we say on the matter.”

“So you can veto me as a candidate for Onii-chans bride?”

“Unless you can convince me that marrying you would be beneficial to me.” She smiled as she gently rubbed the goths hip.

Weighing up her options Kanako gradually returned her smile. “And how can I do that?”

Sliding her hand along Kanako’s body, she lightly circled one of Kanako’s nipple over her thin blouse with her index finger. “I’m sure you can think of something.” Her hand travelled up and undid one of her buttons.

“I’m sure I can.” Kanako leaned forward and pressed her lips against Nina’s, her tongue slipping into the queens welcoming mouth and her hands slipping into the open robe and caressed her hips.

“mmm, you’re making a very good start.” Nina groaned into Kanako’s mouth.

“I’m glad.” Kanako grinned and kissed her way down her body. Nibbling her neck, Kanako massaged Nina’s large breasts, pinching and tweaking the large nipples. “Does this feel nice your highness?” she asked as she moved down and kissed her breast.

“Yes, that feels very good.” She smiled as she stroked Kanako’s hair.

Smiling Kanako released the nipple and licked her way down the queens body, nuzzling into her belly button before kissing her tuft of hair. “You smell so nice down here.” Kanako buried her nose in the blond hair. “Do you taste as good?”

“Why don't you tell me?” Nina breathed down at her. Nodding her head Kanako lowered her head and kissed her clit, running her tongue along her wet slit. “mmm, very good!” Nina wiggled her hips and ground her hips into Kanako’s mouth. “Stick your tongue inside.”

Doing as she was instructed, Kanako wormed her way inside the queen’s moist folds. Twisting her tongue around Kanako felt her tongue become coated with Nina’s juices. The gothic sister smiled up at the writhing queen. Extracting her tongue she took the engorged clit between her lips, sucking and lashing the small bud with her tongue, making the queen buck her hips. As her mouth was filled with the queens girl cum Kanako’s head was pulled away by her hair.

Looking up at the panting queen, Kanako extended her tongue and licked off the juices around her mouth and on her chin. “Have I already convinced you, you highness?” Kanako giggled. Leaning down, Nina placed her index finger under Kanako's chin and brought her face close to hers and licked her own juices from her face.

“Not by a long shot!” Nina grinned as kissed the girl. “Now stand up. I want to inspect my future wife.” Doing as she was told, Kanako gave Nina quick kiss before standing. She reached up to undo her buttons but Nina batted her hand away. “Uh-uh, I didn’t say for you to undress did I?” moving closer to the girl Nina brought her hands up to Kanako’s breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze, eliciting a soft coo from her. Giving her nipples a quick poke she slid her hands down to her hips and reached around to gently rub her rear. “Very nice...” Nina murmured.

Reaching up she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse and pulled the thin material off of Kanako, leaving her in her bra. Kissing the girl, Nina pressed her body against Kanako’s and reached behind her to undo the catch on her bra. Breaking the kiss Nina looked down at the pale breasts. Taking them in her hands, Nina ran her fingers over the hard nipples. “Your breasts are very nice Kanako though they are a bit small.” She smiled “Are you sure that you can attract your brother with small breasts like this?” she asked as she leaned down and took one into her mouth.

“Breast size does not matter to Onii-chan; he prefers other parts of the body.” She moaned.

“Is that so?” she asked as she moved behind her. Kissing her neck and groping her breasts, she asked “And how do you know this?”

“mmm I’ve read all of Onii-chans dirty magazines, and the pictures of girls waving their ass around were the most stained.” She smiled happily and Nina’s fingers brushed against her hard nipples.

“And you think that your ass is good enough to compensate for these tiny boobs?” Nina asked as she pinched Kanako’s nipples.

Kanako arched her back and purred. “Why don't you tell me, your highness?” she rubbed her butt against Nina’s hips.

“I love it when you call me that.” The queen smiled and ran her hands up and down Kanako’s thighs, before undoing her short skirt and let it pool around her ankles leaving her standing in her panties. “Oh my, a thong! How sexy! I bet your brother would love to see you dressed in these!” she grabbed the sides of the black thong and pulled them upwards so the thin strips of material were swallowed by her pussy lips and engulfed by her ass cheeks.

“He does.” Kanako moaned.

“oh? When was this?” Nina asked.

“Just before he came to MolMol and I was helping him pack. My skirt rode up and he was staring at my ass.” She explained. “His cock got so hard.”

“I can see why, you have such a cute butt.” Nina left the underwear wedged inside her and moved her hands to squeeze her rear.

“So you think its good enough to compensate for my breasts?” Kanako groaned.

“I think I need a better look at it.” Nina leered at her and pulled down the thong. “Very nice.” She purred and roughly pinched her ass. “A nice shape, soft and firm. I think your brother will approve. But you still have to earn my approval.”

“And what do I have to do to get that?” she turned her head and captured the queens lips.

“Well I have to inspect every part of your body” Nina smiled and bit her neck. “Let’s start with that little asshole of yours, shall we?”

“Anything you want your highness.” Kanako smiled.

“Good girl, now bend over like a good little slut.” Nina giggled and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Bending over at the waist, Kanako wiggled her hips at the queen. Nina grinned at the shaking rear before her running her hands over the shapely ass. “Well this is definitely a lovely view.” She smirked as she ran her hand along Kanako’s wet slit. “And your ass is nice and round.” Nina poked at Kanako’s tight hole. “Your hole is tiny too! Have you ever had anything stuck up there?”

“Not yet.” Kanako smiled

“oh? Are you going to get your brother to screw your little butthole?” she put pressure on the opening.

“Y-yes.” She moaned “Right after he fucks my mouth and my pussy I’m going to get him to fuck my asshole.”

“You are a dirty slut, aren’t you?” Nina giggled as she took her finger away from the hole and returned her hand to stroke her bald pussy. “Well, remind me in the morning and I’ll clean out your cute little behind. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anything silly like a condom to come between the two of you but we can’t really risk his beautiful cock getting infected can we?” she asked.

“Thanks.” Kanako murmured as Nina’s fingers slipped between her wet lips.

“No problem. Just remember to lick it clean afterwards.” Nina smiled and knelt behind Kanako, spread her cheeks and licked her small hole. “mmm, well that hole tastes nice but what about the other?” Nina asked as she leaned down and stuck her tongue into Kanako’s wet snatch.

“That’s nice, Nina-san.” Kanako purred and cried out as Nina pinched her rear.

“That’s your highness remember?” Nina reminded her.

“My apologies your highness.” Kanako laughed.

“You’re thinking of your brother right now aren’t you? That’s why you’ve gotten so wet isn’t it?” Nina grinned as she pinched Kanako’s clit.

“Y-yes!” she groaned as more of her juice spilled from her pussy.

“Good girl. Now lay on the bed and spread your legs like the little whore that you are.”

“As you wish, your highness.” Kanako grinned as she stood up and moved over to the bed. With her back against the headrest Kanako bent her knees and spread them as far as she could.

“mmm, your brother won’t be able to resist you if he saw you like this.” Nina grinned as she stroked the girl’s leg. Crawling between her legs, Nina extended her tongue and tickled her clit making Kanako gasp. “If you get him to taste you then he will defiantly want to keep you around.” She giggled. “Now I want you to play with yourself. Imagine that your brother is watching you.” She licked her slit from base to zenith.

Kanako hmmed her agreement with closed eyes as she reached down and stroked her lips, lightly mewing. Circling her clit with her thumb, she spread her lips with her ring and index fingers and inserted her middle into her wet hole.

“You’re thinking about your brother’s hard cock aren’t you?” Nina smiled as she cupped her hands below Kanako’s dripping pussy to collect her juices. “You’re thinking about your brother’s big hard cock sliding in and out of your slutty mouth aren’t you? You’re imagining him fucking your face and sliding down your throat before exploding in your mouth and drowning you in his hot sticky cum. I’ve tasted it you know. It feels wonderful as it slides down your throat; I nearly came when he filled my stomach.” She moaned as Kanako’s finger delved in and out of the tight hole.

“I bet you do this all the time, don't you? You play with you pretty pink pussy while thinking about your brother fucking you, don’t you? You dream of him throwing you down on the bed and thrusting his dick inside you, mauling at your tiny tits with his hands and mouth all the while humping into your dirty cunt until he fills your tight little womb with his seed. I bet you love the thought of his fertile cum impregnating you, don't you?” Nina grinned as Kanako’s finger moved faster, her cries got louder and her juices filled Nina’s hand.

“oh yes! You do like that don’t you? You’ve even thought about him fucking your filthy asshole while doing this haven’t you? You want him to push you down, so your face is on the floor and your ass in the air while he shoves his hard prick in and out of your tight rear. I can just imagine him pounding your ass as you squeal in delight before reaching down and squeezing, pinching and pulling at these little things you call breasts. I bet you can feel his hot breath on your neck as he grunts and fills your bowels with his cum.” Nina breathed and lightly bit Kanako’s thighs. The graphic description Nina was giving her was too much for Kanako and she started to cum around her fingers, her juices squirting out and covering the queen’s face as her hips humped her invading digit. “oh my! So much cum came out!” she grinned as she leaned forward cleaned Kanako’s slit and finger of her juices. Finding that her hands were overflowing with Kanako’s girl cum Nina leaned down and inhaled the aroma before pouring it into her mouth.

Swishing the musky liquid around her mouth, Nina dragged her lips up the panting girls body until their breasts were pressed together and faces less than an inch apart. As her eyes slowly came into focus Kanako smiled at the tanned queen above her. Leaning down, Nina pressed her lips against Kanako’s, forced her tongue into the goth’s mouth and shared the girl’s juices with her. Running her hands along Kanako’s body, Nina broke the kiss and looked down at her. With her mouth open Nina could see that it was filled with Kanako’s cum. “You had best swallow all that delicious cum Kanako. It would be embarrassing to drown on your own cum wouldn’t it?”

Doing as she was told, Kanako kept her mouth open and she swallowed repeatedly until her mouth was empty. “That tasted good didn’t it?” Nina asked as she kissed Kanako, her tongue stealing the remainder of the juice

“It felt good too.” She breathed.

“I bet it did.” Nina giggled as she licked Kanako’s lips. Rolling over to the side Nina ran her hands down Kanako’s sweaty body. Turing over to face the queen Kanako hugged Nina and squeezed her ass.

“So have I met with your approval, your highness?” she placed a light kiss on her lips.

“Not just yet.” Nina ginned and pulled Kanako closer to her. “I’ve got one more thing I want you to do tonight.”

“And what is that?” Kanako nuzzled into her neck.

“I’ll show you!” she gave Kanako’s ass one last squeeze before moving on her hands and knees over to the bedside cabinet. Looking up at the queen’s rear end Kanako grinned and slid across the bed, pulled apart Nina’s ass cheeks and dug her tongue into the small hole. Looking over her shoulder, Nina smiled at her “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I thought you might enjoy it.” She grinned cheekily as she continued to burrow into Nina’s ass.

“Oh I do! But we have other things to do now!” she grinned and turned with something hidden behind her back. “Kneel in front of me.” She ordered. Once Kanako was in front of her Nina reached out and rubbed her bald quim. “What a beautiful pussy you have. Do you shave or just not grow any hair down there?” she grinned as she inserted one finger.

“mmm, I’ve never had much hair down there but I do shave myself.”

“Does your brother prefer this?” she asked.

“I don’t think it matters, just as long as her ass is nice he likes any woman’s body.” Kanako groaned.

“I guess I’ll have to ask him myself.” She smiled and leaned in for another kiss. “But since I’ve got you all to myself I want us to have some fun together.” She pulled out her toy from behind her back. In her hand was a large vibrator designed to look like the real thing attached to a harness and a smaller one on the inside.

Kanako stared at the toy before protectively covering her pussy. “I want Onii-chan to be the one to take my virginities.”

Nina just smiled. “Silly girl, this is for you. You’re going to fuck me silly tonight!”

Kanako smiled as realisation dawned. “You honour me, your highness.” She kissed the queen again.

“I know, but if I can’t spoil the sister of my future husband who can I?” she laughed as she attached the fake cock to Kanako, slipping the smaller one inside the entrance to her pussy.

“Uh-uh, future wife remember.” Kanako moaned and kissed the queen.

“We’ll see how well you do tonight.” Nina purred into Kanako’s mouth. “What do you think of your new cock?”

“It’s beautiful.” Kanako moaned as she ran her hand up and down it. “It looks just like Onii-chans.”

“It should do. I had it made today to look exactly like Keitaro’s so every vain, every ridge and its size is exactly the same as his. Also we’ll be the very first to try it out.” She leaned down and sucked on one of Kanako’s small breasts.

“Well then I think you had best suck my cock.” Kanako grinned and pushed her head down. Nina grinned back up at Kanako as she took the strap-on in her mouth. Grabbing a hold of her short blond hair Kanako pulled the queens head up and down the prosthetic dick until it slipped down her throat. “You look so sexy like that, your highness.” Kanako smiled as she sped up her movements. “I bet Onii-chan felt so good when you did this to him, it’s a shame that I can’t feel anything.”

Releasing the cock, Nina grinned up at her as she licked the end of the vibrator. “mmm, I’ll have to ask Kaolla about making something to let you feel what the cock feels, she’s good at making things. But for now, this will have to do.” Sliding her tongue down the cock, Nina slipped past the harness and flicked a switch which made Kanako’s vibrator turn on.

“mmm, I suppose this will do for now.” Kanako moaned.

Smiling at the writhing Kanako, Nina crawled to the top of her bed, rested her face on the pillow and raised her hips before reaching down and spreading her pussy lips “Now, if you want my approval you will start fucking my pussy.”

Crawling towards the queen, Kanako grabbed hold of her hips and lined up the phallus with her pussy. “How would your highness like me to fuck her? Slow and soft or hard and fast?” she grinned as she rubbed and pinched her round ass before pushing her hips forward and slid the vibrator inside Nina’s pink folds.

“mmm, Fuck me hard, you little slut!” she moaned and rocked her hips back.

Slamming her hips forward, Kanako reached around and squeezed her large breasts hard. “You’re calling me a slut even though you’re waving your ass in the air. Who would have though a whore like you could be a queen!” Kanako pulled out and slammed back in, making Nina cry out in pleasure. “You love it when I call you that don’t you, you little slut?” Kanako licked her ear as she continued to move her hips. “Tell me what you are!” she demanded with another thrust.

“Ugh! I’m a dirty whore!” Nina yelled as she slammed her hips back, making Kanako’s vibrator press further into her pussy.

Kanako laughed as she continued to pump the fake cock into the queen’s pussy. “mmm, I love it when you talk dirty like that! Do you like what I’m doing too you?” she breathed into Nina’s ear.

“I Love It!” Nina screamed; her voice heavy with lust. “More!”

Biting Nina’s earlobe Kanako breathed into her ear “I bet you’ll enjoy this then!” pushing away from Nina’s back Kanako pulled out completely, realigned herself and plunged into the queen’s asshole.

Nina’s eyes went wide at the sudden invasion of her tight hole. As Kanako continued to plough into the small opening, she reached around and squeezed her large clit, making her shake as she came.

With her body convulsing and pussy spraying out her juice, Nina arched her back and cried out in ecstasy before collapsing onto the bed panting. Smiling down at her, Kanako pressed her body against the queens and lightly kissed her back. Rolling over to their sides, Kanako withdrew from her ass and slipped back into Nina’s pussy. Rocking her hips gently back and forth Kanako squeezed her large breasts. “How was that, your highness?” Kanako nuzzled into the short blond hair.

“mmm, that was great.” The queen sighed happily.

“I presume this was enough to guarantee my place as Onii-chan’s bride?” she smiled and kissed her shoulder.

“Not quite.” Nina said teasingly.

Frowning, Kanako slipped around her front and glared at the queen. “I was under the impression that if I did this you would not oppose me as a candidate for Onii-chan’s wife.”

“Of course you were. And I will uphold my end of the agreement once I’ve completely evaluated you potential as a wife.” She smiled.

“Have you not done so yet?” Kanako asked.

“Not just yet I’m afraid. You see, I have to fuck all your tight little holes with this toy of ours. But since you wish for Keitaro to take your virginity first I’ll just have to wait until he’s done with you!” she reached down and groped Kanako’s ass.

“I see.” Kanako smiled. “I’ll have to come right back here after Onii-chan’s had his way with me.”

“Good, then we can find out if you are wife material.” She leaned in and kissed her. “But I think I should warn you though, I have a habit of changing my mind on a whim, so I think you will need to visit me every so often until the wedding to ensure that I am still prepared to take you as my wife.” she pressed a finger into Kanako’s anus.

“And after the wedding to ensure that you don’t divorce me?” Kanako asked sweetly as she began to move her hips again.

“Naturally.” Nina moaned as she captured her lips.

“Then I suppose I’ll have to grin and bear it then.” She slipped her tongue into Nina’s mouth. “Do you want me to continue?”

“Not tonight no. You need to be well rested for what you plan to do with your bother.” Nina pulled her face to her large bust. “You get to sleep now, dear and we’ll have some fun tomorrow.”

“Whatever you say.” She nuzzled into her chest.

“Good girl, now this is just a little something to keep us entertained through the night.” Nina grinned as she reached down and turned on both vibrators to max. Kanako moaned happily as she started to hump the queen. “Good night, Kanako.” Nina smiled.

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