King of MolMol

BY : Saiga
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Chapter 49 – Religion pt.1

Exiting the car with Amalla clinging possessively to his arm Keitaro stared up at the large building they had arrived at.”Is this the place, Ama-chan?” Keitaro asked as he looked at the nondescript building devoid of any ornamentation.

“This is the Temple of Amallena.” Amalla nodded as she led him towards the large entrance up a flight of stone steps.

“I would have thought it would be flashier.” Keitaro said.

“The goddess does not favour adornments.” Amalla answered “Do not let its plain appearance deceive you Kei-kun, the priestesses of the Amallian Order are a powerful faction and their acquiescence will be necessary for you to become King.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be on my best behaviour.” He assured her with a smile.

Giving him a mmm, Amalla pulled him into the building. Unlike the outside, the interior of the temple was much more appropriate for a place of worship. Lined with arches and marble pillars the hall they walked through was lit with burning torches as the last rays of the descending sun filtered in through a stained glass window. Along the walls were various murals dedicated to the silver haired goddess though with the speed that Amalla was pulling him through the room Keitaro was unable to admire the artwork. As they approached the stairs at the end of the hall the doors at the top of the staircase opened and a woman stepped forward. With a veil over her face covering all but her eyes the woman wore a tight fitting robe that clung to her shapely figure and, contrary to normal Molmolan fashion completely covered every inch of skin.

As they reached the base of the stairs the woman stared down coldly at the couple. “Amalla.” She said icily.

“Renka.” Amalla retorted just as coldly.

“The correct form of address is ‘Your Holiness’.” The woman said stiffly.

“If we are standing on ceremony then you should address your Queen as ‘You Highness’.” She shot back.

The two women glared at each other before the veiled woman turned her head to look at Keitaro. “So this is the man you wish to marry?”

“That’s right.” Amalla nodded as she possessively hugged his arm “Kei-kun, this is Renka, the High Priestess of the Amallian Order.”

“It’s an honour to meet you.” Keitaro said respectfully as he bowed to her.

Narrowing her eyes at the man Renka let out a huff and said “The sun has nearly set. Let us get this over and done with.” She said sharply and turned around and retreated through the door she had entered through.

As Keitaro made to follow her up the stairs Amalla grabbed his hand tightly. “Ama-chan?” Keitaro asked questioningly.

“Just for tonight Kei-kun I don’t want you to concern yourself with other’s pleasure. Focus solely on your own, understand?”

“What do you mean?” he asked with a quizzical frown.

Running her hand over his chest Amalla said “Exactly what I said. For once in your life just be selfish.” She pled as she leaned in to kiss him deeply. “Now hurry along, you don’t have a moment to waste.”

Hurrying to catch up with the priestess who showed no intention of waiting for him, Keitaro found that he had been led to a room filled with other young priestess, ranging from about Renka’s age to about Shinobu’s age all wearing similar robes to the head priestess. Seeing that the veiled women close to Renka’s age were frowning and glowering at him while the younger girls looked scared and nervous Keitaro swallowed hard and said “So how do I go about getting your approval for the marriage?”

Glaring at him the head priestess rolled her eyes and said “Of course she didn’t explain anything,” she huffed before continuing “We are required to debase ourselves by testing your capabilities of having this many wives. If you are unable to ejaculate into all of us by the time the sun rises you will have failed the test and we shall not give you our blessing.”

“So I have to have sex with all of you?” he asked.

“That’s what I said isn’t it?” she said icily. “Now, let’s get this over with. Lucia will be your first assessor.” She said making a small priestess jump at the mention of her name.

Looking down at the terrified priestess Keitaro smiled kindly down at her. “You’re Lucia-chan?” he asked. Seeing her give a fearful nod Keitaro extended his hand to her “It’s nice to meet you.” He said softly as she lifted up a trembling hand to place it in his. Gently stroking her soft tanned hand with his thumb Keitaro led her towards the bed in the centre of the room and climbed on top of it. Looking down at her Keitaro smiled and said “My name is Keitaro. Do you know what we’re going to do?”

“Y-You’re going to ravage and despoil me.” She said with a tremor in her voice.

“Not at all.” He disagreed as he stroked her hand. “What we’re going to do is make love. It’s not something to be afraid of; it’s something two people enjoy together.” Ignoring the scoff he heard in the direction of Renka Keitaro squeezed her hand and said “I’m going to remove your veil ok?” getting a hesitant nod from the girl Keitaro removed the veil causing her long silver hair to cascade down her back and reveal a pretty but terrified face. Reaching out to gently caress her cheek Keitaro smiled and said “You’re very beautiful.” Seeing her blush and look away from him Keitaro said “I going to take me clothes off now, OK?”

Getting another terrified nod Keitaro slowly stripped off his clothes. Watching in fascination as he removed his shirt Lucia’s heart thumped in her small chest as he pushed down his trousers and she saw his erect cock pointing at the ceiling causing her pretty brown eyes to widen in shock. Seeing her stare at his dick Keitaro smiled and asked “Is this the first penis you’ve seen?” Getting a nod from her Keitaro smiled and said “Would you like to touch it?”

Chewing on her bottom lip Lucia extended her hand to brush her fingers against his tip only to recoil as it twitched and swelled. “It got even bigger!” she gasped.

“It’s because he likes you.” He said.

“H-he does?” she asked as she stared at the alien anatomy in fascination “Does...Does he have a name?”

“No he doesn’t.” Keitaro grinned down at her “But he does have a mind of his own, especially around pretty girls like you.”

Blushing brightly at his complement Lucia reached out her hand to wrap around his shaft. Marvelling at his girth Lucia began slowly stroking his length causing him to groan. “Does he like this?”

“He does.” Keitaro grunted “He’d like it if we kissed.” Biting her bottom lip Lucia hesitantly leaned in close to his face. Reaching up to cup her chin and stroke her cheek Keitaro leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth. As her tongue started to play with his Keitaro reached out to wrap an arm around her waist to stroke her hip and pull her against his body. Letting out soft moans as she sucked on his tongue Lucia ground her slender body against his all the while her hand continued to stroke his cock until it was sticky with pre-cum.

Breaking the kiss Keitaro grinned at her flushed face and the way she breathed heavily. “Did you like that?” he asked.

“Yes...” she murmured.

“Would it be alright if we removed your robes now?” he asked. Blushing brightly Lucia chewed her bottom lip before nodding her head. Smiling kindly at her Keitaro gently pulled off her robes revealing her slender, nubile body to him. Seeing her blush and look away from him Keitaro cupped her chin again and gently kissed her. As she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to enter her mouth Lucia reached down and grasped his cock only to break the kiss with a gasp. “He got even bigger!” she exclaimed.

“Of course he did.” Keitaro smiled at her “It’s because he thinks you’re very beautiful.” Seeing her lips curl up into a smile Keitaro said “He’d like a kiss too.”

Giving him a bashful smile Lucia leaned down with her lips pursed and pressed them to his tip causing pre-cum to flow from his tip. “What’s that?” Lucia asked as she stared at his slit in wonder.

“That’s called pre-cum. It means you’re doing a good job.” He said as he stroked her silver hair.

With a pleased look on her face Lucia shifted so that she was lying down with her face in his crotch. Stroking his length she watched in fascination as his seminal fluid soaked her slender fingers. Leaning forward Lucia kissed his tip again causing her lips to be smeared with pre-cum prompting her to lick her lips. “Do you like the taste?” he asked.

“It’s salty.” She nodded with a smile.

“Would you like more?” he asked. Getting another nod Keitaro said “Wrap your lips around the tip and start pumping your hand up and down.” He instructed her. Doing as she was told Lucia slowly dragged her lips over his spongy tip and started sliding her hand up and down his shaft. “Just like that.” Keitaro praised her with a moan and rewarded her with a stream of pre-cum. Tasting his offering Lucia hummed in delight as she started sucking and licking his cockhead causing her mouth to be flooded with seminal fluid. Running his fingers through her hair Keitaro slid his hand down her back to rub her pert behind before moving it between her legs to caress her cunny.

Letting out a groan Lucia started rocking her hips against his palm, soaking his hand in her juices prompting her to pump her hand up and down his shaft even faster. Feeling himself approaching orgasm Keitaro quickly pulled her head off of his shaft so that when he came his sperm shot out over his chest. Letting out a gasp Luica said “More came out!”

“Not quite.” Keitaro smiled as he continued to caress her pussy “This is called sperm.”

Extending her small tongue, Lucia began lapping at his cum “It’s yummy!” she exclaimed happily.

“I’m glad you like it.” He smiled as he started pumping his finger in and out of her causing her to moan as she slurped up his cum “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Yea...” she murmured as her pussy squeezed the invading digit.

“I think you’re ready for more now.” He said “Do you know what happens next?”

Chewing on her bottom lip Lucia nervously said “Y-You’re going to put this inside me...”

“That’s right.” He nodded as he caressed her innermost walls with his finger. “I think you’re wet enough now. Shall we?” getting a hesitant nod from her Keitaro removed his finger and grabbed hold of her hips. Pulling her forward Keitaro positioned her above his cock with his tip resting against her netherlips. Taking her hand he guided it to his cock and said “I want you to lower yourself on my cock. You can go as slowly as you want.”

Nodding her head Lucia slowly lowered her hips and grunted softly as he entered her. Stopping just after his cockhead had been engulfed by her soft folds Lucia steadied herself by resting a hand against his chest. Stroking her hips Keitaro nuzzled against her face and said “You OK Lucia-chan? Does it hurt?”

“N-No.” She shook her head. “It’s feels good.”

“Let me make you feel even better.” Keitaro said as he slid his hand down her slender stomach and started teasing her clit causing her to mewl and gasp. Throwing her arms around his neck she forced her lips against his and started to rock her hips back and forth, her juices trickling down his shaft. As they kissed Luica began sliding up and down his now slick shaft, letting out soft moans and whimpers as she took more and more of his cock inside of her until their crotches met. As her whole body shook in his arms Keitaro ran his fingers through her hair before sliding the hand down to cup her tender young breast and squeezed the mound while flicking the stiff pink nipple with his thumb all the while his other hand continued to tease her clit. Breaking the kiss the young priestess rolled her head back exposing her throat to his lips and panted breathlessly as she started to raise her hips.

As the youngest priestess bounced happily up and down on his cock she moaned loudly as ecstasy coursed through her slender body. Lovingly running his fingers through her long silvery hair Keitaro noticed that the younger priestesses had approached the bed and were sitting around the copulating pair watching them with intense interest. Smiling at them Keitaro slid his hands down Lucia’s back to cup her small, pert rear and started lifting her up and down even faster and thrusting his hips up against her to penetrate deeper into her tiny pussy causing her to howl as she came, her tight love channel convulsing around his shaft making his dick throb as he came.

Holding her close to his body as he filled her with his seed Keitaro nuzzled into her silvery hair while she trembled with ecstasy in his arms. When she finally stopped orgasming and slumped limply in his embrace Keitaro lifted her off of his lap and gently laid her down on the bed with a smile as he saw the euphoric look upon her stupefied face. Gently caressing her body Keitaro smiled at the young priestesses that were watching avidly and asked “Who’s next?”

“M-May I be next?” one of them softly squeaked as she raised her hand.

“Of course you can.” Keitaro smiled at her. “What is your name?”

“L-Larna.” she replied.

“That’s a beautiful name.” He said “May I remove your veil?” getting a bashful nod from her Keitaro reached out and lifted the veil from her face revealing a cute tanned face with blushing red cheeks. Smiling down at her Keitaro said “May I kiss you Larna-chan?”

Smiling in response, the young priestess leaned in and pressed her lips to his. As their tongues played together Keitaro grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his lap where he pulled off her robes leaving her naked. Breaking the kiss Keitaro nuzzled into her face and grinned “You have a beautiful body.” he told her causing her to giggle. Biting her bottom lip Larna ran her hands over his chest and skid them down to wrap around his shaft. “It’s so hot.” She breathed as she started pumping her hand up and down his length “and sticky.”

“mmm, that’s because Lucia enjoyed herself so much.” Keitaro explained as he reached out to cup her mound and rub her moist lips causing her to gasp. “Shall we have some fun together?”

Giving him a cute smile Larna shifted forward and mounted his cock, impaling herself and taking his entire length inside of her in one single stroke. Resting her hands on his stomach Larna began raising and lowing her hips all the while soft moans escaped from her lips. Staring at the small, firm mounds on her chest Keitaro couldn’t help but reach out to cup and squeeze them causing her whole body to shudder pleasurably. Feeling hands upon his arms and chest Keitaro saw that the other priestesses had shuffled closer and started running their hands over his body.

“Hello.” Keitaro smiled at them. Removing his hands from Larna’s slender body Keitaro wrapped them around their waists to pull them against him. Getting giggles from the girls who continued to stroke his chest Keitaro returned the favour by allowing his hands to roam their bodies, getting excited gasps and laughs as he squeezed them through their robes. Removing one of their veils Keitaro leaned down and drew her into a kiss while pulling off her robe so that he could touch her directly causing the young priestess to break the kiss with a mewl. As she pressed herself against him and started kissing his neck Keitaro did the same to the other girls until he was surrounded by naked nymphs, each kissing and rubbing their bodies against his all the while Larna continued to ride him until they both came together.

As soon as he had slipped her off of his lap the other priestesses swarmed him; pushing him back among the pillows the girls clambered over him, pressing their nubile bodies against his as they grabbed at his cock and marvelled at the way it twitched and spat out pre-cum. Groaning as he felt them inquisitively examine his cock and balls with their dainty fingers Keitaro looked down at them and found himself presented with three plump tanned rears pointed at him. Reaching down, Keitaro squeezed the asses of the girls on the left and right eliciting excited gasps from them as they turned to look over their shoulders at him.

Abandoning his cock to the other priestesses the pair he was groping turned around and pressed their slender chests to his and took turns kissing him; one would grab his face and suck on his tongue while the other would kiss his nipple before sliding her tongue upwards and forcing her friend out of the way to take her place all the while Keitaro continued to caress their soft asses and stroked their wet quims.

As his fingers slid deep into their moist depths the two girls moaned and settled into his sides, both humping their hips against his flanks while sucking on his nipples. Turning his attention to the third priestess that had been laying on his chest Keitaro leaned down and started kissing her pussy causing her to squeal and release her hold on his shaft which was quickly taken up by one of the other priestesses. Turning around she moved to straddle his face, her fingers gripping his hair as she ground her cunny against his mouth.

Down between his thighs three priestesses lay together salivating over his cock; as one sucked on his leaking cockhead the other two licked his shaft and sucked on his balls, each taking a testicle into their mouth to caress with their soft tongues before the one playing with his tip moved to mount his cock, her wet cunny engulfing his already slick shaft until she had taken his entire length inside of her. With one priestess riding his cock and another riding his face Keitaro’s fingers danced inside the quims of the girls plastered against his side until he simultaneously brought four of the six priestesses to orgasm, their juices soaking his face, flanks and crotch as they came while his balls throbbed in the mouths of the other two priestesses.

Recovering before the post-orgasmic girls Keitaro repositioned the girls so that the two who had been neglected could receive the brunt of his attention while still fondling the other four girls. As Keitaro endeavoured to set off another chain of orgasms the older priestesses watched over them. Despite frowning at the sight of their younger counterparts fawning over him, the elder priestess were rubbing their thighs together as they watched Keitaro skilfully bring them to the heights of pleasure; the fabric of their robes clinging to their slick thighs as their nipples stiffened to noticeably poke through their thin robes.

As he laid the last of the younger priestesses out on the bed Keitaro looked up to find a veiled teenage priestess staring down at him “Are you next?” he asked with a smile.

“If I must.” She huffed as she folded her arms beneath her impressive bosom, prominently displaying her hard nipples through the thin material. “Though I shan’t disrobe.”

“That’s fine.” He told her as he held out a hand to her which she ignored. “Would you like me to take the lead?”

“Of course not!” she scowled as she gathered up her robe up around her hips and moved to straddle Keitaro’s lap “Why should I have to submit to you? I’m going to mount you.” She declared pompously as she grasped his cock and guided him inside of her, grunting as she lowered herself onto him.

“mmm, I don’t mind.” He smiled up at her as he ran his hands up and down her tanned thighs “I happen to love it when women take charge.”

“I don’t care what you like.” She replied “If I did I would have stripped off and shown you my tits.”

“I don’t mind not seeing your breasts.” He told her as he squeezed her hips “It just means I can focus on your beautiful eyes.”

Her eyes widening and the small amount of skin which was not covered by her veil turning red the priestess stuttered out “W-What are you saying?”

“I’m saying you have the most enchanting eyes I’ve ever stared into.” He said, staring intently into her eyes “They’re like two deep pools of sapphires, it’s like they’re glowing.”

“D-Don’t be absurd!” she said as she slipped her robe off of her shoulders to expose her perky breasts “I bet you can’t help but ogle my breasts given the chance.” She said as she thrust her breast into his face only to be surprised to see him ignore her chest in favour of staring into her eyes. Startled by the lust and intensity of his eyes the priestess made no move to stop him when he removed her veil and pressed his lips to her. As if hypnotised by his intense gaze she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to enter her mouth with a groan and started to return his kiss. Sucking on his tongue she started to rock her hips back and forth against his shaft prompting Keitaro to move one hand up her back to grasp the back of her head while his other grasped and squeezed her ass before pushing her forward so that she was lying on the bed. Breaking the kiss Keitaro smiled down at her flushed face as she panted heavily. Seeing her make no attempt to retake the initiative Keitaro began gently thrusting into her making her gasp “Shall I go fast or slow?”

“S-Slow.” She murmured.

Nodding his head Keitaro began slowly thrusting in and out of her pussy. As his dick slid deep inside of her the priestess’s whole body shuddered. Wrapping her arms around his body she chewed on her bottom lip to suppress a moan and started rocking her hips to meet his thrusts causing Keitaro to grin and kiss her again. “You are so beautiful.” He said between kisses, not giving her a chance to catch her breath. “I could spend a lifetime staring into your eyes while I make love to you.” He declared. Whimpering into his kiss as she felt her quim wetten at his words, the priestess wrapped her legs around his waist and began grinding her crotch against his every time he sank deep inside of cunny. Grinning as he felt her body quiver in his arms Keitaro thrust harder inside of her making her yelp. “Want me to go harder?”

“Y-Yes...” she moaned out.

“Faster?” he asked as he increased the speed of his thrusts only to slow back to a crawl.

“Yes!” she cried out desperately as she clawed at his back.

“Say it.” Keitaro demanded “Tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

“I want you to fuck me hard!” she all but screamed as her hands moved down to grasp his ass to squeeze and pull him deeper inside of her.

“Anything for you.” He grinned and started thrusting harder inside of her, his hips picking up speed as he began fucking her in earnest. Kissing and biting her neck Keitaro dragged his tongue along her jaw before shoving it into her mouth, stifling the erotic moans and yelps she was letting out with his every thrust. As his tip rammed against the entrance to her womb the priestess tore her lips from his and let out a throaty yowl as she threw back her head and cried out “Faster! Fuck Me Faster! I’m so close...” the last part coming out as a pitiful whimper.

“Is that so?” Keitaro grinned before squeezing her hips and rolling them over so that she straddled his lap. Seeing the confused look across her Keitaro grinned and said “You said you wanted to take the lead, now you can go as fast as you like.”

Nodding her head she pressed her palms flat against his chest over his nipples and started rocking her hips back and forth, slowly at first but soon picking up speed as feelings of pleasure built up in her abdomen. Letting out a groan as she started bouncing on his lap Keitaro caressed her taut stomach before reaching up to cup her cheek and run his thumb over her soft pink lips. “You’re amazing!”

Grinning as she took his thumb into her mouth and started sucking on the digit before saying “You like how I ride you?”

“I love it!” Keitaro groaned as he ran his thumb over her perfect teeth and gums before stroking her tongue. “You’re making me feel so good!”

“I want you to make me feel good as well!” she declared.

“Tell me how.” He said as he squeezed her hip “Tell me what you want to do.”

“I want you to touch me.” she said breathily. “Here.” She said as she grabbed his hands and brought them to her breasts. Hearing her moan as his fingers sank into her soft flesh Keitaro pushed himself upwards and started kissing her neck and biting her collarbone causing her to cry out and slam her hips down towards his crotch. “You like having your breasts played with?” he asked as he pressed his thumbs into her nipples making her whimper “How about this?” he asked as he hefted up her breasts and took her nipple between his teeth.

As he chewed and tugged on her teat the priestess threw her head back and let out a cry of ecstasy as she came; her hips gyrating and thrusting against his while her constricting love channel massaged his cock and brought him to orgasm causing him to pour his sperm deep into her. Holding her still convulsing body in his arms Keitaro spat out her nipple and gently caressed her back before gently lowering her onto the bed.

Brushing her silver locks out of her eyes Keitaro smiled adoringly down at the panting priestess. “You’re magnificent.” He told her as he slid his hand down her sweat soaked breasts towards her crotch where he started to rub her through her thin robe that was bunched up around her waist. Hearing her gasp and whimper Keitaro lifted up his hand said “Sorry, you must still be tender down there.”

“N-Not at all!” she said as she grabbed his wrist. “It’s just I’ve never cum so hard before and...” she trailed off with a blush.

“And?” Keitaro prompted her.

“I’ve made such a mess.” She said coyly as she looked away from him.

Looking down at her crotch and seeing a dark wet patch on her pristine robes Keitaro grinned “So you have.” He said as he brought his hand back between her legs eliciting another gasp from her. As he affectionately caressed her Keitaro leaned down and ran his tongue over her sweat soaked sternum and up her neck to press his lips against hers. Letting out a soft moan the priestess reached out to grasp his shaft and started to stroke his length, his still stiff cock regaining any hardness he had lost at her touch. Breaking the kiss she looked down at his slick shaft twitching in her grasp with a coy smile before fluttering her eyes at Keitaro. “Would you like to fuck me again?”

“I would love to.” He grinned as he pushed her thighs apart and settled between her legs. Staring down at the soiled robes that clung to her slick thighs and hid her cunny from him Keitaro reached out to remove the obstacle when someone cleared their throat next to him. Looking up from his lover Keitaro found himself faced with a crotch covered in a thick fur of silver hair already slick from her excitement. “I believe it’s my turn to test him.” this new priestess declared with an alluring wiggle of her hips. Without saying a word Keitaro leaned forward and buried his face into her snatch, nuzzling into the thick thicket of hair and inhaling her musky scent before extending his tongue to explore the jungle. As she gasped and grasped his head to hold him in place the priestess Keitaro had just fucked moved to kneel in front of him and started kissing his chest before moving downwards in order to take his cock into her mouth.

Moaning into the hairy snatch Keitaro moved his hands so that one hand he rested it on the head of the priestess sucking him off and wrapped his arm around the waist of the one he was licking. Discovering her swollen clit hidden in the silver thicket Keitaro began assaulting the sensitive nub with his tongue and lips. Sucking and licking her until she was humping his face Keitaro thirstily drank down her juices as she slowly sank to her knees next to him.

Pulling him away from her crotch she grinned and kissed him deeply, her tongue playing with his as she wrapped an arm around his neck while her other hand stroked his chest and slid it down his chest to pull his cock out of the mouth of the other priestess. “Shall we begin?” she asked huskily.

Before he could reply the other priestess wrapped her hand around his cock and frowned at her compatriot. “I have not finished testing him yet.”

Groaning at having his cock squeezed by two gorgeous women Keitaro wrapped his arms around their waists and pulled them close to him. “mmm, don’t fight. We can all play together.” He said as he moved them into position. Laying down on their sides so that they were face to crotch with one another Keitaro settled behind the priestess he had yet to fuck and started kissing her neck and stroking her flank making her mewl. Sliding his hand down her slender body grasped her leg behind her knee and lifted it upwards before slowly entering her from behind. Nuzzling into her short silver hair as she shuddered in his embrace Keitaro moved his hand to the back of the other priestess and started caressing her sweat soaked skin before sliding his hand down to the back of her head and pushed her face into the hairy cunny of the woman he was fucking.

Extending her tongue she began lapping at where here two lovers met, her tongue caressing his sticky shaft and her compatriots pouting labia before sliding into her cleft alongside Keitaro’s thrusting prick making her roll her head back against Keitaro’s shoulder and thrust her hips back and forth against her face and Keitaro’s crotch.

As he chewed on his lovers ear Keitaro removed his hand from the back of the other priestesses head and slid it up her back and between her thighs where he spread her engorged pussy lips and huskily whispered “You lick her too.” Letting out a moan she leaned forward and thrust her tongue into her cum filled snatch.

Watching the two of them eat each other out Keitaro started caressing their bodies, his hands running over their bronze skin as they wrapped their thighs around each other’s heads. Sliding his hand down her smooth stomach Keitaro began teasing her clit causing her to groan into the other’s pussy. Kissing her neck Keitaro whispered into her ear “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Yes!” she panted as she ground her ass back against him.

“How about this?” he leered as he moved his fingers to join the tongue and cock inside her pussy causing her to tighten around the invading objects. With one priestess convulsing in his arms Keitaro slid his free hand down the back of one he had already fucked and started squeezing and rubbing her ass before spreading her cheeks and teasing her anus. Watching her buck her hips against the other priestess’s face Keitaro slipped a finger into her ass causing her to cry out as she came.

As she screamed into the other priestess’s pussy the reverberations of her voice set off her own orgasm, her juices gushing out of her as her innermost walls constricted around Keitaro’s cock. Letting out a groan Keitaro thrust even harder into the priestess and bit down hard on her neck as his cock swelled and pumped his seed deep inside of her.

Nuzzling into her silver hair Keitaro lovingly kissed the nape of her neck as he slowly extracted his cock from her pussy causing his sperm to pour out of her and over the face of the other priestess. Pushing himself up Keitaro adoringly caressed their sweat soaked bodies before turning over to look at the observing priestesses. Smiling at them Keitaro said “Who’s next?”

As they watched Keitaro’s silver tongue seduce priestess after priestess, each successive girl’s reluctance slowly gave way to intrigue which in turn gave way to eager anticipation to the point where the final two girls approached Keitaro together, eagerly stripping off their robes and veils to receive Keitaro’s flirtation, giggling as his hands roamed their supple bodies before panting and moaning as his fingers and tongue pleasured them.

Seeing the last of her cadre succumb to the pleasure that Keitaro incited in them Renka felt a small, nervous thrill run up her spine as she saw him turn to look at her. Approaching the bed as Keitaro extracted himself from the panting priestess Renka steeled herself as he reached out to pull her close. “So it’s finally your turn Renka-chan.”

This close to Keitaro Renka couldn’t help but be enveloped by his musky scent; the smell of his sweat drenched body filling her nostrils and causing her heart to beat faster. “V-Very well. Since you have defiled my sisters I shall perform my duty to my Goddess as High priestess though I shall take no pleasure in doing so.” She said as she faced away from Keitaro and shrugged her robes off her shoulders to expose her caramel coloured skin from her the nape of her neck all the way down to the dimples on the small of her back.

Reaching out to tenderly stroke her shoulder blade Keitaro asked “Why do you think you won’t take any pleasure from this?”

Suppressing a moan as his feather light touches sent small jolts through her body Renka managed to say “I... I have no interest in men!”

“You’re a lesbian?” Keitaro wondered.

Glaring over her shoulder at him Renka spat “Men are nothing but lecherous beasts and it is demeaning that we must submit to this debasement!”

Sliding his hands down to caress her wide hips Keitaro asked “So you don’t want to make love to me?”

“Of course I don’t!” she snapped before relenting slightly “But as I said, I have a duty to perform and it would be wrong of me to shirk that duty after my sisters have performed theirs.” She said as she moved to lay on her back “Have your way with me and be done with it.”

As he moved closer to her and reached out a hand Renka squeezed her eyes closed only to gasp when she felt his fingers lightly stroke her smooth stomach. “Get up.” Keitaro told her softly.

Opening her eyes Renka found him staring down at her veiled face into her emerald green eyes. Unable to maintain his intense gaze Renka looked away as she sat up. Risking a look at him Renka frowned as she saw him staring down at her perky breasts. Covering her breasts with her arm Renka said “I see, so you’d prefer to take me like an animal.” She said venomously as she moved so that she was on all fours with her pert rear thrust out towards Keitaro; the bottom half of her robes clinging tightly to her ass to show off her shapely posterior.

Biting her bottom lip as she felt his hands slide over her ass Renka let out a gasp as he suddenly grasped her hips and pulled her back against his chest. Looking over her shoulder at him Renka glared at him and said “What are you doing?! Why don’t you just fuck me?!” she demanded to know.

“I don’t want to fuck you.” He said simply.

Feeling his erect shaft press into her rear Renka sneered at him “Then how do you explain this?” she asked as she wiggled her rear.

“I never said I didn’t want to have sex with you, I said I don’t want to fuck you.” He told her.

“What’s the difference!?” she snapped at him.

“There is a world of difference between fucking and making love.” He said as he nuzzled into her neck. “I didn’t fuck a single one of your sisters.” He said gesturing to the priestesses laying in a stupor. “I made love to each and every one of them. Do any of them look demeaned or debased?”

Looking around her at the slumbering priestesses Renka saw that without exception they all wore looks of euphoria and contentment. Even the younger girls who were snuggled together slept with large grins plastered across their faces.”T-That doesn’t matter.” She insisted “The mere fact that we must offer up our bodies to a man’s lecherous touch just so that he can have a harem is demeaning. What can be more demeaning that having your body used as a nothing more than proving ground for a perverted King?”

“Sex doesn’t have to be demeaning.” Keitaro said softly into her ear making her shudder. “Sex can be a beautiful thing shared between two people. I want to show you just how wonderful sex can be.”

Feeling her resolve weaken as his warm breath tickled her ear through the thin fabric of her veil Renka closed her eyes and breathed out “J-Just do with me as you will.” She said resignedly.

“As you wish.” He said as he kissed her neck and slid his hands up from her stomach to cup her large breasts. Fondling the heavy mounds Keitaro’s fingers dug into her caramel colour flesh making her gasp.

“W-What are you doing!?” Renka moaned “Just stick it in me already!”

“I will.” He said “But I told you that I’m not going to fuck you; I’m going to make love to you. But first comes foreplay.” He said as he gently kissed her neck and continued to gently fondle her breasts. Feeling her shudder in his arms Keitaro smiled and whispered to her “Do you like having your breasts played with?” he asked.

“W-Who would enjoy having their body molested like this?!” she snapped at him.

Resting his chin on her shoulder with a smile “I was just curious since your nipples are so hard.” He said as he said as his thumbs lightly strummed her erect pink nubs causing a squeal to escape from her lips before she clamped her mouth shut. “What a cute sound that was.” Keitaro teased her making her squirm on his lap “It seems like your nipples are quite sensitive.” He said as he gently rolled them between his fingers making her moan and shudder. “Or do you just like what I’m doing to you?”

“O-Of course I don’t!” she mewled weakly.

“Then they must be sensitive.” Keitaro smiled “Do you play with them often?”

“T-That’s none of your business!” she moaned.

“Of course it is.” He disagreed “I want to know everything about you.”

“W-Why?” she gasped.

“Because the more I know about you the easier it will be to make you cum.” He smiled as he slid his hand down her slender stomach towards the apex of her legs.

 “W-Why do you want to make me cum?” she breathed.

“Because I want to show you sex isn’t something horrible, it’s something that can be enjoyed.” He said as he began caressing her labia causing her to shudder in his arms.

“I...I’ll never enjoy being with a man!” she declared though she knew the wetness of her thighs betrayed her arousal.

“Then there’s no harm in me trying.” he said as pushed her forward so that she was laying on her stomach.

Frowning over her shoulder Renka said “So you do just want to fuck me.”

“oh hush.” He said as he playfully slapped her rear. “I’m giving you a massage.” He said as he started gently rubbing her back.

“Why?” she asked.

“Do I need a reason for wanting to run my hands over a beautiful woman’s body?” he asked as he squeezed her shoulders “There are three slaves in the palace who taught me how to give a massage, they say I’m quite good at it.” He said as he leaned down to kiss the nape of her neck before drawing her hair out from beneath her veil and nuzzling into her long silver locks.

“W-What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m admiring your hair.” He said simply as he ran his fingers through her hair which fell halfway down her back. “You know, my fiancés seem to be under the impression that I find a woman’s ass to be her most attractive feature. But what I adore more than anything is their hair.” He whispered huskily to her. “I love running my fingers though a woman’s hair. Three of my fiancés have the most beautiful black hair; it goes all the way down to their hips and I could spend the day just stroking their hair but there’s just something so stunning about your hair. It’s like spun silver.” He said as he ran his fingers through the soft mane before leaning down and nuzzling into it, inhaling deeply causing her to shudder beneath him. Brushing her hair to the side Keitaro kissed her shoulder before trailing his lips down her spine. Reaching the small of her back Keitaro kissed both of the dimples at the base of her spine before spreading apart her cheeks and licked her anus making her gasp and cry out.

“W-Where do you think you are licking!” she yelled at him.

“I would have thought it was obvious.” Keitaro grinned. “You said I could do as I please, so I’m going to taste every part of you.” He said as he ran his tongue around her anus before sliding it down her taint towards her pussy where he started lapping at her pouting labia. Lifting her hips higher Keitaro buried his nose in her folds and extended his tongue to flick at her clit causing her to buck her ass against his face.

Feeling her juices trickle down onto his nose Keitaro grabbed her hips and rolled her onto her back. Caressing her soft thighs Keitaro leaned down and resumed eating her out causing her to moan and thrust her hips against his face while her fingers clawed at the bed beneath her. Stopping his assault just before she came Keitaro grinned up at her through her heaving breasts and started to lick his way up her body. Looming over her Keitaro reached out and gently removed her veil. Staring down at her Keitaro cupped her cheek and breathed out “You are so beautiful.”

Blushing brightly Renka turned her face away from under his gaze and said “T-There is no need for flattery. Just take me and be done with it.”

Taking a hold of her chin Keitaro turned her face back to him and pressed his lips against hers, forcing her to taste herself on his tongue. As she moaned into his mouth Keitaro brought a hand up to squeeze her breast, his fingers sinking into her supple flesh while his other hand gently pushed apart her thighs and rubbed her crotch. Sliding his fingers inside her moist cleft made her break the kiss by throwing her head back with a groan prompting him to bite her neck.

Feeling her tremble in his arms Keitaro removed his fingers and replaced it with his cock.  As he entered her Renka gasped loudly as he sank deeper into her, his cock stretching her tight love channel causing her to arch her back and thrust her breasts out towards him leading Keitaro to take her nipple between his teeth. With the added stimulation of her sensitive nipple Renka wrapped her arms and legs around Keitaro and drew him deeper inside of her. As inch after inch entered her Renka moaned and started to thrust her crotch against Keitaro’s.

Spitting out her nipple Keitaro pushed himself upwards so that he was kneeling between her thighs. Running his hands over her smooth stomach Keitaro grabbed her hips and started to pull out of her only for the priestess to tighten her legs around his waist to pull him back inside of her before even an inch had left her cunny. Groaning every time she pulled him back inside of her Keitaro reached up to cup the side of her face and run his thumb over her soft lips prompting her to part them and take his digit into her mouth.

As she sucked on his thumb Keitaro slid his other hand from her hip and beneath her to her back to lift her upwards so that their chests were pressed together. Staring into her eyes and seeing a look of unbridled lust Keitaro moved his hands down her body and over her hips to cup her ass Keitaro began lifting her up and down on his cock causing her to whimper every time he lifted her and gasp every time he dropped her.

When she started to bounce up and down of her own volition Keitaro brought his hands back around her body to grope one of her firm breasts while the other held onto the back of her head to pull her face towards his and forced his tongue into her mouth. As Keitaro began thrusting upwards to meet her every bounce Renka broke the kiss with a moan. Throwing her head back exposing her throat to his kissing lips Renka arched her back and pushed her breasts out towards him. As his lips trailed down to once again chew on her stiff pink nipple Renka planted her arms on the bed behind her to further arch her back and started gyrating and rolling her hips erotically while moaning lustfully.

Staring at the way her hips hypnotically moved Keitaro roughly squeezed her breast while his other hand moved to support her by holding onto the small of her back while thrusting up into her causing her to cry out every time he slammed into her. As they continued to move their hips against one another until they both came, Ranka’s cunny spraying out her juices to soak his crotch while he emptied his balls deep into her uterus.

Clutching her body close to his as they rode out their orgasms Keitaro buried his face between her sweat soaked skin and kissed her tanned skin. Looking up at his lover Keitaro saw that she had her eyes closed with her head tilted back and was softly mumbling something in Molmolan. Kissing his way up her neck and along her jaw Keitaro chewed on her ear before asking “What are you saying?”

Her eyes fluttering open Renka panted heavily and said “A-A prayer... to Amallena. Asking for her forgiveness.”

“What do you have to be forgiven for?” Keitaro wondered.

“For my arrogance and my foolishness.” She said “Amallena is not only the goddess of fertility but also of love making and the sensual arts but I have neglected those aspects of her divine being thinking it beneath me. I even convinced my fellow priestesses that sleeping with a man was debasing when it’s anything but.” She said as she ran her fingers over his chest.  “It’s like the scales have been lifted from my eyes. I understand now how truly wonderful sex can be. When I came it was like I was being filled with Amallena’s grace.” She said breathily.

“Well, that wasn’t the only thing you were being filled with.” He leered up at her making her giggle.

Rolling off of him to lay beside him Renka gently stroked her abdomen before sliding her fingers through the thick thatch of silver pubic hair towards her leaking pussy “So much...” she marvelled “Even after being with my sisters you filled me with so much of your seed.”

“I thought that was the point of this test?” Keitaro smiled at her as he rolled onto his side and stroked her stomach before leaning down to kiss her. Snuggling closer to him as their tongues mingled Renka reached down and stroked his length making him moan. “mmm, I take it I passed?”

“With flying colours.” She purred lustfully. “You have our blessings and those of our Goddess to ascend the throne of MolMol.” She declared.

“Thank you.” Keitaro grinned as Renka pressed herself to his body and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“I should be the one thanking you; I have never felt so close to Amallena before. I would gladly do anything to show you how appreciative I am.” She said fluttering her eyes at him.

As his eyes trailed down over her body Keitaro hungrily licked his lips and said “Could you teach me some Molmolan?”

“It would be my pleasure.” She purred as she sat up “Repeat after me.” she said followed by a sensual uttering of Molmolen. When he parroted it back she shook her head and pointed to her lips “Watch my tongue.” She said as she repeated the phrase. Leaning in close to her Keitaro extended his tongue and slid it into her mouth, letting it follow the movement of hers as she repeated it again.

As she giggled into his mouth Keitaro grinned and said “So what does that mean?”

Giving him a devilish look Renka rolled away from him and moved onto all fours presenting her pussy to him. Grinning at the sight of her Keitaro moved behind her and grabbed her hips before sliding into her pussy causing her to moan lewdly. Squeezing her ass Keitaro picked up speed and started slamming his hips against her plump rear causing her firm flesh to ripple. As they fucked Renka began crying out in Molmolan. Even if he didn’t understand the words she used the intent was clear by the way she shook her hips and met his every thrust by slamming her ass back against his crotch. Sliding his hands up from her hips Keitaro grasped her perky breasts and started roughly fondling her, squeezing the firm mounds and pinching her nipples causing her to yelp out another stream of Molmolan. Talking hold of her breasts Keitaro pulled her up so that his chest was pressed against her back and he started kissing and biting her neck all the while thrusting hard into her pussy until they came together; her juices gushing out of her to soak the bed beneath them as he exploded inside of her.

Holding her close to him Keitaro nuzzled into her neck and inhaled her sweaty scent. Hearing her mumbling in Molmolan with her eyes closed Keitaro kissed her neck and asked “Another prayer?”

“Yes.” She murmured contently as she allowed herself to be enveloped by his arms “I was asking Amallena to bless my womb so that your seed might take root.”

“You want to have a baby with me?” Keitaro asked as he stroked her stomach.

“Of course. What better way is there to honour a fertility goddess than to bear a child? My mother always says that she never felt closer to Amallena than when she was pregnant with me.”

“Your mother is a priestess too?” Keitaro asked.

“She was the head priestess before passing on the duties to me when I came of age.” She nodded. “Just like I will do when our daughter comes of age.”

“Why are you so certain that we’d have a daughter?” Keitaro asked.

Reaching up to finger her silver hair Renka said “Those who are Amallena Blessed always give birth to daughters.”

“What’s Amallena Blessed?” Keitaro asked.

“A Molmolan woman with silver hair like mine.” She said as she ran her fingers through her silvery mane. “Would you like to know why we are called that?”

“I would love to know.” Keitaro smiled as he kissed her neck.

Spinning around on his lap Ranka pushed him back on the bed and said “I first have to explain our gods to you.”

“I’m all ears.” Keitaro smiled as she stroked her hips.

“Well, first there is the Father God; he created the world and is the father to all life.” Renka explained.

“Is he the three eyed elephant?” Keitaro wondered.

“That is one of his many forms, yes.” She nodded. “And that is another.” She said as she gestured to a mural of an Adonis with an obscenely large erection and several beautiful women on their knees before him; sucking and licking his mighty shaft.

“Who are the girls?” Keitaro wondered.

“Just random nymphs.” Renka replied dismissively “The handmaidens of our fertility goddess.”

“Amallena right?” Keitaro said.

“That's correct.” The priestess smiled. “She is our patron god whom we worship in this temple. When the Father God created the world he created it as an endless meadow. One day the Father God took a hold of his mighty cock and started to pump his fist up and down his divine length.” Renka told him as she grasped Keitaro’s shaft and started slowly pumping her fist up and down. “As he did so he thought of the most beautiful, the most seductive, the most sensual woman he could and when he came his seed landed on a flower.”

“The flower grew and grew and when it bloomed Amallena stepped off of its petals fully formed as the most beautiful woman even god could imagine. When she presented herself to the Father God he instantly fell in love with her. His mighty shaft swelled and grew and he tried to mount her only for her to slip away from him.”

“You see our goddess is as mischievous as she is beautiful and for over a millennia she teased the Father God mercilessly. She would wander about creation as naked as the day she emerged from the flower knowing that he was watching her. When she bathed in starlight she would touch herself and moan in such ecstasy that the Father God couldn't stand just watching and had to taste her but as soon as he wrapped his arms around her she would flit out his grasp and flee while giggling.”

“For untold eons Amallena's every slightest movement was dedicated teasing and enticing the Father God. Even when she slept she did so with her legs spread wide inviting the Father God between them only escape whenever he was about to enter her. At some point she appeared before him and told him that she wished to pleasure him. She had him lay back and took his divine cock in her mouth. She brought him to the precipice only to disappear again before he could achieve release. So enraged by her teasing the Father God lashed out at the world leaving large trenches in the flat lands as scars of his anger. After that he created the strongest chains in existence and bound her with them before finally ravishing her.”

“He raped her?” Keitaro asked.

“Not at all.” Renka smiled. “While she may not have been able to escape from the chains the only reason why he could bind her is because she allowed him to. Once he had her bound the Father God spread her legs and plunged deeply inside of her.”

“No foreplay?” Keitaro grinned.

“No need, our goddess is always wet and ready.” she giggled and brought his hand between her thighs and breathily added “As are her priestesses.” Getting a grin from Keitaro Renka continued “For a thousand years the two copulated. He would maul her heavy breasts as their hips collided and both orgasmed over and over again. Amallena's ejaculate spraying from her cleft formed the rivers and the lakes and filled in the trenches the Father God made in is anger to form the oceans.” Renka explained. “When she fell pregnant the Father God moved his mighty shaft to her back passage to allow her to give birth to their children. From her divine womb sprang forth the gods of the skies and of the forests, of the mountains and of the oceans. Over and over again she gave birth until finally, when the potency of the Father Gods holy seed was at its weakest, she gave birth to the first man.”

“The weakest of all their children with almost none of their divinity, Amallena took pity on her most pitiable of children and mounted him.” she said and moved her hips to take his cock back inside of her. As she started to move her hips Renka continued “She spent days riding him; showing him all the pleasures that a woman could bring to him. When he had impregnated her Amallena gave birth to the first woman. Having the baby suckle at her divine teat her milk nourished the child and made her grow into an adult before their eyes. Once she was fully formed Amallena had her daughter climb on top of her son and taught her how to pleasure him and how to receive pleasure from him.”

“As they made mad passionate love to one another Amallena blessed her daughters womb. After he came her stomach swelled and she gave birth to a daughter with silver hair.” She smiled as she ran her hand through her own silvery mane.

“Just like yours.” Keitaro observed as he reached out to run his fingers through her silver patch of pubic hair.

“That’s right.” Renka nodded as she rocked her hips back and forth with a small moan “And since then any girl born with silver hair is known as ‘Amallena Blessed’ and can become a priestess.”

“So you chose to become a priestess?” he asked.

“It’s what I was born to be.” She replied. “Since the beginning of our recorded history the women of my family have served Amallena as head priestess. I can trace my lineage back to the founding of MolMol.” She bragged.

“That’s very impressive.” Keitaro said as he stroked her hips.

Cooing happily at his touch Renka said “Another thing you should know is that, like our Goddess those who are Amallena Blessed are exceptionally fertile and perpetually wet.” She leered as she leaned forward so that her breasts were pressed against his chest before breathily adding “And traditionally, it is the King who impregnates the head priestess.”

“Is that so?” Keitaro smiled before blinking “Does that mean you and Amalla are related?”

“She’s my half sister.” Renka nodded as she kissed his chest and started to gyrate her hips against him making them both moan.

“You two don’t seem to get along.” He grunted out.

“mmm, that’s my fault. I refused to sleep with Lamba and bless their marriage.” She explained. “I was unaware how pleasurable being with a man could be.”

“Then why did you agree to sleep with me?” he asked.

“My mother insisted.” Renka replied “She said if I would not perform my duties as head priestess then she would do it for me but I couldn’t very well allow my sisters to be defiled while I sat back and watched could I?”

“Do you still feel like you’ve been defiled?” Keitaro asked with a slight frown.

“Not at all.” She grinned “I love having you inside me. I see now how foolish I have been. Had I known how truly wonderful sex can be I would have been first to test your prowess.” She leered and squeezed her pussy around his cock.

“Well I’m glad I could help change your mind.” He smiled as he adoringly caressed her ass.

“You’ve done more than that. You’ve opened my eyes to a whole new world. I feel connected to Amallena in a way I never imagined; it’s as if I’m her vessel, a mere conduit for her divine grace to enter this world!” she breathed in a fit of religious fervour as she started to bounce on his lap.

With his hands still on her ass Keitaro smiled up at her and said “I’m glad I could help you become closer to your Goddess.”

“Our Goddess.” She corrected him. “You’re to be our King, she will be watching over you as she has every king.”

“mmm, you’re right. I’ve never been very religious but I should make an effort to learn about MolMol’s culture.” He said as stroked her thighs “Could you teach me?”

“I would love to.” She grinned as she ground her crotch against his. “MolMol is an ancient kingdom with many protocols and customs. It’ll be a long, hard process to lean them but I’m sure you’re up to the task.” She purred seductively.

Letting out a groan Keitaro squeezed her hips and asked “What’s first?”

Slipping off his cock Renka grabbed his hand and said “The correct way to bathe a Priestess of Amallena.”

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