King of MolMol

BY : Saiga
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Chapter 17 - Keitaro’s big day out pt.4

“Harder My Lord!” the blond whore begged as she thrust her hips back against Keitaro who was hunched over the woman’s sweat soaked back. His lips were locked on her neck; kissing, sucking and biting her exposed flesh while his hands snaked around her body; one was at her tit squeezing the large mound and tugging at her erect nipple while the other was between her legs with three fingers plunging into her wet cunny as he roughly ground his thumb against her clit. All the while he was mauling her tit and fingering her drenched pussy Keitaro was thrusting into her ass; his thick cock stretching out her tiny anus which squeezed and contracted around his shaft every time his thumb rubbed against her clit. “Fuck My Ass Harder!” she cried out.

Goaded on by her demands Keitaro slammed his hips against her all the harder and slid a forth finger into her gushing cunny. With almost his entire hand plunging in and out of her Keitaro released her breast and slid his other up to her shoulder for purchase before increasing the speed of his thrusts and the grazing of her clit causing the woman to orgasm; her pussy squeezing his fingers as her girl juices sprayed out around his hand and her sphincter to tighten around his cock setting out yet another orgasm man; his sperm spraying out to coat her bowels in his white fluid. Still thrusting in and out of her orifice, Keitaro’s balls continued pump out his cum as the whore’s innermost walls milked his shaft with their convulsions until the thick volleys were reduced to small spurts.

Exhausted, the sweat soaked Keitaro withdrew his hand and fell backwards; his cock reluctantly sliding out of her anus as her orifice tightened in an effort to prevent him leaving. Once his cock had left her anus with a loud pop Keitaro sat back on the bed and panted hard as the whore collapsed in front of him. Licking his lips Keitaro coughed as he found his mouth and throat parched. “Rika...?” Keitaro rasped out as he looked around for the whore had had been keeping him hydrated.

All around him were comatose whores who he had fucked into their unconscious states; all of which had a happy smile on their faces as well as sperm leaking out of one orifice or another. Even Cassandra, who had come to service him again after she had recovered from her previous fucking only to once again succumb to her ecstasy after Keitaro had joyfully flooded all three orifices with his sperm, was still on her back with her legs spread wide peacefully asleep as sperm and girl juices pooled beneath her. Smiling at her Keitaro couldn’t help but reach out and cup one of her sweat soaked mounds. Caressing her ebony skin Keitaro lightly pinched her dark nipple and smiled at the way her breasts rose and fell.

Hearing a small sound behind him Keitaro released Cassandra's nipple turned and found the diminutive whore he was looking for lying next to him with a satisfied smile on her seeping face. Rika’s entire body was covered in a layer of his thick sperm, his cum pouring out of her cunny and her still gaping asshole. As Keitaro had fucked the other whores he had insisted Rika stay within arm’s reach so that whenever he had finished fucking a girl she was nearby to hand him a drink or allow him to grope her behind or her tit as the next prostitute took her place on his length though on more than one occasion Keitaro had pounced on her or pulled her on top of him and slipped his cock into one of her orifices.

Reaching out, Keitaro ran his fingers through her sperm-matted hair before resting his hand on her plump rear and gave her an affectionate caress as he stared at her stretched out anus. As he watched his sperm seep out the open orifice two arms wrapped around his chest and he felt lips press against his neck. Looking over his shoulder Keitaro saw Erika grinning at him “You’ve been busy haven’t you My Lord.” she purred.

“Erika-chan...” Keitaro murmured as he turned and pressed his lips to hers.

Moaning into his mouth Erica reached down and grasped his wet shaft and started to pump her fist up and down his length “You’re still so energetic My Lord. Even after fucking 20 of my whores you’re still so hard.” She grinned as she nuzzled her nose against his face.

Kissing his way down her chin Keitaro nuzzled into her neck and rasped out “Erika-chan.”

Running her fingers through his hair and sniffed him “You’re very sweaty My Lord; I can’t give you back to Her Highness like this can I?” she told him as pulled him up by his shaft. As she pulled him towards the pool she allowed the babydoll and tiny skirt she wore to fall from her body so that she was completely naked in front of him. Staring at her pert backside Keitaro couldn’t help but reach and roughly grasp one of her ass cheeks which caused her to gasp and smile over her shoulder at him. As they descended into shallow water Erika led Keitaro over to the fountain where she positioned him under the stream flowing from the statues pussy. Feeling the cool water pour onto his face Keitaro gasped loudly before letting out a relaxed sigh as Erika ran her hands over his back. Opening his mouth, Keitaro hungrily drank down the water that the goddess provided. “Are you thirsty My Lord?” Erika asked as she slipped in front of him to sit on the plinth that the statues stood upon. Running her hands up from her stomach Erika cupped her large breasts. “I have something that is more nutritious and even more delicious right here that you can drink.” She purred as she ran her thumbs over her nipples.

It took Keitaro a moment to understand what she meant but when he did his eyes went wide and he lunged forward, grabbed hold of her hips and sealed his lips around her teat before sucking hard and being rewarded with a stream of sweet breast milk. Gasping loudly with a smile Erika wrapped her arms around his head and held him to her chest. “Do you like the taste of my milk?” she asked the preoccupied man.

Receiving a nod Erika held her other nipple close to his mouth and allowed him to take the other nipple into his mouth so he could suckle on both at the same time. When he moved one hand from her hip and brought it up to hold her other mammary in place Erika reached down and started to caress his hard length; earning a moan from the man and caused him to increase the speed of his suckling. “That’s it My Lord. Drink my milk.” She leered and released his cock. Bringing both of her hands up squeeze and milk her breasts into his mouth Erika pressed the soles of her feet against his shaft and started to pump up and down.

Hearing him moan Erika smiled and increased the speed of her feet, changing the rhythm of her feet so that they moved up and down at different times and occasionally ground her heel against his thick cock head or grabbed the spongy tip with her toes. It wasn’t long until Erika’s skilful feet brought the man to orgasm; his dick spewing out his thick sperm to cover her feet and ankles in his thick seed. As Keitaro thrust against her Keitaro bit her hard nipples and reached up to grasp and squeeze her large mammaries making her moan loudly and pour milk into his mouth.

Panting heavily Keitaro released her breasts and rested his face between the two large mounds with his eyes closed. Running his hands up and down her flanks Keitaro smiled and let out a happy sigh. “That was wonderful Erika-san.” He murmured as he nuzzled into her chest.

“I'm glad you enjoyed it My Lord.” she giggled as she ran her fingers through his hair “Did you like my milk?”

“It was delicious.” He smiled as he leaned over to kiss her nipple. “You should bottle and sell it.”

“Thank you.” She purred with a smile “Do you know how fortunate you are My Lord? This is a special service that I only give to my most valued of clients.”

“I’m honoured.” He told her as he ran his thumb over the stiff nub. “Does this mean you have a child Erika-san?”

“That’s right.” She smiled “I have a daughter.”

“She must be beautiful.” He said.

Raising an eyebrow Erika smiled and asked “Why do you say that?”

“Well Nina-san is very beautiful and both of her daughters are gorgeous. So if you have a daughter she must be very beautiful.”

Erika let out a laugh. “Yes, my daughter is very beautiful.” She told him as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Tell me My Lord, did you enjoy fucking my whores?” she asked.

“Yea.” He nodded his head.

“You know, it takes a lot of skill to bring a whore to orgasm; trust me, I’d know. I’ve made every woman in this building cum with my fingers, my mouth and any number of toys that I’ve procured over the years so I know exactly how much effort it takes to get them off and yet all it took from you was a single fucking for them to pass out from the pleasure.” She thought idly. “It makes me curious about just how skilled of a lover you are.”

Lifting his head from her chest Keitaro looked up at her and asked “Do you want to have sex with me?”

“If you feel up to it My Lord.” she purred. In answer to her Keitaro stood up with his cock already at full mast; his impressive length twitching and spewing out a torrent of pre-cum from his swollen, purple tip. “Oh, my.” Erika purred happily as she watched his thick manhood bob up and down as if it had a mind of its own. When he leaned in towards her lips Erika stopped him by pressing her hands against his chest “Wait a moment, My Lord.”

Pausing Keitaro asked “Is everything alright Erika-san?”

“Yes, I just have a small request before we start.” She told him.

“What is it?” He asked.

“When you fuck me I want you to treat me like a virgin. I want you to pretend like this will be my first having sex and you are about to take my virginity. Is that alright?” she asked imploringly.

“Sure, whatever you want Erika-san.” He smiled as he leaned in to kiss her lips. As his tongue slid into her mouth Keitaro ran his hands up her thighs to caress her hips. Slipping one hand around her waist to gently squeeze her tanned rear Keitaro allowed the other to slowly crawl up her stomach to cup her milk laden breast. Affectionately rubbing the heavy mound Keitaro broke the kiss when she started to moan and slowly kissed his way down her chest; his lips never leaving her tanned skin until her reached her nipple. Taking the leaking nub into his mouth Keitaro savoured the taste of her milk for a long moment before continuing on his way down her body.

Stopping only to kiss and nuzzle into her navel Keitaro buried his nose into her soft bushel of pubic hair and inhaled deeply, enjoying her scent. Finally moving lower Keitaro placed a soft kiss onto her clit causing a shudder to pass through her body. Smiling at her response Keitaro extended her tongue to caress the erect nub causing her to hump her hips against his face. Moving lower Keitaro ran his tongue up and down her soaked pussy lips before allowing the tip of his tongue to slide between her folds.

“mmm, My Lord.” Erika purred as she held his head to her cunny. “That’s not necessary.” She moaned happily but made no attempt to stop him.

“But you wanted to pretend that this was your first time. If it were, I’d be doing this to make sure you were wet enough.” He told her ‘I’d be doing this anyway.’ he thought to himself as he hungrily licked his lips; savouring her taste.

Grinning down at him Erika pulled his mouth back against her mound and slipped her legs over his shoulders “As you wish My Lord.” Smiling up at her Keitaro continued to kiss her cunny; his tongue sliding deeply into her tight love channel as he stroked her smooth, tanned thighs. Giving his wet muscle a wiggle Keitaro slowly withdrew it and scrapped her innermost walls as he did so. Once he had pulled out of her Keitaro circled her swollen clit before opening his mouth to cover her mound and started to suck hard. Alternating between flicking her clit and delving into her pussy it wasn’t long before the Madam came; her back arching and her head thrown back as her juices flooded his mouth.

Drinking down every drop Keitaro pulled his mouth off of her mound and gave her an affectionate lick before kissing her thigh. “How was that Erika-san?” he asked as he ran his fingers up and down her legs.

“If your cock is half as talented as your mouth I can see why my girls are so exhausted.” She breathed heavily as she stroked his hair. “I think I'm wet enough to find out.”

Nodding his head Keitaro pushed himself upwards and captured her lips. Slipping his tongue inside of her mouth Keitaro grabbed his thick shaft and pressed his swollen tip against her pouting pussy lips. Breaking the kiss Keitaro nuzzled against her cheek and murmured to her “Are you ready Erika-san?”

“Yes.” She moaned as he rubbed his tip against her clit. “Fuck me My Lord!” she breathed into his ear.

Kissing her again Keitaro held onto her hips and slowly slid his length into her tight channel. Moaning loudly as he stretched out her cunny Erika wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him deeper inside of her so that his tip pierced her cervix and enter her womb. Kissing her lips Keitaro nuzzled against her face “How does that feel Erika-san?” he asked in a soft whisper.

“Wonderful My Lord.” she purred into his ear “It’s been so long since I’ve had a real cock penetrate me so deeply I’d forgotten how good it felt!” She moaned happily as her pussy convulsed around his length.

Smiling at her Keitaro asked “Are you ready Erika-san?” he asked.

“Yes My Lord.” she purred as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Moaning into her mouth as he held onto her hips Keitaro slowly pulled out of her until only his cockhead remained inside of her before gently thrusting back into her. Keitaro continued this slow rhythm of almost completely withdrawing and then slowly sliding back in to breach her cervix all the while keeping his lips pressed against hers until Erika broke the kiss with a loud moan and breathed into his ear “Faster! Fuck me Faster My Lord!”

“I thought that you wanted me to fuck you like a virgin?” he asked teasingly as he brought a hand up to lightly tug on her stiff nipple.

“Forget that!” she growled as she bit his earlobe “I need to be fucked hard!”

“Whatever you want.” He leered as he buried his length inside of her before grabbing her hips and rolling her over so that she was on top of him. Seeing the slightly bemused look on her face Keitaro smiled and said “Now you can go as fast as you want.”

Grinning widely Erika grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss as she raised her hips only to slam them back down with a loud moan as he pierced her cervix. As she continued this rhythm Keitaro grunted into her mouth as he slid his hands around to roughly squeeze her firm ass cheeks; his fingers digging into the tanned flesh as he rocked his hips upwards to meet her every downwards thrust. Breaking the kiss Keitaro dragged his lips down her body to bite and suckle on her stiff nipple causing the woman to throw her head back and arched her back as she came; her pussy convulsing around his length as her juices sprayed out over his groin.

As her milk sprayed out of her nipples and filled his mouth Keitaro drank down every drop that she gave him with a hungry moan. As her spasming pussy squeezed and massaged every inch of his length, Keitaro’s cock swelled inside of her and erupted with a torrent of sperm poured directly into her uterus. Feeling her womb flooded with his scolding seed Erika came again; her innermost walls trying to milk his cock for every drop his swollen balls could produce.

Panting heavily, Erika held the suckling man’s head to her breast and moaned out “No wonder they want you to be their King!” she breathed as she nuzzled into his hair. Keitaro didn’t answer; he had transferred his mouth to her other breast to lick the sweet stream of milk leaking from her teat. Slipping off his lap Erika gently grasped his still hard cock and started to clean his shaft of his cum and her juices “You have a magnificent cock My Lord.” she told him as she circled his crown with her tongue.

“Thank you Erika-san.” He smiled down at her as he caressed her cheek. “You’re wonderful.”

“Thank you My Lord.” she smiled as she leaned up to kiss him. “I take great pride in my work and it’s so nice to be appreciated.” She purred as he ran his fingers through her hair. Pulling him into the pool Erika straddled his hips and kissed him. Running her hands over his body Erika smiled and said “You’ve gotten all sweaty again My Lord. Allow me to clean you before I give you back to her Highness.”

“Sure.” He smiled as he slid his hands around to cup her ass.

“mmm, if you keep doing that you’re going to get all sweaty again.” She laughed as she felt him squeeze her firm globes.

“I can’t help it.” He smiled as he caressed her rear. “I like playing with your ass.”

“Well, I’ve never been one to disappoint a client.” She giggled seductively as washed his body.

Having gotten the groping man dressed Erika led Keitaro out of the suite where Amalla was waiting. “Here you go Your Highness, your fiancé safe and sound.”

“Thank you.” Amalla smiled as she approached them “Hello Kei-kun, did you-oh!” she was cut off as Keitaro wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her into a kiss.

As he squeezed her behind Keitaro broke the kiss with a smile and said “Hey Ama-chan.”

“Really now My Lord,” Erika grinned as pressed herself into his back and reached around to cup the large bulge in his trousers. “You fuck me and twenty of my finest whores and you’re still not sated? If I let you leave now I shudder to think what would happen to my reputation.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Amalla smiled as Keitaro slipped his hands down the back of her skirt to squeeze and grope her firm cheeks. “If you had completely exhausted him I wouldn’t have much use for him would I- Ah gently Kei-kun.” she gasped as Keitaro kissed his way down her neck to bite her collarbone.

“Sorry Ama-chan.” Keitaro smiled as he lifted up her shirt to expose her round, tanned breasts and took one of her pink nipples into his mouth “Were you waiting long?” he asked.

“Not too long.” She mewed as he lightly nibbled on her erect teat. “mmm, really now; he’s more frisky now than when I left him to your girls.” she smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“I have plenty of other girls that his Lordship hasn’t exhausted yet. If you like we can have them try to wear him out.” Erika offered.

“That won’t be necessary. We should be returning to the palace so I’ll take care of him.” she smiled as she slipped her hand down his trousers to lovingly stroke his shaft.

“Very well then.” She sighed as she pulled Keitaro off of Amalla’s tit and turned him around so that she could throw her arms over his shoulders and pull him into a kiss. As her tongue invaded his mouth and played with his Erika moaned happily as she felt his hands squeeze her ass. Breaking the kiss Erika ran her tongue along his jaw until she could whisper into his ear “If things don’t work out with her Highness just know that there is a place for you here. I have over a hundred girls working here and once the ones you’ve met wake up and tell the others what you did to them they’ll all want a ride.” Reaching down she grasped his cock and balls through his trousers and continued “You could fuck as many of them as you wanted whenever you wanted in whatever way you wanted. Not only that but you’d be allowed to drink my milk whenever you like.” She offered as she lightly nibbled on his ear and massaged his cock before back and saying aloud “Feel free to come back whenever you like My Lord.”

“I...I will.” He promised with a nod.

“Come along Kei-kun.” Amalla said as grabbed Keitaro by the arm and started to pull him away from the leering Madam.

As she pulled him down the hallway a voice called out “My Lord!” turning around they saw a naked Cassandra hurrying towards them.

“Are you alright Cass-chan?” Keitaro asked as she stopped in front of him.

“Yes My Lord.” she nodded demurely as she bashfully bit her bottom lip “I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed servicing you and that when you next visit us it would be my honour to pleasure you again.”

Smiling at her Keitaro rested one hand on her hip and used the other to cup her chin. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He told her as he leaned in to kiss her; his hand sliding around to squeeze her ass.

Moaning happily into his mouth Cassandra pressed herself against Keitaro’s body and ground their crotches together as Keitaro continued to grope her dark flesh. When they broke their kiss Cassandra rested her head against his chest and rubbed her thigh against his erection. Looking up at him she said “You’re still hard My Lord. Would you like me to take care of this?”

“That won’t be necessary.” Amalla said as she pressed herself against Keitaro’s back and slipped her hand down his trousers to grope his cock. “I may just be a prim and proper princess but I’m more than capable of taking care of this.” She said, giving the man a squeeze as she narrowed her eyes at the whore. Her eyes widening and her mouth opening and closing in a silent stammer Cassandra wasn’t able to get a word out before Amalla turned to Keitaro and said “Say goodbye to the whores Kei-kun.”

Nodding his head Keitaro pulled Cassandra against him and kissed her again all the while groping her supple body. Breaking the kiss Keitaro nuzzled against her face and said goodbye before doing the same to Erika. Giving them both one last grope Keitaro was pulled away by the silver haired princess leaving a forlorn Cassandra staring after him. Biting her bottom lip Cassandra stroked her soaked and swollen pussy lips with a soft moan before jumping as Erika slapped her rear and reached around to tug on her nipples “Really now Cassandra. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were trying to get His Lordship to steal you away from me.” She purred.

“Of course not.” Cassandra moaned “It’s just that I’ve never came so hard before.”

“mmm, you’re going to make me sad saying that.” Erika purred as she reached down to stroke her wet pussy lips.

“Ah, I meant no man has ever made cum so hard before.” Cassandra moaned as she rocked her hips against her hand.

“I'm sure you did.” Erika smiled as she pinched her clit. “Come along now. We’ve got a lot of girls that need cleaning up before our next clients arrive.” She purred as she tugged on her nipples and dragged her back into the room.

Walking with her arm wrapped tightly around his and rested her head against his shoulder Amalla looked up at him and said “You seemed to get along with the whores.” She observed.

“I guess.” Keitaro smiled as he scratched the back of his head. “But I'm surprised they were so young. I would have expected widows to be older.”

Amalla gave him a curious look. “What makes you think they were widows?” she asked.

“Well you told me that most women who work in brothels are widows who still want to have sex.” He reminded her.

“Oh yes, I did say that didn’t I?” she replied as she looked away from him.

Narrowing his eyes at her Keitaro said “Ama-chan, did you lie to me about that?”

“Well, maybe a little white lie.” She allowed.

“Why would you lie about that?” Keitaro asked with a frown.

“It wasn’t a complete lie.” She said innocently “Widows tend to work in brothels as a source of income as well as a way of satisfying their sexual needs. It’s just that many young women also choose it as a profession.” She explained.

“But I thought a woman had to be a virgin to get married for the first time?” he wondered.

“Of course not.” She laughed “That archaic rule fell out of fashion a long time ago along with marrying pre-teens and having multiple wives. Only members of the royal family need adhere to them. No, nowadays men seem to prefer a more experienced woman and working in a brothel not only allows them to gain that experience but also lets them met potential husbands.”

“But wouldn’t they want a career of their own?” he asked. “I mean if all they do is work in places like this to get married aren’t they stuck here if no one proposes to them?”

“Is there a problem with that?” Amalla retorted. “Is it so hard to believe that a woman would enjoy having sex for a living? Erika started here as an apprentice when she was a child and she’s loved working here ever since. You must remember Kei-kun, there is no stigma attached to their profession here on MolMol like there is in other parts of the world.”

“It just seems like they’re limiting their options.” He replied “They could run their own business or something.”

“Perhaps but that’s their choice to make.” she pointed out “Besides, there are very few women who are the head of a company.”

“Why is that?” he asked.

“MolMol is still largely a patriarchy.” She explained “The majority of businesses are owned and run by men.”

“That doesn’t seem fair.” Keitaro frowned.

“Only on the surface. Have you ever heard the expression ‘Power behind the throne’? While men own the company more often than not it is really run by their wives or their assistants. They make all the big decisions while the men simply sign off on it.”

“But if women do all the work shouldn’t they get the credit for it?” he wondered.

Amalla shrugged. “I don’t think it really matters to anyone. It’s been like this for years and it works so why change now?” she smiled at him “Besides, if we did do that you men would have nothing to do but cause trouble all day.”

Keitaro was silent for a moment before asking “If I become King is that what it would be like? You guys doing all the work while I take the credit for it?”

“That’s right.” She nodded her head. “You can leave ruling MolMol to us and you can spend your days balls deep in whatever slave takes your fancy.”

“And what if I wanted to be involved in ruling MolMol?” he asked.

Stopping, Amalla turned and looked at him. “Then you could do so. Women only have as much power as men give them and us queens are no exception. We can only rule if you give us the authority to do so but that authority would not supersede your own. You could overrule any decision that we make.” Taking a hold of his hand Amalla brought it to her chest and held it over her heart “I hope you understand how much trust we are giving you. Should you marry us not only would you hold our bodies in your hands but the lives of every citizen of MolMol as well.”

Staring into her beautiful blue eyes Keitaro leaned his head forward and rested his forehead against hers. “I understand and I am honoured that you, Kaolla-chan and your mothers trust me so much.”

“Good.” She purred as she leaned in to press her lips to his.

Moaning as her tongue slipped into his mouth Keitaro slid his hands down to cup her soft rear and gave her a squeeze before breaking the kiss and asking “There aren’t any other little white lies that you told me are there?”

Amalla pondered for a second before shaking her head. “Not that I can think of.”

“OK then.” He smiled as he resumed kissing and groping the princess.

“Really now, twenty some whores and you’re still horny Master?” Yuna called out as she approached the pair.

“Hey Yuna-chan.” He smiled as he licked his lips and pulled her against him.

“Hello Master.” she smiled as he kissed her. “Did you have fun playing with those whores Master?”

“Yea.” He smiled as he groped her ass. “Though I was slightly surprised at how young they were.” He smiled.

Yuna looked at him for a moment before saying “Oh, you mean Rika? I wouldn’t worry about that Master.” She smiled at him.

“Yuna...” Amalla murmured warningly.

“What do you mean?” Keitaro frowned.

“Despite how she looks Rika is probably the oldest whore in the building. She’s been here longer than even Erika.” The slave grinned.

“Yuna!” Amalla scolded her.

“Ama-chan?” Keitaro asked as he looked at her. “I thought you said there were no other little white lies?”

“Technically I never said how old Rika was so I never lied. If anyone lied it was Rika.” Seeing the look he was giving her Amalla sighed and said “I'm sorry Kei-kun. It’s just that I know you’re hesitant about bedding young girls and I just wanted to get you used to the idea that even young girls can enjoy being fucked by a huge cock like this.” She said as she stroked his shaft.

“Why?” he asked “I’ve no problem having sex with Kaolla-chan. Before I came to see you today I had just finished fucking her in the ass and I know she enjoyed it just as much as I did.”

“I know but my sister isn’t the only young lady that wants you inside of her.” Amalla pointed out.

Keitaro frowned at her “What do you mean?”

“Nothing Kei-kun.” Amalla smiled as she pressed herself against his body. “I’m sorry I lied to you but please believe me when I say I did everything with the best of intentions. Forgive me?” she asked with large watery eyes and trembling, pouted lips.

Letting out a sigh Keitaro asked “Did Kaolla-chan tell you to do that face when you want to manipulate me?” getting a nod Keitaro smiled and rested his forehead against hers. “That girl knows me too well. OK I forgive you.” He smiled and kissed her.

Moaning happily into his mouth Amalla broke the kiss and bit her bottom lip. “Let’s get back to the palace so I can fuck you senseless.”

“Whatever you want Ama-chan.” He grinned as she grabbed him by the waistband of his trousers and pulled him down hall.

Once they were out of the building Keitaro stretched his arms above his head and deeply inhaled the fresh air. “Tired Master?” Yuna smiled at him.

“A little bit.” He smiled as he reached out and slipped his hand under her short skirt to grope her soft ass. “I have been busy today.”

“You certainly have.” Amalla smiled at him as she grabbed his other hand and brought it to her ass. “Did you enjoy learning about MolMolen culture?”

“It was...educational.” he smiled as he pulled her against him and lovingly kissed the silver haired woman as he caressed her flanks.

Happily grinding herself against the man Amalla broke the kiss and nuzzled against his face. “You know Kei-kun; if you become king then you could come back here whenever you want. Or you could even have the whores come to the palace to service you.” She offered.

Keitaro looked at her with a slight frown “Ama-chan do you really think I would marry you just so that I could have sex with those girls?”

“I didn’t mean it like that Kei-kun.” Amalla said quickly “I just wanted you to know how much we want you to be our king.”

Staring into her eyes for a moment Keitaro turned to Yuna and asked “Do you mind if I talk to Amalla-chan alone for a minute Yuna-chan?”

Her eyes flicking to her mistress for a second Yuna saw Amalla nod before doing the same and stepped away from the pair. Once she was out of earshot Amalla turned to Keitaro and asked “Is everything alright Kei-kun?”

“Yes, it’s just something that I think you should know.” He said as he took her hands in his “I’ve already discussed this with Kaolla-chan and I guess I should tell you as well. I’ve decided to marry you and your mothers.” Seeing her eyes light up and her mouth burst into a grin Keitaro quickly “Before you get too excited and start making plans I have a request.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck Amalla grinned widely as she pressed her breasts against his chest “You can ask me anything.”

“I want to talk to the girls about what I plan on doing before you make any announcements or start making any plans.” He told her.

“Why? Do you think they will convince you not to marry us?” Amalla wondered.

“Not at all.” He smiled as he caressed her hips. “I just want to be the one who tells them. It’s the least I could do since I’ll be leaving them without a manager.”

“Unless they decide to marry you as well.” She pointed out as she ground herself against him. “I promise I won’t tell anyone but is it all right if I start to make some preparations?”

“Sure Ama-chan.” He grinned as he leaned down to kiss her. Moaning happily into his mouth Amalla grabbed his hand and slipped it down the front of her skirt. His eyes widening in surprise Keitaro broke the kiss and murmured “Ama-chan...” The princess was more aroused than he had ever seen her. Even before she had pressed his fingers against her lips Keitaro could feel the heat emanating from her soaked snatch. As his fingers brushed against her pouting vulva the tanned woman moaned and her juices gushed out over his fingers and her thighs making them slick with her wetness.

“I don’t think I can wait until we get back to the palace.” She moaned as she rocked her hips against his hand.

Staring down at her hard nipples that were doing their best to tear through her top Keitaro licked his lips and said “Do you want to go back inside?”

Looking around Amalla spotted an alley to the side of the whorehouse. Grabbing the waistband of his trousers Amalla pulled him down the alleyway and with her back against the wall she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips against hers. “Here!” she moaned into his mouth “I want you to fuck me right here!” she ordered him.

“A-Are you sure?” he asked as she fumbled with his fly and pulled out his already throbbing cock.

“Yes!” she told him as she pulled up her top to expose her breasts to him. “I want you all to myself!” she said as she hitched up her skirt.

Seeing her perfect, tanned mounds exposed to him all thoughts of hesitance melted away from Keitaro who instantly latched onto one of her stiff, pink nipples and sucked hard as he lifted her up with his hands on the back of her thighs. Moaning happily Amalla wrapped her legs around his waist and held onto him around his neck with one arm while the other guided his already dripping cock between her pussy lips. As soon as his tip came into contact with her hot little honey pot Keitaro thrust his hips forward and buried his entire length inside of her; breaching her cervix and plunging into her womb causing the tanned goddess to throw her head back in rapture as her hips bucked against his and an euphoric moan tore from her lips.

“What Are You Doing Mistress!?” a voice called out.

Barely opening her eyes Amalla saw Yuna standing at the entrance to the alleyway with a distressed look on her face “What does it look like?!” she gasped as Keitaro continued his fast and heavy thrusts each of which pierced her service and sent her into orgasmic bliss “I’m getting fucked by Kei-kun!”

“But what if someone see you!?” Yuna cried.

“It’s your job- ahh! It’s your job to protect us so do so!” she gasped as Keitaro momentarily abandoned her breast to bite the exposed flesh of her neck “Protect out modesty at any cost!”

“But Mistress-” Yuna started only to be cut off by Amalla.

“Do As You’re Told!” she ordered the tanned slave as another wave of orgasms passed over her due to Keitaro’s ministrations.

“Y-Yes Mistress!” Yuna nodded hesitantly.

Certain that Yuna would do as she had been instructed Amalla turned her full attention to Keitaro and the magnificent cock that was sliding in and out of her welcoming snatch. The man in question had moved his hands further along so that he was cupping her ass for better purchase and had moved his mouth up to her jaw. Turning her face Amalla allowed him to capture her lips and invade her mouth with his tongue as she laced his fingers through his hair.

Breathing heavily into his mouth as her pussy spasmed and convulsed around his shaft Amalla grunted loudly and moaned out “You’re making me cum Kei-kun!”

“Me too Ama-chan!” he grunted as he squeezed the firm flesh of her ass as he increased the speed and strength of his thrusts.

“Do it!” she moaned as she held his head to her breasts. “Cum inside me Kei-kun! Fill me with your cum! Impregnate me with your thick seed!” she ordered him.

Spurred on by her moans of ecstasy Keitaro slammed his hips forward to enter her womb and exploded inside of her; his cock throbbing and spewing out a torrent of his thick, sticky sperm to the point where it spurted out his shaft to soak her thighs in their combined ejaculate.

Nuzzling into his hair Amalla’s weak legs fell from his waist as she panted hard in an effort to recover from the multiple orgasms their passion-fuelled fucking had inflicted upon her. As Keitaro supported her he moved his face up press his lips against hers. “I love you Ama-chan.” He panted into her mouth. Hearing this Amalla shuddered and had a small orgasm causing her pussy to massage his length. Biting her bottom lip Amalla nuzzled into his chest with a happy sigh. “Ama-chan, did you just cum again?”

“Of course I did.” She purred “You have no idea how much of a turn on it is to hear you say that.”

“So if I were to say it again would you cum?” he wondered as he caressed her ass.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you say it and we’ll see.” She laughed seductively.

Grinning down at her Keitaro lifted up her chin so that she was looking up at him and said “I love you Ama-chan.”

As if on cue a tremor ran through her body and her juices gushed out of her pussy soaking their groins. “mmm, I guess that answers that.” She purred as she nuzzled into his chest. Wrapping his arms around her body Keitaro was content to hold her close to him and ran his fingers through her soft, silver hair. Feeling his erection twitch inside of her Amalla slid off of his cock and gently took a hold of his wet shaft. Deftly running her fingers along his length Amalla lightly kissed and nibbled on his neck “You’re still hard Kei-kun. Do you want to cum again?” she asked.

“Yes.” He moaned as he thrust his hips against her hand.

Grinning at him Amalla gave him a quick kiss before turning around, bending forward and lifting up her skirt to show him her divine, perfectly rounded backside. Pressing her hands against the wall Amalla looked over her shoulder and wiggled her rear at him “Back here Kei-kun. Fill my asshole with your cum!” she ordered him.

Not needing to be told twice Keitaro grasped his cock and in one powerful thrust pushed passed the tight ring of muscles that guarded her bowels and buried his entire length inside of her. Feeling his girth stretch out her tightest orifice Amalla came hard; her back arching and her anus twitching around the base of his shaft as her pussy convulsed and sprayed out their combined juices. Hearing her doing her best to stifle the loud moan that was begging to tear from her throat Keitaro grasped her by her hips and started to pull out of her; her sphincter tightening in an effort to prevent him from leaving her anal embrace.

Pulling out completely Keitaro paused to watch her stretched out anus spasm and twitch before thrusting right back into her gaping orifice. Loving the way her ass enveloped his shaft and her innermost walls convulsed to draw his cock deeper inside of her Keitaro grunted as he withdrew again; this time leaving only the very tip of his tip inside of her ass. With each subsequent thrust less and less of Keitaro’s length left her bowels until the point where he barely pulled out at all and was just rocking his hips back and forth; the sound of his hips slapping against her fleshy rear echoing throughout the alley.

Her asshole pulsing around the invading shaft Amalla moaned in ecstasy “That’s It Kei-kun! Fuck My Ass Hard!”

Grunting in response Keitaro slipped one hand up to grasp her lustrous silver hair and pulled her head back as far as her back could arch while the other snaked around to roughly grasp one of her heavy tits and squeezed the soft mound hard. With his face close to hers Keitaro kissed her neck before biting her earlobe. “Love you Ama-chan!” he growled into her ear.

Hearing this caused Amalla to cum once again; her hips bucked wildly against his as her juices poured out of her pussy and pooled on the ground by her feet “I Love You Too Kei-Kun!” she screamed.

As her spasming anus clamped down on his cock it was almost impossible for Keitaro to pull his cock out of her rectum but when he finally managed to withdraw to the point where her sphincter encircled the crown of his cock head Keitaro gave one mighty thrust forward and buried himself inside of her; his sperm spewing out of his slit, lubricating her innermost walls which allowed him to glide his full length inside her all the way to his base. Once her was unable to go any deeper Keitaro bucked her hips against her firm ass cheeks and continued to empty his balls into her anal cavity.

As soon as his cock stopped spraying out his thick cock cream Keitaro fell against Amalla who in turn fell against the wall with only Keitaro’s arm wrapped around her waist keeping the week kneed princess standing. Nuzzling into her soft, silver locks Keitaro panted heavily and kissed the nape of her neck. “I love you Ama-chan.”

“I love you too Kei-kun.” Amalla giggled; drunk on the pleasure he had induced in her. Tuning her head Amalla captured his lips and slipped her tongue into his mouth. When he started to slowly pull out of her Amalla squeezed down on his cock to stop him leaving “Stay inside of me Kei-kun.”

“Sure Ama-chan.” He smiled as he stroked her flanks and kissed her neck. Breathing heavily Keitaro rested his chin on her shoulder and murmured “That was amazing Ama-chan.”

“You can say that again.” She purred as she rested her head against his. “I suppose we should get back to the palace.” She said.

“If you insist.” He breathed heavily as he started to pull out only to be stopped again as she squeezed him.

“No! I want you to stay inside of me!” she objected.

“Then how are we meant to get to the car?” Keitaro wondered as he nuzzled into her neck.

“I’m sure we’ll figure something out.” She giggled and gave him a squeeze with her anus.

Letting out a sigh with a smile Keitaro pushed them off of the wall and with his arm still wrapped around her stomach awkwardly started to walk to the entrance of the alleyway where they ran into Yuna. “Ah Master, Mistress; you’re done?”

“That’s right.” Amalla grinned happily “Kei-kun gave me a good hard fucking.” She giggled.

“I'm glad to hear that Mistress.” The slave smiled “I don’t think I could have drawn attention away from you for much longer.” She said as she stepped forward to pull Amalla’s top down to cover her perky breasts only for the princess to wrap her arms around her neck and pull her into a kiss.

“Guess what Yuna-chan.” She said.

“What Mistress?” Yuna answered as if talking to a cheeky child.

“Kei-kun’s still inside of me!” she laughed happily.

Frowning at her Yuna looked behind her mistress and saw that the back of her skirt was still hitched up with Keitaro pressed into her behind. “That’s lovely Mistress. Now if you would remove his cock from your ass we can-”

“Uh-uh.” Amalla shook her head “Kei-kun’s staying inside of me.” She insisted.

Yuna let out a sigh “You are not making things easy for me Mistress.”

“If I did you’d have such a boring job.” Amalla laughed and pulled her into another kiss as her hands reached down and groped her ass.

“Very well.” She smiled at her euphoric Mistress. “Come along then. I’ve had the car moved closer to the alleyway.”

Following the slave Keitaro walked the princess towards the car all the while the giddy princess nuzzled against his cheek and squeezed her ass around his shaft. As Yuna opened the door for them Keitaro gently pushed Amalla forward so that she could duck down and climb into the car. As she bent over with her hands in the car Amalla turned her head over her shoulder and grinned lewdly at him as she shook her ass “Do you want to fuck me again Kei-kun?”

“Yes.” Keitaro answered instantly as he caressed her exposed rear. Seeing the look on Yuna’s face Keitaro smiled at the slave “But let’s not cause Yuna-chan anymore problems.”

“OK.” She pouted as she climbed in with Keitaro and Yuna following after her.

Sitting on the seat with Amalla on top of him Keitaro caressed her smooth thighs when he noticed a petite, nude form lying on the seats opposite him. Shifting Amalla so he could see better Keitaro saw that it was their chauffeur, Kakio laying there. “Are you alright Kakio-chan?” he called out to her.

Lifting up her head from the seat Keitaro saw that her face was lit up in a blush and her eyes were large and watery. “No I'm not Master!” she pouted.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“She was mean to me!” she cried as she pointed an accusing finger at the smirking Yuna.

Sliding Amalla off of his shaft Keitaro moved so that he sat next to the nude slave and stroked her back “What happened?” he asked.

“She pulled me out of the limo, forced me to strip in front of strangers and then forced me to cum in front of them all!” she cried.

Looking across at the slave he asked “Is this true Yuna-chan?”

“That’s right Master.” She replied unashamedly. “It was the only way to create a distraction and draw attention away from what you were doing to Mistress.”

“oh.” Keitaro replied.

“It was terrible Master!” Kakio cried as she climbed on Keitaro’s lap “She pulled me in front of the brothel without telling me anything and then pulled my uniform off! Then she called out to all of those old perverts that I was a special promotion run by Erika and that I would do whatever they asked!” she complained.

“All they did was ask you to pose in different positions.” Yuna said “I didn’t let any of them touch you did I?”

“She said I was only there so that they could see Erika’s wares not sample them.” She pouted as she glared at the other slave.

“Really now, you’re acting like you were the only one who had her tits out.” Yuna replied.

“That’s all you had out! You just took your top off but I was completely naked!” Kakio snapped.

“It’s not my fault that you wear a one-piece uniform. And it’s certainly not my fault that you don’t wear any underwear.” Yuna waved off her complaints.

Turning back the man she was sitting on Kakio continued her story. “It was horrible Master. They were all leering at me and had me sit on the stairs and spread my pussy for them to get a better look!”

Cupping her pussy Keitaro stroked her tenderly and said. “Well that’s understandable. You do have a beautiful pussy.” He said, electing a soft moan from the slave.

“That’s not all!” she murmured “They had me finger myself while she tugged on my nipples.” She said casting a glare at Yuna. “They had me do that until I came!”

“Poor Kakio-chan.” Keitaro murmured as he kissed her neck and gently ran his thumb over her clit. “What else happened?”

As she bucked her hips against his hand Kakio moaned out “One of them wanted me to wet myself so Yuna held my legs apart and I had to pee in front of everyone! Then they had me bend over and spread my ass cheeks so that they could see my asshole!”

“You mean this thing right here?” he asked as he slid his hand down her back to tickle her anus.

“That’s right!” she moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth. “And do you know the worst thing that happened? I heard one of them say that even though I have a great ass the fact that I don’t have any tits is a turnoff. That’s not true is it Master?” she asked.

“Of course not.” He agreed as he slid his hand up to cup her tiny tit “You have perfect breasts Kakio-chan. They’re just the right size for me to do this.” He said as he leaned up and took her entire breast into his mouth. “See?” he said around her mound “They’re perfect.”

“mmm, Master.” The green haired girl moaned “That’s not all she did to me either!”

“What else did she do?” he asked with a smile as he sucked on her small teat and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“She Spanked Me!” she cried indignantly “I just wanted to please you Master and she spanked my perfect, beautiful ass! Look!” she cried as she knelt on all fours with her ass pointed at him.

Looking down at the presented posterior Keitaro saw her pale skin marred with numerous red handprints. Reaching out Keitaro ran his fingers over her plump rear and asked “Yuna-chan, why did you do this to Kakio-chan?”

“She was being naughty.” Yuna replied with a smile “Slave girls can become very unruly if you don’t discipline them regularly. Take this one for example.” She said as she extended her foot to rest it on top of Kakio’s head “She was under strict orders to stay with the car but instead she wandered off to amuse herself.” Moving her foot so that it lifted up her chin Yuna leered down at her “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes.” The girl pouted as she glared up at her.

“I think you went a little over the top Yuna-chan.” He said as he caressed her ass “Would you like me to kiss you better Kakio-chan?”

“Yes please Master.” She smirked up at Yuna.

Kneeling behind her Keitaro held onto her hips and started to press his lips against her red skin. Extending his tongue Keitaro ran his wet muscle over every inch of her exposed flesh slavering her in his saliva. Moving his face between her legs Keitaro licked the love juice that was trickling down her thighs before sliding his tongue up between her cheeks to tickle her anus. Moaning happily Kakio waved her shapely rear back and forth as Keitaro slipped his tongue passed the tight ring of muscles that guarded her bowels.

“We should be getting back to the palace Kei-kun.” Amalla murmured as she slowly fingered her semen-filled pussy.

“OK.” Keitaro agreed as he continued to wriggle his tongue inside of the petite slave.

“What Mistress is trying to say is that it will be hard for Kakio to drive us home while you have your tongue up her ass.” Yuna explained as she caressed Amalla’s thigh.

“oh.” He blinked as he withdrew his tongue from her ass causing the girl to moan in disappointment.

“Don’t stop Master!” she begged as she wiggled her ass at him.

“Sorry Kakio-chan.” Keitaro smiled as he stroked her ass “But you have work to do.”

“OK.” She pouted as she sat up and turned around to throw her arms around his neck. “Can we play later?” she asked sweetly.

“Of course we can.” He smiled and hugged her tightly, enjoying the way her hard nipples pressed into his chest. “Why don’t you come visit me tonight?” he whispered into her ear.

“mmm, I’d like that.” She purred back as happily shook her ass. Slipping off of his lap Kakio crawled towards the window separating the two compartments where she crawled through only for her plump ass to get stuck. Looking over her shoulder Kakio grinned at Keitaro. “I’ve gotten stuck Master. Can you help me please?” she asked with a wriggle. Licking his lips as he stared at that perfect pussy and ass on display for him Keitaro didn’t have a chance to move before Yuna moved forward and with the sole of her foot pushed her through the window with a surprised yelp. Regaining her balance Kakio glared through the partition. “What’d you do that for?!”

“You were stuck weren’t you?” the slave smirked.

Kakio glared at Yuna before turning to give Keitaro a sweet smile “We’ll play later Master.” She said before disappearing away from the window.

Smiling as the car started up Keitaro moved to sit next to Amalla where he wrapped an arm around her waist and caressed her smooth thigh. “I love you Ama-chan.” He whispered into her ear before lovingly kissing her lips.

Smiling into his mouth Amalla broke the kiss and turned to lay on the seat with her head on his lap and her knees bent so that her skirt pooled around her waist and exposed her freshly fucked pussy. “You were amazing Kei-kun.” she smiled up at him as she stroked her labia. “You filled me with so much cum you might have gotten me pregnant.”

Smiling down at her Keitaro reached out and gently stroked her stomach. “What would happen if I got you pregnant before we marry?” he asked.

“Then you’d have to take responsibility for your actions.” She smiled up at him. “Otherwise something very unpleasant will happen to you for dishonouring a member of the MolMolen royal family.”

“Is that so?” he wondered with a tender smile as he continued to caress her smooth stomach “Then if it comes to that I’ll take responsibility for my actions.” He promised.

“mmm, just thinking about it gets me wet.” She moaned as she started to finger herself all the while staring up into Keitaro’s eyes. With her other hand Amalla lifted up her shirt and started to play with one of her large mounds “I feel so full Kei-kun. It feels like I'm overflowing with your cum.” Looking between her legs Keitaro saw that this was true; his sperm squirted out around her slender digit every time it slid into her snatch. “Do you like this Kei-kun?” she asked as she bit her bottom lip “Do you like watching me play with my cum soaked pussy?”

“Yea, I do.” He admitted as he continued to watch her finger herself.

“Does it make you horny?” she asked seductively.

“What do you think?” he asked as he grabbed his cock and pointed it towards her face; his tip dripping pre-cum down onto her face in a steady stream.

Shifting her face so that she could catch his seminal fluid in her mouth Amalla abandoned her breast in favour of his thick shaft. Pumping her fist up and down his length Amalla angled his cock so that she could suck on his swollen cockhead. Hearing him moan Amalla grinned around her shaft before turning to look at Yuna on the seat opposite.

The slave was equally aroused as her Mistress; one hand was between her legs while the other fondled her large breast, every so often tweaking one of her hard nipples and letting a small moan out of her mouth. Spitting out his tip while continuing to pump her fist up and down his length Amalla called out to the slave girl. Getting her attention Amalla said “Yuna, take off your clothes.”

“Yes Mistress.” Yuna smiled as she pulled off her top and her skirt.

“Get on all fours and show us your ass.” Amalla ordered her. Nodding her head Yuna slid off the seat and crawled towards the pair before turning around and thrust her ass towards them. As she continued to stroke his cock and allowed his pre-cum to spill onto her face Amalla said “Finger your pussy and ass Yuna. Cum for me and Kei-kun.” Amalla ordered her.

“Yes Mistress.” Yuna smiled as she lowered her face to the floor and reached back with one hand to spread her ass cheeks with two fingers while her middle finger enter her ass while her other hand went between her legs where she slipped two fingers into her cunny.

Watching Yuna moaning while playing with herself Amalla smiled before turning to look up at Keitaro. The man was breathing heavily as he stared at the show Yuna was putting on; his eyes firmly fixed on the tanned ass that was presented to him. As his cock twitched and throbbed in her hand Amalla extended her tongue to lick the pre-cum that coated her cheek before sucking on his thick tip.  

Tearing his eyes away from the masturbating slave Keitaro looked down at the silver haired goddess on his lap and saw her smiling up at him. As he ran his fingers through her soft hair Amalla released his tip and asked “Are you enjoying the show Kei-kun?”

“Yea.” He smiled “Yuna-chan is very talented.”

“I’m talented too you know.” She pouted around his cockhead.

“I know you are.” He smiled as he slid the hand that was stroking her stomach down to her mound where his fingers joined her own in delving into her moist quim.

Moaning, Amalla started to rock her hips against his hand as her tongue tickled his slit. “Do you want me to show you how talented I am?” she asked with a sultry grin.

“Sure.” He nodded his head with a soft groan.

Grinning at him Amalla crawled onto his lap and with her ass pressed against his stomach she guided his cockhead between her soaked lips and into her tight love channel making both participants moan in pleasure. Grabbing his hands Amalla slipped them under her top to cup her breasts and as soon as he had the large mounds within his grasp Keitaro started to squeeze her heavy tits. Rocking her hips back and forth Amalla rolled her head back with a pleasure filled moan. Arching her back Amalla placed her hands on either sides of his chest and started to raise and lower her hips; her sperm filled pussy squirting out his cum around his shaft every time she lowered her hips.

Digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her breasts Keitaro thrust his hips upwards with a groan as he leaned forward to bite and suck upon her neck. Moaning into her throat Keitaro roughly groped her tits and pulled on her nipples before sliding his hands down to her hips where he tore off her skirt and started to squeeze her firm ass cheek. As she shuddered and moaned in his grasp Keitaro slid his thumbs between her cheeks and pulled them part to reveal her well fucked asshole. Smiling at the way her tiny sphincter twitched and pulsed Keitaro pressed his thumb into the leaking orifice making her cry out and squeeze the invading digit with her anus as she bucked her hips.

“That feels sooo good Kei-kun!” Amalla moaned over her shoulder at him.

Grinning at her Keitaro wiggled his thumb inside of her and leaned forward to kiss her and brought his other hand up to cup her breast. Breaking the kiss Keitaro looked over her shoulder and saw Yuna was still playing with herself. “Yu-chan.” He called out to her. “Come here Yu-chan.” He ordered her.

Doing as she was told Yuna withdrew her fingers from her pussy and ass and crawled towards them until she was kneeling between their legs. “Yes Mast-oh!” she was cut off when Keitaro grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face to Amalla’s pussy. Not needing to be told what to do Yuna extended her tongue to lick Keitaro’s shaft as it was swallowed up by Amalla’s pussy when she lowered her hips. When Amalla’s pussy completely enveloped his shaft, Yuna focused on her Mistress’ clit; sucking and licking the erect nub causing her to moan loudly and Keitaro’s sperm to spew out around his shaft which Yuna happily lapped up.

As Amalla continued to bounce up and down on his shaft Keitaro removed his hand from the back of Yuna’s head and brought it back to Amalla’s breast to squeeze and maul the large mound. Moaning all the louder as he tugged on her nipple Amalla cried out “I Love Your Cock Kei-kun! Fuck me harder!”

Growling as he bit her neck Keitaro pushed her forward so that she was on all fours and so that he could slam his hips against hers as hard as he could. Turning over so that she could still pleasure her Mistress Yuna wrapped her arms around Amalla’s waist and continued to suck on her clit. Feeing her sensitive nub being tongued by her slave Amalla threw her head back and humped her hips against Yuna’s face as her love channel convulsed around Keitaro’s shaft causing the man to grunt loudly and cum again; his sperm erupting into her already semen soaked womb to the point where her pussy overflowed onto Yuna’s face.

Giving a few quick and powerful final thrusts into her as he emptied his balls yet again Keitaro let out a deep breath as he kissed her shoulder before rolling over and bringing Amalla with him so that they lay on their sides. Breathing heavily Keitaro nuzzled into her soft silver hair and started to caress her smooth tanned stomach. “That was wonderful Ama-chan.” He breathed “Love you Ama-chan.” He said as he slid his other hand up to cup her large breast.

“Love you too Kei-kun.” she panted back as she squeezed his shaft and wiggled her rear against his abdomen. Smiling as he kissed her neck Amalla leaned back against Keitaro’s chest with a happy smile as she closed her eyes.

“What about me Mistress?” Yuna asked. Opening her eyes Amalla smiled as she saw Yuna pouting, her beautiful face dripping in a combination of Amalla’s juices and Keitaro’s thick sperm “Do you love me too Mistress?”

“Of course I do.” Amalla smiled as she pulled her face towards hers and started to lick the fluids from her face before pulling her into a kiss. As their tongues mingled Amalla felt Keitaro’s cock twitch inside of her. Looking at him out the corner of her eye Amalla smiled into Yuna’s mouth as she saw how intently he was staring at them. Breaking the kiss Amalla ran her hands up and down Yuna’s body and said “I think your Master loves you too.”

Looking at the man who was leering at them Yuna gave him a sultry smile and asked “Is that true Master? Do you love your slave?”

“Yes.” He murmured as he leaned forward and captured her nipple between his lips.

Sliding off of his cock Amalla turned over onto her back with a content smile on her face as she closed her eyes. Panting heavily Amalla slid her hand down between her slick thighs to cup her well fucked mound to prevent Keitaro’s cum leaking out from her pussy. “Mistress.” Hearing her slave whisper to her Amalla opened her eyes to see that Yuna was straddling Keitaro’s waist while the man nuzzled into her breasts and had started to move lower towards her sweet honey pot. Seeing that she had Amalla’s attention Yuna continued “If you wish for Master’s seed to bear fruit you should keep your hips elevated.” She smiled as she rested her hand on Amalla’s stomach.

Returning her smile Amalla shifted so that her legs rested on the seat in front of her. “Thank you Yuna.” She smiled as she leaned in to kiss the slave.

Moaning into her mouth as Keitaro licked her cunny Yuna purred “It’s my pleasure Mistress.” She smiled.

Gently stroking her breasts Amalla looked as the man between her slaves legs “Kei-kun, come up here.” Sliding his way back up Keitaro turned onto his side so that he could stroke Amalla’s sweat soaked body. Noticing that his mouth was covered in Yuna’s juices Amalla pulled him into a kiss and extended her tongue to clean his chin. “You’ve made him so messy Yuna-chan.” Amalla purred.

Settling onto her Mistress’s free side Yuna spread her legs to show off her soaked pussy. “To be fair Master made a mess of me first.”

“He certainly did.” She smiled as she gently caressed the slaves thigh. Turning her attention back to the man Amalla happily nuzzled into his chest as she gently pumped her fist up and down his length “You are magnificent Kei-kun.” she told him as she took his nipple into her mouth “I promise that every day will be like today.”

“So long as I get to be with you I will be happy.” He assured her with a tender smile as he caressed her cheek. Smiling at him Amalla slowly closed her eyes and rested her head on the floor of the car. Wrapping his arms around her body Keitaro nuzzled against her face and whispered “Love you Ama-chan.”

“Love you too Kei-kun.” she murmured back tiredly.

Watching as both Master and Mistress fell asleep in each other’s arms Yuna sighed with a smile. “What troublesome owners I have.” She thought to herself before snuggling against Amalla’s free side with a happy smile.

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