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Chapter 19 - A Royal Master Class Pt 2

Yanking the strap-on off of her wife Asuna attached the wet and sticky shaft to herself. Giving herself several strokes to test the sensitivity the raven haired queen purred happily before leering at the bluenette. “The important thing to remember is that you can use more than just your mouth. You should use your hands to stroke the shaft or play with his balls. But for now why don’t you start by doing that while lightly sucking on my tip?”

Nodding her head Shinobu slowly reached out and gently grasped her shaft. With her hand wrapped around her length Shinobu lowered her face to lightly kiss the spongy tip. Letting out a moan Asuna petted Shinobu’s head “That’s it Shinobu-dear, now open your mouth.” She ordered. Parting her soft lips Shinobu wrapped them around the thick tip; engulfing the cock head and sealing her lips around the spongy crown. As she started to lightly suck Shinobu felt a stream of pre-cum pour onto her tongue “mmm, Just like that Shinobu-chan.” Asuna purred, running her fingers through her hair. “Use your tongue as well.” As her tongue scraped over the fake tip Shinobu was rewarded with a happy moan and another spurt of pre-cum “mmm, you’re a natural cocksucker Shinobu-chan.” The queen praised her. “Now I want you to take as much of my cock into your throat as you can.”

Humming her acknowledgment Shinobu slowly lowered her face, Asuna’s thick tip sliding down her throat bit by bit until the bluenette started to choke when just less than half the fake-phallus was down her gullet. “Good girl, breath through your nose.” Asuna coached the girl. “The secret is mastering your gag reflex. Once you have that under control you will be able to give wonderful blowjobs.” Asuna explained as she reached under the girl and started to gently stroke her throat. “I want you to try and take more of my cock inside OK? Go as slowly as you want.”

As the queen continued to caress her neck Shinobu swallowed around her shaft before slowly lowering her mouth again. With her hand still resting on top of the girls head Asuna sighed contently as she felt more and more of her cock being engulfed by the girls gullet. Putting pressure on the back of Shinobu’s head Asuna encouraged her to take her deeper inside her mouth; pausing whenever the girl started to gag and allowed her to get used to her girth.

Once her lips were sealed around her base Asuna purred happily “Just like that my sweet. Get used to the feeling of having a cock lodged down your throat. When you’re ready I want you to swallow around the shaft OK?” Letting out a gargled sound of agreement, Shinobu’s throat contracted around Asuna’s dick as she did as she was told. “mmm, very good.” She purred. “Now pull back.” She ordered. Making another soft sound Shinobu rested her hands on the queens hips and pushed herself backwards; the cock slowly sliding out of her throat.

Once it was fully extracted Shinobu was about to let the tip leave her mouth but Asuna grabbed the back of her head to stop her. “Don't let my cock leave your mouth.” Asuna warned “You won’t be able to drink down all my yummy pre-cum if you do.” She smiled at the panting girl who was taking full advantage of her airways being open again. “Don’t forget to use your tongue on my tip Shinobu-chan.” As soon as her tongue started to stroke her cock head Asuna’s whole body shuddered as the wet muscle scraped against her leaking slit.

“Well, I think you’ve got the basics down perfectly Shinobu-dear.” Asuna praised the hardworking chef. Cupping and caressing her cheek she then said “Now I want you to put them into practice. I want you to take all of my cock down your throat over and over again until you no longer gag. Trust me, Kei-kun will love it if you are able to deep throat his cock.” Staring down into the beautiful blue eyes of the petite girl whose lips were still wrapped around her crown Asuna licked her lips as her cock throbbed and swelled in Shinobu mouth. “Well, he’ll love seeing you on your hands and knees with that sexy mouth of yours open and waiting but being able to take his full length into your mouth will drive him wild.” She promised as she felt Shinobu suck all the harder on her tip. “Start whenever you’re ready my sweet and don’t forget to swallow and lick.” She purred happily as she lay back and let the girl get to work.

Taking a deep breath Shinobu started to lower her lips again, slowly dragging them down the warm, fake flesh until it was once again lodged into her throat. Starting slowly at first, Shinobu gradually picked up speed as she went. To begin with she couldn’t take more than an inch before she’d gag and have to pause to let her throat get used to being filled by her girth though she used those pauses to stroke, suck and swallow around her shaft much to Asuna’s enjoyment who clearly approved of the girls initiative. It wasn’t long before Shinobu had developed into a steady rhythm; the pauses grew shorter and shorter and the amount of cock that she could swallow before needing to stop grew larger and larger until she was finally able to take the entire length of Asuna’s strap-on from tip to base down her throat in one fluid motion without needing to stop.

For her part Asuna moaned loudly and rocked her hips back and forth; loving the attention Shinobu was lavishing on her cock. With her fingers running through her soft blue hair Asuna’s whole body shuddered as she felt Shinobu’s tongue twirl around her sensitive tip causing her to thrust her forward into Shinobu’s mouth. “You’re such a good cocksucker Shinobu-chan.” The queen gasped as the girl once again dragged her lips down her shaft “You need to go faster!” she ordered as she panted heavily, her large breasts rising and falling as she thrust her hips into Shinobu’s mouth. Shinobu picked up speed like she was asked but even that wasn’t enough for the lust filled queen who roughly grasped the back of Shinobu’s head and started to hump her hips against Shinobu’s face.

No longer in control of how fast the cock was entering her gullet Shinobu’s eyes widened and she started to choke around the thick shaft. With her palms against Asuna’s thighs Shinobu tried to push the queen backwards but to no avail and could only kneel there and submit to the rough face fucking the queen was subjecting her too. It wasn’t long before Asuna arched her back and came; her hips thrusting forward to bury her shaft as completely inside her throat as her cock swelled and fired off a volley of thick synthetic sperm down to Shinobu’s stomach. Her body going rigid, Asuna held Shinobu’s head against her crotch as she released a second volley before falling backwards in orgasmic bliss; her cock sliding out of Shinobu’s throat as the third volley left her cockhead coating her oesophagus with sperm. When her cock left Shinobu’s mouth a forth volley spewed out and splattered over young girls face and a fifth spurted out over Asuna’s pale body as she laid back in a satisfied repose.

This was lost on Shinobu as the girl was currently coughing and heaving heavily as sperm poured out of her mouth and onto the silk sheets. Feeling a hand tenderly stroking her back Shinobu looked up through watery eyes to see Nina kneeling next to her. “There, there my sweet little Shinobu-chan. What did that mean Asuna do to you?” Unable to answer due to the deluge of cum pouring from her mouth Shinobu just continued to cough. “It’s OK Shinobu-chan. Just let it all out.” She told the girl as she gently caressed her back.

Once she had finished Nina cupped her chin and lifted up her face. Seeing the tears running down her cum soaked face Nina smiled sweetly at her “My poor sweet Shinobu-chan. Look at how messy she made you.” Nina purred as she ran her tongue over her cheek. “Does your throat hurt?” getting a nod Nina pulled the girl onto her lap and held her face to her breast. “Here you go my dear, drink up.” She purred as she held her nipple to her mouth “My milk does wonders for a sore throat.”

Nodding her head Shinobu sealed her lips around the hard nub and started to suckle, making the queen moan as her sweet milk started to flow. “There we go my dear.” Nina purred “You mustn’t think badly of my wife, she can’t control herself when she gets turned on and receiving a blowjob from a gorgeous girl like you was simply too much for her to handle. Of course, Kei-kun will be no different.” Seeing the girl look questioningly up at her Nina grinned at her “That’s right my dear, Kei-kun will be driven wild at the mere thought of having you wrap your sexy lips around his cock. It’s all I can do to resist your sexiness right now.” She purred as she groped her ass “mmm, in fact I don't think I’ll be able to resist you for much longer.” She leered as she lowered the girl to the bed and pressed her lips to Shinobu’s to muffle the quiet yelp of surprise.

As her tongue invaded her mouth and tasted a mixture of cum and milk Nina ran her hands up and down Shinobu’s slender body. Breaking the kiss Nina licked her lips as she looked down at the panting girl. “Delicious.” Nina purred “You’re absolutely delicious Shinobu-chan. Let me make it up to you for what my naughty wife did.” She offered. Without waiting for a reply Nina started to kiss her way down Shinobu’s body; stopping only to kiss and suck upon her nipples before reaching the apex of her legs. Spreading her thighs Nina leaned in and started to lick Shinobu’s small cunny making the girl cry out and buck her hips against Nina’s face “mmm, you like this don’t you Shinobu-chan?” the queen leered as her tongue caressed Shinobu’s lips “How do you like this?” she asked as she flicked her swollen clit enjoying the way the girl moaned and writhed.

Gripping her slender legs Nina lifted up her hips to the point where her ankles were up against her shoulders, pleasantly surprised at how flexible Shinobu’s supple body was. Finding herself face to face with Shinobu’s tiny, pink anus Nina couldn’t help but grin. “My, my, what do we have here? Another delicious place for me to lick?” she asked as she started to circle the tight orifice with kisses.

“Nooo!” Shinobu wailed as her face lit up in a blush.

“oh I think it is.” Nina purred teasingly as she extended her tongue to tickle her anus making the girl gasp. “oh yes, you are full of yummy places for me to sample.” She laughed as she pushed her tongue into her asshole which caused the girl to cry out as the invading tongue wiggled inside her and scraped against the walls of her bowels. “It’s hard to believe that one girl could be so tasty.” She purred as she allowed Shinobu’s legs to fall back onto the bed and started to kiss her way up her body from her navel to her neck. “mmm, you have a body made for pleasure Shinobu-chan, giving and receiving.” She purred as she nibbled at Shinobu’s throat. “I could give you an orgasm so powerful you’d be in a daze for a week.” She purred as she cupped her mound and ground her thumb against her clit. “Or, I could teach you how to use this sexy little body to bring pleasure to others. Like Kei-kun for example.” She suggested which caused the girl to shudder. “My wife has already started your instruction but I could teach you things that would make Kei-kun our pet.” Feeling her buck her hips against her hand Nina asked “Which would you prefer I do?”

Breathing heavily Shinobu stuttered out “S...Sem...Sem...”

Cutting her off with a kiss Nina leered happily at her “What a selfless girl you are.” She praised her as she slipped a finger inside of her cunny making her gasp. “Very well then, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about pleasuring men. But my lessons come at a price so if you want to learn from me you have to promise me something first.”

“Anything!” Shinobu moaned.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to agree my sweet.” Nina smiled “You see, I want you to be my wife.”

“Y-your wife?” Shinobu asked.

“Or my lover, sex toy, fuck puppet, plaything; whatever you prefer.” Nina shrugged “You see, Asuna and I have taken a liking to you and we want to keep you around forever. We love the delicious food that you make and just the thought of you is enough to get us soaking wet so we want you to be within arms reach at all times.” She explained as she started to pump her finger in and out of her cunny. “But that would mean staying with us even if Kei-kun returns to Japan.”

“W-Why would Sempai leave?” she asked.

“Kei-kun hasn’t agreed to marry us yet so there is a slim chance he will turn us down.” She explained. “And in that event you would stay here with us. That means when we remarry you would also have to submit to our husband and allow him to do whatever he wants to your body.”

“But I only want Sempai.” Shinobu insisted.

“I know you do my sweet.” Nina smiled lovingly as she lightly kissed the girls lips. “And if you let me teach you we can guarantee Kei-kun as our husband. With my knowledge and your delectable little body we can enslave Kei-kun with lust and make him ours. When we’re through with him he wouldn’t be able to so much as think about you without blowing his load.” Nina promised.

Biting her bottom lip Shinobu considered this for a long moment before nodding her head. Grinning widely Nina pressed her lips against hers, kissing her deeply. “mmm, I’m glad to hear that.” She purred happily as she lightly tweaked her nipples “My wife has already taught you how to pleasure a man using your mouth so would you like me to teach you how to use the rest of your body?” Getting a nervous nod from you bluenette Nina smiled happily. “Perfect!” she grinned as she gently slid a finger inside Shinobu’s moist love channel “I’ve always found that the best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice so that’s exactly what we’ll do.”

“B-but I want Sempai to be my first.” Shinobu said as she protectively covered her cunny.

Hearing this Nina laughed “oh, you silly little thing.” She grinned as she pulled away Shinobu’s hands to expose her pussy “There is more than one way to have sex.” She assured her with a kiss on her clit. “You wait here just one moment my sweet. I need to discuss something with my naughty wife.” She purred as she moved away from the young girl and crawled to her wife.

Finding Asuna laying where she fell, still panting heavily Nina lovingly caressed her cheek “How are you feeling love?”

“Wonderful.” She grinned deliriously. “Shinobu-chan really knows how to suck a cock.” She giggled happily.

“Well, Shinobu-chan didn’t enjoy it as much as you did.” Nina scolded her “You were far too rough with her.”

“I couldn’t help it.” Asuna smiled “When I had that sexy little mouth wrapped around my cock it just drove me wild.”

“As understandable as that is you should know better than to skull fuck a delicate flower like Shinobu-chan.” Nina admonished her wife “You’re a very naughty slut aren’t you?” she asked as she started to stroke her cock making her moan.

“mmm, that’s right. I’m very naughty.” Asuna purred. “I think I need to be punished.”

“If you insist.” Nina agreed happily as she grabbed her wife’s ankles and lifted up her legs before tying both her hands and her feet above her head. Like this Asuna was completely exposed, her fake cock and pink anus twitching under her wife’s leer.

“What are you going to do to me next?” Asuna wondered with a grin, her cock dripping pre-cum down onto her stomach where it pooled in her navel.

“Next, I am going to...” Nina teasingly trailed off as her finger run along the underside of her cock, tickling the swollen cockhead to make it throb and her wife moan. “...leave you tied up while I fuck Shinobu-chan.” She finished as she grazed her thumb over Asuna’s leaking slit.

So absorbed with the sensation from the fake phallus it took her a moment to process what she said at which point Asuna said “huh? What do you-?!” she started only to be cut off when Nina shoved a ball gag in her mouth and secured it in place.

Watching Asuna unsuccessfully struggle against her constraints Nina grinned down at her as she tweaked the bound queen’s stiff nipples “Now, now love. You really mustn’t resist. After all it wouldn’t be much of a punishment if you enjoyed yourself would it?” she wondered. Getting a garbled response from her gagged wife Nina laughed at her “I’m sorry my love but didn’t quite catch that.” Seeing Asuna glare at her Nina let out a laugh and kissed her cheek. “At any rate I am going to spend some time playing with Shinobu. So you just stay over here and reflect on your actions while watching the two of us together.” Nina purred before sliding away towards Shinobu only to stop and return to her wife. Roughly grasping her cock Nina said “I need to borrow this too, love.” She grinned as she yanked off the toy making the raven haired queen groan through her gag.

Returning to the cum soaked girl who was still laying where she had been left Nina lovingly kissed and caressed her thigh. Smiling up at the blue haired girl Nina purred “Are you ready for your lesson my sweet?” getting a hesitant nod from the girl Nina lightly kissed Shinobu’s moist quim and attached the cock to her mound; the girl shuddering and moaning as her nerve endings connected to the prosthetic. Watching it twitch Nina couldn’t help but leer at the girl. Attached to Shinobu’s slender frame the cock seemed obscenely large and in combination with the soft mews that she was making caused Nina’s already wet snatch to drip with lust.

Doing everything she could to stop herself from mounting and raping the delicate girl, Nina leaned forward and started to lightly suckle on the swollen tip of Shinobu’s penis; making the girl moan loudly and buck her hips against Nina’s face. Sucking the pre-cum from the tip Nina smiled at the young girl whose diminutive chest rose and fell rapidly before spitting out the tip. “Did you feel that Shinobu-chan? I only sucked you a little bit and look what’s happened to you.” She leered as she gestured to the throbbing cock in front of her face. “That’s how sensitive our Kei-kuns cock is. That’s why you have to be so gentle with him.” she advised the girl. “Once you know what brings Kei-kuns cock the most pleasure you will know exactly what to do to make him give you all his yummy cum.” She promised the girl.

Moving to straddle Shinobu’s legs Nina pressed her moist lips against the girls cock with a large grin on her face. “Now, how would you like to start the lesson? Do you want me to be on top?” she asked sweetly. Getting a nod from the girl Nina laughed seductively and said “You little minx! You’re planning on riding Keitaro’s cock like the horny cumslut you are don’t you?” leaning down Nina silenced Shinobu’s denials with a kiss “mmm, I don’t blame you. I love riding Keitaro’s cock. There’s nothing that compares to slamming your hips down against Keitaro’s as his thick cock penetrates your uterus.” She moaned as she rubbed her pussy against Shinobu’s shaft. “Now pay attention Shinobu-chan.” She purred as she lined Shinobu’s shaft up with her love channel “If you plan on pleasing Kei-kun then you’d do well to remember exactly what I’m about to do to you.” She purred as she slammed her hips down, engulfing Shinobu’s trembling length with one, quick thrust.

With her shaft enveloped by Nina’s moist depths Shinobu’s new appendage swelled and exploded; her whole body convulsing as her back arched and her cock spewed out a torrent of synthetic sperm into Nina’s welcoming cunny. Letting out a moan as loud as Shinobu’s as she felt herself being flooded by the young girls cock cream Nina bit her bottom lip and massaged Shinobu’s tiny chest. “mmm, you came so quickly my sweet little Shinobu-chan.” Nina giggled once Shinobu finished ejaculating. Leaning down the tanned queen cupped her chin and lightly kissed Shinobu’s lips “Kei-kun did the same when we first made love. And I bet he’ll do the same when he fucks your tight little cunny.” She leered as Shinobu’s cock spasmed again and spewed out more cum into her womb.

Letting out a moan, Shinobu’s hips thrust upwards of their own volition. “mmm, you’re so eager.” Nina purred as her pussy squeezed around the thick shaft. “I bet you want to fuck me hard don’t you, you little slut?” she growled lustfully. Seeing the dazed look in Shinobu’s eyes Nina ran her tongue over the girls cum covered cheek before lightly slapping her to bring her back into focus. “Pay attention my sweet. Otherwise we’ll have to do this over and over again until you learn.” She threatened teasingly as she twisted one of her tiny pink nipples between her thumb and forefinger to make the girl cry out.

“N-Nina-san!” Shinobu gasped out.

“oho? Did that get your attention Shinobu-chan?” Nina wondered as she tweaked both nubs “You have sensitive little tits don’t you? I bet you’d love to have Kei-kun play with them wouldn’t you?” she demanded to know. Getting a yes from the girl Nina tugged on her tiny nipples making her moan grip the silk sheets tightly with her fingers. “I’m sure Kei-kun will be more than happy to oblige once we’ve made you into the sex kitten you were born to be.” She said as she lightly nipped at her neck.

Lifting her up into a sitting position Nina held the girl to her chest. “I want you to suck on my tits Shinobu-chan.” She ordered her. Letting out a moan as the bluenette sealed her lips around her teat and started to suckle Nina ran her hands up and down her back with a leer. “That’s it my sweet. Now grab my ass and squeeze.” She ordered. When Shinobu did as she was instructed Nina purred happily “This is exactly what Kei-kun will be doing to you when you mount him.” she purred. “And this is what you will be doing to him.” she purred as she started to bounce up and down on Shinobu’s shaft.

Letting out a loud moan Shinobu sucked hard on Nina’s erect nipple and received more than a mouthful of sweet, milky nectar. As her fingers dug into Nina’s tanned flesh the queen happily nuzzled into Shinobu’s soft blue hair and slid her hands down to give Shinobu’s own perky ass a playful squeeze. “mmm, thrust your hips upwards Shinobu-chan.” Nina gasped happily as her pussy slid up and down Shinobu’s length “Kei-kun won’t let you do all the work.”

Receiving a muffled affirmation Nina moaned happily as the girl once again followed orders and started to meet every thrust the queen made with one of her own. “That’s it my sweet!” Nina moaned “You’re so good at this!” she moaned. With a firm grip on Shinobu’s ass Nina allowed herself to fall backwards, brining the young chef with her so that she was on her back with Shinobu lying on top of her, her slender hips still thrusting against Nina’s. “That’s it Shinobu dear!” Nina cried happily. “Have your way with me!” she moaned, abandoning the pretext of a lesson.

Following instincts awakened by her new appendage Shinobu’s hips moved like a piston, her pert little ass bouncing up and down as she thrust in and out of Nina’s tight lover channel. Moaning happily Nina’s leer turned into a smirk as she spied her still bound wife staring at Shinobu’s pale, bouncing ass. “Mmm Shinobu-chan! You’re the best lover I’ve ever had!” she moaned out loudly “Ravish me you sexy little slut!” Seeing the angry look on Asuna’s face Nina moaned all the louder. Sucking on her index finger Nina slid her hand down and spread Shinobu’s ass cheeks. Making sure Asuna was watching Nina slipped the wet finger into her tight anus.

As soon as the slender digit invaded Shinobu’s virgin bowels the girl spat out Nina’s teat; the sweet milk spilling from her mouth and onto Nina’s chest as she came. Burying her shaft into the queens moist fold Shinobu’s body stiffened and convulsed as her cock spewed out synthetic sperm into the deepest reaches of Nina’s womb. Loving the warmth that spread throughout her body Nina moaned happily as she held the panting girl close to her body, lovingly caressing her sweat soaked form as her innermost walls contracted around the thick shaft, milking her cock for every drop she could coax out of her.

“That was wonderful Shinobu-chan!” Nina praised her all the while groping her. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Y-Yes...” the girl breathed heavily.

“And did you learn what kinds of things Kei-kun would want you to do to him?” Receiving a nod from her Nina smiled happily down at her “Good girl.” Nina purred as she squeezed the girls rump. “Because I’ve got one more thing to teach you.” She said as she pushed Shinobu backwards, her cock sliding out of her pussy. With the dazed girl kneeling between her legs Nina turned over so that her ass was thrust into Shinobu’s face. “Kei-kun loves anal sex, he has quite the fetish for it and he will undoubtedly want to violate your little anus with his thick cock so we had better teach you all about that as well.” She laughed as she wiggled her ass at her. “Give me a kiss.” She ordered. Doing as she was told Shinobu leaned forward and pressed her lips to Nina’s anus. “mmm, not like that. Use your tongue.” She told her.

Following orders Shinobu extended her tongue and licked the queens tight anus making her shudder and moan “That’s it Shinobu-chan.” Nina moaned “Shove your thick cock up my ass anytime you like.” She told her.

Nodding her head Shinobu pulled her lips away from Nina’s puckered anus and moved to press her tip to the entrance of Nina’s bowels. Leaning forward Shinobu put pressure onto the tight ring of muscles and was just about to enter Nina’s asshole when a voice called out “Stop Right There!”

Stopping just before her cock breached Nina’s sphincter all eyes turned to the door where they saw a frowning Su enter the room riding upon a naked Kanako, the pale sister on all fours with dog ears attached to her head and a bushy tail extending from her ass while an erect cock bobbed between both their legs.

As the first to recover from the surprise visitor Nina smiled happily at her daughter. “Hello Kaolla-dear. What are you doing here?”

“I should be asking you that!” she said accusingly as she slapped Kanako on the ass to spur the girl towards the bed “What do you think you are doing to my Shinomu?” she demanded to know.

“I was just teaching Shinobu-chan all the lovely things that Kei-kun will be doing to her.” Nina explained. “We were just about to cover anal sex.” She explained.

“Oh no you aren’t!” Su disagreed as Kanako climbed onto the bed. “Shinobu is mine! And if she’s gonna fuck anyone up the butt for the first time it’s gonna be me!”

“Now, now don’t be like that my sweet.” Nina purred “There’s enough of Shinobu for everyone.”

“No there’s not!” Su said as she leapt off of Kanako’s back and hugged herself to Shinobu’s back “Shinobu’s firsts belong to me and Kei-kun! No one else may have them.” She declared jealously as she possessively rubbed her cheek against Shinobu’s.

“I’m sorry my love.” Nina smiled as she wrapped her arms around both girls “I didn’t know you felt so strongly about this. I’ve been very naughty haven’t I?” she asked as she playfully squeezed her daughter’s pert rear. “Perhaps a spanking is in order to teach me a lesson.” She offered as she turned around and wiggled her ass at the two girls.

Scowling at her mother Su extended her hand and slapped the queen on her plump rear, causing her to let out a happy squeal. Lashing out again Su turned to her beloved and said “You too Shinobu. Help me teach my naughty mum a lesson about taking advantage of innocent girls like you.”

“mmm, she’s far from innocent.” Nina giggled and was rewarded with another slap from her daughter.

“Quiet you.” Su frowned before turning her attention back to Shinobu “Come on Shinomu, give her a spanking.” Nodding her head Shinobu extended a hand and swatted Nina’s tanned ass causing her to moan. “Not like that Shinomu! You gotta do it hard so she learns her lesson! Like this!” she said as she slapped her mother again much to her enjoyment.

Nodding her head Shinobu lashed out again, this time hard enough to leave a faint, red hand print on the queen’s soft caramel skin which caused Nina to shudder and purr. “mmm, just like that Shinobu-chan. I think I deserve another.” She said as she wiggled her rear end at the pair.

Narrowing her eyes Su reached out and cupped Nina’s pussy. Finding it soaked Su gave it a quick rub causing her mother to gasp and moan. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?!” Su asked accusingly.

“mmm, not at all.” Nina disagreed happily “I’m just making sure that she’s disciplined me properly.”

Pulling her hand away from Nina’s moist cleft Su said “You’ve played with Shinomu enough.” She pouted angrily.

“Don’t be like that my dear.” Nina said as she turned around and caressed Shinobu’s chest “There’s enough of Shinobu to go around.”

“No!” Su declared as she squeezed Shinobu tightly “You go play with Asuna-mum. Shinomu is my Waifu!” Su said as she rubbed her cheek against the bluenettes.

“But when we marry she’ll be my wife as well. It’s only fair that I get to play with her all I want.” Nina pointed out as she grasped both girls cock and started to pump her fists up and down their shafts “I’m sure we can come up with something we could do together.” She purred.

As both girls moaned under the queens ministrations Su batted her hands away and said “Stop that!” Su pouted. “Go away and let me play with my Shinomu!” she said as she shooed away her mother.

“Fine then.” Nina returned her daughters pout. Leaning in Nina ran her tongue over Shinobu’s cheek to lap up the rapidly drying sperm before kissing Su, her cum coated tongue invading her mouth. Running her hands over Su’s slender chest which caused her to groan Nina grasped Su’s thick cock and pulled it off her with a whimper. “I’m borrowing this.” She said as she lightly tapped Su’s cheek with the dildo. “This too.” She leered as she reached out to grab Kanako’s nipple. “Come along my little slut.” she said as she tugged Kanako towards her wife on the other side of the bed.

Frowning after her mother Su turned to look at Shinobu. “Why were you having sex with my mum Shinomu?” Su questioned her “You were meant to have your firsts with me and Keitaros.” She pouted cutely as she straddled Shinobu’s lap so that their slender chests were pressed together.

“She... She said she was going to teach me how to pleasure Sempai.” Shinobu replied.

“But why did you go to Nina-mum?” Su asked as she rubbed her nipples against Shinobu’s “I know all about pleasing Kei-kun. I can teach you everything that you need to know.” She informed her as she leaned in and pressed her lips to hers.

Feeling Su’s tongue wiggle inside her mouth Shinobu slid her hands down Su’s back and squeezed the girl’s ass causing her to moan. Pushing Shinobu down onto the bed Su broke the kiss and smiled lustfully down at her. Running her finger over Shinobu’s lips Su said “Su will show you a fun way to play with Keitaros.” She leered as she gave her a quick peck on the lip before spinning around.

In this new position Su’s soaked cunny was directly above Shinobu’s face while the princess was face to face with the chef’s erect and quivering cock. Smiling at the throbbing, pre-cum coated cock head Su extended her long tongue and swiped at the leaking slit causing Shinobu to shudder and moan. Giggling at her reaction Su took her tip into her mouth and started to suckle lightly on it, drinking down the flowing pre-cum as it spilt into her mouth.

Hearing her lover moan Su spat out Shinobu’s cockhead and looked back at her. “You’re pretending to be Keitaros remember?” Su said as she flicked her tongue at her cockhead “You gotta lick me too.” She told her as she wiggled her hips alluringly at her.

Nodding her head Shinobu reached up to rub Su’s supple ass and extended her tongue to run along Su’s wet pussy lips causing her to shudder and moan as she took Shinobu’s tip back into her mouth. With her impressive oral skills Su bobbed her head up and down Shinobu’s shaft, easily taking the entire length of her strap-on down her gullet all the whole Shinobu hungrily feasted on Su’s sweet cunny; alternating between delving into her virginal, moist depths with her tongue and kissing and licking her wet labia, every so often brushing against the erect nub that was her clit which caused a gush of girl juices to spray from her cunny and her throat to squeeze around Shinobu’s shaft.

Feeling her swell in her throat Su quickly changed the setting to denial and increased the speed of her bobbing as she ground her hips against Shinobu’s mouth. Thrusting her hips up into Su’s mouth Shinobu redoubled her efforts as her fingers dug into Su’s tanned ass; her tongue swatting at and her lips wrapping around to suck upon her sensitive clit causing her to moan loudly. It wasn’t long before Su was on the verge of orgasm and with precise timing ramped up the sensitivity of Shinobu’s cock and released all constraints so that they came at the same time; Su’s juices spraying out all over Shinobu’s pretty face while her cock exploded into Su’s mouth, filling the orifice and coating her face with her sperm.

As Shinobu panted heavily in the afterglow of her orgasm Su turned around so that she was laying on top of her lover and pressed her lips against Shinobu’s; sharing her mouthful of cum with the bluenette. Once they had swallowed their portion of sperm the princess broke the kiss with a smile “That was yummy wasn’t it Shinomu?” Su giggled happily.

“Y-yes.” Shinobu nodded her head as she stroked her back.

“And it was fun wasn’t it?” Su said as she started to lick her juices from Shinobu’s face “Can you imagine doing that with Kei-kun?” The mere thought of her beloved was enough to make Shinobu’s shaft swell against Su’s abdomen. Feeling the growth press against her Su laughed and kissed Shinobu again “It’s looks like you can imagine it!” Su teased before pouting “You’re so mean Shinobu, giving all your firsts to mums instead of me.” she complained “Well there’s one first that you still have to give to me.” She said as she moved to kneel on all fours with her tiny anus exposed to the girl “Stick your cock in here Shinobu!” Su demanded as she pulled her cheeks apart.

Shinobu started at the proffered orifice for a moment before shifting to move behind her and grasped her ass. Keeping her firm cheeks spread Shinobu leaned down and extended her tongue to probe her asshole. Her eyes going wide Su let out a happy mewl before turning to look over her shoulder at the girl “Shinomu?”

“I...I should do this first right?” she asked hesitantly “To make sure you’re wet enough?”

Su grinned widely at her. “That’s right.” She nodded happily. Reassured Shinobu returned her tongue to Su’s tight anus; circling the tight ring of muscles before eventually sliding her tongue into her bowels where she wiggled it much to Su’s enjoyment. “mmm, I think I’m wet enough now Shinomu.” Su purred.

Withdrawing her tongue Shinobu positioned her tip at the entrance “That’s it Shinomu, jam it in there!” Su demanded as she wiggled her ass at her. Nodding her head Shinobu thrust her hips forward so that her entire length was buried in Su’s rectum making her cry out in pleasure. Using her impressive anal skills Su manipulated the switch and increased the sensitivity of Shinobu’s cock so that as soon as she tried to pull out her cock exploded and coated every inch of her innermost walls in synthetic sperm; lubricating her so that the next thrust slid deep inside with no resistance.

On the other side of the bed the other three occupants watched the pair rutting like animals. “That’s so adorable isn’t it love?” Asuna asked. Nina had released her bound wife and the two were sitting shoulder to shoulder with Kanako on their laps. They had taken Kanako’s cock from her and attached both hers and Su’s to themselves and were currently fingering the pale girls soaking wet pussy.

“It reminds me of us when we first got married.” Nina agreed “A naive, innocent Japanese girl being taught about her body by her exotic lover.”

“I was hardly naive when we married.” Asuna argued “And I hadn’t been innocent for a long time.”

“Ha! Compared to me you were a prude before I got my hands on you.” Nina teased “I’m just glad you were such an eager student.”

“If I was so innocent I can’t be much like Shinobu-chan can I?” Asuna huffed “I find it hard to imagine the best lover you’ve ever had being so inexperienced.” She said pointedly.

“Don’t be like that love.” Nina smiled “I was only teasing you. You know you are the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Better that Onii-san?” Kanako asked.

Frowning at her Nina reached up and roughly twisted Kanako’s nipple “Be quiet you.” She scolded the girl as she moaned. Reaching up as grasped Kanako’s chin Nina turned her head to face her “Such a naughty mouth you have. Let’s see if we can put it to good use.” She leered as she forced Kanako’s head down onto Asuna’s lap, the girl instantly opening her mouth and taking the raven haired queens cock inside.

As Asuna let out a happy moan Nina positioned herself behind Kanako and smiled at her wife “See how much I love you dear? I’m letting this filthy little cumslut suck you off to your hearts content.”

“All the while you’re shoving your own cock into her wet little cunt I notice.” Asuna pointed out as she threaded her fingers through Kanako’s soft hair, forcing the girl to take her cock deep into her throat.

“Have you felt how hot and wet she is? It would be cruel to leave her unfucked.” Nina smiled as thrust into Kanako.

“So while I have to settle for her admittedly talented mouth you get to do whatever you like down there?” Asuna asked with a smile.

“Well I'm not sure she could handle two cocks at once.” Nina smiled “Perhaps if you could pull her off your cock for a moment we could ask her.” Nina suggested.

“OK then.” Asuna smiled as she pulled Kanako off her dick, a strand of saliva and pre-cum dribbling down her chin. “Well my sweet? Do you think you can handle two cocks inside you at once?” she asked as she cupped her cheek.

“I think I can manage that.” Kanako replied with a sultry grin.

“Is that so?” Asuna smiled as she allowed Kanako to suck upon her thumb. “Do you want it in the ass?”

“mmm, I’d love it in the ass.” Kanako leered as she felt two fingers probe her anus.

“I’m not sure.” Nina smiled “I don’t think we could fit both our cocks in here at the same time.”

Seeing Kanako’s eyes widen Asuna laughed at her “She’s just teasing you. Kei-kun would never forgive us if we ruined his favourite hole.”

“Which one do you want love?” Nina asked as she pulled Kanako up so that she was kneeling between them “The front or the back?”

“mmm, I wonder.” Asuna leered “Do I want this hot, wet pussy or that tight little asshole?” she pondered as she leaned down and bit Kanako’s nipple making her moan. “I think I’ll take the front.” She decided.

“And I’ll take the back.” Nina said as she pulled Kanako down against her cock; the tight ring of muscles parting welcomingly at Nina’s invasion. Reaching down Nina held the moaning girl under her knees with her legs spread wide. “Here you go love. Do whatever you want to this horny little slut.”

Moving forward Asuna ran her tip up and down Kanako’s pouting pussy lips. “Is that what you want Kana-chan? For me to use you however I want?”

“Yes!” Kanako moaned.

“Do you want my thick hard cock deep in this pussy of yours?” she asked as she ground her tip against Kanako’s clit.

Receiving a yes from the girl Nina started to lift her up and down on her cock as she growled into Kanako’s ear “Beg her for it. Beg for her to fuck your dirty little pussy hard like the cock hungry slut you are.”

“P-Please fuck this cock hungry slut’s dirty little pussy.” Kanako moaned as she reached down and spread her pussy lips.

“mmm, who could resist such a tempting offer?” Asuna purred as she thrust her cock in her.

Crying out as she orgasmed Kanako’s juices sprayed out around Asuna’s shaft to wet the queens crotch. Leering at her reaction Asuna started to slide in and out of the pale sister which caused Nina to shudder and moan out “I can feel you moving!”

“I can feel you too.” Asuna admitted as her hands went to Kanako’s ass “I can feel your every movement, your every breath and I love it.” She growled as she leaned passed Kanako and forcefully kissed her wife. As their tongues mingled both queens rocked their hips; thrusting deeply into Kanako’s orifices sending another orgasm coursing through her body. Breaking the kiss Asuna ran her tongue over Kanako’s cheek “What a slutty girl you are. Orgasming over such a little thing as being fucked by two cocks.” She tutted.

“O-Onii-sans cocks...” Kanako managed to gasp out through her stupor; a happy grin plastered on her face as drool escaped from her mouth.

“Oh that’s it is it?” Nina asked as she reached up and tugged on Kanako’s nipples “It’s not our skill and prowess that is making you cum but the fact that you have two of Keitaro’s cocks shoved inside of you?”

“I find that rather insulting don’t you love?” Asuna asked as she ran her tongue over her chin to lap up her saliva.

“It sounds like a challenge to me.” Nina replied.

“Oh I agree.” Asuna agreed as she forced her lips against Kanako’s. Reaffirming her grip on Kanako Asuna slid out of Kanako’s pussy only to thrust back in hard causing her to cry out “By the time we’re through with you you’re going to be moaning out our names.” Asuna promised as she roughly bit Kanako’s exposed throat.

“Begging for us to let you rest.” Nina put in as she tugged on her nipples.

Roughly holding only Kanako’s face Asuna made sure the girl was staring at her. “And that’s when we’ll really show you the pleasure we’re capable of making you experience.” She threatened as she and her wife thrust into her at the same time, setting off what would be the first of many orgasms that Kanako’s body would be subjected to.






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