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Chapter 1

You hummed to yourself as you concentrated at the task at hand. The vocal vibrations and sound helped you concentrate so you could direct your quirk to where it needed to go; your hands working down the path that was clearly the problem. As you loosened all of the tense muscles down the person's spinal column you heard them groan. Not in pain of course but in blissful respite. It wasn't until around the end of the massage that you sent a shockwave through their body that really loosened up all the muscles. Of course in contrast with how long people generally paid to be massaged, the current client...patient, has requested one of expedience.

The man sat up. As he did so you turned around to allow for the concept of modesty. Not that he had anything to be modest about. His active lifestyle and hero style was reflected in his body; and not just in scars. To put it plainly the man was cut.

"Please take care," you said as he started to walk out of the room.

The pro-hero held up his hand in farewell even though he didn't say anything. You smiled slightly at his silence. How very logical of him to hurry off; after all he had a class to teach.

You cleaned the area and prepared your table once more just incase someone else walked through the door. You weren't too far off in your attempts to tidy up for the next visitor. It was just that your next visitor wasn't there for a massage nor any other of your talents.

"I see Eraserhead was in for his weekly appointment a few days early," the older woman said as she pivoted her stylized cane.

"Yes, he must be having a difficult week."

"Maybe he just likes coming in here."

You remained quiet as you silently offered her a seat. At her age you were surprised that she was still working. You supposed that couldn't be helped - replacing her would be extremely hard. Even in a world of quirks finding genuine and professional healers wasn't easy. And none of them could hold a candle to Recovery Girl's experience. Though the fact that she had serviced generations of heroes at this point was probably the reason why.

"I get the feeling he doesn't do very much just because he likes it," you confided in the nurse.

Recovery Girl smiled, her wrinkles moving aside with the expression. She left the topic there though and didn't push it forward. Which you appreciated considering that you felt like she was about to head into uncomfortable territory.

"Whatever the case, you're doing a good job here. It's nice to see my favorite niece starting to put her skills to good use."

You has stopped reminding her that you were her only niece years ago. Not to mention that you were her great niece at that. The family tree was pretty small after all and it felt like rubbing salt into the wound to remind anyone in your family that you were the last new growth up to this point. And considering your track record up to this point in life there was a very good chance you'd be the last branch in the family ever.

"Speaking of favoritism and skills, I have a surprise for you."

"Yes Auntie?"

"Principal Nezu wants you to come work at U.A."

You stared at the elderly woman and blinked. Your mind kind of stopped as you tried to comprehend exactly what she just said. One of the most famous Hero schools in Japan, with a good reputation internationally, wanted to hire you. You were a licensed massage therapist with a license to use your quirk for your profession. Why would a hero school hire a massage therapist? Even with your great aunt's praise that didn't seem to compute in your head.


"You'll be working under me to expand your quirk experience as well. I'm not as young as I used to be and these first years really need some looking after."

"I'm not a nurse," you said quietly in confusion.

"You're not a nurse yet. But I know that you've been using your quirk to help your pro-hero clients recover faster than they should. Nezu wants you to do the same at the school. That's all."

You nodded slowly as a guilty expression filled your face. You were licensed go use your quirk as far as it applied to a massage. Technically using it to help heal your clients was illegal but no one had ever complained about healing faster than they should...only the old woman in front of you had ever called you out on it.

"What do you say? Will you come to U.A?"

"Can I speak with Mister Nezu before I make my decision or do they expect an answer right now?"

"I'll set up a meeting for you. I should be getting back to work anyways."

You nodded and bid Recovery Girl a fair well as she turned back around. She moved slow through the room that served as your office. She didn't even stop when she got to the door and yet tossed back a scandalous idea.

"Maybe if you massaged Eraserhead a little below the towel line as a thank-you for recommending you to Nezu, you can start working on the next generation for our family too."

You flushed scarlet as she left.


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