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Chapter 22


Your turned over from your spot lying prone on your stomach to grab blurily at your cellphone. The blasted thing had been going off intermittently for the last couple of minutes and you wanted to know why. Especially since the sun was barely up. Once you got hold of the piece of technology you checked all the usual things; No missed calls and no preset alarms. You were about to turn over and pretend the device didn’t exist again when your mind finally caught up with your eyes. 


There was something in your notifications and reminders. You yawned and blinked, almost falling back to sleep completely but pushed through that as you woke yourself up with your cellphone in your hands. What were you doing again? Oh...right...checking your calendar. To your astonishment, someone had scheduled an appointment. In 10 minutes. 


You stared at it in disbelief. 


Who the hell would have been able to schedule an appointment in your system at this time of the morning? You were pretty sure that the scheduling application you used for your business wouldn’t let anyone make an appointment before 11 in the morning. It used to be 9 before you were recruited by U.A but you had changed it. You hadn’t had any regular clients that booked that early anyways. Aizawa had been the closest as you’d given him free reign to fit his schedule but so far he’d been the only pro-hero you’d done that for. So who they heck had been able to bypass your system?!


You sat up from your bed slowly. That way you didn’t get a head rush. You tried to take stock of the situation. 10 minutes wasn’t a lot of time. You got dressed in something warm, comfortable and easy to put on. You hastily brushed your teeth and wrapped your hair up into the messiest of buns; you didn’t have time to properly brush it. With 4 minutes left, you were walking into some slip on shoes and you were out of your door with nothing but your cellphone in hand. 


“Oi,” a slightly gruff voice stopped you. 


You groaned. You didn’t have time for this. 


“Where are you going?” 


See, normal people asked that with some curiosity. Angry boy just sounded judgemental. If you’d had it in you, you’d have bitten back with a retort. The truth was that you were just too tired to even wonder about why he was on the girl’s side of the dorms, much less come up with something snarky. 


3 minutes. 


“Look, I don’t have time for your anger issues right now. I have 3 minutes to run across campus and get to my office for an appointment. Then I need to beat the ever loving shit out of my work computer because it let someone schedule a damned appointment this early.”


Your language filter hadn’t had time to boot up that morning. Yet you were still trying to run basic mental programs while in boot up mode. Angry boy only smirked as you tried to hurry past him. 


“I’m the one that scheduled the appointment, dumbass.”


You stopped in your tracks. Your eyes fluttered closed at uneven intervals as you tried to make sense of what you just heard. You looked down at the phone you were clenching in your hand as though it would give you all the answers you needed. Stupid thing was finally quiet. 


“ 6:30 in the morning?” You asked as you slowly turned back around. 


Bakugo made some sort of dismissive sound. You stared at him for a moment as you tried to determine exactly what version of you was needed right now. Did you go into murder-strangle mode? Or did you go into nice teacher mode? Was there a way you could do both? 


It was too damned early for this conflict. 


“Figured I’d see what all the hype was about,” Angry boy said as he looked at you with a neutral and yet somehow challenging expression. 


“ 6:30 in the morning?” You repeated. 


“It’s not my fault your dumbass program let me pick whatever time I wanted. Be thankful I didn’t set before my workout.”


...he had already been through a workout? What the hell even was this kid?! Did he even sleep?!


God, he and Aizawa deserved each other. 


You were still staring at him trying to make sense of the world when his expression started to shift to irritation. “You’re wasting my time gawking like that. Can we just hurry this up already?!”


Murder mode was so close to loading up. Thankfully helpful-teacher beat it to it. You rubbed some of the sleepies from your eyes as you yawned right in front of him without a care. 


“Okay. It’s too early...late...whatever to file a permission slip for you to go off campus,” you reasoned. 


Your morning reasoning was flawed of course. The only reason Todoroki had to put in for permission was because he planned to be away from the school by some distance after dark and wouldn’t have been back until after curfew. It was just that you weren’t up to full cognition yet. Considering that you’d gotten maybe five hours of sleep, you were just reasoning the best you could. 


“Are you shy?” You asked after a yawn, walking back towards your room.


Asking him if he was modest might have been the better question. You weren’t awake enough to ask the better question. 


“What the hell kind of question is that?” Bakugo barked. 


You opened the door and motioned for the blond Angry boy to walk in. You moved in after him. You had to stop yourself from closing the door. In fact, you actually stood there for a couple of seconds after you stopped yourself just to mentally berate the hand that automatically went to close it behind you. 


“While I can massage over clothes, using my quirk to enhance the session is best done skin to skin,” you explained as you started stretching out your own hands, rubbing at them to warm up the smaller muscles in your fingers. “Based on your movement style, I’m guessing that you want me to focus on your upper body. Which means it’s best done after removing your shirt. Normally, I ask clients to remove what they’re comfortable with and it’s done privately. But you're underage so probably best to leave the door open.”


“Anyone ever tell you that you talk a lot?” Angry boy griped. 


“ back to the question about if you were shy,” you said with a deadpan look on your face. He seemed ready to say something or another. So you cut him off. “Just take off your damn shirt while I go wash up my hands.”


By the time you got back from thoroughly scrubbing down your arms, Bakugo had taken a spot on your couch and was watching TV. You narrowed your eyes at the back of his blond head. Having to focus on washing had helped a little to wake you up. Sleepy or not, looking at the boy who’d been so combative before claiming your couch and tv like it was his own was irritating. You took a deep breath, reminding yourself that this was progress with him and that you shouldn’t whip him, before mentally counting down in your head. By the time you rounded the couch you were better. 


“Please have a seat on the floor,” you instructed. 


Aizawa got to sit where he wanted simply because of the fact that you knew his muscle structure so well that you could correct for bad positioning. This would be the first time you worked on Bakugo and while there was still a standard for muscle structure, you needed to learn his personal proportions and composition before you were at your most effective. 


Thankfully this time the boy didn’t argue with you. You pulled one of the small throw pillows you had on the couch to use as something to cushion your knees. When everything was about as good as you could get it, you got to work. You politely ignored the awkwardness that came with this form of hero support as you worked from top down and then back up again. You focused on the area you saw the most tension in, eventually coaxing him in to laying on his stomach on the floor. 


The TV movie probably did wonders for how comfortable he was as it made it easier to pretend you couldn’t hear when you were doing a good job. For a kid he had a lot of tension built up in his back. And you were able to crack a couple of bones in the best way, releasing the built up gas. It wasn’t until he was comfortable and had gotten through the first round of massage that you went in with your quirk. You removed his post-workout build up while increasing a healthy blood flow to the areas he’d obviously been targeting. However, after everything that had happened with Endeavor, All Might, and Aizawa, you didn’t have enough in you to help repair the muscle fibers yourself. That was something he’d need to do naturally just like everyone else after a workout. 


You silently pulled back when you were all done and went to clean up. By the time that you got back, the teenager had pulled his shirt back on with a look of astonishment. Which he quickly covered up as you re-entered the room. But you had seen it and he could take that back. 




“I guess you aren’t completely useless.”


You know what? You were just going to take the compliment. Though part of you wished that you could convince Aizawa to give him a good spanking still. Because...6:30 in the morning? Really? It was a little after 7 when he left but that didn’t stop you from falling face first back into bed. Nor did it stop you from hitting snooze a couple of times when your alarm went off. 


You finally dragged yourself back out of bed a little after 8. You’d made a promise to help the kids from 1B and you were going to do your best to stick to that promise. 




“How do you plan on meeting a nice boy if you’re always in here with me?”


Oh yes, she was back to that. You looked up from your meal and your research book. Your great aunt had the cutest pout on her face as she sat in a nearby chair. One that was entirely too tall for her. Which only made the image of her that much more amusing. 


“I thought you wanted me to study under you,” you pointed out in a reasonable tone. 


“I do.”


“And I thought you wanted me to do something helpful with my quirk,” you continued as you sat back with a slightly sour look on your face. “That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Now you want me to go meet a boy and pop out babies?”


She nodded. “Exactly.”


It was your turn to pout. “Auntie your expectations are why I’m exhausted. Quick, go steal Aizawa’s sleeping bag so I can pass out in confort..”




That hadn’t come from your aunt. You knew that voice fairly well though. You spun around in the chair slowly to see Aizawa standing in the doorway. Well more like leaning in the doorway. His arms were crossed over his chest as he looked at you with judgement filled eyes. 


“Fine, stingy,” you grumbled. “When I pass out, you’re taking me to bed.”


“Did you need something Eraserhead?” Recovery Girl asked from her spot on her chair. “One of the students aren’t hurt, are they?”


“No,” he shook his head, barely even moving his unkempt hair.  “Vlad King and I have something planned for our students today. You might be needed.”


“Alright,” your aunt accepted. “When?”


“The students are suiting up now.”


Oooh, watching her steam up at him was amusing. You were just glad that you weren’t the only one to have an issue with him right now. Suddenly you felt about a hundred times better about the day watching your aunt get annoyed at Aizawa. 


Sending her ire, Aizawa turned around and made his way away from the med bay. 


“I swear that man…” Recovery Girl rattled off as she slid down from the high chair. “I have half a mind to not go now! Can’t he see that I have a lot of work to do without him adding last minute exercises to my list?”


“Huh, it’s almost like he expects you to do two jobs at once to contribute to society...hey at least he’s not bothering you to raise all the kids too. That’s something right?”


You got racked in the shins with her cane for that sassy remark.

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